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  1. Thanks everybody i'm relieved to know it is probably just a lack of set up that's causing this. I'll definitely get it set up some time in the next week and then get back to you guys on it, i'll also try to upload some pictures soon as I can. thanks for the kind responses!
  2. I would like only those who are well versed in this sort of thing to respond please. I have had my brand new epiphone les paul tribute model (1960s version) for about 5 days now. I notice the guitar was somewhat difficult to play so I lowered the bridge because the action was so incredibly high. It seemed better after a couple of days till I notice that there was variability up and down the fret board, meaning my fingers seemed to touch down sooner toward the nut and the bridge than the middle of the guitar. Then I read something about how to determine if you have a bowed neck by looking d
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