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  1. I am quite sure it is fake by the type bridge using the screw driver type height adjustability. and the truss rod cover wrong kind and touching the nut. and so much more to really mention.
  2. I wish I could of helped, there are quite a few knowledgeable people here that can. I have got a few answers here that I couldn't get else where. Good luck.
  3. By wont stay in tune, I am curious. How often does it need tuned. I tune mine every hour or so sometimes more. I don't think about it much. That is a really nice guitar hope you get it worked out. I also use nut sauce. Have you tried a lube?
  4. Good luck , i have bought 4 new Gibson's in the last 4 years and i love them only had an issue with one. Its a 2011 limited edition classic white S-G standard and now that one is my regular go to guitar.I am still curious as if that was a mistake. lol
  5. really, it was sent out like that? That is the first one i have seen .
  6. My opinion is that is not what they had in mind when it left the factory.
  7. im sorry as i had my doubts about it being a Gibson for a minute. lol very unusual guitar. cant wait until someone educates us about it.
  8. Hello congrats on your S-G. i am curious what it looks like under the truss rod cover. that might help.
  9. I usually need both hands to count the mistakes I make in a days time, don't worry about it.
  10. I can understand Gibson not wanting to give you the part for free, but not to sell you the part seems a bit odd.
  11. Hello I noticed the situation here and wanted to ask if there was any way to keep the PRS being it would be hard to replace being a limited edition. I don't have a PRS but have heard good things about them and plan on checking one out. Maybe waiting a few months would allow to save a couple more bucks. I love my 2 S-Gs and wouldn't part with them but, I have got rid of a sweet guitar that wasn't a Gibson and I wish I still had it. Good luck.
  12. I learned something new. 61 -67. cool but pippy has a good point about the middle pick-up. it can be about as annoying as the volume knob location on a strat.
  13. very cool looking S-G. like the burst. So you like the BB1 and BB2 combination. I have not had a chance to play one yet.I bought the 2011 limited edition Classic white also available in silver burst.( awesome color.) S=G standard with BB1 and BB3 along with the 61 speed neck the fastess neck in the world as advertised and I am really impressed with it. is your body one piece just curious.
  14. There is alternatives to using a double neck also. Alex Lifeson uses a guitar stand and just walks up behind and plays I he has even caught a few other guitars out of mid air, but to answer your question. Yes, I am sure the C.S is built to more exacting tolerances. Tone can be what you want it to be thought. As for my 2011 S-G standard Limited Edition, it always satisfies my urge to rock or get funky. Hope this helps.
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