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  1. No, the signature model has ebony fingerboard. On a side note the studio version came with baked maple...
  2. I ordered a Buckethead Signature Les Paul from musiciansfriend in August, 2011. I thought they had sold out or discontinued but mf was still taking orders until they hit a certain number, 12-15. After that they pulled it off the website so no more orders could be taken. I had a couple different ship dates, one in October and then it changed to December. A couple weeks ago I get a new email that Gibson gave mf a ship date the first week of March. At this point I have no idea if it's going to happen. Gibson still has the guitar and specs on the main page, although it is sold out everywhere. Is it possible that this batch order will ever come to be? No one seems to know how many they made in the limited line or if it's still in production at all. Anyone ever have a back order for an extended length that actually came to be?
  3. 11Bravo


    having the same problem too..
  4. I have the AJ500r without the strip on the back. I put in a Lr bagg m1a and I play it the most, it keeps up easily with my Martin acoustics in every way...
  5. I always left mine stock, but I'm curious to read other people's setups...
  6. I don't have a problem with baked maple's playability, but at least on the buckethead studio it looks fugly with alpine white. If they can darken it close to ebony or a darker rosewood it would look better, imo. At least the one I saw reminded me of a dried out pau ferro board...
  7. I think I recognize the op's guitar from a youtube video...I noticed it dulled rather quickly..maybe the nitro didn't cure properly before they shipped it out? There was another Buckethead signature les paul on ebay last month that had a yellowish ring on the back of neck from being on a stand. I have one ordered myself from musiciansfriend...it's been on back order but they say they're getting eleven from Gibson at some point. The last update is around March 2012...
  8. Thanks for the info. I gave them a call and it was the studio. I'm still waiting for the backorder, been told a couple more weeks...
  9. The Signature version, they had it back up on the order site for a few days to take some orders then they removed to the no longer available category. The studio version seems like they have plenty left from what I've browsed... Here's the info that I got after I ordered to be sure it would happen.. Subject --------------------------------------------------------------- Order/Backorder status Discussion Thread --------------------------------------------------------------- Response Via Email(Robert) - 10/28/2011 08:34 AM Thank you for your recent inquiry. Yes, the manufacturer is going to fill the orders that we have right now and then the item will no longer be carried by us. So your order will still be filled and shipped when we receive them in stock. We appreciate you choosing Music123. We are dedicated to your satisfaction with this and every purchase from us. Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or concerns, or if you are not completely satisfied with the service you have received from us today. We appreciate your feedback. Have a great day!
  10. Well I managed to place an order with music123 last week for one. They had a small window open for a few days before removing it and not taking any more orders. I was told on the phone they were getting about 12 from Gibson. When I ordered it showed a ship date of 11/1, and kept pushing back every day until they removed the listing. I still have a confirmation order from them and an email that the order would be filled. I guess music123, musiciansfriend and gc are all the same company since that had the same order page opened for just a few days... Anyway, who knows...it would be nice to hear from Gibson if it's going to happen or how close to completion they are for those companies to show a ship date within a couple weeks...
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