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  1. The space between the first 4 and last 4 characters is totally normal. Congrats on a cool piece! If you don't like the pickguard and bracket please sell it to me - I need a period correct one to restore mine! (no, the Allparts/Stewmac/Amazon/Gibson/Epi/etc parts don't fit a late 90's Epi Broadway)

  2. The neck dimensions are just right for me, it seems. I tend to like smaller necks a la Rickenbacker and vintage Gretsch. The Peerless Epi's scratch that itch and have good enough pickups and electronics to hold their own. Sometimes tuners need to be changed, which is simple, but often the stock ones are even ok.

  3. Hey gang - just snagged a sweet '96 Sorrento (Peerless, trapeze tailpiece) in Sunrise Orange. It's like a Gretsch and a Casino had a baby! Plays so great I trotted it out to a gig over the weekend. One of the TONE knobs is chipped and missing its top though. Where is the best place to get replacements? I'll buy the whole set of 4 if I have to. Thanks!

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