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  1. Very nice tone!!! I love guitar > Tubescreamer > clean amp. For nice fat warm bluesy tones it sounds amazing! Thanks for posting! :)
  2. A lot of it is how you dial in your amp/pedals and how you play. I can get great classic rock tone with either types of pickups (BB PROs or 490r/498t). Although BB PROs have more high end clarity.
  3. I LOVE V30s!!! I've tried many different speakers and they're just my favorite. I love the chunky growl and nice crisp non-harsh top end. I have a 2x12 closed back with em.. and a Marshall 1960AV cab. Pure ear candy for me :)
  4. Sounds GREAT! You look like you enjoy your Les Paul as much as I enjoy mine. And that's a LOT!! Thanks for posting that clip! I really enjoyed it.
  5. In my opinion..... there's no sense in trying to polish a faded finish. It's simply not necessary in any way. Unless you want to use Virtuoso or something like that and convert it to a gloss. I would, however, keep the hardware polished and looking nice and shiny. On my gloss finished guitars.. I polish them after every time I play 'em.
  6. In the last 3 years I've bought 3 brand new USA Gibsons (2 Les Pauls and an SG Standard) and they all came with the really nice black white lined cases. I love 'em!
  7. Very nice! I love my Epi G400 too! Such a beautiful guitar. I also have a really sweet Gibson SG Standard that is phenomenal. ... but I enjoy my G400 just as much. Check out my Epi vs. Gibson SG video on YouTube sometime. Not a be-all-end-all comparison or anything.... but its still fun. : ) BTW while listening to your very nice sounding clip... there was a show about space on TV and they were showing galaxies and nebulas. .. and your music was just perfect for it! It was pretty cool. Nice clip.... thanks for posting. : )
  8. Sometimes im amazed at what a huge difference a slight tightening of the truss rod can make. It's like a whole new guitar. I like a nice straight neck and low action. Makes Epis play like $1000 guitars! : )
  9. Awesome collection of Gibsons there!! Usually when someone posts a family pic like that, theres only 1 or 2 guitars I actually like. But I really like all yours!!
  10. Yeah that sucks and I think it's great you sent it back. I hope your exchange turns out much better. I have a 2006 Ice Tea Burst LP Standard which I absolutely LOVE, but it has that "high E string to close to the edge" issue. It's not that bad though. It's tolerable and I didn't even really notice it until I'd already had the guitar a year or so. As long as I'm careful I can do pull offs easily without the string sliding over the edge. I wonder if a new nut could solve the problem. But I agree it's definitely a defect. And shouldn't occur on a $2000 guitar.
  11. I've heard so many great things about the Epi LP Traditional PRO. I want one in Wine Red. That would be my favorite.
  12. I have a couple chambered Les Pauls and they both sound AWESOME!! Deep bass, rich mids, and plenty of top end bite. The only problem I have with them is they're more susceptible to resonant feedback at higher gain and volume levels.
  13. they're only $1599 at Musician's Friend right now. I bet they're great. I'd buy one in a heartbeat if I had the $$$
  14. I kinda agree with not liking the solid colored back... as ridiculous as that sounds. Even though the back is not so visible most of the time.... part of the appeal of a nice Gibson Les Paul (for me) is the beautiful grain on the back. As far as chambering and weight.... I like chambering. It gives the guitar a resonant tone. The only issue I have with chambering is sometimes it causes feedback at higher gain and volume levels. I don't believe massive Les Paul tone comes from the weight of the guitar. I've heard many 1959 Les Pauls were only around 8 pounds or so. My Standar
  15. Yeah if I had the money I'd have 1000 Gibson Les Pauls, SGs, 335s. I'd have another 1000 Fender Strats and Teles. The thing that stops me is having no extra money for that stuff. Fortunately I do have a very extensive collection of gear and guitars to enjoy. But it never stops the G.A.S.!!! Just this week I've been lusting after some Wine Red Les Pauls. I was going over in my mind how I could possibly get away with buying a Wine Red Gibson LP Studio with gold hardware. I really want one! I also want a wine red Traditional Plus. I also want a wine red Custom. After
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