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  1. Just got a new Les Paul Custom. I have a leather Planet Waves strap, but find its not comfortable for the Lester as its too thin and not very wide. I want to invest in a high quality strap and like the look and feel of leather. (no jokes please!). I am 5'8" and like to have my guitar around waist high (not slung low) and find most standard leather straps without an adjustable buckle sit too low. Gibson has three nice straps over $100 that I am considering. Anyone used the Fatboy, Modern Vintage or Switchblade? Switchblade sounds cool in theory, but not sure if it looks very nice in real
  2. This wasn't a used car, it was a new, high end guitar from a supposed quality manufacturer. I have bought a number of guitars from Guitar Center with no problem. The fit and finish on my $1,800 USA Jackson is superior to the Gibson. Unfortunately, I think the only lesson I have learned is that these days, Gibson Guitar means you are paying for a name, but not necessarily receiving quality workmanship. Reminds me of american cars for the last decade. Ford finally is turning things around. Lets hope Gibson does eventually. Assuming my luthier can resolve my issues, I will likely keep the
  3. Rich-You hit the nail on the head. Its the lack of attention to detail that I just don't understand. If I could simply go back to the music store and exchange it for another one without the flaw/problems I would. It shouldn't be incumbent on me to fix Gibson's problems or live with poor workmanship. However, as with most higher end guitars, they don't stock very many of the same model and there are no others for me to get at local stores. I appreciate your suggestions.
  4. I have the original one that came with my 1980s GM4T. It is just a cheap, webbed strap. Not anything nice or fancy. Do you know if there actually is a specific Steinberger strap?
  5. The store was busy, it was loud, I was playing a lot of guitars. I inspected the finish and pickups, but didn't pick up on the mark or the nut issue. I asked more than once about a set up and they said no. Regardless, the main point of my post is not my attention to detail, but Gibson's.
  6. I just purchased a new ES-359 in Vintage Sunburst finish from Guitar Center three days ago. I own a number of electric and acoustic guitars, but this is my first Gibson. The guitar was fresh out of the box from Gibson and had not been put on the floor yet. They even gave me the shipping box to take home. When I got home I went through all the paperwork. The final inspection checklist from Gibson was in the case, was dated 6-27-11 and had all the items checked. When I was at Guitar Center, I was playing a ton of different guitars to determine what I wanted. Finally at home, I was excited
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