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  1. I have fairly small hands, and I love the feeling of my 61 Reissue. It fits me very well.
  2. That's the first thing that struck me, too: that pickguard doesn't look like it was originally meant for that guitar. It doesn't fit right.
  3. I opened up the wiring cavity and everything seems to be connected properly. I was prepared to take it to a shop. BUT... I was playing around today and noticed something I've never noticed before: as long as one of the volume controls is set at anything less than 10, then the other one works like I would expect (gradually changing in volume as the knob is turned). So it seems that if either knob is at 0 I get no output at all (which I already knew), and if either knob is at 10 I only get full output from both. I can change volume the way I'd expect as long as both knobs are somewhere between 1 and 9. Still not sure if that's correct, but it's something I can work with. Thanks all. Chuck
  4. Thanks for everyone's input. I'll take a look at the innards of my guitar to see if there is anything obviously hooked up wrong, and if I can't figure it out myself I'll take it to a shop. I'm actually glad to learn there may be something wrong with my guitar. In the 5 years or so since I bought my first electric, and now my SG, I thought it was weird how the controls worked, but I worried that if I asked someone, I'd hear, "Of course, you idiot. The volume controls always work that way. It's because ___________..."
  5. No, nothing changes. I guess my original post didn't address the main problem correctly -- I don't care so much about having the pickup volumes set different from each other, but what does bother me is that I can't adjust the volume of my guitar as I'm playing. It doesn't seem like too much to ask to be able to have the volume at one level as I'm strumming along with the rhythm part of the song, and then turn the volume up for a bit of a lead break. I can't do that with the toggle in the middle position. The volume knobs don't change anything. It's weird that my first guitar (a Cort) worked exactly the same way. I haven't tested the feature on other guitars.
  6. What I'm finding is that when the toggle is in the middle position, both pickups are either at 10 or 0. Turning either one of the volume knobs does not give any gradual decrease in volume at all -- they both stay at the same volume output as the knob moves from 10 to 1, and then total mute at 0.
  7. I bought a 2007 SG 61 Reissue a few months ago and am a bit confused about the operation of the volume controls. When the pickup selector switch is on either the neck or bridge pickup position, the corresponding volume knob works like I would expect. But if both pickups are turned on, neither volume control has any effect on the output until it gets to 0 and then goes mute. So basically when both pickups are switched on, the volume control is nothing but an on/off switch. Is that the way it's supposed to work? had another brand of guitar that was like that and I always wondered if there was something wrong with it, but when I got my Gibson and it did the same thing I figured, OK I guess that's right. But then after reading some comments in here about volume settings... now I'm wondering again. So, is my guitar working the way it should? Why can't I have, say, the bridge at 10 and the neck at 6 or whatever?
  8. I keep my SG61Reissue on the wall in a good hanger. I like it because it's handy to grab it for practising and noodling around whenever I have a few minutes. I also think it looks great and I like to show it off. (Don't worry, it can't be seen from outside -- I'm not THAT dumb.) The room faces north, so no direct sunlight. Am I doing a bad thing hanging it on the wall?
  9. And I thought it was a perfectly useful reply, too. Nothing wrong with it. I agree with the second poster. I saw the photos from the original poster; I'd take the guitar back.
  10. I'm wondering if it will be obvious when the baked maple is used. The fretboard oil I use (Dunlop) says on the instructions, "Not for use on maple fretboards" so it may be important to know which wood you have on your guitar.
  11. I agree. I love the Schallers, and thanks for the tip. I wanted to move the Schallers I had on my old guitar onto the SG61 I just got, and wondered if there are different ones for the Gibson's bigger strap button screws. The Schallers are great because I only put my strap on when I'm actually going to use it, so the Schallers make it easy to clip on. Very secure, too.
  12. Here's mine. Just got it a few weeks ago. 2005 SG 61 Reissue. Great guitar. I really like the neck profile and it's everything I've been looking for. I have been after an SG 61 for ages.
  13. OK, here's my new baby. I guess I'm officially part of the SG club now. Thanks for everyone's input. Chuck
  14. Well, I found a 61 Reissue built in 2005. I should get it in a couple weeks. I'll let you all know how it goes... and I'll post some pictures if I can.
  15. I've decided that I want to buy an SG 61 reissue. The only question I have is, new or used? Any opinion is welcome, but I'd really appreciate feedback from anyone with firsthand knowledge or experience. Is there any difference in quality between a 61RI built today to one built 5, 10, or 15 years ago? Are they still built completely in Nashville or are some components farmed out to overseas suppliers? Thanks for any help.
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