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  1. Actually, my first Gibson ever. Had an Epiphone Nighthawk reissue. Usually a Fender style guitar buyer. Bought a 2017 Les Paul Tribute T since GC had a 15% sale going on and I traded in my AC4 and Panama cab towards it. I like the vintage 490 alnico II pickups. I don't really care for super hot humbuckers. These have a nice sweet high end. The finish is ok, there's some gold overspray in a few spots, but it's affordable to me. Neck plays nice. I just lemon oiled the fingerboard and put some EB 10's on. Suprised that the 490's have a real treble bite to them. Articulate and clear.
  2. Anyone who has pulled the stock pickups can you post some pictures? I wonder what the mini-hum looks like with cover off.
  3. I am keeping my NH stock for quite a while. The stock pickups work good enough for me. I only had to replace the crappy 5-way switch which failed with a Fender USA one.
  4. Change the 5-way to a 3-way to switch Neck & Bridge, use the push=pull pot to add the middle single coil, but you lose single coil only or have it switch to only single coil.
  5. Ebony is black or dyed black with very tight grain, run your fingernail over it nad it will be smooth. Rosewood is reddish-brown and more open grained. Run your fingernail across and it will catch in the grain (cracks). Mine is dated 11/07
  6. My Transparent Amber Nighthawk appears to have Ebony. The cardboard case says Limited Edition Nighthawk Reissue.
  7. Interested to see how this goes. Hated the JB in my Schecter PT. I wonder how a GFS mini-hum would sound? I quite like the middle single coil.
  8. Hmm... I really like the stock neck pickup. Sounds good with my Soldano Jet City combo
  9. It's under the rear cover and I'm missing a screw....oh well
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0u36eZ5ax0I&feature=channel&list=UL
  11. My stock 5-way switch starting acting up Popped in a Fender 5-way, the blade is a little short so th etip is now low profiling. Feels much better. My soldering won't pass pro-muster but it works :) I did accidently overtighten a screw on the back cover and split the mahogany :(
  12. I love my Epiphone Nighthawk. I wish the bridge was a tad more vintage output.
  13. I hear good things about Rose Pickups http://www.rosepickups.com/ Another route is Bill Lawrence Wilde L90's http://wildepickups.com/
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