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  1. Much better quality and a closer look on the guitar:)
  2. there are no number on the pots, just a gibson logo.
  3. I've sent a email now, Somebody wanna guess which year the guitar is from until i get the answera from gibson?
  4. that's the thing, i don't really trust that, but if it is from 1967 that would be really nice...
  5. Hi, im thinking about buying a gibson sg, and a guy sells one, he claims its from year 2000 but the guitar has just 6 serial numbers 000591 wich year is the guitar from, i don't have any pictures now...
  6. I have finally got an answer from gibson custom service: "Dear Mr Pettersson, The serial number 211295 would link to the period 1973-75. Together with the potentiometer coded we would tend to think the guitar was made in 1975 or maybe early 1976. We cannot be sure of this however."
  7. her is a video of my guitar... Don't judge my English nor My guitar skills from the vid please.. my first video and you know everything sounds better when you are playing for your self and no recording...
  8. W/ell now im happy!, Im now a 100% sure that its a 76/77 gibson, i have noticed that the fretboard has been re painted but still i think i made a great deal but the main thing is that the guitar feels GREAT! Thanks! Oscar
  9. i ve got these information : Guitar Info Your guitar was made at the Kalamazoo or Nashville Plant , USA approximately in: 1974 or 1975 From: http://www.guitardaterproject.org/gibson.aspx Can i trust the information from that web????
  10. look what ive found: http://global.ebay.com/Vintage-1975-Gibson-Les-Paul-Custom-Natural-wMaple-Neck-RARE-wOriginal-Case/370566028436/item not a black beauty and not a 77 but i dont know that its from 77 for sure...
  11. did the new pictures say anything about the guitar?
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