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  1. WOW, What an amazing job done by you four. Loved listening to all of them. Must learn how to finger pick so I can keep up with you lot Well done!!
  2. Thank you so much for all your sound advice everyone. I decided to track down one of the best luthiers (Bill Puplett) in london and after a lot of searching got his number. After trying to ring him and his phone being constantly engaged I finally got hold of him and I am to see him in 4 weeks time He only lives 20 mins away from me! Love the tone/sound of my guitar and still not sure which strings to go for as everyone has their own preferences but I defo think I need to go for lighter ones. Anyway looking back it now seems like the obvious answer now and can't wait to get my b
  3. Hiya everyone I bought my beautiful Bird in December and was super excited about it. However, I can't seem to bond with it. :( I think the reason is because my fingers hurt a hell of lot when playing it. I have been playing my Yamaha for over 2 years and have built up callouses, however every time I play my bird it hurts A LOT and I have to really push down very hard to let it ring out true. And so then callouses seem to go softer (not exactly sure why) and I end up going back to my Yamaha to build them up again, give my fingers a little break and its sort of a vicious circle.
  4. Hi everyone. Hope you all had a great christmas. Here she is... [rolleyes]
  5. I'VE BOUGHT IT!!!!!!!! YIPPEEEEEEEEE. Still sitting in its gorgeous case snuggled in its lush blue fur.... gonna put the kids to bed quickly and play my heart out. Boy was it a close call between the bird and the songwriter but went for the bird in the end. Dont think you can go wrong there. Got a good deal and he also changed the strings on it!!! Great customer services and so good to support your local shops too. Told him about all you nutters out here on this forum but glad to be part of the family Thanks for the tip Jinder re the set up, will defo use them and music4love sendin
  6. Thank you everyone for your lovely advice and for taking the effort to write on here. You have really given me sound advice and made me feel very welcome. You lot have convinced me now and you are all right, I do think it would benefit me in many, many levels to buy one. I write my own songs and sing them too and late next year I will be show casing them. Every night when the kids are in bed I sit there with my guitar and play and write and play some more and I just LOVE IT. I can't get enough of it - its like my best friend and my second husband but without the errrm chit chat, doesn'
  7. Oh thank you so much, what a nice welcome I have had:) I live in London, UK and have only been playing for a couple of years and have had the same Yamaha guitar since then. Anyway Im in need for a new guitar so went to my local shops and also Denmark Street to try out some guitars. My budget was around £600 (not sure what that is in your currency) but then I tried the Hummingbird and the J200 and I fell in love.... I thought about it realistically and its now between the Bird or the Martin 000X1AE (which is in budget). Will be going back to the guitar shop tommorow and will let you
  8. Thank you so much for that, you learn something new every day:) Looking with awe at all the beautiful guitars that Gibson make and also looking with saddnes now at my bank balance. Nevertheless, still gonna get one soon and and your right we should support our local shops. Pammie
  9. Hi there everyone. Im a newbie and would like a bit of advice please. Im looking to buy a Hummingbird (would LOVE a J200 but its soooo expensive). Anyway I tried the hummingbird acoustic out in my local shop and it sounded so sweet and beautiful and just fell in love with it. However I thought I would find it cheaper on line so I did a bit of research and found a great music shop that sells them and thats when I got confused. Sorry if this is a silly question to some but whats the difference between Hummingbird Artist LTD and the Hummingbird Acoustic Pro EC, and the classic HCS. Is it th
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