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  1. Word of advice with G-force. If your having tuning issues its more than likely the brass nut grooving. Got my Titanium nut and problem solved. Also the adjustable saddle bridge was a super improvement if you have a fixed wrap around. Thanks for the replies
  2. Well past a week now and no Replacement nut. My buddy who got a very helpful customer service rep got his in 3 days. The nut seemed to help the issue. Guess I'll have to call the wonderful Support line for the 4th. time. Now you can figure out why things go over seas. You think any one that works in Gibson's reads these boards and try to help or make customers happy. They design a flawed product and make the customer work or struggle to get satisfaction. Any Lawyers here know or willing to take action? Gibson really blew it in my eyes. I'll Never buy a new Gibson again been buying a new Gibson for 15 years now every yr. Goodbye Gibson. guess you won. Can you buy that replacement nut I guess that's my next option
  3. Spoke to Gibson and honestly after my phone call will not be buying another Gibson product in the future. Asked nicely to have a new nut shipped for last night after only 4 hrs playing it grooved the Brass nut even more where I had to raise it on a gig to stop it from hitting the First fret open string high e and b. It took me a while too get thru and spoke with a customer service rep and first I asked to talk with a tech for I wanted to get more of why this should be happening on a 3 week old guitar. No matter what I was short spoken to and after telling the person my issue realized its the nut, From the horse's mouth they said the Brass nut is to soft and the strings are wearing prematurely. the new nut is a nickel finish to match hardware and made from Titanium. I politely asked to have it shipped and finish the matter on the phone. He claimed has to be done with email. I said I have a serial number and just got the guitar why not register me and ship it on the phone. No cant do that. I was a bit pissed at the handling of the matter. Well my buddy bought the same ax as me and told him about the issue we both were having. He called got a lady that just asked for ser# and shipped it out right away after phone call. Now this truly pissed me off so I called back and explained the first customer rep was rude brief and an Asshole. Sorry about the French but I tell it like it is. I explained to the next guy that was chewing in my ear while on the phone I wanted a nut mailed out a.s.a.p. I asked to make sure it was titanium for that's the nut to be replaced as explained. He claims its nickel not titanium, I asked is it nickel finish with over titanium , He didn't know. Well I might as well called Dell and spoke to India . I own 20 Gibson and after the customer care I got I'll be looking else wear or buy used from now on. Guess Gibson raised prices and sure as hell needs to learn how to treat customers. Maybe if they spoke with me and had a tech get on the phone on a national matter that is apparent they would get some where with issue there Engineers missed. I played guitar tech and help from other here as well need to solve issue. Okay yea right Bye Gibson
  4. Thanks for the replies. Well got my Resomax bridge and achieved perfect intonation today. The bridge is nice low profile and was easy to set up. After removing strings and doing a few gigs with the guitar I see the brass nut is grooving. I used nut sauce and it has helped keep it in tune after a good setup and new bridge, The Bridge comes in 2 models the Nw1 and Nw2. The 2 being a nonmetal material and less string breakage and the Nw1 the standard metal saddles. I got the Nw2 and my buddy with same guitar ordered the Nw1. The Nw1 has a brighter closer to stock sound. Nw2 has a warmer balanced tone on the material saddle s. Just a heads up. But really improved the setup and intonation issues. I Have good relative pitch the chords passed the 12th were truly driving me nuts being 4 to 5 cents off. Well I will call Gibson on the nut issue. I can’t believe they let an issue like that go thru production. The nut is the most important factor in tuning period. Nothing like a gig field test I’ll try the new setup and bridge tonight and see if it holds tune. I’ll keep you posted and see if the planet wave lub works Thanks again
  5. Hi All Just purchased a new 2105 Gibson Special double cut away. Now many changes have taken place which those owning or trying out the 2015 Gibson models have seen. I like some new features and I love the pleck work and neck binding along with the return of the Peal inlays. All nice. The wider neck I can live with but still prefer the older style necks owing 15 Gibson’s already. The biggest issue I am having after returning the first Special back to the store is the tuning. I purchased a second one locally and after 30 hrs of breaking in found the same issue. Tuning will not hold. Now I’m not bending strings at all which can cause tuning issue’s ‘m just strumming chords and consistently going out of tune. Brought back to the Gibson dealer I bought it and he used Nut sauce which did help a bit but being a touring musician on the road it went back to the same state of dropping tune. Now I am aware of setup and the important parts of the tuning aspect. So After checking intonation I find I can come close but not perfect. It’s a wrap around bridge. This quite common the G and d strings are 4 to 5 cents sharp can’t get it better. So just ordered the Resomax Wrap around bridge. After days of reviews I like the resomax option of the magnetic tail piece and the low profile as well as the Saddles material. So I am hoping this will help solve the issue. But the big question is the important part. Is the nut an issue and the tuners as well? I read the brass nuts are grooving due to the string metal being harder and cutting into the nut causing a bind. It makes sense. We all know the nut is the biggest issue with tuning problems. So now after the 100 bucks on the bridge I just ordered will I need to change the nut? I read Gibson has issued some a new nut with a newer coated material to solve the issue. Is this true? Now back to the G-force system. Being a tech guy I read the on line manual first. Reset and calibrated the system. I find it works well about 90% of the time. I used my Peters strobe to reference it. Can’t go wrong with a Peterson period! I also broke 3 strings in initial using they tuned pass the point and pop goes the weasel. Read the manual before using. I truly think its way too much complication to remember the modes and settings. I continually have to reference the manual to use properly. Not a good thing in my eyes. So the question is how will this issue will be solved. Gibson you sure as hell have to be aware you have issue’s with the G-force system. You also shoved it down our throats with no other option. So is it the Nut the tuners or the bride. I will slowly change all 3 need be. But in all honesty. Gibson should reimburse owners or give a working option to correct your flaws. I am not against the tuning system for I use capo’s and drop tunings often. But for god sake 50% of the New 2105 Gibson’s have the same issue I am having, Let your tech department watch YouTube and see all the videos of the same issues. I did not bother calling Gibson or bring it back to the store I bought it for Common sense and process of elimination hopefully will solve the issue. If I didn’t truly like the guitar I would not bother. The new p90’s are excellent and the craftsmanship of the wood and paint as well. But you skipped the most important part. A guitar that stays in tune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cosmetics are useless without playability. Gibson stand up and Fix the issue and recall 2015 Guitars till you have solved the issue please
  6. Thanks for the feed back. I think it is for sure closer to a 50's neck not as slim as the 60's profile. its right in between. the frets were hand done not plecked you can see the crowns edge really nice very happy with it and the tone is excellent. I got it cause long gigs with my Pauls were killing my back now at 6.3 lbs vs 8.12 big ease on the back Thanks again
  7. Hi All, I just picked up a 2007 Sg Reissue in Ebony. Gold hardware. Guy I bought it from states it was a limited run of only 400 guitar and he had paper work with it stating 146 of 400. I have played and own 61 reissue bu tthis guitar was the closest thing to a Les paul 58 neck I ever felt. Just curious about any info on the limited run and why the neck is so different from any other Sg I ever had or played. It also had the ages binding with the rounded crowns like on my older 69 les paul's was truly impress the quality of the guitar. I have a few 2007 guitars and seems like that was a good year for guitar making for Gibson. Thanks for any info
  8. Well guess hard to find out hearing this from the horses Mouth. I truly don't see many 1981's under the 500 digit in the ser# from the MI planet I see plenty of 81 over the last 3 digits of 500 and up but the lot of 81's under seem to less abundent. The salesman in Ash said only selected stores had gotten the 1981 reissue at the start thats why i grabbed the only one I saw between 3 locations. Thats why I was curious on the production count. Like I stated I don't see many 81's From Mi Plant where the poster above stated it was not uncommon. So without an idea or count from Gibson would be hard to justify Well Thanks for your post
  9. Thanks for the Reply. Was curious of how many were produced in the Mi plant the later over 500 were in Tenn. I figured not that many around from MI but Thank you kindly for the response
  10. Hello to all, First time here just curious on some info on a Guitar I bought in 1981 from Samash The guitar is a Es-335 Ser# 83101030 Guitar has been in case and not played much and is Cherry or a ferrari Red Its was the first year of the Dot neck 59/ 60 Reissue thats why i bought it stop tail piece was a plus for me. just pulled it out of storage did a setup and plays like a dream Neck was like an arrow amazed not touching for 20 years . Very similar Fatter Neck like my 59 I attached some pics if this helps it is not a Nashville guitar for sure it was from MI plant Just curious how many were in production for that yr. and was the red Color less common. I see mostly Natural fishines seems like there are not many of these around and one of the finest guitars I have ever played very simialr to a 59 or 60 Les paul neck Thanks for any info Mike Ny
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