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  1. We actually have the http://www.futureguitarnow.com/forum/ forums! Although it is quite quiet there too - I guess there is not so much to say about them.
  2. But why does gibson insist on using the non matching knobs? I got a darkfire without any other knobs apart from the MCK, and decided to put on the original style, even though the black speedknobs would be a much better match, but yours has both the darkfire volumes and the speedknobs for tone. Also if I had got the speed knobs I would have had to go into shops asking for gibson bell knobs :D
  3. Well, there are a 1000 or so darkfires and noone says anything in the darkfire forum, so even if you got one, there wouldn't be many people talking to you! Nice guitar though
  4. I did, a few times. I guess "customer services" is more a figure of speech than a description of what they do! I did get a response from the gibson store though, saying they would look into it. Haven't heard anything since, but at least it was a response.
  5. Need to buy a RIP pack, and seems that the gibson tech shop is the only place that I can buy it from. As the shop says that it will reopen on the 2nd, and it is now the 4th, was it open before christmas (I wasn't looking then), or is it a dead page. I asked gibson but didn't get an answer. Failing that, if anyone knows the actual voltage on the ring when the darkfire is being charged, could they let me know, and I can just knock up a charger while I am waiting. ETA - it opened again just after posting that! But if anyone knows of the voltage answer I would still be interested!
  6. No, it won't wire up like a regular switch but you can easily chop the end off and make it do it. However, the blend might not work how you would want. I must admit if you could get them cheaper I would be interested for the epiphone Ultra II piezo control, rather than the tone control
  7. You can buy them at the tronical store, the people who make the robot components, but they are not cheap http://store.tronical-components.com/3-way-toggle-robot-gen-ii/
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