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  1. Apparently, the most damage you can do is ruin a small white gasket/washer inside the tuner. I don't say that lightly since they run about $100/set at Stew-Mac. Might be worth a call or email to Gibson. I think they own the company.
  2. Mine are doing fine (same model Firebird). You have to exert a good bit of pressure on the tuner knobs (especially the first string) to get them to lock properly. They don't recommend using any tools but folks elsewhere don't agree.
  3. Another thread on this board dealt with a weak bridge pickup on a Firebird 70's tribute. You may want to take the matter up with MF. Can't help with the part number. Maybe give Allparts a call? I bought a new Firebird from MF not long ago and had to tweak the tension rod so it's not uncommon. Hope this helps.
  4. My Firebird pickup volumes are similar too, but they have to be adjusted differently relative to their position.
  5. In other words, the neck pickup is twice the output of the bridge? If they are both 1/8" from the strings, move the neck pickup further away until the output is similar. The string vibrates a lot more over the neck pickup so it has be a greater distance from the strings in order to compenate.
  6. Loxx makes a set with an extra long shaft to accomodate thick straps. A few bucks more.
  7. I read in one of the Dan Erlewine books that Gibson's standard method of stringing NEVER locks the strings at the post. So there is always room for slippage.
  8. I like the sound and feel of these strings (10-46 set). But on every set I open (vacuum sealed) the first string (high e) has little places of corrosion. It is not a bad batch because I have several sets from several sources. Anybody else have this problem? Looks like I need to switch brands.
  9. Or maybe a ploy to get you to preorder the guitar!
  10. You mean pearl scratchplate?
  11. My pro is pretty sweet: http://i1104.photobucket.com/albums/h326/Iceman6937/es339004-1.jpg http://i1104.photobucket.com/albums/h326/Iceman6937/es339001.jpg
  12. Thanks for the welcome! I'll try to post some pics this weekend.
  13. Not much talk around here yet so here goes: I just got an Epiphone es 339 Pro in cherry from FexEx yesterday. Very nice out of the box. Nut slots look and sound good, rosewood board is smooth and colorful, fret ends smooth, grover keystone tuners (big surprise since the specs say wilkinson), setup was really pretty good. One sticker on the back of the headstock says "Made in China" and one says "100% inspected and setup in the USA". The strings sucked (no surprise) and a tiny bit of stain bleed into the very well-applied cream body binding deep in the top cutaway. Coil split is very nice, sounds more like a P90 than any other sc I have heard.
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