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  1. I think it looks funny next to a Gibson bird. You might want to look at that if you care about looks. I like the sound...The one I've played at a local store has pretty high action so you might want to watch out for that...I know, not much help but its all I've got.
  2. Maybe we could send you our used ones...
  3. Martin Marquis 80/20 Bronze (red box) were my preferred strings for my J-100 for several years, until I tried Elixirs on it. The Martins sounded broken in after just a couple days. The down side is they sounded dead a few weeks later, but that may be music to your ears.
  4. Its very slow. I can go away for a few weeks and catch up in a few minutes. I prefer that to forums where I can't keep up no matter how often I visit, like AGF. In between is the happy medium, but forums rarely balance there for long.
  5. No, I consider that term equally vague, and therefore useless and meaningless.
  6. I think its a perfectly worthless term descriptive of nothing and appropriate for nothing that can't be better described using other words.
  7. I went back and played the one I saw last week, and was less impressed with it this time. It sounded ok tonally but was VERY quiet. I played a $300 Yamaha that sounded much better but it was 100 (50%) dollars more... Course I'm not a 12 string player and have never owned one so take it FWIW.
  8. Wayne


    I've made a banjo with an oak pot and a mahogany neck. Bout all I can say for sure is it has more drive and character than an identical one I made completely out of yellow birch. I like it. I'd love an oak guitar, but I wouldn't want to make it. Minor biological/editorial quibble: Quercas, not quercas.
  9. Wait. I'm not done. I have played some good epis and some bad ones. The most recent epi bird I played sounded good enough that I'm going to check it out again. But previous ones sounded, well, shall we say...not good. Like a box. So definitely check out before buying or make sure you can return it if buying sight unseen. But I do think there are some very nice ones to be found.
  10. I played a DR-212 briefly at Best Buy yesterday. I didn't have much time, but my interest was piqued enough by it's sound and playability that I will definitely go back and try it again. Unfortunately no money in the budget even for a $199 guitar right now...
  11. As I've mentioned before, I bought one of these and it was a real dog. One of the least subtle, worst sounding guitars I have ever played. Only a hammer would have helped open it up, so I returned it. But my local Best Buy, of all places, has one that sounds great. So if you buy one and its a dog, keep shopping. You might have bought the one I returned.
  12. Nobody did depression like Townes Van Zandt. Half of his catalog is depressing , but for depression: A Song For Ribbons of love Please keep me true sane Until I reach home on the morrow Never never to wander again Im weak and Im weary of sorrow London to dublin Australia to perth I gazed at your sky I tasted your earth Sung out my heart For what it was worth Never again will I ramble Theres nowhere left In this world where to go My arms, my legs theyre a-tremblin Thoughts both clouded and blue as the sky Not even worth the rememberin Now as I stumble A
  13. Eggszactly. People spend 250 jillion dollars on televisions and Hostess Twinkies last year too. That don't make it right.
  14. You don't need to be signed in anymore to use advanced search. You just check the box "completed listings". However it seems to me that the number of complete listings or the time they retain them is much reduced from what it used to be.
  15. Well of those listed, I pick Southern Jumbo. But I think yer leavin a lot off...
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