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  1. At least it won't meet the same fate as the 2012/2013 re-ish Coronet? Crosses fingers...
  2. They can't give you a product that's not available. Patience, my friend. Should be a killer guitar when it arrives. Meanwhile, I look at pictures of the Coupe and think, 'Got To Get You Into My Life'.
  3. Definitely a nice repro of a Kalamazoo hollowbody, at a nice price. I had a 60s Gibby Es-125 non-cutaway thinline that I sold last year, and I prefer the features and feel of my Olive Sorrento much more.
  4. Isn't it 'high' time that GIbson/Epi custom-made a proper '64 replica Epi Casino Leftie and gave it to Sir Paul? Without Paul's studio Casino use, John And George probably end up playing something else, thus no 1966-1970 visibility for the Casi in Beatles hands.
  5. Looking forward to getting one. The full hollowbodiness in this size is very intriguing and will produce a unique sounding guitar in the Epi lineup. I had the Epi 339 but was not crazy about the semi-solidness of it. Same goes for the Wildkat - nice size, but the semi-solidness (as opposed to semi-hollow) just didn't register with me. The Coupe should be much different. I've always loved Casinos, but sold two or three of them because of the lack of upper-fret access, and the 16 inch body size. I was wishing for a smaller bodied Casino or long-neck Casino! This Coupe should solve both issues. Maybe they'll be somewhat less of an 'airy' or 'woody' sound than the regular Casino, but we'll just have to see. Right now I have the Sorrento 50th Anniversary - a great guitar.
  6. Looking at these closer, I wonder if the trapeze tailpiece and the headstock are scale-down at all to match the scaled-down body. I've always wanted a totally hollow Wildkat and a smaller-bodied Casino, so this Coupe looks completely promising.
  7. Actually the Lefty Casino and the 339-sized 'Casino Coupe' are featured in this NAMM 2014 video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEOjuuEh63I
  8. They definitely have the woody jazzy sound with the neck pu and tone rolled off. True hollow body.
  9. Here's a couple pics of the Casino with Maestro I had (before I reconverted back to trapeze and put flatwounds on it and was using it for its jazz tone). I have a love/hate relationship with Casinos; the lack of upper fret access drives me crazy - and Casinos are so plentiful that I've bought and sold two in the last year (including the one pictured), knowing I can always pick another up somewhere down the line. The warm/woody tone is really special though. I'm looking forward to the 339-sized Casino, if it appears on the market later this year. I'm saving the Epi Maestro for now.
  10. I put a long plate Maestro on my MIC Casino half a year back. Looked cool, but the vibrola arm kept hitting the pickup-select toggle - had to take the plastic toggle tip off to allow for a clear swing by, and just barely swung over it. In the end, it didn't just didn't feel right on the Casino - it felt overencumbered - so I removed it and went back to the trapeze and didn't miss the vibrola effect at all on such a woody sounding guitar. Still love the Maestro that's on my Epi '1965' SG. The reaction times you get with the Maestro is unique to it among other trem systems - very versatile.
  11. Maybe to sell the specialized cases to fit the big-headstock guitars in.
  12. Nice. I have one due here any day now in Royal Olive. How's the case and any accessories? Can you compare it to a standard Casino? I plan on changing the strings to flatwound 10s, but I'm wondering if you gave it a whirl with the stock roundwounds. Congrats.
  13. Well, if it's for real, it's a good move, imo. I've wanted a scaled-down Casino - 339 or Midtown sized - to happen, but didn't think it would be a priority. I thought we'd see an Epi 390 before a shrunken Casino. And since the Casino is sort of Epi's flagship model, it makes sense to start branching out on its iconic hold, beyond the obvious Beatles connection or Dwightedness. Not everyone thinks they need two Casinos, but if this scaled-down 339-sized Casino comes out, they are probably going to want it as well. A nice evolution here (though some might argue that the guitar is 'devolving' if it's getting smaller).
  14. http://www.epiphone.com/News/Features/Features/2013/Richard-Akers-The-Epiphone-Interview.aspx Is Akers holding a 339-sized Casino in this picture? Sure looks like it.
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