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  2. So I've had my new Gibson J-45 walnut special edition for a few months. Loving this guitar. The only problem is since the weather got real col I have fret buzz/dead frets on the top E for a few frets until I get to the body. I've tried giving the truss rod a little tweak but nothing's helping. I'm keeping it humidified, but I'm wondering if it's that or something else. Any thoughts?
  3. Thanks! I played it in E, which I believe is a step down for the original. It's a great song and harder to play than it might seem at first. The chord patterns are almost random at times, but I love the way it's composed.
  4. I made a new YT channel to put up some of my music and other stuff. Here's the first recording I made with the new guitar.
  5. Awesome!. Thanks. It has Grovers, which I prefer/ Every J-45 I've played in a store has been good, but not great. This one was great right out of the box. quote name='duluthdan' timestamp='1542733118' post='1963496'] Subscribed ! Need a new phone and will get that 10R thanks ! What tuners are on that beauty ? Every J-15 I have ever played sounded great but the look was always a bit tepid. Your guitar is stunning ! A worthy acquisition indeed !!!
  6. The Gibson in the background is a 2016 SG with P90s.
  7. Yeah, that’s me. Wow. Didn’t expect anyone to figure that out. I’m hoping to record some today and I’ll post a link.
  8. I think I found my holy grail guitar today. Backstory: I’ve been a working musician for 30+ years but I’ve recently had some success with tech videos on YouTube. I promised myself I would buy myself a great guitar if I ever made real money with my creative stuff. Well, as of today, I did. I’d been shopping around for a while, thinking about a Martin d-18 or d-28 or a J-45. I couldn’t find anything I really loved but this morning I was looking through the mail and saw the Gibson had released a GC exclusive J-45 Walnut just yesterday. I looked online and my store had it in stock so I went to c
  9. Mostly I'm thinking about the Epi because I need to be cheap. Trying to be responsible and I'm having a hard time. This is a great guitar. All things being equal I think getting this guitar for $649 is a steal, but it's still more money than I planned on spending. I actually just ordered an Epi G-400 Pro from Sweetwater. I'm going to shoot them out and see how they both feel.
  10. Been shopping around for new inspiration. I'm working on a new record and my main guitar, a Strat Delux from 2014, does have a humbucker, it doesn't have the meat of a Gibson. I've gone through a couple Les Pauls over the years and liked them, but there just wasn't the magic. I've always liked SGs when I noodled around on them in the store and so over the past couple days I've been in the local GC (well, 45 minutes away) trying out a few. I first thought I wanted a 2017 SG faded. The prices right now are incredible and it was down to $699, but that was just a little rich for me as I'm trying t
  11. I play classical as well and I go to the nail salon for acrylic gel nails. Better than anything.
  12. Yeah, I always meant to, but I don't have a set up guy trust here and I didn't trust myself monkeying around with a guitar in that price range, so I never got it done.
  13. First, a little back story: A few years ago I really wanted a J-45. I drove for a couple hours each way around Iowa to try and find one, but I just didn't fall in love with any of them. Along the way, I did find a 2005 Advanced Jumbo that sounded great in the store and ultimately I brought it home. Fast forward a few years and the AJ has been OK, but I never fell in love with it the way I hoped. It was a little bit of a bear to play, and I just never got around to getting the action dealt with because, well, life is short. I gigged with it and honestly I felt a little ostentatious every t
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