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  1. in theory it makes sense...vibrate the strings so that it opens up the wood pores...etc... they even make products that you can place on the strings and it runs thru different wavelengths in order to emulate the full spectrum of sound... i dont know how much this will help though... in my experience a guitar starts to open up and sound richer even after a few months...but i imagine that 60+ year old guitars sound better than brand spanking new ones because of all of that age... i dont know if two months of radio play can recreate something that took 60+ years of natural play to get! also the discernible difference in sound is probably very small... i mean it doesnt cost anything i guess...so why not just sit it in front of the tv when you watch it...if you can hear the tv your strings can and in turn will vibrate their way to a better guitar? haha im just being as a$$ with that last statement...but hey...give it a try! the idea i find nuts is buying something specifically for the purpose of vibrating strings...if you have a radio on while at home/or the office...sit your guitar right in front of the speaker...it cant HURT...
  2. i got some D'Addario EJ16's...putting them on after work ill let you guys know how they sound! thanks for the suggestions!
  3. it has ladder bracing...one of the reasons I bought it! I had an 01 L-00 and while I loved that guitar I knew that it had to go to make room for a ladder braced Gibson small body...now if only I could play better...hahaha
  4. quick question guys... the first thing im doing tomorrow is changing out the strings...these were on since they built the thing in May...what do you all suggest...for a smaller scale guitar? thanks!
  5. haha i haven't a/b'd it yet with anything but i can see how your hands can get a bit confused... i would imagine it would be similar to grabbing a bass guitar after noodling on a 6 string for a while... i think only one other member of this forum had one...damn i forgot the name...but hopefully they chime in with their thoughts... what made you buy it cameleye if you dont mind me asking... i personally have been wanting one of these for about 2 years yet always bought something else when i had the loot...i finally got fed up with putting this on the back burner and picked it up out of spite of myself! haha
  6. hahaha good to meet another owner...so little on these guitars info wise and video wise is available online that making this purchase was a little bit of a leap of faith... but i love it... a bit smaller than my old L-00 but im getting used to it and starting to find it very comfortable... i have been without an acoustic for almost 6 month and have been primarily playing tele's recently so i was at first a bit taken aback by the neck size and nut width...20 minutes later and its like i dont even remember what my other guitars look like... if i just had to keep one....this is it! and i love my other guitars...absolutely love them but this thing is climbing right to the top! i used to have a little martin and i banged around on it for a bit...and it got me loving the 3/4 size...the little martin has a slightly wider nut though...but this thing just feels right!
  7. finally got a chance to take some pics in an empty conference room...sorry about the quality i did it on my phone...
  8. ok before i start...it just came in like 5 minutes ago from the guys over at zzounds.com its cold out here in ct and all i was able to do so far was open the case real quick to take out the warranty card...(my office is warmer than the back of a UPS truck so i wanna give it a few more minutes before i just open it up and take pics) but the first thing i noticed was that oooh so pleasant wood smell from Bozeman! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and i also noticed that i am already in love with my new guitar and i havent even taken it out of the case yet to give it a one over...assuming all of that checks out (and im sure it will) i think we have the makings of a beautiful frienship! ...god im such a nerd! haha but i know you would all understand my overwhelming joy! thanks to all that helped me...and by helped me i mean pushed me into buying a ladder braced small body! hahaha! ill post pics later today!
  9. i had a ventura sg copy and it was made pretty damn well if you ask me! my guess is that it could be one of them but there isnt much info to be had so you might have to bring it to a luthier or appraiser if its bugging you that much
  10. let me clarify... ok the whole other forum thing is a bit excessive i get that... and i do really love my gibby... my whole point is that for some reason or another people seem to be very passionate about "the cheapest gibson les paul" and there should be an outlet for that. harmony central has tons of 9+ reviews on the guitar and other than on review sites and the occasional mention on a forum there isnt much in terms of info on these guitars...for example i saw a wyclef concert where he was playing one throughout the night...i'd be curious to hear what other musicians thought of this great little guitar. i know that it isnt a standard, or a custom shop... but at least a fan page or something wouldnt be the end of the world right??
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