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  1. Thanks duluthdan!! I took a look at the terrapin site...very cool stuff! I'm deciding between the tear drop and batwing...might have to print a few out and size up first to see which look I like best... I was just curious since everything I've seen on them came with a teardrop already...but then again there isn't much online about them except for this and a couple other threads so just trying to figure things out! Thanks dan!!
  2. I bought the LG-2 Banner Reissue in all mahogany...
  3. I agree to a point...sometimes the ltd edition models can be very interesting variants on classic tried and true models...signature models always bothered me but that's a different post all together. I just picked up a LG-2 banner reissue...all mahogany and its amazing!!! I know other posts address this model in particular and it should technically be labeled an LG-1 instead if a 2 for accuracy but I love the thing...regardless if they only made 50 or not. I imagine that they did a small run to just celebrate the diversity of their back catalog...they used a members LG-1 as a prototype and
  4. Hello!! I know this is an old thread and I'll look for a more recent one but I just picked up one of these bad boys from New Jersey yesterday from a guitar center...used. This particular guitar didn't come with a pickguard and I wanted to know anyone's thoughts...like I said, I know this is an old thread so I'll search around some more but just wanted to start here. I can post pics later tonite. I have no reason to believe it's not authentic, I have the COA and its features are consistent with everyone I saw online and in forums...just curious because I never saw one without the guard bef
  5. hahaha my bad capmaster...its been a while since I've been on here...I need to read a little more closely next time!
  6. haha thanks Capmaster! what ever happened with your SG? was Gibson able to send you a new one? are you thinking about going to the trophy shop? Im interested in making sure that it all works out! It would be a shame if you couldn't get it worked out.
  7. it also looks good with my rosewood tele!
  8. I know that the 2014 SG Standard has the mini-tune...but I feel like that is a less invasive add on...and one that you can remove and won't leave ugly holes in the front! but the mini-tune wouldn't bother me because you don't have to use it and no one would know that you had it from the front... Good luck!
  9. the 2014 SG Standard...would be the closest... 57 classics...batwing guard...no vibrato... http://www.zzounds.com/item--GIBSG14 I order from this site a lot...they are awesome! Good luck!
  10. Thanks guys!! It's an SG Original...they are fantastic!!!
  11. hey guys! its been forever since Ive been on here last...but I wanted to post a picture of my newest SG!!! and here it is again with my Epi Riviera!
  12. here you guys go! I have added a couple with the fam! I have a thing for tremolo arms...
  13. will do! I need to upload some on photobucket first! God I love that new guitar smell!!!!!! let me add a few after lunch! My first Gibson SG...I had an old Ventura SG copy...and I wasn't sold on the style for the longest time...but after years of trying to get Les Pauls that I could connect with...I saw these and just fell in love! I should have made this move earlier! It adds a nice complement to my tele... Love Love it!
  14. Howdy! It's been a LOOOOONG Time since I've been on this forum...but I wanted to jump on this because I literally just got my Original yesterday and I am in love! I am sorry that yours has a gap! Here is a pic of mine... I hope that you got everything straightened out! They are a fantastic piece of machinery!
  15. just checked rs guitarworks site...no luck...i guess i could do stewmac but i might as well try the local shop first...would hate to pay shipping on a $4 item! haha thanks for the love!
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