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  1. I had such a guitar at one time. My dear, late friend and very talented guitar luthier in Jacksonville - Gary Smalley (American Music Store) - sold me one of his unique species Telebirds (a blend of Telecaster and Firebird) way back when. It had been used by a couple of artists, namely Jeff Carlisi of 38 Special. Stamped 'promo 38' on the back of the headstock with quite a few dings and a belt buckle valley. Had a beautiful swamp ash body with a white pickguard, custom maple neck. Very nice guitar. I wish I still had it, but it ended up in a trade + cash deal for a sweet '72 Telecaster Custom Thinline. I regret bartering with that guitar. Ain't that weird. I bet most of you are like that, you can remember every guitar you've ever bought, sold, and traded over the years. Oh, the guitar stories we can tell.
  2. I like Virtuoso, but can't always find it in a music store on the road or at the home base. I usually order it from Elderly Instruments online and it's at home waiting for me. Great stuff. For fingerboards I like good ol' fashioned lemon oil - actually a mix I learned from a tech - 2 parts lemon oil, 1 part olive oil. Does the job with no filmy residue.
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