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  1. Your Amazon.com order of "Bigsby B7 Vibrato..." has shipped! OK, I am officially doing this.
  2. You are right, the B7 looks great.
  3. So, I've been wanting a Sunburst Casino with Bigsby for a couple years now. I am aware that Epiphone recently produced this guitar as a limited run, but I've not come across one for sale new. My further research indicates that the Bigsby edition was based on the lowest tier, or $599 Casino. Would it be nuts to buy a brand new Vintage Sunburst Elitist 1965 Casino, and then drill it to install a new B70 Bigsby? You know, like Paul's? And George's, actually. It seems like if I have to go to the trouble of tracking one down, buying used, etc., I might be better off with a sweet MIJ example instead. I should disclose that I have a Natural Elitist 1965 Casino and enjoy playing very much. I put a reproduction rooftop strap on it, but have not yet removed the pick-guard or swapped out the tuners for gold.
  4. Hi, I wonder if you all can help. I have had a persistent buzzing/rattling/vibration noise which seems to be coming from somewhere on or near the bridge of my Casino. I hear it mainly (and very consistently) associated with the B string. I can reproduce this noise by plucking the B string open or fretted to any note - including the very highest fret. I don't think it is at all fret related, both because of where I hear it and because it's still there when fretted at the top. As I say, it sounds like it is coming from the bridge, though the pick guard, pick-up and tailpiece are not far away. I have tried tightening the screws on pick guard, pick-up, and bridge (intonation and height), but none was really loose and it did not help. I've also not been able to lessen or eliminate it by laying a finger onto these various parts while I strum. The noise is very consistent and annoying! Any ideas? Thanks in advance . . .
  5. Oh, and why wouldn't a right handed fixed saddle guitar with strings swapped for a well known left handed player have just horrible intonation? Maybe it's not so evident if he's just using the first 3 or 4 frets, huh? Sorry meant to edit, not reply to myself like that.
  6. Hi, So I am fiddling around with the intonation on my new IB Texan, and have become curious about something. It seems to be the norm on most any fixed saddle guitar like this that the saddle is sloped away from the neck (that is not parallel to the frets) such that the bass E string length is quite a bit longer than the treble E string length. I realize this is likely due to characteristics of string vibration and height between the very thick bass end and the very thin treble. But why then are the frets (as I think they are) exactly parallel to each other and to the nut? It seems to me that whatever advantage the sloped saddle angle provides for intonation cannot be optimal both for the open string tuning and for 12th fret intonation, can it? It seems as if the effect of the slope on an open string would be roughly doubled at fret 12. I guess my central question is why aren't fret boards built with each fret progressively slightly more angled from 0 to 12 and beyond?
  7. Hopefully you'll get some help on that other case. I think there is a bit more than average extra space between my case and your guitar, but probably not enough to be a big issue. I finally received my IB Texan last night, and it looks and plays beautifully. It does fit the Masterbilt case I measured above, but fairly snuggly!
  8. Nice picture! If only the online vendors would send me case dimensions like this, I'd be all set. Let me just go through and match up case measurements with yours. I will be conservative. Dimension - Your Guitar - My Case Length - 102 -107 Body Length - 48 - 51 Lower Bout - 39 - 39.5 Waist - 24.5 - 29 Upper Bout - 29 - 30.5 Your neck widths look fine. Now, you didn't list depth, but the floor of the case is about 9.5 deep, and add another 2.5 or 3 in the cover. Plus a bit of a cut-out for the saddle, maybe 0.5. I'd be a little concerned about your barndoor electronics dimension. My case has no cutout there, though you definitely have some leeway at the waist. I guess with it being 1.4 and you still have 1.5 even at the upper bout, you'll be OK. Let me also give you the headstock area width of about 12.5 (end) to 14 (down near nut). This area and the overall length are the primary reasons that my EJ-160E does not fit this case. The tuners really stick out on that one. Remains to be seen if the Texan will fit it. It only has one fret length less than the EJ-160E, so I fear it will be very tight at best. Does that help?
  9. I ordered the EMBADCS for an IB Texan. I think the crazy expensive Macca package had a similar Masterbilt case. The Texan is also not in my hands yet, as the first one arrive crushed. I put my EJ-160E in the standard EDREAD case, and that's a good fit. Just wanted something different (but still Epi issue) for the Texan. OK, the case has arrived, and I could measure it for you. However, nowhere on it does it say anything about EMBADCS. There are 2 stickers and a warranty card listing the guitar originally associated with it, which was a DR 500M, date 2006. The case I bought new but dusty and on clearance, from a far off GC store. Probably been sitting around for 5 years or so. The old catalogs I think do indicate that the DR 500M included an EMBADCS case, however.
  10. Hi, Would you benefit from some precise measurements of interior dimensions of an EMBADCS case? I have one being shipped to me this week.
  11. Is it really a P100 pickup on the $500 IB JL though? Epiphone calls it "the same style of mini-humbucker pickup as the vintage models" and "Mini Acoustic Humbucker" but I see no mention of p90 or p100. In that picture, the "Alnico Magnet" looks pretty close to the piece in question. So I am actually in the return process after all. Once given the choice, I ended up electing an exchange, and will report back on how that goes. Thanks for all help and info!
  12. Hi Pete, Thanks for the quick reply. I believe that yes there is some amplification on every string - though I will check this carefully tonight. I don't know this type of pickup well, so I'm not sure what in the wiring, tuning knobs etc could have been damaged, or quite how I might detect it. Very magnetized, yes, and roughly the same length dimension as the pickup (or saddle). Made in China model, if that matters.
  13. Hi, Long time reader and first time posting. My new EJ-160E JL last arrived last night from Sam Ash, and unfortunately there was a heavy metal bar rattling around loose inside the guitar. I managed to get the bar out and it is heavy metal, magnetic, sharp edges, and about 3 inches long. The outside of the guitar looks OK, but I have played it very little - assuming I was going to return it in otherwise new condition. There is definitely some pickup to amp activity, though weaker than I would have expected, compared to other electric/acoustics. Spent a half hour on the phone with Sam Ash detailing all this, only to learn that they insist on charging me for all shipping, in order to get a (partial) refund on the return. My second order with them, and likely my last. So my question is, did this big metal bar come from the guitar itself, and if so what is it and where does it go? And could this heavy bar rattling around inside done damage to the pick-up, wiring, or anything else? Thank you in advance!
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