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  1. Fed up waiting for Gibson to produce a definitive Pete Townshend Model SG [ the white one is fine but the wrong colour and the wrong pickguard, the signature model was ok but WASN'T a Cherry finish ] So I decided to make my own one. I bought a nice 2006 Junior for a bargain price, not pristine but all in working order. The wiring cavity for the Junior is the same for the two PU model, so that's OK. The real tricky thing is cutting the pickguard, I bought one of those Dremel rotary things but found out quickly that it doesn't cut the plastic but melts it via high speed friction so I resorted to old fashioned fret saw, files and sandpaper. It's not easy, takes hours and the result wasnn't 100% perfect but it's damned OK if I say so myself. Next rout out the pick up cavity, once again, chisels, files and sandpaper rather than high speed tools, takes an hour or two and causes a real mess so don't do it in the lounge, sawdust and wood chips everywhere. It need not be perfect as the batwing pickguard hides everything. Cut a groove from one cavity to the other for the braided wire. Next drill the holes for the toggle switch and extra tone and volume pots. Then out with the soldering iron and get busy I had a spare P90 for the conversion but during the mounting operation I must have damaged it as the output was pathetic, so I took a P90 out of one of my other SGs and completed the job, even fitted the little pointer things on the pots. I'm rather happy with the result and it sounds great. Hope you like the snaps I took while doing the job. http://i1111.photobucket.com/albums/h476/jeyaar456/c6rju1crsbomw8wldpqi.jpg http://i1111.photobucket.com/albums/h476/jeyaar456/IMG_1447.jpg http://i1111.photobucket.com/albums/h476/jeyaar456/IMG_1446.jpg http://i1111.photobucket.com/albums/h476/jeyaar456/IMG_1451.jpg http://i1111.photobucket.com/albums/h476/jeyaar456/IMG_1453.jpg http://i1111.photobucket.com/albums/h476/jeyaar456/IMG_1456.jpg http://i1111.photobucket.com/albums/h476/jeyaar456/IMG_1462.jpg http://i1111.photobucket.com/albums/h476/jeyaar456/IMG_1463.jpg http://i1111.photobucket.com/albums/h476/jeyaar456/IMG_1466.jpg http://i1111.photobucket.com/albums/h476/jeyaar456/IMG_1467.jpg http://i1111.photobucket.com/albums/h476/jeyaar456/IMG_1469.jpg http://i1111.photobucket.com/albums/h476/jeyaar456/IMG_1475.jpg http://i1111.photobucket.com/albums/h476/jeyaar456/IMG_1476.jpg http://i1111.photobucket.com/albums/h476/jeyaar456/IMG_1478.jpg
  2. I altered all my P90 gibsons to 500k log tone AND vol, and rather regretted it as a waste of effort and money. It sounded reedier and the volume pot was not as responsive in the 1-6 volume sweep range The tried and tested set up they have of 300K lin for vol and 500K log for tone is ideal for all uses Gibson know what they are doing. PS the only thing I've added which is non spec is a tiny 0.001uf capcitator [ treble bleed ] on the volume pot that gives a brighter tone when the pot is turned down.
  3. Looks like a single pickup model altered to a 2 pickup. Strange they went to all the trouble to rout out the body and alter the pickguard for the neck PU but didn't drill the rear cavity for the extra vol and tone pots, there's plenty room in the cavity for the two PU wiring and pots.
  4. I've been looking for a late 60s special too, hopefully Gibson will release a modern version, the nearest was the Pete Townshend model in 2002. Just a small nitpick, it should have a wraparound tailpiece to be a genuine 1966 - 1971 model.
  5. Gotta be honest, Bigsbys look wrong on SGs, too clunky and industrial looking for my taste.
  6. My Gibson book tells us that on the 1962 SG/Les Paul Standard [ or Special } the Maestro Vibrato was an option 1962-64, it doesn't mention Bigsbys being factory fitted. http://www.solodallas.com/wp-content/gallery/cache/144__1024x768_img_0573.jpg
  7. John Rutherford

    SG J

    Nice YouTube vidos, you must have understanding neighbours
  8. Another one for the collection. 2010 SG Classic. I don't really need any more, that's the 5th SG.
  9. John Rutherford

    SG J

    By J you mean Junior ? How much of a shameless tightass miser do you have to be to ask for a discount for pickguard scratches ? Phew, good job there was no greasy thumbprints or dust on it or they'd have to give it away
  10. Early Jethro Tull, Mick Abrahams had a few SGs Carlos Santana, obviously Zal Cleminson of The Alex Harvey Band always used a Standard onstage. Barry Melton of Country Joe and the Fish [ a bit obscure that one ] Noddy Holder of Slade used a nice early SG Junior on many of their hits. Steve Marriot of Humble Pie. Not forgetting Sister Rosetta Tharpe
  11. The Batwing with P90s and a wraparound tailpiece would be my ideal. The last issue with that classic configuation would be the Pete Townshend model from 2002, although it wasn't in the classic cherry finish , it was a sort of dirty orange, pity.
  12. For non-US folks in case you thought he was a secret crack Gibson plank spanker, the Kirk Douglas SG has nothing to do with the fine dimple chinned movie actor. I had to google him, in fact I had to google Jimmy Fallon. Nice axe though.
  13. Keep them clean by all means but if you want your SG to get to pension age in original condition, buy a solid guitar stand and ban kids, cats, dogs and any other furry critters from within 2 miles of your guitars.
  14. Yes, agreed. In my experience Linear Pots give meagre volume adjustment from 3-10 this is in marked difference to Log Pots which give a smooth and obvious increase in volume over the same range of 3-10. There was little wrong with the tried and tested system of 500K Log Pots for Tone and Volume on Gibsons.
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