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  1. Johnny, are you being serious, where you been livin' all your life ?


    He likes snakes and scorpions and has a whole farm of em, does that make your appreciate him a bit more ...? ;-)



    Yea I'm serious! I mean I know who he is when I see him, but other than that no. A snake and scorpion farm......makes me think he's crazy. Heck I ain't knockin the guy, he just don't inspire me. If I want to hear a hot guitar player Doc Watson would be more like it [thumbup]

  2. I've used them before accept they were mediums. Very nice sound for about a week., and those were lifespans. I cannot stand dull strings on a Gibson. That dead thud is nails on a chalkboard to me. I been using some Martin SP PB for awhile because they were free. They lasted quite a bit longer but too dark on the AJ. I've never used light SPs so I may take you up on it next string change. But I suspect the nice sound will be very short lived


    And you know as well as I do what happens with a string on a songwriter(or anything else) is a different world to what it does on a AJ

  3. I've heard a lot of things about this guy lately. Of course I have no clue who he is. I saw a video of him sweating all over a les paul with the gain wide open and I wasn't impressed. Talented guy no doubt, just not my thing I suppose. The hair and big hat.....well I'd prob have a hand on my pistol grip if he was following me in a dark parking lot [scared]


    If I'm seeing correctly I think that AJ has gold tuners. I'm not a big fan of gold hardware but those seem to look great with the AJ pick guard

  4. These lights are 12-53. Elixer nanoweb 80/20. I quit using elixer some time ago but I came back to give the lights a try. They sound spectacular. Aussie.....I know you hate them but I suggest giving them a try on the AJ in the future.


    I spend most of the night with them and now that its morning I think it's safe to say I'm still happy with them. The boom in the bass started to come back and loosen up after some break in time. I can conclude it is a little louder and the overtones are more present than with the mediums. It seems the reduced tension has freed the guitar up to really portray itself. If I thought it was hard to sing over before I suppose I'm in real trouble now.


    Lesson learned for other folks......putting lights on your AJ will NOT tame it down. If anything it will get wilder

  5. Well at the advice of MR Aussie, I slapped a set of lights on my AJ for the first time. I don't recall ever using lights on a guitar other than my dads old Kay Archtop or obviously my electric guitars. I'm a sucker for big volume and power so lights have never been in my tool box. I've been pondering the theory of how larger gauge strings can choke a lightly built guitar and actually restrain it in some ways.


    So.....I've spent around 10 mins with them so far and they are great! The AJ is a loud guitar as we all know and so far I can't tell any loss in volume whatsoever. To be honest I'm not quite sure it isn't louder. Maybe this choking effect has some merit to it ( in this particular case). The guitar seems more free to move, almost as if I took the chains off. One huge huge difference is string tension. I've never had trouble with mediums on my Martins in regard to tension, but my AJ has always felt really tight. The lights are a huge improvement in playability and tension. Also I seem to have improved sustain and that rosewood overtone. It's really like the lower tension has released some tone I didn't have before. I can tell a difference on my low E and A string though. There is a little less BOOM from them I guess from the reduced gauge. Well, they still boom but just a hair thinner of a boom.


    So I guess this is a success so far. I'm really pleased with the change. Of course that's subject to change but I feel pretty good about it. I think I have gained some tone and volume by reducing the tension( not that I need more, but the more the merry'r) A little more time will tell.

  6. I'm taking the AJ in for a new setup sometime in December. I been a little frustrated with my low E string lately. I can tune it to a perfect pitched E.....then play a G chord and it sound sharp at the 3rd fret. Mostly I just tune the string down a little by ear to make up for it. Anyway it's not a hugely big deal and while I'm there getting the action re adjusted might as well decide how I want to tackle the problem. I been thinking lately about replacing the stock saddle with a new bone compensated one. Anybody ever done that and noticed a improvement??

  7. Well....I told ya so [thumbup]


    Wish you woulda played the same thing with both sets of strings though. But I don't need convincing. I put some Martin SP phospher bronze on mine the other day because they were laying around and already can't wait to rip them back off. I didn't think I would but I'm prob going back to Elixer nanoweb 80/20 for the AJ. I like a bright string personally and they mix well with the AJ.


    One question though....do you normally use lights on everything?? I' haven't used a set of lights in years. I'm considering trying lights this time on the AJ. There so lightly built I'm not so sure they need any extra beef to drive the top. I've also heard tell that heavy strings can choke a light built guitar that doesn't need them vrs a stiffer guitar that needs a little drive.


    Also how's the string tension? One complaint I do have about the AJ is with mediums the tension is very stiff. More so than my Martins with mediums. Of course setup could play a part in that. If I didn't loose much drive but reduced tension quite a bit I'd be real interested in trying lights on it.


    And yes I love my Ak47. We have killed many aluminum cans together, and a few watermelons. If your ever in the area ill give you a 30 round clip and a melon to send to the promise land. If it doesn't put a smile on your face ill eat dirt

  8. I had this same question at one time OP. I didn't like the feel of telecasters but wanted a clean sound. Most people are wailing away on their les Paul's and its hard to get a idea of how they sound clean.


    Long story short....I love my les paul for clean tone and rythem. I think the biggest part of it is to have a good amp. I use the king of clean, a fender twin reverb. I think a set of humbuckers sounds great through it. Has a bright switch to add some extra chime and treble when needed. But yea I use mine exclusively for clean stuff. Country, blues, surf, ect. I learned one trick though......turn the amp up and guitar down. If you run a high output humbucker wide open it doesn't have that smooth mellow clean tone. My first mistake was running guitar volume wide open and adjusting amp. Now I let my amp produce the volume and keep the guitar volume down at volume 2. This is prob where that " strong" sound came from you described. EQ your amp. Humbuckers have more balls than single coils on teles and stratss so you have to tame them down for great cleans.


    Go try some for yourself though. I love the clean humbucker sound and maybe so will you. Just remember AMP UP.....GUITAR DOWN [thumbup]

  9. I think you nailed it Aussie. I had never heard of a AJ myself until joining the forums. Everybody knows the j45 or SJ, bird. I've been to a few bluegrass jams with mine and they always ask what my AJ is. They think its a j45 with fancier inlays. A lot of them are quit surprised to find the AJ drowning out their D28s . After that they want to know all about it, and these are guys who have been playing longer than I been alive.

  10. Thanks for the information. I plugged her in last night and it played great! I lowered the bridge some as I said before and intonation didn't seem to be effected. I checked it and seemed to be spot on. I was afraid I would have to re do it after moving the bridge but apparently I didn't move it enough to effect it. I see some of you lower the tailpeice down to the body. I didn't bother moving it any. It plays and sounds so good right now if it ain't broke don't fix it [thumbup]

  11. Well I slightly turned the adjustment with my fingers. Mine doesn't have screwdriver slots on the bridge, but those disk shaped screws u turn with fingers. I didn't move the tailpeice any. Seems fine. I basically just leveled the bridge out. It was a hair low on the bottom and a little high on the top. I didn't move it enough to move the tailpeice I don't think. Intonation is good and plays good so I'm just gonna leave it alone until my tech gets it

  12. Ok thanks a lot. Sounds fair enough to me. I plan on changing pickups and having my tech to a setup soon so I figured I would tinker with it myself before hand. As a learning experience I suppose. As long as I don't get a terrible rattle through my amp I'm not gonna worry about it. The only one I heard in the amp was the G and raising the saddle slightly on that side seemed to fix that. It was the heavy string side that seemed a little high.


    Thanks guys

  13. My Gibson LP 50s tribute still has a factory setup on it. I've had some string buzz on the low E and G string since I had it. I've had so much fun with it I've kinda been overlooking it.


    Now I did have a problem with the G string buzz coming through the amp when playing sometimes. So last night I ever so slightly raised the lower part of the bridge and it seems to have helped. I still hear a little rattle when it's unplugged but not through the amp. Also from the factory the big E side of the bridge was screwed up pretty high. I've had a little trouble holding down the E string when bar chording. So I lowered that side of the bridge just a bit. Feels really good now. But I do have a little rattle when using the big E now.


    So here's the basic question......is it ok to have some string buzz as long as it doesn't come thru the amp? I can play it unplugged and it rattle like crazy, but when I plug into my twin reverb I don't hear a thing. Obviously we play les Paul's through Amps and that's what matters. I just don't know if string buzz on the guitar itself is normal.'ive basically just adjusted it where the amp doesn't show it and the action is good. But the buzz is really still there

  14. I've thought about doing the same thing with mine. I like the idea of splitting the pickups to single coil


    However I'm not a fan of the 490/498 buckers in it. Seem way to harsh and hot for something that's supposed to be a 50's tribute. I dunno what you do with yours...but I play clean through a fender twin reverb. I think some Seymour Duncan Seth Lover pickups or Antiquities are in my future for a more accurate vintage PAF sound

  15. I bought a brand new 50's tribute with humbuckers back in the summer. So far so good. I play it through a twin reverb amp and I love it!


    But......I feel the 490/498 humbuckers aren't really what I consider 50's. gonna be changing them out to some seymour duncan Seth Lovers or antiquities



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