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  1. I'm not usually impressed by mahagony guitars but that SJ was sweet. What a great flatpicker.
  2. Not bad at all. It was surprisingly a great flatpickers which I didn't expect. Would sound great alone with a old fiddle to accompany. I'm not usually a fan of mahagony but this guitar looks like a handful of fun
  3. That episode was on yesterday nick. A re run I think but my dad and I watched it yesterday around noon here. That case he opened with all the old les Paul's inside, what a waste to be laying around a warehouse
  4. Wow that was great! And the back was to die for. Beautifull. We don't get to see a lot of rosewood performances on here either so that was nice. I know Gibson is mostly known for their mahogany guitar but when they use rosewood they get it right.
  5. Good stuff. A Visit to Montana is on my vacation list in the future, and of course a stop at the factory. This doesn't help me much in putting it off. Been wanting to take a trip to western MT to scout out some rural property for a hunting getaway and possibly a home building site. Unfortunately I've spent more time talking myself out of it than doing it because of the shocking real estate prices there.
  6. Yep. I feel the same about my AJ. It goes outside or wherever I need a guitar and holds up just fine. I take all precautions to protect it but if I'm scared to take it outside and jam some bluegrass with the neigbors then I don't need it. I don't need a museum peice that is useless outside its protective bubble
  7. Yea you know how girls are, she will like hummingbirds I'm sure because there " pretty"
  8. I think it sounded great. BUT it didn't sound one cent better than a HD28V I can buy for a lot less IMO. Plus if I want a vintage reissue guitar I want forward shifted bracing. When I think of a vintage herringbone I think of a 36' not a 41'
  9. I got a feeling that will happen long before 17. I can also see her as a bird fan, just to be a little rebel against daddies tastes lol
  10. She wants to so bad. I let her use a pick and strum my guitar while I do the chording. The big grin is priceless. She is a guitar picker in the making for sure. I swore I would never pressure my kids into music, but this one I don't have to. She drives me crazy every time I try to play wanting to do the strumming. If anyone is pressured it's me. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree
  11. Well I certainly am not scared to take my Gibson outside and jam. It's my front porch pickin' guitar. I bought it to play not worry about. I'm disabled now and I'm home everyday so I sit outside on the porch a lot. Hard to sit out there without my AJ to strum on. I guess I just need an excuse to get my daughter something to beat on with me
  12. Here she is! The love of my life and a sucker for daddies Gibson Guitar I think she's in store for a baby Taylor or a little Martin for 3rd birthday until she's big enough to handle daddies jumbo
  13. I've been considering a baby Taylor for my daughter and for me to plink around on outside this spring myself. I kinda like the idea of a 3/4 guitar laying around instead of dragging my AJ outside with me.
  14. The capo not fitting the neck right may be the culprit. When I got the capo it was for a different guitar with a thinner and less wide fingerboard. It does seem a little cramped and is not giving the E a good seat. No it's not a 36, it's a 2010 AJ. I don't have that kind of money lol . If I did I'd spend a 100 grand on 80 more acres of land vrs a 80 year old guitar.
  15. I guess because they appeal to the non traditional crowd? Who knows. Just a different flavor of ice cream for folks who like it. Hard to imagine Hank Williams with a fancy cutaway taylor, but fits right in with a modern boy band. Yea that pretty much explains it after that vision.
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