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  1. Em , I've followed the advice of all three of those cards at one time or another , it never ended well 🥴🤣
  2. Did someone say beer? Cheers boys, still peeking in every now and then , just haven't had a lot to say It seems I know everything there is to know , and no one listens to my advice anyway 🤣
  3. I know nothing about running a guitar manufacturers My guess is that the 'lower entry'guitars are a necessary by product from the quantity of materials needed to keep costs at a certain level ? And of course as sal says , gets the headstock seen around the place... A 5000 pound lowden , for an example ,isnt necessarily 5 times better than a 1000 guitar , hell theres a vapid argument that it's no better than a 100 pound one .. Theres a lot more price perception goes on in guitars than people are willing to admit also
  4. When was last time you washed your Jeans? No , that's not at all normal
  5. Oh , and I did say this another time ... I'd like to know just what the hell guitar and what the hell player decides how the pole pieces leave the factory like they do !!!?
  6. Yeah, I've messed around, eventually removing both the high E and the B completely... The other poles are fairly low , seems an endless battle . Get one right and another needs adjusted ... I also get a weird drone from the low E with certain capo placements .... I spoke to a highly experienced musician a while ago about pickups and he says he gets the same one fitted every time , not necessarily because it's the possible best one available , but the one he knows how to work... as in playing, think I know what hes talking about At certain times the
  7. Played first gig on saturday with my baggs m1a , didnt like it . People said it sounded grand , but because of the way I play sometimes with a heavy right hand , string snapping etc it clicks on the poles ... Spent the gig thinking too much about the pickup which isnt good ... I have acquired a fishman aura 16 , and am thinking about a matrix infinty (which I had before in a little Martin with NO aura box and liked ) or will it matter if I just shove the old fishman pickup back into the guitar . It was the one that came with it , worst piezo pickup I've heard. But will the aur
  8. Yea, if the Martin fretboard is too 'tight' then you certainly dont want to make it 'tighter'with a short scale j45 or hummingbird.... And if the Martin is too 'dark' , perhaps a maple guitar or maybe not even a Gibson, but maybe a taylor I would consider quite a 'bright'guitar
  9. Huh ? Guitar? Oh yeah , theres a guitar there
  10. There is no need for a hairdryer , simply soak dental floss in Naptha and saw it back and forth under the guard Apply some fresh 3M sticky
  11. I just dont like black guitars , never seen one I liked
  12. I'm with slim here , get it set up You could also consider posting this video in the performance section , as I've heard worse attempts here Hope you find the buzz Is it only buzzing on that fret you are playing?
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