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  1. https://www.npr.org/2019/08/07/748289553/david-crosby-the-lighthouse-band-tiny-desk-concert Not sure what I thought watching this , some nice guitars , but their version of Woodstock is great at the end And it has a j45 (and a lovely martin)
  2. Well spotted , fixed Phones are too clever , thinks it knows everything Also , just to clarify, I meant I play dylan doing moonshiner , not me Went down the dylan rabbithole about 15 years ago , maybe more , always liked him but was obsessed for a while , bootleg exchanges etc etc Read all the bios Amazing stuff , hes one of a kind
  3. Anyone who tells me dylan cant sing , and it happens from time to time I'll play them moonshineR and ask them to have a shot at it
  4. I played last night for the first time ever with no hat on A woman there had assumed I was bald all these years She said my hair was gorgeous 😏
  5. I must be missing the point here .... All I see is an ad for a Gibson stool which has been around forever 🤔
  6. Have a listen to Kenneth patingale from milk carton kids
  7. I seen a guy playing that song 6 or 7 years ago in a pub in donegal When i asked who wrote it he didnt know, or couldnt remember at the time I wanted to steal it Thanks for posting !! Fantastic song And I'm gonna steal it now
  8. Well , fair enough , if you've got to the point where you have 'stage lights' then I'll agree that you should , and probably have anyway, learned your songs completely and utterly It is possible to use a book / ipad / whatever without sitting staring at it the whole time , in fact it's possible to appear not to be using it at all . To just sit and read would be a little amateurish for sure My point is just that , there are plenty about who have full time jobs and families etc and yet enjoy entertaining at the weekend without the time to dedicate to learning 100's of songs inside out They shouldn't be made to feel they are in some way 'not doing it right' I've seen more musicians that were from unentertaining to downright rubbish and none of them had a songbook or an ipad And I've seen plenty that were great using their crutch Never, ever ever seen anyone sitting staring at their notes . Not once
  9. That's very definite I hope you're happy with your guitar I mean that with the utmost sincerity
  10. I hate this 'I never needed any help , I learned the songs before I gigged' stuff that arises every time someone asks about a songbook or an app A weeks wages say that when the electric guitar appeared there was a long line of people saying 'never needed one of those when i was gigging' Do your own thing and let others do theirs
  11. Tried a few but onsong is the only one that works 100% as it should You can fudge around with the others and you will eventually , I suppose , have your songs on the ipad , but onsong user interface is streets ahead of the rest Gets what ya pay for
  12. 😫😫 It's just endless isnt it
  13. I agree and totally understand not letting substandard stuff out of the factory , as has been pointed out , you cant blame a food factory for world hunger if they discard produce but , whoever filmed it needs their arse kicked , I'm flabbergasted that anyone would think that's good PR to perhaps get it out there that they don't let substandard products out the door . Is the only reason I can think of for filming . AND surely something couldve been done other than chop them up
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