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  1. Sorry MP , a wee sideline for a second, jinder, do you record guitar and vocals separate or sit and play live for the acoustic records?
  2. Cant tell , looks too small to be a j45 ..... I dunno Looking forward to seeing the movie myself
  3. This train of thought is what made me ask about adding/ mixing a microphone into the setup if i was the type of performer who's audience sat and listened to every breath then of course I'd just mic up and nothin else, but theres a hell of a lot of positives from a pickup when paying live , and not playing live, makes the strings come alive , nuances that you couldnt do before .... Blah blah blah
  4. What colour is the sky in your world ?
  5. Nice that Anne But THIS is how the songs done
  6. Sounds great What's the song ? One of yours or a cover ?
  7. Not for all the tea in China Couldnt even if I wanted to
  8. https://thebluegrasssituation.com/video/sitch-sessions-lilly-hiatt-different-i-guess/ She says a naughty word , for those who dont like it Guitar sounds great
  9. The 'pigs' was an animal farm reference Hens as in a lot of clucking with not much content of interest to folk who some here to learn about guitars Pointing out that the thread started as a pickguard discussion from one of the main protagonists shows that irony really isnt missing from the forum
  10. I hear you JT , and part of me wants to ask you to wait and give me a lift , but let's not let the pigs take over the farm . Hang around, you keep the average intelligence level up . Goes for you too scriv , and any other Theres still fun to be had here regardless
  11. Never played an ovation I've heard some great things said about them , but they sure dont look like something that would sound amazing 🤔
  12. Nobody cares what a bunch of us think in here Maybe , what the correct tuning pegs should be on a '61 j45 Sitting there in bedrooms saying that he shouldnt say this and he shouldn't say that and you shouldn't be listening to whatever It's like a hen house
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