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  1. Im with Red. ADI on a J45 with advanced bracing works real well. Does the tri burst have advanced bracing?
  2. That is mighty fine Buc… you have a winner there with that guitar and how it compliments your voice.
  3. Sounds great…. Almost has a fog horn whistle thing going on. congrats Buc.
  4. Great share… I find his improvising best when he gets lost in waltz land. Amazing musician he…
  5. It may be time for me to get my Bird on. Radar up! so here is what you can count on. I’ll buy one in three months. And then I’ll sell it one of you six months later!
  6. I’ve got nothing to say, except it’s a good video, and elicits yearning.
  7. Glad you enjoy yours, JC. Good to see that the model gets love from guitarists who understand Gibson. livemusic, if your guitar has a pickup, especially a k&k, and you play live with volume, the guitar can feedback. The soundhole cover cuts that down markedly. You would never use a sound plug outside of that.
  8. Ken, I have that soundport cover too. When it’s on , you lose some bang up top. And still hear a magnificent Gibson. I have to tell ya’, I like this creature more than many a Standard I’ve played. Cayine, excellent post. This guitar pops. It’s crisp, and the trebles do pop, like on a Taylor 314 or 214, however you still get more bass, and that Gibson raw growl. I was eyeing an Eastman or Epiphone IBG, and man there is just no comparison. If I could only have one guitar, I’d still choose my Martin OOO Cherry Hill, but I’d sneak this Sally Through the Alley and in the back door. I’d have to.
  9. Brother Ben. Quite a bit to take in here! 1) the song is excellent: original, real, raw. Great voice. A fast ball down the middle. Bravo. I wish I could write slice of life as effortlessly as you guys seem to. They say you should draw on your own experiences. I just can’t seem to do them with mine. A tale for the shrink I guess. 2) love the J15. Man what a bargain that guitar was when it came out. 3) that Wall of Sound behind you. Christ! The neighbors must dig you… once more time for emphasis. Thanks for the tune. It was a treat.
  10. Thanks all! the sound port does make a difference. It is not earth shattering, but when you play you get especially some treble coming at ya. Not bad for old fogies who lose high frequency hearing. Buc, the factory includes a black plastic teardrop. And the strap button is OEM. And it is comfortable. I love my OOO from Martin, but I also remember how I liked the J45 Studio Walnut as well… it is slim. its simply a nice guitar period, and it sounds so much more alive than the knockoff 45s made by a few different folks overseas.
  11. Welcome back! How about a photo of those guitars!
  12. Congrats Buc! That is a fine, fine guitar. I can’t wait to hear you play it.
  13. Well, that didn’t last. I got down to two guitars: my 15year old Martin D-15 and new Martin 000 Cherry Hill. My J-45 TV went to a forum member and good friend, and the Taylors went as trade-in towards the Martin. I couldn’t take not having a Gibson, but at the same time I love the narrower (000) depth guitars. The Gibson Generation G-45 fit the bill! I played it in a shop, and they gave me a crazy good deal. It has a solid Sitka top, walnut back and sides, a mahogany neck, and an ebony bridge and fretboard. It weighs next to nothing. I did put on my old truss rod cover, as well as a J-50 style guard I got on eBay for $18. I got this for under $1,000 all in; the gig bag it came in is worth $200 on its own- a serious soft gig bag: Yes there is a video of some “content creator click baiter” cutting one in half and not liking a spot of glue or whatever, but I’m telling you this thing is friggin awesome, especially for short coin. The guitar is loud, it growls, it’s comfortable, and that player port is just simply nice. I don’t care that it is there, and I wouldn’t care if it wasn’t. Edited PS: In this price range you can get an all wood polyurethane finished Epiphone or Eastman slope. The Eastmans look nice. I thought hard about an E6 or E10 SS. But they are wider, heavy, and they don’t sound like a Gibson. You’re gonna want that Gibson.
  14. 1) congrats Buc! 2) Dave F, your guitar rack game is next level… wow.
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