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  1. I put the same strings as you on my J-45 and was really pleasantly surprised,also.It seems to go against everything I'd heard about 80/20's.
  2. Yeah-it seems that you go for either an expensive Historic or the "entry level" Generation line.The Standard kind of fits in the middle.Should be interesting for the used sales a few years down the road.
  3. Just when you thought that the J-45 was overexposed.
  4. I had an Ibanez copy back in the late 60's-early 70's and it was no Hummingbird but it wasn't all that bad ,for the money.
  5. I,too got a Stella first.My grandmother got it by sticking "Lucky Green Stamps" from a grocery store into a whole whack of little booklets and giving the guitar to my sister who tired of it and passed it on to me. Talk about sore fingertips! In highschool I saved up and got a Harmony Sovereign and threw that Stella out.The Stella was a late 50's vintage I believe.
  6. That was some kinda cool! They were having a hard time keeping a straight face. Thanks for the share.
  7. It certainly looks like a 9 to me.Look at the place where the loops connect on the easily discernable second numeral (8)and then look at the corresponding area on the first one. Totally different angles.I don't see how it can be an 8. Some here have more info than I do but the "Fabulous Flat-Tops" indicates that the numbering in 1968 stopped at 972864. Now what,assuming the first number is 9?
  8. olie

    Stinky Case

    I used "Bounce" (or some other brand) fabric softener sheets inside the sound hole a heavily tobacco-scented guitar and it helped a lot. If you select a scent that works for you it will help the cause but it probably won't erradicate it entirely.
  9. Yeah - in Canada they want $53.99 for a set!
  10. It now seems obvious that the previous regime was doing very little, if anything, to help to create a brand similar to Martin - an historic leader in iconic American culture. One can only hope that Gibson will regain its position as an undisputed leader in that musical pantheon. Many of us have never lost faith in the brand but some may still need convincing. Let's hope that the corner has been turned.
  11. Watch out Lars; before you know it this song could turn out to be a musical zebra - a horse designed by a committee.🤗
  12. NPR's little desk series is a gas- not everyone is going to like everyone but there are some real gems such as an appearance by Yo -Yo Ma and a really fun gig with Sting and Shaggy-check 'em out!
  13. I have seen vestiges of the future and ...the future looks bright! For the ones who declared the end of guitar sales I would suggest you hold your horses. There's a massive amount of new talent ready to shine. and that's just bluegrass. Look to Julian Lage and on, and on. They should attract new adherents and on it will go.
  14. I ordered Ebony buttons this time from Allparts and they are scheduled to arrive Thurs. I'm no good at forwarding links but if you wish to look them up they are part # TK-7724. Here's hoping, ALD!
  15. Further update: the same supplier refunded my money also. Allparts has sent me a shipping schedule which says I'll have their version Thursday There just may be peace in the valley!
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