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  1. I'm interested in alternate bridgepins for a 2014 J-45 standard and I am not sure about sizing. I see size 2A and I see 5.14 mm. at the crown and it's like so many other areas - the standards seem to jump around from one method of measurement to another. Any definitive numbers that would work? Please and thank you.
  2. I would bet that no matter what you get you'll forever be chasing that elusive "je ne sais quoi", so just get something and move on to the next phase-unless you like the sweet torture associated with GAS.It's worse than crack. A basic J-45 is not a bad jumping off point. Bon voyage!
  3. The right thing to say was probably just how you wrote it out for all of us...sincere and non-threatening. We all come up with the right words when it's too late,don't we? (I am interested in knowing " the rest of the story", too.)
  4. Has anyone else seen the reward offered by Gibson on their Gibson Gazette #45 for their 1959-1960 shipping ledger? This is very intriguing and I'd be interested in a comment from John Thomas as to what he thinks of this turn of events. I know from reading his great "Kalamazoo Gals" that he has tried to unearth and establish an accurate chronology of Gibson's arcane bookkeeping "methods". Check it out,all.
  5. I bought a Grover trussrod wrench from Long and McQuade here in Canada for C. $5.10 plus tax. It works just fine and is 5/16".
  6. I'm sure I speak for many others here when I say- "Please share your sonic archive with us;and thank you very much!" What a treat,Tom.
  7. I think that it's very difficult to get a handle on any new album until it seeps into the psyche for a time. We tend to favour the familiar- it feels "at home" in our subconscious. There have been albums that took me some time to come to terms with.The new edges had to be worn down a bit until it felt less unsettling. Jimi Hendrix's first album had me flummoxed at first listening until I played "Hey Joe". I then had a reference point of a blues song I vaguely knew and it quided me as to what he was doing- then things started to make sense;like learning a new language. Other albums (or songs) came on like gangbusters and then died a quick death.Too many to get into. The jury's still out for me on this one although I find it easier to assimilate than others have been.His voice is less ghoulish here and the arrangements are non-threatening. Time will tell. As for my favourites: B on B,Highway 61,JWH, Blood on the Tracks and some of the old Basement Bootlegs come to mind. I've seen him live a few times and he can be a frustrating live act but-hey-it's Bobby Z. and you take what you get from an uncompromising minstrel who seems to be just visiting this planet.
  8. He continues to write some of the most resonant and profound prose of our,or any, generation. It often appears to be prosaic until you hear it again ,after some time passes, and then you realize that you can't stop thinking about it or singing along to it. Our Shakespeare.
  9. The best solution to your dilemma is to not listen to anyone you don't want to hear and let it go. It's all personal and relative.
  10. Just by coincidence,a few moments ago,I placed new D'Addario packs in my guitar as the RH in my home reached ~72%. After about an hour (or less) I checked the hygrometer in my case and already the RH has gone down to 55%. The system works in both directions.
  11. Congrats, John . I look forward to the English version but it's cool that France found the Gibson story interesting enough to make this vignette. Keep up the good work!
  12. Wish I had his pipes! For anyone not familiar with them a Canadian band called Blue Rodeo does a lovely version of this same song. Go to google and give it a listen for another take on this .
  13. Not to send this off the rails but could anyone here explain why the Slash J-45 is priced at $700 more than the Standard, because the specs are pretty close to one another. I know the neck is baseball bat size but that's a lot of cash for a thicker neck. Just curious.
  14. olie

    John Prine

    Sorry to hear about the young friend of yours - way too young. And then , your namesake.Yes John-what a time! Take care of yourself.
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