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  1. Not to send this off the rails but could anyone here explain why the Slash J-45 is priced at $700 more than the Standard, because the specs are pretty close to one another. I know the neck is baseball bat size but that's a lot of cash for a thicker neck. Just curious.
  2. olie

    John Prine

    Sorry to hear about the young friend of yours - way too young. And then , your namesake.Yes John-what a time! Take care of yourself.
  3. olie

    Lars Dalin

    Thanks to both of you Lars' !
  4. An epitaph/elegy for the American Dream. At a most dire moment in time.
  5. olie

    Lars Dalin

    I was only referring to his surname being typically Swedish which wouldn't be surprising seeing that Sweden and Norway are next door neighbours. Did he learn luthiery in Canada or was his training in another field? I was curious about the name origin since I was born in Norway and am simply curious re. the etymology.
  6. olie

    Lars Dalin

    Thanks for sharing this - meticulous craftsmanship.
  7. I think it's about the environment in which it is stored.No temperature and moisture control past a certain level will inevitably end up poorly. I think they call that benign neglect.
  8. Just in case people aren't aware of it -naptha is basically the same as lighter fluid .I bought a small container of Ronson brand and it cleaned arm gunk off my nitro finish quite nicely.
  9. Look at WD Music Products on line .They have what you're looking for, I believe.
  10. After attempting to teach my wife how to drive I decided that she would have to learn how to do ANYTHING on her own or with a professional teacher from that point on.
  11. I put the same strings as you on my J-45 and was really pleasantly surprised,also.It seems to go against everything I'd heard about 80/20's.
  12. Yeah-it seems that you go for either an expensive Historic or the "entry level" Generation line.The Standard kind of fits in the middle.Should be interesting for the used sales a few years down the road.
  13. Just when you thought that the J-45 was overexposed.
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