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  1. Thanks for the feedback, folks!
  2. Has anyone here played one of these or heard anything about them? They're $3399 Can or $ 2720 U.S. so they're no bargain, but are they worth looking into? It almost seems that Gibson is competing with itself. I'd be interested in any views around here.
  3. Further to the previously mentioned article there is also an interview with Andy Powers (however you may feel about him). Fretboard Journal is a good read, in my opinion. (No affiliation!)
  4. There's an interesting Youtube vid called "American Music Furniture interview with Tom Crandall on guitar care and humidification." There are so many queries about this topic here that anyone wondering about the ramifications of too little or too much humidity would be well served to check it out. I got it from the Fretboard Journal site.
  5. "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions."
  6. Plus, I couldn't make out half of what he was mumbling and - Gravol would be helpful to follow his twisting and turning in front of the camera. Other than that ...
  7. Tell him to go to this site and read the reviews of all and sundry. MAYBE he'll get it.I wouldn't waste any more time with this person.
  8. Thanks for the share, Lars. It was a good recording for sure.
  9. We're ascending to new depths.
  10. I've used D'Addario PB light, JP bluegrass, among many others and am currently playing Martin Clapton's Choice lights, which sound very good, indeed. There are few I've tried that didn't sound acceptable on my J-45, but I didn't care for Martin Retro Monels that much - others love 'em. As many others have said, your ears are unique to you and hear things as only you can, so try a few and "see" for yourself. If I had only one choice I'd probably opt for old,reliable D'Addario EJ-16's.
  11. Dear Sargeant; you exhibit all the characteristics of a peurile kid with Tourette's disease. Your badgering and bullying may amuse some here but I simply wish you would act your age instead of trying to shock all the little people here that you hold in such disdain. Put a cork in it. Please.
  12. After a few years of reasonable accuracy I got a tc electronic Polytune to replace my Snarks. It's not cheap but it's quick, bright and very accurate. The poly function works well between songs to see how the strings are in tune relative to each other. The "strobe" function is really precise as well. I highly recommend it.
  13. Congratulations on so many levels!The guitar, the case and the family story make this a feel-good story. I'm sure you'll be happy with the outcome.
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