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  1. I wonder if JT has any updates on the status of the surviving Kalamazoo Gals. I have the book and really enjoyed John's writing.
  2. How did you get things straightened out? Would be interested in hearing how things went from your predicament to the current state. Glad to hear it worked out.
  3. olie

    AJ Supreme

    Let me add my admiration for both your singing and your beautiful guitar. I think you've performed before.
  4. A quintessential first world dilemma.
  5. Last thought on this thread. FZ Fan;google the meaning of the word "supercilious" in your copious spare time.
  6. That,quite simply,was my point.
  7. Well -that seems to be the last word on that subject. At least according to he-who-knows-all. Sheesh!When did God die and leave you in charge?
  8. Methinks thou protest too much.Your opinion is simply that.
  9. Another benefit of moneyed people living even longer.Let the impoverished buy ukeleles.
  10. A couple years ago I was checking out guitars-just tire kicking and you know how it goes when you get into an acoustic room full of Martins, Taylors and-oh yeah-Gibsons.At that time I had an Epi DR500mce and was quite satisfied.Back in the acoustic room I had tried a slew of guitars and,as I was getting ready to head out noticed a used J-45('14) next to 2 newer ones.I took it down and strummed a bit and was impressed enough to A-B-C them and was amazed at how much better it felt and sounded.It turns out that the "used" one had been a demo and a rental!I had bad thoughts relative to where it had been and who had been smacking it around but it kept on winning out as far as the rest of the axes I had tried. Short story-I did some haggling and didn't like what they wanted so I left it.I returned to the store a few times after that and it was still there buckle rash and all.So I made a low-ball offer and they took it.It turned out to be a great buy and I've compared it to newer models and it still makes me feel darn good about selling the Epi and "moving up". The moral is that as so many others have stated, you've got to try a bunch out and be patient.There's a keeper out there if you look hard enough.
  11. I saw the "Down From The Mountain" tour in 2002 (I think it was) and remember that when Jerry Douglas lit into one of his dobro solos that buddy and I simultaneously turned to each other and said "f*** off!" He is mind-blowingly good at that instrument.If he were in Japan they would have already declared him a "National Living Treasure." I wish I could have been at the show you were at.
  12. olie


    Neil makes his mistakes because he's been working on those mistakes since the 60's.Keep on messing up and you might achieve that level of "mess-up-dom" before you turn 75 too.
  13. Hi

    I am the frаgile and gentle wоmаn who needs a strong and reliаble partner in lifе.

    My profile is here https://sex-gibson.tumblr.com

    Kisses Olie

  14. Back in Henry's day I'll bet Taylor,Martin and Fender sent Christmas cards to him in thanks for all the business he channeled their way.I think they're a bit more apprehensive these days.
  15. Didn't someone do something like this with wood from Jimi Hendrix's home, also? There's always gonna be a way to make a pile of money.
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