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  1. If the RH is 40-55% in the room, I'd just open the case for a day or so to let it dry to about what the room reads. Moisture is like heat- it seeks stability. The fabric in the case has absorbed some water vapour. It will shed it when exposed to the ambient RH.
  2. There are replacement buttons in many different materials and colours. I swapped out the heavy chrome pegs for some nice, light ebony ones - the weight difference is very noticeable. The tuners themselves are quite good - it's the weight of the buttons that are off-putting.
  3. I would suggest putting them into a ziplock bag with a pack or two of desiccant. That should hold oxidation at bay.
  4. I've found that loosening the truss rod just a tick will often indicate if it is moveable. You can then try tightening it if it isn't stuck.
  5. But if one sounds better to you, then you'll sound better with that one, too!
  6. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sound is in the ear of the listener. If I was given the choice between a flawless top with an inferior tone and a less-than-perfect top with killer tone - guess which one I'd pick. When you find that great sound, grab it. I bought my guitar(s) for the music that they can provide - not for lovely photos.
  7. I find most guitars difficult to play.
  8. I'd check out Reverb and/or ebay.
  9. Hey, Boyd; the specs for your J-50 state that the top is Sitka and nowhere does it mention Torrefication. I'd asume that if they don't mention the treatment it's not going to be that top.
  10. You have to change the "ships to" header to "The Continental USA" and you're in.
  11. Okay...I just went on the page and changed my location from Canada to The States and, behold, a whole raft of guitars appeared. They've put me on a different aspect than anyone from America would be.I've dealt with Reverb and they automatically adjust prices to Can. $'s so it's a geographic filter.
  12. I found that link works, but not the others . Someone else here said it didn't show on a European site so I wonder if there's a filter or something for outside the U.S.
  13. Maybe because I'm not in the States? I tried on the Reverb site and no luck,either. Weird.
  14. I looked again and there are 0 listed. How are you seeing 6 when I go on your link and it says nada? Are you branching off onto another thread?
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