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  1. Welcome to the forum! Immediately profitable.
  2. Brings back folky memories. Nice job Tom, and the Dove works well. A Happy New Year to you, also.
  3. He was a true legend - influenced countless pickers. R.I.P., Tony.
  4. Hate when barley's sticking out of the neck!
  5. I read it somewhere that some people don't care for 'bursts. They gots ta be jivin' me!
  6. And...as Yogi said; when you come to a fork in the road-take it. (Or create one.)
  7. As a follow up to this; I got a J-45 demo from L&M about 4 yrs. ago and right now on Kijiji I could get the same amount, and possibly more than what I paid for it. They seem to hold their value quite nicely.
  8. Perhaps, but I think I can address my concerns in my own way. I appreciate your sentiment but my reason for this statement was more about the condescending tone and rudeness that seems to escape criticism here. A bit of civility would be welcome. There certainly exists an "old boy's club" which doesn't want any dissenting atmosphere. That's fine, but the lack of respect for anything going against the "Orthodoxy" is strange coming from a seeming rebel.
  9. You're such a hoot. I seem to get the impression that any one here who deviates from what you think is not up to snuff. An intellectual bully is a way of describing you.
  10. The reason why I brought up this AGF topic was as a reaction to the many more times Gibson gets kicked for "QC" or lack thereof, and that people seem to place Martin on another level. In spite of that it turns out (on this thread ,at least) that Martin received many more negative reviews than virtually any other maker. I found this curious considering the accolades Martin usually receives and the opposite opinions that come Gibson's way. I wasn't trying to talk smack, just even out the playing field a bit re. public perceptions.
  11. I was mildly surprised to observe that the most mentioned brand re. disappointment was Martin. For all the grief Gibson gets over there it was nice to see that maybe Martin's reputation is somewhat hyperinflated. I'm not trying to trash the brand but balance out the rhetoric.
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