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  1. Why don't you check it out, or are you of the camp that says"don't confuse me with facts - I've already made up my mind"? The review deals with much more than what you can hear on lousy speakers. Widen your horizons.
  2. Click on Driftwood Guitars for the complete review.
  3. olie

    Fake SJ

    I hope that your SJ brings you all the musical pleasure that you were hoping for.
  4. olie

    Fake SJ

    I submitted the serial number of my J-45 which I bought as a demo from the authorized importer in Canada, Long and McQuade ,and I was told that it wasn't recognized, either, so I don't know what to say about that source.
  5. olie

    Fake SJ

    Why are you suspicious? The serial number indicates it was made in 2017, that's all.
  6. You're always nice - sure. You and Pepper -always nice!
  7. I'll add my positive review for D'Add XS strings - have had them on for over 4 months and they are still sounding as good as new. I've tended to use Pearse PB lights and D'Add PB lights and these ones sound quite similar; in other words - very good. The longevity balances the price-point so far. I think I'll get another set when these fade. So far the intonation and colour are fine.
  8. It seems odd that when someone asks how to secure a loose pickup system that comes with a J-45, they're told to take it out and replace it with a different one.
  9. That saddle needs replacing. The bridge can crack and any number of negative things can happen. A saddle is a cheap fix.
  10. To digress for a moment...I've had D'Add XS's on since the beginning of June and they sound and look very good 3 & 1/2 months later. But for the price you'd hope they would. So far - so good.
  11. Forsooth; I jibe thee not, fine sir.
  12. Methinks the man doth wax poetic!
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