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  1. With any luck someone at Gibson management will read your post and ..ta-daaa ! ,the problem would be eliminated, leaving room for other posts asking for answers. And the beat goes on.
  2. Awfully big of you to mention me as Mr.-10. Feeling better now ?

  3. I forget to mention it on my earlier post athat I use graphite on the nut slots every time I change strings.The softer grade pencils are better - e.g. HB or softer yet such as B.
  4. Also , when retuning drop the tension flatter than the note you're looking for and tune back up.If you tune down it could slip enough afterwards to go flat.
  5. olie


    Can't you be both? I detect the P.C. Police.
  6. olie


    Hey! That was supposed to be rhetorical.
  7. olie


    Call me old fashioned but that red burst to me is quintessential "Hummingbird". You can't mistake it for anything else.
  8. olie

    Letter To You

    Thanks for this,Lars. Love that retro B&W photography.
  9. olie

    flubber, hmm.

    I've got a 2014 with the thinner guard and it's just fine.A year or so after '14 they switched to the "flubber" variety. It must have been a money or availabilty issue because you know the old adage -"if it ain't broke..." Makes you wonder.
  10. This makes as much sense as anything else mentioned . There seemed to be a lot of flying by the seat of their pants back then, so the tradition continues.
  11. It seems from here that after the negative attention the previous regime attracted Gibson would be inclined to go out of their way to establish trust among the devoted followers that remained and to those who had lost trust in the brand. A good way to start out would be to at least attempt to explain why they were introducing modifications to a model and illustrate how a particular guitar harkens back to classic items that are remembered as being historically noteworthy. So often people forget about how important communication is and how detrimental and confusing the outcome can be without it. It is a sign of respect to your customers and it creates an awful lot of good will going forward. Adding to the dog's breakfast of model lines and names just confuses things even more. Just my $.02.
  12. I'm interested in alternate bridgepins for a 2014 J-45 standard and I am not sure about sizing. I see size 2A and I see 5.14 mm. at the crown and it's like so many other areas - the standards seem to jump around from one method of measurement to another. Any definitive numbers that would work? Please and thank you.
  13. I would bet that no matter what you get you'll forever be chasing that elusive "je ne sais quoi", so just get something and move on to the next phase-unless you like the sweet torture associated with GAS.It's worse than crack. A basic J-45 is not a bad jumping off point. Bon voyage!
  14. The right thing to say was probably just how you wrote it out for all of us...sincere and non-threatening. We all come up with the right words when it's too late,don't we? (I am interested in knowing " the rest of the story", too.)
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