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  1. I take it you didn’t make it to check out what stock guitar Rez has yet?
  2. Yep. Decided to budget that out today. Gonna send it off to Maurys Music for install, once I make sure that there is enough room for the bridge plate and that the mounting hole isn’t going to interfere with the install.
  3. Resurrection of thread, because I discovered this while thinking I was going to install a k&k…. Pretty bad spot for a hole for that middle sensor. So now to decide if I wanna just stick with the element or go for an M1A or maybe Trance or Dazzo. Guitar is a 2014 J45 Standard Red Spruce VOS say that three times fast.
  4. There used to be an amazing product called Petros’ Miracle Finish Restorer. I wish they still made that...that stuff is amazing. I have a half bottle of the polish and a half bottle of the wax left and apply it sparingly because when it’s gone it’s gone, but it can truly bring back that mirror shine.
  5. I don’t have any volume issues with the e, it’s just lower than the other strings physically. I think the factory jut threw in a compensated saddle and maybe lowered the saddle unevenly or something. So the replacement saddle is mostly to bring the e into better alignment with the other 5 strings. If your issue is that the high e has a different volume than the other strings plugged in it could be that the saddle isn’t level on the bottom, I’ve had that happen with a matrix infinity before.
  6. That’s good to hear. I have never had any problems with other guitars when it comes to Bone Saddles and UST’s, but this is my first experience with a bone saddle and an element. @BigKahune did you find that the bone improved the tone, changed it in anyway or didn’t really effect things either way?
  7. Just dropped off my J45 std red spruce for a setup with a new bone nut and saddle to replace the tusq. The only problem I have had with the guitar since I got it was that the high e was a bit lower than the other strings which is annoying with finger picking, and the nut sometimes pings when tuning. Any guitar my tech touches always comes back playing and sounding better. Been meaning to have this done for a while, but didn’t want to let go of the guitar, leaving town for work for a couple weeks, and decided now is the time. I thought about replacing the element for a K&k, but I don’t really mind the element for my purposes. Looking forward to getting it back after the trip. Anyone have experience going bone and leaving the element in their standards?
  8. That’s awesome! You got a great custom J45 for an amazing deal.
  9. I would hit up Gibson customer service with the serial number to get all the specs. You might be surprised to find you got something extra special there.
  10. My 2014 has a VTC. The acoustic sound is out of this world, I’m not sure how much the pickup element effects the sound. As it is the guitar sounds great acoustic and plugged, I’d be hard pressed to play pickup roulette at this point. I also have a fishman aura which makes the VTC sound even better. One caveat is that I have been thinking of changing the pickguard for purely aesthetic reasons.
  11. Where are people getting their tor-‘‘tis or firestripe guards? Specifically for J45s. It looks like a lot of the usual suspects are out of stock or out of business. I’m thinking of putting a firestripe batwing on mine, or perhaps doing a double torT is teardrop . I’ve always liked the double pickguard look. Has anybody recently been able to get a good pickguard replacement. Guitar gallery is all sold out and it looks like firestripe pickguard is a thing of the past. What are the odds of getting a left and right teardrop direct from Gibson?
  12. He updated his website and says the Gibson is a J45 he bought off craigslist. I love the Fireside sessions...waiting for number 3
  13. Saw Verlon last year at the cactus cafe here in Austin and he told the story about the Bourgeois before playing this song. He along with Shawn Camp played all of the great songs from Guys catalog. Guy Clark was definitely a once in a lifetime songwriter. I am very fortunate to have saw the show with Verlon and Shawn, it was an amazing night of great acoustic tones and a wonderful tribute to Guy.
  14. I actually got all my info from Gibson. I contacted them asking if the warranty was still valid even though the seller is no longer a 5 star dealer. They said that the warranty is valid and gave me all the specs and number of pieces of the limited run.
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