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  1. Driving a very low action here, but tuning down never caused me to adjust - and I'm not the type who stays away from the truss rod. Then again only use 11s or 12s - 13' has been a no-go. What fx makes me turn that tiny secret brass nut is Mister Winter. Especially the Dove is sensitive to drier conditions (wonder if the cracking and sanded down neck-lacquer plays a role). The guitars sound better - especially those that tend to be a bit brittle. Birds fx.😮 A very personal choice and I understand why people get bestranged. I never play in standard and the kitchen jams I attend often tune half a step down too. If there are harps in the party and we want to stay up, I used capo, , , on second. I guess your Q doesn't include dropped D or further/wider alternatives. Been playing Crosby's Guinnevere the last days, , , or midnites. Talk 'bout the effect of modified string-combos. That tune'n'tuning is bound to take you somewhere else. . Go give it a go, good burst. Is this a serious statement !? , , , my question is. .
  2. Well, they may be tusq. Mine from 2012 are very plasticky, but things change. It's a beautiful instrument and paired with the case they offer such a show. A bit strange with the tuners - mine don't have the problem, , , and I keep 2 of these fliers around.
  3. The Board's Buc McMaster took one for the team and threw himself after one of these when they first came out. Can't remember his judgement - but believe it didn't hit the long bell as he never used one since. Here's a demonstration. A/B starts at 7:45. And here it begins at 3:30 - huge difference, but 2 different guitars.
  4. Hey - a rather massive first post, but welcome. A week or so ago I exchanged my HB Standard 2019 for a HB Vintage Limited 2019 (SSHVHCN19). From my understanding (and I could very well be wrong) this model ran from 2014-2019 and may have been discontinued. Efforts to find out more about the specifics of this model have turned up largely empty spare what's on retailer's sites, which I'm not so keen on trusting as GC (and couple of others) listed it as having a pickup when even the images on their site clearly indicates the absence of one. There was no pick-up anywhere near this Bird from the plant. I was wondering if anyone has any info on the specs, type of finish (is it VOS or thin nitro), Actually both - VOS stands for vintage original specs and that means nitrocellulose lacquer. whether the pins are bone or tusq, etc. I did find a spec sheet from Gibson, but it doesn't have quite as much info as other spec sheets for other HB models. The original were probably white plast. Like in the days of old. I'm trying to figure out if this is a "true vintage" model or what specifically makes this "limited" as I don't think this was a XX/100 or something. Does Gibson have an explanation of their different lines, what with modern classic, historic, original, true vintage, signature, etc, etc, etc it can get a bit confusing. It is confusing, , , and you are about to confuse me 🙃. Vintage or True Vintage, , , differences would be the top and tuners. Post a pic. As this is my first guitar I don't know what one "should' and "shouldn't" do to it, for example I was thinking of changing the tuners to a higher ratio Kluson tuner or something like this since the guitar has to be tuned at least every other day. There should be no reason to switch. Assume these are the so called tulips Also, are there any recommendations on a natural sounding pickup that doesn't require altering the body, the LR Baggs Anthem Tru-Mic caught my attention but it seems a soundhole pickup is my only option. Though I'll never part with her I'd still prefer not to do surgery just to modernize it, but it'd be nice to not have to pull out and hook up mics every time I practice just to record myself for later review. Hope someone else comes in with better knowledge here. Look forward to the review, , , and a line of photos. . Enjoy your new first ! guitar
  5. You mean the old folky is rolling. Well, Volvo actually means I roll, so there's some sense there. . Yet I begin to believe they should have used W. Guthrie's Car Car instead.
  6. Hey Carl and welcome - enjoyed your performance. It's quite funny and tells it as it is. You sure spelled a song with C - Am - D7 - G - Em - A7. Wonder if you ever made a word out of E B G D A E Have fun
  7. Yes, , , and we HAVE to keep looking at those bright sides. . Fx if the guitar gets crushed during flying, you'll have 4 extra screws besides the 12 on the headstock, , , actually sometimes 5 or 6. Seems Norlin was a bit in doubt when it came to number of screws. Or could the ones I've seen with 6 have had lifting probs !😖😨
  8. That movie seems a little over the top, , , if you know what I mean. .
  9. Definitely when it comes to blondes, , , , may count when he pours a glass too. . I actually was lucky enough to try one of these in September. Can't remember the colour, which is a shame. But it was good.
  10. Maybe a little guard on the harp too ? . . As we know Bob has a faible for doubles - think his star sign may be the twins. .
  11. Good Seagull - allow this paraphrase : I think when/if you find the right girl, , , the woman you really want to make your wife, there is nothing that could take her place. But there are far more ones than there are the one. Kind of that way with everything I guess..
  12. Reducing my pc-screen to 33% and get big B I N G O
  13. Agree, , , and of course know of the problem. What I meant was that I never encountered the infamous lift in real life - and certainly not side by side on a shop wall. slimt suggests they polished them with something wrong, tiger-saliva or wicked-witch-tears - hmmm, , , would be highly amateurish, but you never know. I would get pretty cold feet in a store like this.
  14. Never seen anything like it - must be the climate there or something the 2 went through together during transportation. Of course unacceptable - and a reason to make a deal or get out of there. .
  15. I imagine the groove. At times it can be more difficult than one think to play with girlfriends and wives - the stars must stand right. Hope you nailed some harmonies.
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