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  1. I just played it 20 minutes ago - looking forward to McMasters version.
  2. You take a big fat dread and switch the 12s to 11s. ! What happens ? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ~ PROS : CONS : OVERALL THOUGHTS & EXPERIENCES :
  3. And I prefer them frigging low. .
  4. The discussion about string-height makes me wanna add 5 Yen : Definitely my experience the lower action dampens the sound. Now I'm not a scientist, but everything I've done and own show that pattern. The steel rings out in a grander way the higher they fly. Apart from that : Is the guitar in Q with solid or laminated maple. The latter I would think, , , but read and been told otherwise !?!?
  5. Splendid job ^ A good first solution.
  6. Are you out to blow my mind, , , !! Just let me repeat that my 2010 J-45 is so much different from my pal's 03 or 05 Historic Collection. And that my 2 Birds born within the same month of 2012 are quite different - tho closer related than the mentioned slopes. And 62burst - what if we imagined that an actual hummingbird made a nest inside a Gibson ditto and a cat tripped by activating the strings - would it then sound like a hummingbird or a Hummingbird. .
  7. Still searching for the right Hummingbird - after having owned 4 maybe 5. 'Cuse me, I sense this is a psychological thing and who can blame you. Seldom has an acoustic guitar been so special, intriguing, alluring, , , and vulnerable.
  8. Actually no - but have to add my 2010 J-45 Std. is an extraordinary strong bear - almost monstrous. And that my TV-Birds have opened up since the lines above. But especially the words about the "The Hummingbird being tighter, having more note separation and not that depth" holds water. Primarily the post 2010s. Apart from that, it's important to stress that these instruments vary a lot, not least between the vintage and contemporary versions. But yes, the bunch here more or less confirm the picture - we are talking about 10 guitars, 4 slopes and 6 squares. Vintage as new. The rule is : No rule should be too strict - it will only make it fall faster
  9. Remember there are more factors to this - the highly different back-braces fx. These 2 are quotations from earlier posts : The projection and 'whelm' of the 45 – will be the most significant difference between the 2. The Hummingbird being tighter, having more note separation and not that depth, which is found in many slopes (and long scale squares). . . . . . . . . . . . . . To me the basic difference would be - The Hummingbird is characterized by the much talked about honey glaze – flower juice dripping from the 3 tips of that guard. J-45 is more sitting on the the fence with a straw in the mouth. Then again 'sweet' – yes, I believe the Bird is sweeter, but many Gibsons are sweet. It's a part of the basic G-flavor in a lot of the models, if you ask me. In my experience there's no such thing as more bass in the square shouldered. They aren't more open as a general rule. But in some way it could be said they are slightly boomier – simply due to the cubic. . . . . . . . . . . . Another attempt from way back was about the J-45 bein' raw, , , with a gentler nature within - whereas the Bird was first sweet then revealing a more primal side. Well, , , some may disagree, but that's what I got. Let's hear from others - good topic. ^
  10. I kind of like it, but can't really figure why it changed. Miss the 'who-are-on-overview' on the bottom of the side and inside the threads. And would have preferred a new different set of (discrete) colors. The ice-landscape-palette is as far from acoustic guitars as anything I can imagine. And yes, , of course I miss my dear Times New Roman too. .
  11. Really ? , , didn't know that (perhaps a vague echo) - did you show us pictures. .
  12. Can't believe you'll find a real Bird born anywhere else.
  13. Wouldn't think so - lot and lots of kitsch-copies over the years especially in the 70s, believe me. .
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