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  1. If it's a new guitar straight from the production line, it shouldn't look like that, full stop. Hard to understand why Gibson let issues like this cast a shadow over the brand. Don't they know people talk. That means the world. My brand new over 3 kilo ES-335 had bindings fitting so bad they must have been fabricated by an imbecile on the plant - employed there as some kind of social experiment.
  2. Agree ^ and maybe Paul got there before George. There's something up'n'light to the tiny 4-string that didn't match Harrison's early solo years.
  3. I'd like to hear you crack that to George. .
  4. And so , , ? Btw. are you sure. . .
  5. Just meant : There's always a safe way back to Uke-land. Let's say a stabile corridor between the 2.
  6. The WW1 Luftwaffe-theme on the bridge is underlined by the propeller here. How about a Red Baron decal. Glad another good guitar was found. U can return to ukes anytime. . .
  7. Never sold a guitar that appealed so much to me it seemed like a keeper, so no regrets. Hard to pick a spezial No 1. But my 1980 Gibson-re-topped, 2012 re-necked now long-scale 1966 Country Western is irreplaceable. There's simply nothing or no one like it on earth. The Harrison Les Paul is unique. Was originally a goldtop with PAF pups. It was refinished by Gibson in approx 1966, SG style. I plus band too was booked to play for H.A. many many years ago - by the director of a film about them. A week before the premiere they gunned down a man or 2 and I thereafter withdrew. A move also never regretted.
  8. Point taken - but the knowledge of those finer nuances needed before actually pressing the green button isn't necessary when trying to navigate on the 'overall sea' of a model or a series. At that stage the videos often do spectacularly good jobs as compasses and path-finders. Would be a shame to rule them out.
  9. Well, , if you are sceptical about the testers not providing decent tests (but wanting to cheat), the Tube isn't the place for you. Then again you seem to be experienced enough to both evaluate the presented sounds and the people behind them. In my opinion most of them do a good job - they are passionate about the trade and careful for their own & their shop's reputation. If once landing under a black cloud here, there's hardly a way out. Soon the rumour will undermine your platform and drag it down the swamps.
  10. Everything look fine - it's a Hummingbird Standard (opposed to the True Vintage models from those years). Has embedded flora/fauna, Grovers and a black-ring-rosette. * I had one of these - a very yellow flier without any dot over the l. Sounded good but almost too sweet. Was necessary to return it after a week. * Also slightly heavier back braces than the TV.
  11. Well, I was serious - but talked about the 1 to 1 case.
  12. Once you get one of those artefacts home nothing will be the same. It's MAJOR purchase.
  13. Well okay, point taken, , , still the the tiny box shines with humour. It's just so cute. . .
  14. Hi again Jos. Understand your curiosity and why you may be tempted. But if you want a Gibson you should probably pass. . Good Luck
  15. Hasn't Gibson like always been out of reach for quite a big group of people, especially youngsters. T'was a small miracle when I got one at 20. Not in touch with the overall electric inventory, but as I recall it they produced some no-so-pricy acoustics over the last 10 years. As Nazareth. Well, , , the market. How do you approach it. Where are the lines of style, ethics, greed, class, vulgarity, common sense even wisdom. . Basic logic : The more stands the bigger numbers. The broader range the more customers - counts for the vertical scale as well. But sure there are traps - and things can backfire. Gibson has a rumour rolling about bad or sloppy quality - THAT's where I would be careful. .
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