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  1. , , , well, never mind too much - it's just a number. But talking 'bout numbers here's a nice little acoustic duet. Sometimes things like this end up in a mess, but the jam below actually shows how to do it. It's good. Sorry - no Gibsons
  2. Didn't the one Oasis-brother smash the other Oasis-brother's J-200 after the other Oasis-brother had smashed the first Oasis-brother's 335. . .
  3. Wait till you get it right - it'll change the perspective. I remember feeling slightly lame when trying to get the intro under control back in 74. It gradually fell into place during a month or two. . So just keep dodooing it. . .
  4. Never knew P. Townshend had a Southern Jumbo. .
  5. Agree with everything you say, , , and yes, noticed the outroline too ^
  6. Some of it yes - but a lot of the latest records I have to avoid. The track above however, I find very inspired, , , as if he got through to the main source. Even the greatest artist can sink in the swamp of skills and craftsmanship. Sometimes they sense it sometimes they don't. But when it happens - and no matter what awareness - it means moving below the level they travelled on when becoming who they are, , , or were. There has to be a third factor in the pic. The 1 with no name. Your insight in the early period is impressing. I had a friend who owned the Great White Wonder. Must say I recall the myth as bein' greater than the music. Ouuu, we were a group of guys who heard a lot of bootlegs and circulating tapes in the late 90s. There was a book called The Invisible Republic too, , , we felt like citizens there. . Stay bob'd
  7. One of woodiest I heard as well. . Dripping dry acoustic drops like tears of joy.
  8. My 1996 Dove is a stellar guitar and funnily enough is far the most sensitive acoustic here when it comes to winter humidity. Simply have to shim or change saddle to keep it goin'. But now were talking about maple squares, don't dismiss or forget the Firebird Custom. 4 versions of this monstrous and majestic flier coming up. Lots of green flamery there, , , I had to put the ones on my guard out. . .
  9. Necessary to notice the fixed saddle. Not a long video, but a rather serious recording.
  10. Of course, , , and you are not the first. Must say you stepped off quite early. 62 to 64. In all respect - would it be unfair to place you in the narrow-fan category. .
  11. "I'm one person when I wake up in the morning and another when I go to sleep. I don't know who I am and don't really care" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B.D. in the late 90s But sure, , , we kind of recognize him, don't we. There he is, , , no, a ghost casting shadow, , ,there, there, , , narhh, a phantom behind a glass of scotch. Watch, he comes, he comes, , , he is here, , , listen. Yes, sometimes he is, yes. .
  12. Excellentos That Bluebird's got soul - so has player behind it, , , and the singer. .
  13. So right - and B.D. was among it's finest messengers. . Yes and Ruby is also mentioned earlier in the text, , , actually in connection with Oswald. But the whole tale is a historical prism with Dylan reflecting from his side while others would reflect it from theirs. Bet millswinging P.T. is proud to be in - the Fleetwood Mac-turtledoves too. Especially the latter who don't really belong in the frame and therefor enjoy a heavy cadeau. And then we have the Fabs with their song I Want To Hold Your Hand, which as we know was a topic when Bob first met the group. He thought they sang I get high I get high. . .
  14. Must underline I don't want to throw a politically biased card here. It's sat up like the message it is - and must be seen as, , , a piece of art. What strikes me is that Dylan seems to have been contacted by his muse, both in lyrics and performance. A wonder which doesn't happens as often as often as earlier and therefore is equally uplifting to hear, , , even though it resulted in a dark tune now aired in a dark phase. We may like or not, but Bob carved a rock with this statement . And showed his format as a living world class artist with an intact key to the lounge'n'league of his own best. As a (sometimes dropping) fan I found the track very impressing. On more levels than 1. . .
  15. Good question. I have doubts, but for no particular reasons, , , other than I really dig rosewood and ebony f-boards. Both in sound, look and thought.
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