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  1. Oooh, fantastic - another treasure dug up from the layers of time. This will be exciting to follow. You probably have a precious vintage sound in front of you. Hope you are aware of this thread from about 14 days ago. There may be some useful parallel-info. Enjoy your guitar and time-machine adventure you are about to discover.
  2. ✔ I played 3 from 15-M series : The 000-15SM, the 00-15 and the D-15M - all highly convincing. And all characterized by mellow-warm voices. Now I look forward to the film.
  3. Not a fan of the relic thing either - but sometimes when it isn't overdone it both looks cool and prevents you from all the first-ding-anxiety (I assume). By the way just first-dinged my slope shouldered D-18 the other day. A round scar on the right upper bout. Chose to take is as the final sign this is a keeper. I will await your decision, but if possible then why not show both the SJ and the 37. Logic bein' better double than half
  4. Great to hear these ones side by side. HD-28V with blanket (your term) - I'd say softer, slightly mushier, perhaps more woody, , , even warmer. Authentic 1937 - fuller/louder, clearer, more crisp, , , but hopefully not to a degree where it gets sharp (which I was on the edge of experiencing when trying one in the spring). Good idea to keep the old one and see where it goes sonically. It will tell you a lot about the 1937 too - in fact the proud dreads will speak loud about each other as long as you have them. Enjoy ^ Thx - ,
  5. Wow - the D-28 Authentic Aged 1937 can be amazing - tried one recently and have a HD-28V. With those two you'll go all the way. . When you get technical overview here, post a comparison of the pair.
  6. If this is the case everything's fine and you can sleep undisturbed. See the rest as fun-doodles on top of it all. And stay around with some guitar-stories. .
  7. Relevant for some of the slope Southern Js have. Not sure Bozeman would pick them for a Banner-version though.
  8. Okay - how about the water-decal placed between the 2 E-tuners ?
  9. Does this make sense, , , , , , , remember tuners can be replaced. http://www.nimitguitar.com/mybb/showthread.php?tid=20412 Is there a decal on the backside of the h-stock ?
  10. Hep for a top-illustration - the sound makes me suspicious though. It's too different and needs expertise before something 'overturns'.
  11. A king of kings ~ I actually tried one when they were launched. It was highly impressing for a new acoustic instrument and probably has grown by now. Wait a 1000 days more and it will become a guitar - the 8 year mark is where the dream starts. .
  12. I like the overall vague coloring of this Bird. The 2 stripes behind the bridge are dramatic but add a kind of raw'n'dirty touch. Hope it sounds good.
  13. Terrific ^ experience and information
  14. Aaaand, , , to put them on other guitars if needed. .
  15. Oh sure - I actually do that all the time. Not for retro-romantic reasons, but to be able to tie the strings together if they break. Wonder how many guitars Browne has - can 100 do it. Here's another black one rather hard to identify. He does a lot of these duo-sessions from the 'office' and maaan they're good.
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