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  1. Early 68, , , guess we see from the still thin back braces. I have an SJ from that same year (or could be 69), which has moved into the bulkier business. Do try to find an original ceramic saddle - will change the sound significantly and it's fun to switch back'n'forth while learning. Enjoy this well-kept beauty and send us a video. Welcome aboard
  2. Look forward to hear'n'see more.
  3. Heheh, , regarding those drum circle hippies - got any footage. Might be something for me. Remember attending a series of late nite drum circle jams in the late 90s. With a hammered dulcimer in the background,. Not a bad way to party ^
  4. Nothing like gettin' a sweet Bird home. It'll be a great addition to your already existing herd. Tell us more and be glad, , , regarding strings, fire away.
  5. Indeed, , , and the topic remains a mystery. See the revived 2017 thread fx. There we have the old D'Addario rumor glowing. .
  6. Nice to know - they are popular strings. But can you please tell which GHS-set would represent the missing Gibson lights. The ones I've seen have all been 12 - 54.
  7. This gives a good opportunity to repeat that my 2 2012 Birds with only a month between them have varied bridge-heights. The odd one (the loudest) is 2+ millimeters higher than the normal. And the normal is 7 mm like almost all Gibson bridges of this design. Counting the vintage 60s versions too. Not sure about the 70s models as they are entirely different - yet of course square shouldered dreads. Yours is 8 - aha. .
  8. These are Chinese signs - beautiful, enigmatic and complex. Actually been wondering whether to erase this thread (due to it's bad karma) - or let it stand as evidence of the invading spam-tsunami we just experienced. You offered reason to explain its existence - thx, Prague P.S. - Doves are magnificent but can in no way replace a good glazed Bird
  9. Well, , , not the coolest electric on earth -
  10. Saw this pic the other day. Explanation : they had some electronic flaws and did't live up to standard. An situation that apparently should happen now and again. Probably over various issues.
  11. 先生入侵者。你正在破壞我們的聚會。我們無法相信您對原聲吉他感興趣並且不需要您的存在。 換句話說=請滾蛋!
  12. From here it looked like The Chinese Wall had tumbled down over the Board. For brief moment it made me worry whether some acoustics had been crushed.
  13. Good decision to re-launch this oldie - thought about adding it in the name-thread. This is better. Here's another link to our glorious past, , , some 18 months ago.
  14. Yes, it sounds convincing - but still there's nothing on where to find the same bass gauge. Should Gibson have ordered 53 instead of 54. Or is there a GHS set not detected by my radar. Regarding sting-balls the experience here is that the ones on my stock guitars were bronze where the M-builts out of the pack are silver. A detail that always seemed rather puzzling.
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