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  1. Not hard to understand why you got tempted. The basic beauty just calls and the guitar sounds exactly like it should. Not too sweet, not too raw. I almost feel like saying you should buy it - to have fun A/B/(C)ing for a while and then maybe pass it further next spring. Why not. . Are we sure this isn't a sanded down then oversprayed 45 ?
  2. Wondered 'bout that too, , , but turned more to this one from The Ox -
  3. Yes, , , and recall you fantasizing about the 2 exchanging positions. I like the butterfly a lot and have added micro-dots of orange, , , eeehh actually panzer-paint on its wings.
  4. 'Xactly, , , wrote the line and it resonated, , , , but with what. Couldn't nail it and had to make a sandwich. Kept singing it over and over, , , thought McCartney, NO ! googled - nothing. Then pushed the 'pictures function' and a bunch of different lyrics emerged - among them The Lee Shore. I then instantly knew. Can't put my guitars in cases - play them too often. Only the ones in the 'second row' rest there. For then to come out once in a while as exotic yet well known guests.
  5. Would never do that - catch them in glasses and release them from the balcony. Yes, there's a dramatic side to the scene. It really surrendered to destiny. .
  6. Also treat the spider respectfully - it's still lying there (as Crosby would say), but shall be taken away tomorrow.
  7. Okay, , , I buy into that ^ if you can guarantee that they spend old age sitting in corner of ceilings looking down at what was once there reign'n'domain. Oooohhh, , , I have most of my herd ready for action all the time - they don't get much rest. And the F-bird has never been locked away as I wanted the pale top to get some tan, , , which luckily slowly is starting to h
  8. Hahe, , , you know L. Sklar walked around with one of D. Parton's bridge-pins in his an entire morning. Didn't notice till it fell down in the corn flakes. . But the spider fell to earth out of nowhere. It must have been blown from the windowpane, , , ,which is on a lower level 😵. Add that the window isn't open at night yet - plus the fact that the window is on the far side of the sound hole north of the Bird.
  9. Somehow it was worth it. .
  10. The scene I awoke to this morning – and mysteriously the insect was flat and dried out. Where did it come from and how. . . Well at least it ended on the top.
  11. Strings from the plant have been discussed a lot and the average thought is that they came* with plain Masterbuilt Bronze Lights 12-53. Gibson even announced that themselves. I too was very keen on maintaining the original sound and therefor not only kept the first set from my Bird - I also rented another Hummingbird 3 years later and got permission to switch the steel on that one so the original could join my collection. It was then I found out that the factory strings had golden end-balls and the Masterbuilts had silver. Something was strrrange here and I dived into, but never solved
  12. Oooouhhh, , , what a fellow. And the cedar/maple-comb is remarkable too. This is a guitar we must hear before goin' any further. Something tells me it can only do nice songs. Simple Twist of Fate, not Idiot Wind - Perfect Day, not Waiting For My Man. . I actually have a feeling that on certain summer days it will only play John B. Sebasti
  13. Agree - he seems like a guy who has been playing for about a year. But his neck-theory proves that isn't true. I tend to follow him on that. Yes, they do - both guitars sound rich strong and warm. But we still need to hear them for real.
  14. Only reason to worry here are the blue plastic trunks. Better move it from point A to B fast.
  15. There are lots of threads on this theme on the pages behind us - and I continue to believe the best solution on all levels is to get a rosewood insert with an ordinary sized bone saddle. That way you can rewind anytime you like - experiment back'n'forth without devaluating the original quality/value, , , , and of course regret it all for then to enjoy the unique miracles adjustable ceramic saddles are able to present 😎
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