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  1. Yes, we had it up before. Don't know if it's the same guy, but sure is the same Bird. The clip isn't exactly the best representation - we hear more steel than wood (and wooden insert), , , but good to see the guitar is alive. Hmmm, , , check at the nut width - looks narrow for a 64er, doesn't it. .
  2. Thanx for this roadmap. Luckily the problem hasn't shown here. Would dislike any kind of lifting p-guard with a heavy blues rising for every glance , , , especially the flora-fauna. .
  3. E-minor7


    Hail for the new Bird - pleased to hear it sounds, feels and looks right. Give it some time to find itself and develop a top-tan, then you'll be on your way forever. ALD232 - glad you still enjoy yours too. They are hypnotic guitars and to have one around is a soothing factor in life.
  4. The Acoustic Gibson Forum strikes again ^ we can get rather sharp when the spirit grabs us.
  5. I use my late father's vintage handkerchiefs. They are probably clean cotton and he left a bunch them - white, washed and looking like ironed, bless him. . Eeeehh, but is cotton safe. .
  6. Thanx for a good report ^ Tried to remove a scratch on a girlfriends bathroom mirror with t-paste a couple of years ago. Didn't work - might have been too deep. Apart from that I thought the micro-crystals was the force behind the trick. If not, then what is. . .
  7. We have a certain countryside region and if coming from there you are a Molbo. According to the myth they are supposed to be extraordinary clumbsy and lame. And here's a song about the brand. The 544 is my all time favorite, but this tune celebrates the Amazon. WARNING - it's 80s stuff and they go all in. It's called Violent Volvo.
  8. To be frank, I don't think the staff behind the films offers much energy or awareness on the roots'n'realm of vintage Pete Seeger. This is a modern ad and it plays/plays on the effect of the unexpected and original contrast between the old folk-tune, contemporary family-life challenges and a brand new car. That 'chord' creates attention - attention is what they need. Hereby I'm not saying the PR-bureau doesn't respect Seeger, , , they could even have had a fest with his old records while working. Thanx for posting the link.
  9. I don't like seeing the musical icons in commercials - no artists, no tunes. McCartney said it : People connect their own personal dreams, pictures, stories and visions to the songs - they should not be colored by commercial interests or specific brands. Used other words, but the meaning is clear - and he's right. Believe I heard Seeger explain about his old father also. That the electric level was too loud for him and he might drop his false teeth in the tall grass or something. . I still have a gut-feeling that P.S. didn't like what was goin' on - but then certainly didn't want to go down in history as a stop-hat afterwards as the myth established.
  10. Playing a 12-string is like standing inside a fountain. I've had 2 in my time - an Epiphone as a late teenager and an Ibanez, which was given to me by 'my' bass-player. Don't play it much, but actually learned to fingerpick it some years ago. A very intriguing experience as the thumb-nail attacks the notes from above and by that activates the high string first and loudest. Precious sonic jewels to be found that way. But also either the strumming or flatpicking plectrum offers wealth to enjoy - as said you sense the guitar splash all around you, , , and sometimes need to step out feeling 6 strings too wet. Paul14 - your friend sounds truly amazing. 18 strings for sure, , , how many vocal cords. .
  11. Your main guitars obviously make a splendid pair - 2 biggies now getting company from a sunburst elf. Why not, , , if 66 means that much to you (it's my fave-year and has been for ages). But have you noticed the one in question might have the plastic bridge - I'm not 100, but do check it out. Don't forget to report. Have fun.
  12. The measure-difference between upper and lower bouts seems bigger than the ordinary Ls. Probably just the photo angle. A nice little-big jewel found in a corner of this world (the guitar is glad too). Already looks terrific, but will shine after fix-up. Hope the sound can follow that.
  13. Do you use Martin SP Lights on the Bird and the Dove - I guess so. Dead strings lead an interesting life of their own. .
  14. Just boiled a set of EJ-16s from the 1963 J-45. Back on the old slope they went. Now let them fade a little and, , , , woody velvet bliss. Btw. presented the guitar to my pal last Friday - we had a kitchen jam here. Wanted to hear his opinion on the old cherry. Told him there was something odd about the thing - but he couldn't figure though playing it for about 5 mins. I of course referred to the plastic bridge, which went over his head. He said the 45 had soul., , , and was right. This was before the boiling.
  15. Yups - he still does it now and again. It provides a mysterious blend between new, fresh and old played in, which is excellent for certain situations and guitars. Make the water boil and sprinkle 5 drops of soap - then sink the wound up strings in the soup and let them stay there for 20 mins. Finally throw away the steel and add the fond to a sauce, dressing or marinade. You can also just serve it as tea. Yummi. .
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