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  1. Everybody performs terrific - Clapton's solo may be a bit too immaculate, but his vocal is superb. Young's guitar in the final captures the whole essence of the song. For readers who don't know what we're talking about - ENJOY Think Dylan bloops in the chorus after Clapper.
  2. Remember that one from the late 70s. Always liked it - Young later said the original was on his early youth's juke-box and that he played it a lot then. It was on the Comes a Time LP, which I bought when it came.
  3. Another great tale from the acoustic realm we all enjoy and understand so well. With just what the world needs now ~ groovy old guitars and happy endings.
  4. Kind of agree regarding the turn Clapton took many many years ago. But that said I think the particular moment - the Back Pages performance - is a historic peek of golden age rock. So many icons on the stage sharing precisely that tune was and still is an absolute high in my lens. And I recall lying with my girlfriend in her double-bed watching it. Believe it should be cherished with harmony and not ripped apart - "George, what the f... went wrong for you, , , and were you able to lift a solo yourself at that point. ." Regarding Heart of Gold it has of course become a symbol. And the last time I saw Young in 2016 or something, the only 2 acoustic tunes he did were H of G and Blowing in The Wind. The big universal anthem by Bob and his own manifest of the inner world/quest. The pair made a lot of sense that glorious evening. .
  5. Sorry, but I saw that clip when it emerged and found it double depressing. I felt kind of sorry for Neil, who (besides admiring The Fabs) puts so much into his electric guitar playing and pleases so many people that way. I felt sorry for George for not understanding Neil's 'ism' and cheap-chatting about it, , , at a Geldof-session for krists sake. . Here's a tremendous version of Cortez the Killer from the early 90s. It was recently recommend to me by the drummer himself.
  6. For those who don't get the 'blues cover comment', here's Jagger's response to McCartneys recent remark about Stones bein' basically just that. Hold your hand out you silly PaulSee what you've doneeeee When you find yourself in the. .
  7. It's a fine and touching tune - fragile and frail.
  8. Oh Yairi - remember when they had their momentum in the late 80s early 90s. Got 2 rock live-acoustics which I still have. One of them like this - but mine had a mirror cut like a spade placed where the s-hole would have been. Sometimes caught a coloured spot and reflected out over the audience. Always wanted to blind-shoot a reviewer. . But the straight acoustics like yours - they had strange bridges, , , , and weren't scalloped, were they. My producer got one, which I used in the studio. They were good guitars. Have to re-find one on the Tube.
  9. If there was a discussion whether the symbol on the headstock is a crown or a thistle, it can be said Kalamazoo chose side back i 66. Something tells me they later changed that interpretation. I personally see a frog . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  10. So we have Hummingbird with a 25 1/2 and Southern Jumbo w. 24 3/4 as a general rule - hmmmm, kind of hard to believe. Hard to pick one only too. . .
  11. The attractive nectar or honey glaze is primarily an acoustic phenomenon. It can be recorded with an extern mike, but thins out with the L.R. Baggs. A PA system may not leave too many chances - especially not in a bigger venue. Then again there's no sweet-N-formula carved in granite. You must go by your own ears and 'hear your way forward'. Have fun
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