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  1. DanvillRob, Was your brother-in-law vaccinated? I ask as it seems to be figuring out ways to worm its way in.
  2. “BMG congratulates Gibson on the launch of their new label and is proud to collaborate with Gibson Records on its inaugural album release,” says Thomas Scherer, President, BMG Repertoire and Marketing, New York, and Los Angeles. “This is the perfect match between two global brands with an unrivaled reverence for iconic artists and respect to service their creative talents. We are excited to be the worldwide partner for Slash’s new album with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators and look forward to delivering their new music to fans everywhere around the world.”
  3. I thought Weird Al had lost his mind with his mind with the Take It Away parody as I saw that before the Chili Peppers video.
  4. I forsee an Armour All damaged my nitro finish thread in our future.
  5. I had no idea it was still on. Happy Birthday, I think.
  6. At least I didn't have to call them to say no thank you. I always thought they got the original design right the first time and they've been screwing around with it ever since. $1600, $1800 okay, that's reasonable. $5800, $19000, no thank you, it's just a flat hunk of wood.
  7. Good point! If they send me the royalty checks I'll even buy a Metallica album. I want the one where the little kid has nightmares about Freddy Kruger or whatever that was on MTV decades ago. Here Comes The Boogeyman (hide under the blankets)? Something like that.
  8. Their latest Ambassador is the guy from Metallica. I guess they know their target audience but I'm starting to get that upside down V/Holy Explorer pre-aged iconic lifestyle feel about things.
  9. One bad idea deserves another. This model is why there is a gap in my knowledge of Gibson electrics from 2007 until 2013, I couldn't take it no more. A cross between an Explorer and a wooden rocking chair.
  10. Okay, I'll take all 3. Does Gibson accept collect calls?
  11. Gibson tells you to call for the price. Don't think Santa will be bringing me any korina/limba wood models in this lifetime.
  12. I used to run around with some girls from nursing school. I would expect lots of nudity after they get a few drinks in them.
  13. Those Guild GADs are really good for the price. We've got a GAD 30 and I like it better than my old Guild D40-NT (I think it's called) - a laminate with an arched back some sort of fake wood fret board. I think it's made out of recycled Richlite and particle board.
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