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  1. Change a set of motorcycle tires (don't forget to grease up the axles), wipe your hands on your pants, play the guitar for an hour, pull the strings and grind it in there with some Lemon Oil, restring and problem solved. Must I do everything around here?!?
  2. What I do with all albums is burn them onto a CD-R with an Hhb Burn-It Plus and the sound is pretty close to the album. The preamp used makes a MAJOR impact on the quality so I used a Sonic Frontiers SFL-2 preamp with a Jolida JD-9 phono stage and that gear has a a really crisp sound to it. To answer your question, I use a CD-R of Zappa's Apostrophe' to see if things sound right. I can tell within a few seconds with that wind in the beginning if it'll cut it or not. Some gear will make that sound tinny or distant but not this stuff, it's spot on. Then there's Tina Turner's vocal
  3. The FedEx man gave me an excuse to break out my tube tester. My old Woo Audio WA6 managed to make its way back home and I got some Byerdnamic Amiron headphones to go with it. This is more like it.
  4. Marry them and watch what happens. It's like they're chugging Miracle Grow.
  5. Driveway and roads were clear of ice SO out comes the bike! Boy, did that ever feel good.
  6. Biker Scum 2021 is officially here (got out for a ride today) and I'm slated for the next wave of vaccinations so priorities will be changing shortly. Guitars are an indoor activity for me and soon it'll be time to emerge from the great indoors and see what's going on out there. Maybe this time next year a 3 pick up SG Custom will pop up on the used market at a reasonable price. I would say $2250, not $6500 or $7000 or whatever crazy price it is they're currently talking about. It's a slab of wood with a bunch of pick ups stuck in it, what are they thinking?
  7. He's got a 2019 which comes with bushings that stand proud of the body so the bridge can't be lowered as far down as previous models. Either that's just the way this guitar is going to be or the neck is bowed up a little bit. It doesn't sound like anything to worry about if you're satisfied with where the string action currently is.
  8. Nut? I wouldn't think so. My Les Pauls aren't all the way down and the action is low. My 345 is pretty darned far down there SO listen to NighthawkChris. There will be slight variations in guitars. With the truss rod, snug is good. It can take a week or so of futzing around until things settle down with the neck adjustment.
  9. Something tells me that they would try and charge me List Price. Other than a cardinal red Firebird V w/ P90s I honestly can't think of anything that I would have to run out and buy (or sit on my butt and have it delivered). That Firebird Studio is close but no cigar just like I thought it would be. I do have my eye on one last guitar, though. We'll see.
  10. You have that bushing sticking up so it may be up higher than it appears. I'd sight down the neck to see what the relief is, they usually can stand a little snugging up.
  11. Herman Munster does NOT use girly man strings.
  12. So THAT'S what generates that iconic tone, go figure! Everything I can find says 57 Classics in it. They really do sound good but it's probaby down to the solid glue joints more than anything else. One weird thing about this guitar is that the high E and B saddles have TWO slots in them and they're plated which means they came from the factory that way. I've never seen that before. Also, there's a brass washer under the Tone Suck Knob. My Lucille doesn't have that, I guess it's the Tone Suck Enhancement Washer reserved just for this model.
  13. Somebody beat on that one. Maybe they'll fob it off on Guitar Center.
  14. This looks interesting. https://www.chicagomusicexchange.com/blogs/news/cme-exclusive-oxblood-sg?utm_campaign=New Release Oxblood USA SG 23022021 (XnaY4n)&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Klaviyo&_ke=eyJrbF9jb21wYW55X2lkIjogIlZLeWZ4WCIsICJrbF9lbWFpbCI6ICJidWVsbDEyMDB4NUB5YWhvby5jb20ifQ%3D%3D Crud, it comes in that stupid Gibson Golf Club Bag but I suppose they would sell you a real case.
  15. https://www.gibson.com/GibsonTV/Gibsons-Guide-to-Guitar-Setup-and-Maintenance/gtvortac0 These might be helpful.
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