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  1. On Monday my female gave birth to 28 of these little guys: Boa Constrictor Longicauda. I was expecting 10, maybe 14 tops, not 28!
  2. Finally, a Harley Benton within my price range! Yes, they shall be mine. I'm greedy, I'll get both.
  3. Maybe it's the photo but that headstock looks like I made it.
  4. Guitar, guitar on the wall Who's the most iconic of them all? I don't care for their guitars but I think most people would point to a Strat as being what an electric guitar looks like. It must be that twang lever thing it has.
  5. The very low gear ratio if I recall correctly.
  6. I look scruffy by nature but don't wear a leather jacket to play a guitar. Too many things to scratch it up. Now about those blue plastic Crocs someone was sporting...
  7. Nope and don't sell your Lucille as it will mess your mind up.
  8. There should have been a pamphlet in the case but there's really nothing to it. The T handles clamp the strings in there (they turn clockwise and are really tight). For the high E string pull the string tight and then screw down the T handle.
  9. This new ownership really likes the word "iconic". They can't go five minutes without throwing "iconic" out there. Enough with the iconic, already.
  10. In a year or three you're going to regret selling that guitar. When you start whining about it, well, Billy just laughed. Haaaa Haaaaaaaa HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.
  11. Frank Zappa, for instance.
  12. I'd toss some money in the case, they did a great job.
  13. Let us know the repair quote, please. Then you'll see why I suggested shelving that idea and getting another one.
  14. One of my grand uncles was wounded on Normandy Beach but that's all he ever said about it. Another grand uncle was in the Navy and had a gazillion green tattoos which he always kept covered up. He never said a peep about any of it. A very brave, and modest, generation of men and women.
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