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  1. The plastic parts don't look right and I don't see any nibs? Did rct take these pictures? I know they made some Customs without an ebony fret board. What's it like in the control cavity?
  2. It was made in TN not the Dental Floss state. I think his problem with the frets was he just didn't like the feel of them. Five minutes with some steel wool and some painter's tape for the pick ups could have done the trick. I don't think it was fret sprout as the ends are covered with binding. Take the enclosed Gibson multi tool and adjust the pick ups and you're all set. I agree, here's your money back and buy something else.
  3. I listened to the album (big black thing) last night, it's really good. I screamed and cried until I wet my pants and went home soggy but happy. Like Abby Road, the cover is ridiculously thin but the sleeve it good, no gatefold which was a disappointment. On another Fab note, the 50th anniversary All Things Must Pass still sounds like Phil Spector was involved. Big wall of syrupy mush with the bass cranked up for a lot of the tracks. One listen was enough to wish I had my money back.
  4. I've never seen him and I would like to fix that. Does he still tour?
  5. I've never owned a wall hanger, I just don't like the whole idea of it. I keep them all in the cases except for two Firebirds on stands. They seem to do okay.
  6. I saw something on Jimmy Kimmel's monologue about some nonsense with Dr. Fauci as the Grinch or something like that. Weird. Yes, it's way too early for Christmas stuff. PA hasn't even had Fall and it's the middle of October.
  7. True but the manufacturers wanted to guitar to stand out and be noticeable. Then the kids at home could bug their parents to buy them one.
  8. From what I heard of The White Album the remasters are fab.
  9. I ordered my copy yesterday (when all my troubles seemed so far away). I got cheap and just went with the regular album along with a copy of Rubber Soul.
  10. Only one Martin (HD-28V) in my lifetime which is all I really want, quite a few Gibson electrics over the years.
  11. Windows 10 screwed up my lap top - on audio I get a hiccup at 15 second intervals. I finally called Dell and they said it's too old but we can sell you a new one...
  12. Pete Townsend material.
  13. WOW! To both the pike and the quitting your job. I waited out the smell from some shelving I hit with a coat of clear...
  14. I was on a tear for a bit but got it out of my system right as the prices began to go totally berserk. I went onto Reverb yesterday to poke around and these guys are crazy.
  15. Don't tell that big girl's blouse EC but I just got my booster shot. I was thinking it was something different but it's just another round of the Pfizer. Only downside is no lollipop after the band aid. I know because I asked. Now to get my mitts on a few dozen copies of Windows 11 for stocking stuffers for Christmas!!!
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