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  1. I don't know if that's credible about don't try and track protesters. It seems a lost cause no matter what. I'm easy to track: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, garage, reptile building, motorcycle ride around the countryside, repeat. I come in contact with my wife (hubba hubba) but she runs around a fair amount so she'd be harder to track. Under normal circumstances, I'd come in contact with so many people it would be a nightmare. Home, gas station, state capital, building full of 1700 people, walk around state capital, sneeze and loudly break wind while walking past news crew in the middle of a live feed, you get the idea. Figure 400 people a day. You'd need an army to track where those 400 people go. As for yesterday, this state had 88,741 cases, Dauphin County is up to 2161 and my little spot of heaven is up to 1577. I rode past a diner yesterday morning and the parking lot was packed, the wife says it was a madhouse with people lined up to buy fireworks all over the place. Everyone is acting like it magically went away. Nope.
  2. My test came back negative - YAY! It must have been my wife's cooking that was doing me in.
  3. Thanks for posting that. I had to laugh, it went to Japan. Soon that country is going to sink into the ocean under the weight of all of those guitars.
  4. An STP sticker on an SG? That would certainly allow me to fly over the frets. We don't do set breaks, we do pit stops. There is one acoustic I would like to get but right now it's finish up the electrics. Maybe by September I'll be done with the suckers. This coronavirus really altered my plans. Before it hit buying guitars was the last thing on my mind. The wife, God help me, wants me to renovate the kitchen and a bathroom, instead. Women!
  5. Tone is wearing the pick guard from a 1963 ES-345 around your neck on a gold chain.
  6. Leon Russell's guitarist back in the early 70s had an Explorer, that's where I first saw one. What kind of guitar is that? That is really different looking... Then Clapton played one for a little bit but he cut the back end down so it wasn't knocking everything over when he turned around and, of course, my all time favorite band, Three Dog Night, I mean, U2. They're different enough that they make me want to get up and play the guitar again. When I got my Martin I couldn't wait to get up and play it first thing before work and then get home and play it some more. I just need to work at it some more and I'll get the hang of it. Same deal with the Explorer. The bug was just lying dormant.
  7. I'm looking forward to getting it, probably next Wednesday or Thursday. Many years ago someone here had a bunch of Explorers and was raving about them and said and then there's that GOTW one, well... That always stuck with me but the only Explorer I'm familiar with is the GOTW one. Had one, sold it, lucked into another one. I wondered what the other ones were like but I wanted pick up covers and a natural finish and here we are. The GOTW one was such a struggle to get the hang of due to both the weird body shape and the neck: monster 50s profile, non-plekked frets, really dried out ebony fret board and a sticky finish on the back of the neck. I finally hit that with Virtuoso Cleaner and then Virtuoso Polish which made a massive improvement. We'll see if relief is temporary, hope not. It was also seldom played and it felt it. Another 50 hours of playing the thing and it should have that comfortable guitar feel to it. It was just a bear to play when I got it but it's almost there. From what little I've seen I think the new management really upped the quality of their guitars so I took a gamble on this used 2019 one. It wasn't very expensive and it looks so similar to the other one that my wife probably won't notice unless I point out the differences in the pointy guitars. Hey, check out this ICONIC feature... Her take on Explorers: they make me look like a square! Yeah, I prefer Firebirds but I'm pretty much trapped working at home so I'll buy guitars, sit on my butt playing the guitar and try to wait out the plague.
  8. A hashtag is the electronic equivalent of a hashmark which is why you shouldn't wear used jockey shorts as a face mask even in an emergency.
  9. Intercourse the bloody walleye, everyone knows that the King of Freshwater Fish is the Mighty Muskellunge! In second place is the Susquehanna 8 Eyed Sewage Carp (found only near the outlet of Three Mile Island) followed closely by the Lake Hopatcong Bluegill Sunfish. Do they ever put up a fight when hooked.
  10. If you mess with that neck you'll be sorry. Either come to grips with it (harf!) or unload it and get something you like better.
  11. If they make a double neck ES-350T in gold top with dual Bigsbys and a piezo in the necks I'm in like Flynn!
  12. How Canadia Day to all of you Canucks. Beautiful country, beautiful women and god awful black fly clouds, the bastids.
  13. Thank you, one and all. I did have an oversized pair of bloomers hit me in the head when I was playing an SG Faded a few years back, does that count? That was followed by a dead cat and a half a can of warm beer. The P90s for the looks, really. I saw one as a kid back in the 70s and just was so intrigued by the guitar and I always wanted to own one similar to it. I have this one and the slightly less iconic 2014. The lack of nibs does allow me to fly over the frets, though. This black one, not so much with the fret flying, you know how those nibs get in the way. There may be another surprise or two somewhere down the road. We'll see. Back to work or no "new" guitars for Fun Boy here.
  14. Thanks, looking down the neck at that black peg head is quite the sight. I'll stick in Gibson P90s to keep it kind of authentic, sorta.
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