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  1. That does look a lot better. If you're not tired of messing with it I think now would be the time for the two Virtuoso products (cleaner and polish).
  2. I'd just as soon not be cremated in a public park with an old picnic table being used for kindling so I'll get a booster same as getting a flu shot. Each to their own.
  3. Just in the nick of time, Wally World is evidently going maskless. I don't know why but I don't find that to be very comforting.
  4. The Japanese resellers - UGH! I would never buy a Gibson from them and they are doing the same with vintage men's hats. I recently bought a 60 year old Stetson Whippet off of Facebook Marketplace for $40 plus shipping. Go on eBay and they're like $1000 from Japan. It's just crazy.
  5. Get your shots, no more mask. Hope we're not too impatient and it comes back to bite us. I know it's a different scenario but it's kind of hard to get the images from India out of my mind.
  6. They must be waiting until 11:59 to announce that I didn't win.
  7. I think you'd better do that little thing. Might walk out with a new one.
  8. Even the plating on Gibson's metal parts is too pathetic for Simichrome - how do I know this? Good luck with the SG, I think it'll take a while and don't know about the back of it.
  9. Simichrome is for metal, not guitar finishes. Meguiars has various scratch removal products, I would look there,
  10. You're from Jersey? Which Exit? You probably remember Guitar Trader in Red Bank.
  11. I have two of the recent 50s neck Les Paul Standards, small hands would be a struggle up at the first fret area. There's some variation but not that much.
  12. You want the 60s neck if you have small hands.
  13. Doesn't everybody? I do like that tempted by the cooch of your mother, that one made me laugh.
  14. ...and then I'll tighten my head band for an extra RUSH during Jerry's guitar solo!
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