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  1. At the very least Eno did synth and sound loops, I'm not so sure about songwriting credits. Here's some late Roxy for you:
  2. This was one I could have done without, they were just hilarious.
  3. Listen to them in order. The only one that I never cared for was Manifesto, it seemed like a throw away album while they were absorbed in solo projects but there are other people who really like that one.
  4. A Firebird VII with improved pick ups would have been a welcome addition. Only the neck pick sounds any good on that model which is bizarre. Why bother having 3 pick ups?
  5. I am happy to say I hated that band from the get go.
  6. The details are hazy but I recall they had to dig through a bunch of them to find a Standard that wasn't screwed up for badbluesplayer.
  7. I regret selling an awful lot of guitars and amps over the years for whatever stupid reason and I regret stopping playing for 25 years while work got in the way.
  8. I wish they had spent a few more seconds with the Flying V with the strings going through the body like it's supposed to have. I agree about the hollow bodies, that's such an important part of the company even if they may be low volume sellers.
  9. I looked in the mirror and I'm aged enough, no sense to make the guitar look the same way.
  10. What would Alvin Lee do? Marshall stack.
  11. You have good taste, that's a really handsome Les Paul.
  12. What you really need is one of those Martin Backpackers.
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