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  1. The world is my casino. I will give it to PayPal Credit and pay those suckers off.
  2. For fear that I would have play in public at a mucus store Is that a coronavirus reference or an open mic gig where people spit on you if you flub a chord?
  3. Saturday my little county was at 37, today it's 66. 4843 total for PA, 63 deaths.
  4. 2751 as of today, 34 deaths. My county jumped from 19 to 37 overnight as more people are getting tested. A good time to snub the neighbors but then again, when isn't it?
  5. Working from home, 7 days a week, 60 hours per weeks. The commute is an improvement and I can smoke at my desk.
  6. Great top on that one, I see why it called your name.
  7. Level 3??? Did I ever pick the wrong day to stop sniffing glue, ha, ha.
  8. Alternative, Authentic, Iconic. The Big Three! Okay, Overpriced. The Big Four!
  9. Gibson has all kind of lawsuits going on at the moment. That's because the body shapes are so iconic.
  10. When that gizmo first came out I said parts would be a problem down the road. What a surprise.
  11. They closed work for (at least) two weeks.
  12. I'm waiting to be told that we're working from home for a bit. Until then, it's off to work in a giant petri dish of a government building and hope for the best. I believe we should take this very seriously as it's quite contagious with no immunity or cure for it at the moment. Oh, no problem buying coffee and pipe tobacco which pretty much takes care of my nutritional wants. We have food and water so no big panic from me. My local grocery store seemed fine last night with nothing out of the ordinary aside from few shoppers, I have to take two prescription meds but they're not due to run out for a while and I can't refill them ahead of time. I currently have tortoise food and frozen rodents for the snakes and lizards and I plan on hoarding one roll of emergency butt wipes (hidden from the wife). With any luck, we'll all get through this okay but it's going to be a long haul situation, not 2-4 weeks and it blows over.
  13. I don't see how you resist smelling that Martin's hole. You are a much stronger man than I'll ever be. I tried sniffing my 335's F-holes and you know, it really just didn't do it for me. I actually felt kind of cheap and tawdry afterwards. Might as well have done a Melody Maker. Maybe I need vintage plastic, the stuff that's correct on the molecular level?
  14. Planar Magnetic, sound comes from both directions. Here's part of the upstairs system.
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