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  1. If you are the original owner who filled out the Warranty Card, I would contact Gibson and tell them that what you have isn't what you believed you were purchasing. I would have done that first to give them a chance to correct things. They've always been a stand up company in my limited dealings with them.
  2. I think he switched to the 355 once the dough started rolling in and no, this is not what I had in mind! Nice guitar, though.
  3. Loosen the strings a bit and off you go.
  4. https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/CUSXXP683/Chuck-Berry-1955-ES-350T?utm_source=Gibson+Newsletter&utm_campaign=0af975c76c-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_10_18_06_02&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_d5d26bcb8d-0af975c76c-60814253&goal=0_d5d26bcb8d-0af975c76c-60814253&mc_cid=0af975c76c&mc_eid=0280960233 What a beauty! Anybody got an extra $10,000 they want to throw my way? That would be swell.
  5. I would go with .11s if it were mine. You might have to open up the nut slots a tiny bit so get a welding tip file set from Amazon for a couple of bucks.
  6. I thought about it a little bit and I'm going to bribe myself with something a bit more upscale than another Firebird V. I was going to pimp out a white one but you know, I already have a tobacco sunburst one that's just perfect so why have two of the same thing? It's not like I'm Johnny Winter and need a back up in case something goes wrong in front of my adoring fans. This will take a bit but I'll post pics when it happens.
  7. Hell no to the vaping. People are croaking over here from doing that. One of the gals at work said she wants to quit so we'll do it together. Right now I'm just puffing away, seldom inhaling. I can feel what it does to the heart when I inhale - not good. We're going to do it by smoking something with no nicotine in it for a week or two. Exchange a lethal drug for a non-lethal, non-addictive drug and then just forget that as well. So we'll be a little dopier than normal, worse things could happen.
  8. They put me on Lipitor but prior to just recently, no medications at all. And that is precisely the guitar I had in mind for the P90s! What a beauty. Les Pauls feel too dinky to me but a white Firebird V with black P90s might be a good thing to get for myself. That's how I'll quit smoking: I'll use the guitar as a bribe to knock off the pipe smoking! White Firebird V, black P90s and gold hardware sounds like just what the doctor ordered. Probably too much to ask my GP to deliver it with her inimitable bedside manner. That would be great. Wife might not approve the last part...
  9. I'm doing okay. Saw my GP on Friday (she's still quite lovely and quite married) and then saw the cardiologist today. It's been two weeks since I had that heart attack and I'm afraid that today I relapsed and started puffing on my pipe. Trying not to inhale, just get some nicotine into my mouth. I HOPE this isn't a YUGE mistake. I will probably do this for a bit and then get sick of it and quit for good. I just could not stop thinking about puffing on a pipe. What happened was a blob of crud came detached from an artery and plugged up one of the aortas. By the time I blacked out it was 100% clogged. Why it happened when it did, who knows. Wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary - adjusted the rear chain on the bike and then was commuting into work and was worried about running late. Will another episode occur? Maybe yes, maybe no. The doctors can't say because they don't know. They think it's from smoking and I've always had high cholesterol levels since I was first tested as a kid. The thinking is smoking makes the arteries stiff and one flexed which allowed the crud to pop off. The hospital pharmacist seemed to think this crud build up was due to smoking (pot) and cocaine abuse back in the 1980s coming back to bite me. Not current activites, stuff from the 1980s. Maybe. That could be. I put a lot of toot up my nose and smoked a lot of pot and drank a lot of booze and ate mescaline and stuff when I was a kid. I'm sure that wasn't very good for me but at the time turning 60 wasn't much of a concern, ha, ha. Another doctor said the hospital blames everything on smoking and he wasn't quite so sure, it could just be one of those things. I do know that smoking makes the blood thicker (which explains why riding motorcycles in the Winter never bothered me very much) and it elevates the heart rate and it narrows the passageways. All in all, not a good thing. They have me on aspirin, a blood thinner and a cholesterol medication so we'll see. Thank you both for asking, once they got the stent put in it took around 12 hours for my blood pressure and heart rate to stabilize and it's been good so far. I really need to lose this pipe so maybe I'll wind up with that Nicorette gum to get the craving out of my mouth. It looks like the big problem in tobacco are these weird toxic chemicals which are a byproduct of the combustion process. The nicotine gets you hooked, the toxic chemicals bump you off. P.S. P90s sound different depending upon the thickness of the wood they're mounted in. I'll bet they sound great in a Les Paul with the carved tops.
  10. I got caught up last night watching a bunch of Beatles performances and interviews. Mick was right when he admitted after John was shot that the Beatles really were the greatest rock and roll band of all time. Where the Beatles went everyone else followed.
  11. I never was too impressed with the sound from the push pull pots. Want to kill the guitar's sound? Here, do this! Maybe things have changed some.
  12. The spec sheet did say something about changes to the pick ups so I suppose they did mess around some. You'd really need to compare it to another model with everything kept at the same settings to see what you've got.
  13. I'd look for a nice, used Firebird V instead of a Studio or Tribute. You might have to pay a little more but I think you'll be glad you did so.
  14. Pick up selector switch knob must be an optional extra.
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