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  1. SteveFord


    Now that's ICONIC!
  2. I'm sure that no one would disagree that there are few more ICONIC sights in musical instruments than the Les Paul output jack. All kidding aside, the back is 2 piece but the seam isn't where I thought it was and I don't think this neck could warp as it's a Louisville Slugger type. If you have small hands, go for the 60s Standards. This thing is YUGE from stem to stern. Doubles as a war club, that type of neck. Even unplugged, LOTS of volume, it just rings. The fret board was dry as my granny (as someone here once said) and it lost the real attractive striping once it was oiled up. Maybe that's why they left it that way. The wood grain is much nicer than I thought it would be but it's nothing jaw dropping. I'll give a better write up and some pics once my strings show up and I've got it all set up. Everything works and no flaws that jumped out at me. It was made just a few weeks ago (9/30/2020) and the seller swiped the little Swiss Army Knife tool.
  3. ICONIC looking brown case warming up at the moment. Weighs a ton, it's either full of slate patio stones or a Les Paul.
  4. What I know about Johnny Depp is next to nothing but last night he popped up on a youtube video I stumbled upon. It was The Hollywood Vampires and there was Alice Cooper, about 80 years old, and it looks like he'll have to replace the boa constrictor with a garter snake or else he'll get beat up. And there was Johnny Depp. First time I ever saw someone with a Reverse Flying V but there's at least one out there in action. He also had an Alvin Lee ES-335. I would imagine you could still order one without the stickers.
  5. Looks nice, they said the big push was on Epiphone so it looks like they're on a roll.
  6. Right now it's still on a truck. Hopefully, somebody's not removing the contents of the box and then taping it shut. All the new ones have the studs threaded into a metal bushing which upsets some people but not me.
  7. Worked, fed critters, dug out my neglected 2014 Firebird V and it instantly felt like HOME.
  8. Very few people never hit a plateau. He's one of them. Perfect song to cover for 2020, sad to say.
  9. Rabs is right. The photo hosting on this site is ridiculous.
  10. Thank you, one and all. I'll post pics once it arrives and I've set it up and messed around with it some. Figure late next week. I wrote to the seller and had him loosen the strings and bubble wrap the headstock so it can't move around. I'd prefer not to file an insurance claim, one for the Empty Box Special was enough. Still have the box from that one and became friends with the seller, he moves a LOT of really nice guitars. Doesn't keep them, just buys them, plays them, and resells them. Last one was a Gold Top with that bizarre trapeze tail piece. In case you guys haven't noticed, whenever I'm really worried about things I buy guitars. This year I've been VERY worried. Probably worried enough to pay off some bills and then maybe work towards one I've been thinking about since around 1976.
  11. Here's a link to the white 2017 I was referring to: https://www.everythingsg.com/threads/the-new-2017-sg-standard.31072/page-10 and the specs say Slim Taper neck. Feels fairly substantial to me so I guess it's whoever was making the things that day.
  12. A garter snake? Oh, jeez. People have really strange ideas about these animals. That monitor lizard is ALWAYS looking for food, that boa couldn't scoot away from the camera fast enough. Eeek, monster!!!
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