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  1. .5? wow. I am probably not sensitive to tell the difference between a 9, and a 9.5 although I can tell between a 9 and a 10. Kind of like the shaving razor market. I remember SNL making fun of adding more blades...until it became the norm.
  2. Adjusted to inflation from 1967-2019 it equals: $265.97 (dollartimes.com) Great story, love stuff like that.
  3. You're a masterful lyricist (and post writer). I love the double entendre you pointed out (probably would have been interpreted a single way in my simple mind). Great song, hope you win the challenge.
  4. This one: Custombucker coil splitting pickups. Pretty much runs the gamut of humbucker and single coil possibilities. Very versatile.
  5. Tman


    I had one once. I put it on and used it continuously for 2 weeks. I made the near fatal mistake of thinking well if a little works then a lot will work even better. It warped my neck and it was not fixable with a truss rod adjustment. Gibson replaced the guitar for me. It may actually work but I highly recommend not doing what I did. I would follow directions carefully. Call me what you will, just telling the truth.
  6. Great playing by the way Bence!
  7. It was great. 😂Saying outrageous things to people who spend an inordinate amount of time telling me what I should be outraged about.
  8. Happy New year! How is life in Hungary? Cool guitar!
  9. Heartfelt condolences. I am happy that you and your family are safe and that your main house survived. Hopefully the pain of dealing with what you did lose will be very temporary.
  10. Abbey Road. I was 9 when it came out and at that age at that time it was the best thing I'd ever heard and I still love it the most. Every song on there is a favorite of mine except I want you/She's so heavy and Sun King although the latter has grown on me with age. I remember hearing some of them for the first time and without having anything intelligent as a reason for liking them, I just did, in a big way. Hasn't changed. COme Together, Something, Oh Darling, Here Comes the Sun and The whole short segment second side. I just the re-release this year and absolutely love it all over again. I know you didn't ask for second place but mine is different than most. I like Beatles For Sale second best.
  11. Very best of luck to you. I hope you don't lose anything. I completely agree that property is of lesser importance than precious lives. Still a gigantic pain if you do lose your property and I sincerely hope you don't.
  12. Love this, really beautiful!Don't put a peace sign sticker on it but do play some Alvin Lee!
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