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  1. Not sure and I'm not able to nail it- yet. When Charlie kicks in on drums it is so cool that I kinda lose concentration like Michael Palin with the fish.
  2. Gimme Shelter. Using tremolo to try to sound like Keith.
  3. I've always been infatuated by WWII and agree, the Battle of Britain in 1940 was the turning point for the European theatre. My Dad was a medic in the South Pacific. My wife's office borders Zamperini field in Torrance, California (named after Japanese POW Louis Zamperini). Unbroken was the movie of his story. The Collings collection of Vintage aircraft is stationed there 3 months out of the year. You can even pay to ride in their aircraft. They have the world's only flying B-24 Liberator (aka flying coffin - no wonder mihcmac is glad his dad didn't fly in one). I occasionally work remotely in her office and one day the planes were taking off and landing. It was such a thrill. Here's The "Witchcraft" Sorry, I wish I was like One L (Pip) and could actually take decent photos. This was out of her office window. She was having a patient conference when I burst into her room (better windows in her office) and said, "So sorry but I have to take a picture of this plane!" Here's another that just landed: I've read that the P-51 Merlin engine has a distinctive sound. It does. Gives chills.
  4. I just bought a CS Gold Top (not same model). It’s exemplary. 2 very different experiences it sounds like.
  5. The Wah - nice talk box replacement, never thought of that. They are simple to use Rotator Cuff Tear. Pretend you’re burping the words and use a little gain which is on the talk box. If I can do a shameless plug - Listen to Black Squirrel’s “The Girl is Fine”. Fun stuff.
  6. Only pedal I use (if you can call it an official pedal) is a talk box. I've been playing Rocky Mountain Way and Do You Feel for over 40 years.😃
  7. If the Beatles were starting out today with today being as is, then they wouldn't have a chance because of everything that happened as a result of what they were back then. They made it so desirable for people to jump into the music business and try to recreate what they had. Now if they tried today and had never existed (sounds twilight zoney) who knows, it would be a different place.
  8. Tman


    That would be an intentional mondegreen? I have a few that I would share but would be grounds for censure.😖
  9. Tman


    Drummer in our band when I was a teen Sang Taking Gerafizzes instead of Taking Care of Business. He honestly thought it was a gastric acid reducer for old people that BTO was singing about. I receive a daily word of the day from some site that I never signed up for but look at just for grins. Today's word was Mondegreen which I'd never heard of and voila. Gotta admit Notes, your golf use was great!
  10. Misinterpreting the words in a song and singing yours. A famous mondegreen is; She belted out a mondegreen when she sang, "Excuse me while I kiss this guy." Embarrassingly I had one for years by AC/DC. "Dirty Deeds at Redondo beach." My sister in law's parent's live there and my brother next door in Manhattan beach. I honestly thought it was that. Combination of attention deficit and volume I suspect. Surely there are mondegreens other folks sang.
  11. Oops, Batted zero on that post.😢
  12. My bad. A professor once said to me, “Tman, since when do your observations have anything to do with the actual incidence of something?”
  13. Come on Eileen - Dexy's midnight runners. I Ran - Flock of Seagulls.
  14. Tman


    Are you going the made to measure route from the custom shop? Wow that is a stunner. Love the R0 neck profile too!
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