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  1. Mark worked at Norm's rare guitars. I bought my 335 from him/Norms last November (it's a used guitar shop). I asked for a 60's thin profile neck and he said they didn't have any but I should play the 63 reissue and I might like it. 63...... 60's thin profile...duh He struck me as an acerbic kinda guy. I'm sure he went solo in his new position, made the video then the higher ups at Gibson said wtf?
  2. Tman


    My wife works in Torrance and lives in PV (I commute down there on weekends now). If you drop by Malibu I could show you around although admittedly there is a lot less to see nowadays.
  3. Tman


    It is incredible. Enjoy the trip Steve! If you come by So. Call I’ll treat you to a beer. Thanks Drog, love it Thanks rct. When the fire happened you offered to send me your Strat (or Tele, don’t remember). What a cool thing to do. Not too many people like you in this world. Rabs very best of luck. I really want a Rabswood. Especially the smallerbody one that you showed in a thread a few weeks back where you were at a show. Great stuff.
  4. Tman

    Like a Phoenix

    Thanks Sal and thanks for listening to the album. I've been kind of scarce on this forum but particularly enjoy your posts. Thanks FP. I find it much better than sitting around feeling sorry for myself. That's been old since about January.
  5. Tman


    Thanks guys! Thanks Dub! I have never seen them here like this either. When I took a walk around Westlake on Saturday while getting my car washed I saw thousands. They were coming from the south in waves. Bad news is, like you, I ended a few lives and ruined my new car wash that evening.
  6. Tman


    Thanks FP, very happy with it! Thanks jdgm, I could move to England. There are things that can be done and will be done. Our neighbor, a military pilot who stayed through the inferno, had a fire suit on and sat on the edge of his opened well water tank with a hose and fought it off. His house was concrete though. Our little inlaw unit was concrete and the structure mostly made it, internal contents partially burned. So we won't build the new house out of wood that's for sure. Also insurance will kick in more money to come up to code from what the last house had and finally we are going to put in an external sprinkler that can be controlled by a phone app. Last fire in my neighborhood was 1978. If we wait that long again I will in all likelihood not be on the planet.
  7. Tman


    Thanks Kelly, I am loving it. It was set up really well. It is actually in tune from open strings to fretted. Rock solid. I was blown away by it. I went in to G.C. looking for a J-15 and landed this one. Not sure I've seen flamed walnut before.
  8. Tman

    Like a Phoenix

    Thanks J45Nick. Yes we will. The permitting process is a bear in spite of the fact fact that it is expedited. The second photo is the guitar leaning up against the trailer that is on the property. Hopefully in a year I can show a photo of the J-45 leaning against the rebuilt house.
  9. Tman


    Finally getting some replacement guitars! This is a really fantastic guitar. The Gibson J-45 Studio. Also as a symbol of good luck and rebirth, I took a photo of a Monarch sitting on a fuschia colored flower (I think a poppy). Thousands have been migrating the last few days.
  10. OK I looked at this post and thought holy moly. A lot of stress. Pretty simple. New guitar day, J-45 Studio. It’s fantastic. Set up well from Gibson. Also Monarch migration time in So. Cal.
  11. Tman


    Outstanding! Warmoths makes really nice stuff. That is about as nice a Tele as I've seen. What bridge do you have on it?
  12. Tman


    Very nice, congrats!
  13. Tman

    Hi folks

    Great to hear from you and glad to hear you are well!
  14. Honestly I was going to say that I thought it was a thread that Big Bill would have started!
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