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  1. I've always been a music guy and didn't even listen to lyrics until someone informed me that the Dylan song they loved was world defining. My psychologist wife on the other hand judges a song by it's lyrics. We both think the goal posts are changing. What might have been offensive in it's extremeness at the time it was written help set the standard and therefore is no longer shocking or extreme through the glasses we wear today. Take any misogynistic violence encouraging rap song from the 90's. People became numb to it. On the other hand a song taken fairly lightheartedly as tongue in che
  2. The Rolling Stones, July 13th, 1978, Superdome, New Orleans. Notable mentions: Eton John, 27 Sept, 1974, Mobile AL and 02 Jul 1982, Barton Coliseum, Little Rock, AR. Paul McCartney, 01, April, 2002 Oakland Coliseum.
  3. As a cheat I tune down my A string to G and don't play either E. Middle position on a tele or P-90s and voila...Keef. Every year for the past 25 we end a conference that I am a part of in Graz, Austria at a gala party with a set of stones songs. All the usual suspects-JJF, B.S. HTW, also Start me up, Paint it black, Back in the USSR ..oh wait. Highlight of the year (except the last 2). Next year is the 25th. Anyone want to join, you are welcome.
  4. Sticky Fingers is classic. I have loved everything they've done all along. I've seen them live 4 times starting in 78 in New Orleans. Phenomenal very time. All Down the Line and Midnight Rambler live make me go nuts every single time. Certainly don't need to defend them, the proof is in the pudding. Look at what Keith and Mick have done...for 60 years. Comes down to personal taste doesn't it?
  5. Stunning. I can't decide whether it is thin flame like quilt or thick quilt like flame? Amazing. I am jealous
  6. J'ville Jam 1977. The V behind me was the ville in J'ville (Jacksonville, Arkansas). probably 20 people in attendance. I just got it 43 years later but I had a V behind me and one in front of me. I still have that guitar.
  7. Very very very cool guitars Philsr57 PhilT60
  8. it'll be a different beast. I hope you enjoy it. I love my 87 black with a maple neck. Jeff Beck describing a Strat: It’s a tool of great inspiration and torture at the same time because it’s forever sitting there challenging you to find something else in it, but it is there if you really search.
  9. Picked out plumbing fixtures for the new house. Almost finished with framing.
  10. Necropost about death. Apropos though as my dog Brynn was just diagnosed with lymphoma. Good prognosis with chemo, thank goodness for dog insurance. Still we have limited time with her, at best a year. My wife is distraught. She's snoring at my feet as I write this. She is the big girl in front in this photo.
  11. Papoose. Apparently when I was born I had a very red face. I know it is un P.C. and insensitive. I didn't give it to me, my parents did.
  12. Could be the very first time I completely agree with you Nice guitars though!
  13. Great story. She reminds me of Jeff Beck and I mean that in a very complimentary way.
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