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  1. Tman


    Wow you dog. Congrats. I want one too, seriously. In fact every time you get a guitar I decide I want one. Pretty creepy huh.
  2. 8 electrics 2 acoustic Drum roll.......1 amp - Tone King Imperial 2 Combo. Technically 10:1
  3. Tman

    Do we like?

    I completely remember Michael Hedges from the 1980s when I was in school and listened to Windham Hills artists, he was one. Aerial Boundaries was a classic in my collection. I still love it. This guy reminds me of him big time in a good way.
  4. scribing awl, radiused caul , brad point....... You've got the terminology down. Impressive job you are doing, very pro. Going to be fantastic.
  5. Tman


    Bummer Karloff. Osteo arthrosis is an inflammatory process when it flares up. Agree with Notes Low glycemic diets or ketogenic are often anti inflammatory and are beneficial on so many levels. For drugs the best are over the counter Aleve and Motrin in my experience. Eat something with them and check it out with your doctor before beginning any regimen(preexisting kidney disease, etc). Also turmeric is anti inflammatory and I think it helps. Finally glucosamine (not just for dogs :-) Good luck. At the beginning of Covid I went keto, lost a bunch of weight and have less aches and pains. Not gone but better.
  6. Really beautiful. I visited a St. Marys near Leeds. Had the same overall feel and I bet it had a yew tree.
  7. Congrats M-E for averting the overwhelming desire. You didn't fall into learned helplessness and give in. I, on the other hand, have figured out a way to get away with getting a new one but not make it look like I am. I'm slowly ordering Warmoth parts. Nearly done with a chambered zebrawood on mahogany stratocaster that will get Kinman pickups and a raw goncalo alves neck. I think my wife is just pretending to not notice what I am up to.
  8. Thanks M-E. Just kind of happened and I was glad I had my phone. I can tell you in one word: food.
  9. The moon, the setting sun and a b!tch all in one panoramic. 5 minutes later. She really likes to look out into the valley when the sun is setting. Pretty much every night.
  10. Very impressive Dub! Please let me supply the strap when it's done, it would be my pleasure.😃
  11. I love it Karloff. I bet it'll sustain until next year. I have never heard the Shawbuckers (that I know of). Would love to get your take on them.
  12. I've adopted a positive attitude (especially with an antidepressant on board). Btw I am going to go through a course of TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation). Drug free treatment that my wife is an expert in. Here is this morning 10/22/20 or for the non American world: 22/10/20. Continuing to dig the holes for foundation stabilization. The contractor told me the foundation will be complete next week.
  13. Thanks Karloff. You are exactly right though and that is a great (necessary actually) way to reframe it. Cheers!
  14. Here is a drone photo of the property after the fire. LA county used this photo to tell us that we had an unpermitted building on the property that has to be destroyed (the concrete bunker that actually survived). The destroyed building at the top of the photo next to the old driveway was our house. We rebuilt the driveway and here is the photo I think you may be referring to? btw these checkered types of driveways may look cool but they are a pain on many levels.
  15. We're hoping for a gusher. Black gold, Texas tea. Wouldn't that be cool. Pay for the whole damn thing and a Les Paul shaped lap pool!
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