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  1. Tman


    Wow, where is the jealous emoticon when you need it? Don't know what wide range humbuckers are but if anything like wide bandwidth vs narrow then it has to be a great thing! Congrats C Man! Love it
  2. The Beatles. Then Gibson brought it across the finish line.
  3. I visited his art gallery in London 2 years ago. The guy is incredibly talented. A renaissance man. I really wanted this painting he did of the stones live. Just didn't have the 30K it would cost.
  4. You better believe we have earthquake insurance too.
  5. Thanks Jinder and BK777. One thing I should have said in the original post is that before the fire we decided to downgrade our home insurance policy to save on the payments. What a bad mistake. I highly recommend insuring yourself to the max that you can handle because really bad things actually can and do happen sometimes.
  6. Here we go at some decent resolution photos! I just realized that the quilt of the bed is distracting. Oh well.πŸ˜’
  7. Thanks Red for such a wonderful post. I will give another try at posting photos. πŸ˜–
  8. Thanks for the replies. At this point it is learned helplessness but having a top notch J 200 to play makes life so much better. I tried to upload a better picture of the quilt. The size limit of photos is difficult to work with. I even read the work arounds (imgur, etc.) and still can't get it work correctly.
  9. Here's Brynn.πŸ˜„
  10. This is a bit cathartic so please bear with me while I tell this story. After losing everything including all of my guitars on November 9th, 2018 in the Southern California Woolsey Fire, I decided to hold out on guitar replacements because I wanted to save everything possible to build a new house. Just (finally) got permission to build a new house last week after so many agonizing and infuriating delays. Hopefully a new house this time next year. I decided to buy one replacement from insurance. The morning of November 9th my wife and I were in San Diego at a conference for her clinic and when we found out that people were being evacuated for a fire in the area around our house we called her father, who was living with us at the time (believe it or not he lost his house exactly a year before in the Sylmar fire), and asked him to get our passports and I asked him to get my prized 5 star quilt J-200. He had no idea how to figure out which one was it and I was kidding anyway thinking that once again, nothing would happen. He told us that well I see some smoke but nothing else, should be ok. I had only my clothes for a 2 day trip and my laptop with me and we were in my wife's car. Her father texted 2 hours later and said, "Phillip's car is on fire. The house is burning and I can't get in." We texted, "GET OUT and GET BRYNN!!!". Brynn is our dog. He left right then and drove alone with Brynn down PCH in the thick of it. He got Brynn, the only irreplaceplacable thing. Screw the passports and anything else. The 2 people that died in the fire were a mile from our house on Mulholland drive at the same time. I've been given 4 very special guitars by my colleagues since the fire: A Gibson Made to Measure Custom Gold Top Les Paul (that I designed), a Stratocaster Elite, a Telecaster Elite, and an MIM Strat with Fender Custom Shop Vintage 65 pickups in it. I saw a 5 Star quilt 2008 J-200 on Reverb, one of 26, with a certificate signed by Ren Ferguson. The one that I had that burned had a thin neck. This one was described as having a thin neck. I had to have it. It was owned, for investment purposes, by a "Physician who doesn't play." Well I am a physician that "does play." So there you have it.
  11. Just read my 5 year old zombie response and noticed that I misused the personal pronoun me when I should have said "I" while talking about education. 😊 I am the product of public education in Arkansas in the 1960's. Yes, we used to say "Thank god for Mississippi." They probably misuse pronouns too.
  12. Great idea. While you’re at it please bring some rain this direction. To test it and drink Champagne at the same time.
  13. Tman

    NGD x 2

    The PRS looks amazing as does the Dean. You are a guitar god.
  14. Beware of Mr. Baker was great, agree. What a character. I figured he might outlive Keith Richards. Sad news. R.I.P. When I log onto the forum I am now afraid to open any thread that is headed by someone's name. Rather be like an ostrich and delay it.
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