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  1. Could be the very first time I completely agree with you Nice guitars though!
  2. Great story. She reminds me of Jeff Beck and I mean that in a very complimentary way.
  3. Goldtop, Cherryburst, White (on a firebird).
  4. Good on ya Scales, rock on and enjoy! I'd love to hear your original stuff!
  5. Tman


    Turn a MIM (or is it an MIM) into exactly what you want and will use. What's not to like? The bones are really excellent, great job.
  6. Stay hydrated(drink water). Often caused when salts come out of solution in your middle ear when you are relatively dehydrated and affects the system that stabilizes your equilibrium. It is miserable having vertigo. I did some of the exercises and drank a lot of water and it went away fairly quickly.
  7. Tman

    New Year

    Trying like hell to remain optimist believing that it brings much better things than pessimism. This year so far started with us in LA living in a viral tsunami being the hotspot of the country. My best friend from my training days died yesterday from covid (87-91 - maintained a close relationship since. Healthy guy, no preexisting conditions). Not starting well. Optimistically things can change right?
  8. Fantastic Steve, good on you. Really great looking LP. The 60's neck is my favorite, by far.
  9. Very Happy New Year to Farns and company! Cheers
  10. 2020 vision, rear view vision. I feel a country song coming on. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year
  11. House building is progressing. Even with 4 hours sleep my back didn't hurt as much this morning. Wife is happy because she closed her office due to the pandemic but she gets to be back home full time while she monitors the house being built and plans a new office sometime next year....here. Avocado's still hanging on the tree. A lot to be happy about.
  12. I'm fairly unsophisticated in such matters but I do have experience with ceramic magnets vs. Alnico V and I don't think they are similar. I had an LP classic with ceramic humbuckers and they were incendiary devices. Maybe the SD's are close because they are more powerful? In the end if you love it, good on ya.
  13. The hospital said high risk people get it first, as they should, ICU nurses, infectious disease, etc. They were pretty organized and got it done within a day. I am 2nd tier, initially estimated mid January so I thought I've followed (what I think are) common sense guidelines so I'll wait until then and hopefully not get the virus. We are in the midst of an exponential surge here in So. Cal on the order of thousands of new cases per day. ICUs are full. Hospital ER parking lots have tents to take care of very sick people who are dropped off. Honestly surreal. I work in an outpatient center
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