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  1. It's a little known fact outside of the state that we are required to do exactly that during a simulated police chase filmed by helicopters while taking our driver's test.
  2. In that case I think I saw you. Was it last month on the 11th? 😎
  3. Although I'm not driving LA freeways these days, my wife drove the 51 miles from Malibu to Torrance 2 weeks ago to close her office down. She made it in 45 minutes! Typically 2+ hours with traffic.
  4. Neither am I and to boot, my back won't tolerate it.
  5. Hotel California. Yes cliche'. We are planning to do the annual Arkansas Alzheimer's benefit gig on August 1st. I highly doubt it will happen. If I don't have immunity by then and there is no effective treatment or a vaccine then I won't make the trip. I have been assigned Don Felder's parts and the other guitar player (whom I've played with going back to our teenage years in 1977) will play Joe Walsh's parts. We're using a you tube live video to know which is which. I don't have a double neck but I do have a MIM Fender XII. I figure I'll put that on a stand and have my LP around my neck and do it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUGmtGA4gHI
  6. I'm so sorry that you experienced that Ray. I say please keep your chin up and know that this too shall pass.
  7. I saw that. He's gone through 2 cancer scares and he unfortunately contracted this. On a ventilator. Prey for a turn around.
  8. Amazing collection Krashpad. The checkerboard one is epileptogenic however if one stares too long. What is it? I don't see pickups (or anything on the face). I'm at work today. The place is deserted.
  9. So unfortunately I probably never will. I want to play one because it was my birth year and importantly, it was the first year made with my all time favorite neck profile. I learned recently that that year there were 3 profiles with the last being the one I'm talking about. Pippy, I am certain, could tell me a bunch more.
  10. You can import to imgur (free image hosting site). Then right click (or control click on Mac) and choose copy image address. Paste it on to the reply window here et voila. Thanks for these and please keep em coming
  11. I would love to play a 1960 Burst LP.
  12. The problem with this virus is that it strikes some healthy individuals even young and a moderate amount of 40-50 year olds who have no pre existing illness and are otherwise healthy. It hits some hard and causes an acute respiratory distress syndrome requiring ventilation. Many of these folks are dying. Overall in the population it may not be as bad but if you are one of those unfortunate folks it's a different story. It may be genetic predisposition to having an immune response explaining why only some get it. No one at this time is sure if they are predisposed. I sure as hell don't want to take the chance. Immune response may explain the effectiveness of chloroquine which is an anti malarial and also used for rheumatoid arthritis - a well known disease caused by an immunological response. I read a lot about the hantavirus last year when I was exposed moving into temporary housing. Many people who get have no problem, just a flu like illness. Some require ECMO (extra corporeal membrane oxygenation - essentially a lung bypass). Physicians are discussing the possible use of ECMO now for corona virus. Corona virus is possibly similar to hantavirus in clinical behavior.
  13. He's a great teacher. I saw a solo teaching video that he did back in the early to mid 90's. Our band plays Tie Your Mother Down and the solo was never quite right until that video. Great stuff. Glad musicians are remaining active during this crisis. Great time to work on chops.
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