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  1. Thanks Bill, this was the best A/B demo I've seen/heard. It makes it easy for someone like me to clearly hear the differences - nuanced or obvious. Your collection may not be a National Treasure - but it is clearly a national treasure. Each guitar is special - but the overpowering presence of all of them - Wowsers !
  2. Agree. OP certainly has certainly gotten enough info to go on!
  3. Pepper, Yesterday: "An insult of some kind, I'm sure." Today: "... if it's supposed to be an insult once again I don't get it." Usually, on this forum, when your insulted - you're sure of it. To the best of my knowledge, Em7 has never come close to insulting anyone here. (Wish I could say the same about me. ) The OP said his necks imperfection was only visible when held up to reflective light and he hadn't felt it on the neck until then. So, not a major issue. Just something to ask about. There is no way to know if it left Bozeman that way. Chances are better it was sprayed evenly and smoothly and the issue was created later by a capo or other item on the uncured/undried finish. This forum often gets questions from people experiencing a new facet of guitar ownership. Sometimes when the issue is small (interior bracing not sanded with 400 grit sandpaper) some members respond with "Just Play The Thing". Not meant to be insulting. Just like the cliche 'Drive it like it's stolen." isn't meant to suggest the person concerned with a shopping cart ding on his new car is an actual car thief.
  4. I was skeptical when Gibson announced hiring a CEO from LEVIS in San Francisco, but this is a master stroke ! Building on their heritage (brand recognition) won't require they build and sell sell hundreds of thousands of these Historic Collection guitars every year - this just shows they have the commitment and expertise to produce the best quality acoustics at the best price (IE "VALUE") of any maker. Wish I were younger and richer.
  5. That is clearly over the line. Not an instrument - a work of art. I could never play that: I'd have to tear my eyes off it.
  6. This ^ Like Willie Nelson's "This Face of Mine" "This face is all I have worn and lived in / And the lines below my eyes are like old friends."
  7. I'm guessing you've let it sit on a guitar stand too long and the dimple is from uncured UNDRIED Nitrocellulose resting on the rubber-coated neck support. There, cured FIXED it for ya !
  8. I'm guessing you've let it sit on a guitar stand too long and the dimple is from uncured Nitrocellulose resting on the rubber-coated neck support.
  9. I would like a new Escalade, but the prices are out of my market.
  10. Sounds very encouraging. Crank out the 'entry level' guitars for players ready to commit to their first GOOD guitar, but also market the solid reputation they built on some of their iconic models to that segment of the market which appreciates and values '' the Gibson Sound".
  11. The guy I was working with had worked at the GC up in Waco; while there they got in as a trade a 90's Gibson MasterTone bluegrass banjo. A relatively valuable banjo (maybe $5k?) - they haven't re-built their banjo facility since the Nashville flood - and were the premier brand up until then. He said they would not put it out on the wall due to the tendency of people who have never held one - to have to mess around with it. They just kept it in the back while advertised on the internet, and in the event someone walked in and asked if they had any 'real' banjos. So, while they do have to display 'representative' stock so people can get their hands on it , and get excited about buying it, I think the people that work there basically love and respect quality instruments and try to protect them from the rabble.
  12. '62 sounds great. Love the way he bangs the two together at the end.
  13. Was in the Guitar Center here in San Antonio 2 weeks ago and, although mid-week, it was busy with the post-Christmas and New Years sales, etc. I noticed they had 7 or 8 new Gibson Acoustics in their Sanctum Sanctorum. Usually, there's 2 or 3. I didn't get a chance to really look at them because there were two teenagers gigging in their. She was playing an Epiphone or something from the big room outside she had plugged into the amp in their, and her associate was playing an electric bass. And, there were two 20 year olds in their listening. Strange. But I figured I'd be back in a week or so. Anyway- had to go back yesterday to finish what I had started - trade in my 15 year old Deering Boston and order a new Deering Sierra. (banjos). I was most struck - after the deal, when I went back to sniff the guitars - that they all had locks on them! They have replaced the leather strap type hangers with metal hangers with a hinge and a key lock. The Martins, Taylors and Gibsons were all nice and secure. Hadn't heard this mentioned here, so I don't know how many other Guitar Centers might be doing it. I guess, from my perspective, since Gibson has more inventory at risk of being damaged by teenage shredders now - it makes sense to lock them up. And of course the Martins and Taylors. ( I know GC owns the stock, but indirectly, the maker's reputation and the perceived value and selling prices are negatively affected if the 'new guitars' are dinged, dented and have BBQ sauce on the fretboard and strings.) There were several walnut bodied Gibbys. A J-15 marked down significantly - sounded very thin to my ears. A couple of GC Spec'ed models. Only one there that floated my boat was a beautiful standard H'Bird hog. I guess the conundrum is - now that there are new Gibsons available Under Two Thousand Dollars ... and there will be more folks wanting to try them who can actually afford them - will the locks deter future sales? I would think not.
  14. Sounds like a First World Problem. I'd be more worried about blood having dripped into the sound hole. Except I usually know when I'm bleeding and try not to get my DNA on anything I can't clean up with bleach.
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