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  1. "Its sad we can no longer go to a beautiful country like Mexico any more an feel safe on vacation." So true. Very sad. (Second time this year I've agreed with Dr.P - I'm going to put myself in time out now. ) Does Mexico still have a war on drugs, or is it the other way around? Maybe they should legalize all drugs. Then the cartels' business will dry up.
  2. HEY !! COOL - THE NEW FORUM UPDATE PUTS A LITTLE NOTE IN THERE WHEN SOMEONE IS REVIVING A ZOMBIE THREAD '3 years later' ( Seems some of the old members posting above have been gone longer!) Janko, Nope - I don't know. It's probably within a gnats whisker of some of the specs noted above. Bozeman sends their guitars out with action on the hi side, because it's easier to lower than raise. Just get yours to where you like it. A new guitar should always get a set-up.
  3. Amusingly, in another thread we have critics decrying the prices of exquisite guitars being made by Ren, while here we have a round of complaints about the elimination of a model on the other end of the price spectrum - and a few digs at Gibson's middle of the road iconic workhorse. I guess Social Media / forums lend themselves to this. (Funny how no one on this forum has ever been asked to join the Board of Directors at Gibson. )
  4. It pains me to agree with the good Doctor on this one.
  5. Took covering off tangerine tree. 3 years old, 8 feet high: Dead as a doornail. Three sheets and a string of Christmas tree lights can't protect you from 14 degree temps. Plumeria dead too. Insanity is repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting different results. Good news though, local Double AA Minor League team released their schedule - 60 home games starting in mid-May. Last season was a non-starter. All new people in the back office, hoping I can get my regular Season Ticket Holder Seat, with the creative 6 foot social distancing seating assignments. 7th Largest US cities, ca
  6. Unless you can draw perfectly straight lines freehand - 10x, when you do this, you'll find your hand, wrist, elbow move and cause you to lean the blank piece a little side to side. So you'll find the bottom edge isn't rounded and it doesn't sit perfectly flat in the saddle slot in the bridge, even though you were sanding it on a perfectly flat surface. I build a little slotted guide to slide the blank back and forth in to make sure there's no wobbling. Whether a raw blank, or fine-tuning a Colosi saddle - something to consider. YMMV.
  7. SBP, How did you determine the wear was at the 9th fret? I can't tell from the one photo, but I'm probably missing something. Fret markers at 3, 5, 7 and 9 usually.
  8. Oh, and I don't know if my SJ200 is 'quieter' than a Martin J40 - because I don't have one. But it's quieter than my H'Bird and my J45. Or maybe more 'mellow' would be a better way of putting it.
  9. Sarge, ComeOnMan. Even you have to admit that you go overboard about your Martins 10x more than anyone else here. You post several times a day about your Martins. Complain about Gibsons, don't own a Gibson Acoustic, and make comments like the one above without having been prodded or poked. As has been said here - "Do you go on a Chevy Lovers Site and bash Chevys and praise Fords daily? " It's sort of disrespectful.
  10. Do you wear rings on your fretting hand?
  11. Format improved here on my laptop also. Functionality seems to have been improved too. Thanks Gibson!
  12. Congrats on a NGD that can't be beat! I can see why folks rave about the old LG-2s now. Wonder if the extra-hi humidity in the South Pacific affected it when it was 'new'.
  13. I agree - a big ugly washer on the face of the headstock can be, well, ugly. Especially detract if you have an upgrade there - like the flower pot inlay or an abalone Dove... but the advantage to the washer - I would assume - is to provide stability to the tuning post. So, like a lot of things in life, a trade-off.
  14. IconclastTX - you've got yourself an icon ! Beauty-full. The grain in that spruce is exceptionally amazing ! Welcome Aboard !
  15. Yep - you are doing exactly what most of us here would do. To expand on J45Nickers comment - if your guitar IS solid Brazilian Rosewood - it's value is significantly higher than any other ty[e of back/side tone wood on a similar model. You'd need a real luthier to tell you if it is. G'Luck.
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