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  1. Leave the gun, take the cannoli. Gun = Farida Cannoli = Gibson
  2. Sounds like a good plan, to focus on acoustic guitars and not worry about strings. Two different product lines. Strings are a 'commodity' item. Like picks. You try to compete with D'Addario or Elixir and lose - and you have to make up that loss by increasing prices on guitars.
  3. Saw that last night. Disappointed he didn't get a Golden Buzzer, or whatever they call it when you skip ahead of the pack to the semi-finals. Only one judge had a 'Buzzer Card' and she saved it for a 14 year old boy who sang opera or something. I use to play this song. A great, easy song - that allows the artist (which I'm not) to really express himself. He appeared to have brought many of the audience members to tears.
  4. Does it get slightly dis-colored? I get black and blue spots on the inside of my finger joints occasionally on a joint where I grip something too hard and burst a tiny blood vessel. In my case, I believe the only cure is 'don't do that'. I put an ice cube on it to reduce the pain and swelling and keep it away from further damage. Pain lasts a day. On the other hand, I have occasional pain on my right thumb joint I think due to a horse chomping on it 5 years ago. Did you have an old injury? Arthritis can set in I believe. If it is just 'normal wear and tear', on the other hand - I'd rest it for at least a couple of weeks (ie. NOT wrap it over the neck). Take a couple of aspirin or something for a day or two to get past the pain. After that couple of weeks of rest, do some daily hand exercises, for stretching and strength. And there is the dire possibility of a tiny splinter or thorn that got buried in there. Metal, fiberglass... G'Luck.
  5. As fabulously warm and balanced as that Old Girl was - I couldn't appreciate it enough to even get to the halfway point due to the vocals from the Young Girl. She's no Molly Tuttle.
  6. $30 for the haircut. $8 for the tip. Use to go to WallyWorld, then SportsClips - but got tired of the inconsistency. For $30 you get a beer while you're waiting, a better haircut, a shampoo, a hot towel and a 5 minute mmmmaaaaassssaaaagggge. (Sorry, shoulders and neck only.)
  7. Uber compensated saddle though. Not standard issue.
  8. A Great American Classic ! Thanks, Murf.
  9. Aaaaah. Cripple Creek! Sad. Bittersweet listening to it, watching how much he loved playing.
  10. I read somewhere that Emmylou once said that she thought the most beautiful sound in the world was a Gibson SJ200 barred on the 5th fret for an A chord.
  11. Next Year In Jerusalem. Or, in this case, Bozeman.
  12. G.O. A. T. !!!! Wowsers. Thanks BBG.
  13. Great pickn. Great song choice - Good job all round! Enjoyed immensely ! Thanks
  14. If you listen to Eva Cassidy sing it, you'll be inspired enough to reconsider.
  15. What success I've had has come from practicing with simple, ballad type songs with melodies that allow you to hit notes with separation between them. Not songs which drone, like a lot of modern country songs, repeating the same note a dozen times in each bar, or are full of flats, sharps or worse key changes. Get good hitting the basic notes. Christmas Carols, The Star Spangled Banner, etc. well known classics, Danny Boy. And if you don't have enough air to push the note, you'll miss it. In a quiet room, facing the wall, you'll hear yourself well enough. G'Luck.
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