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  1. Interesting Saturn .... I think the one you mean is here in The Lounge - "People's 100 most beautiful people" . Ironically, nothing about guitars or music even. OP noted one of the girls picked was EXTREMELY OVERWEIGHT - and far from how most people would define 'beautiful'. Some 'Fat Jokes' surfaced. Some people fired back that jokes were insensitive. and it went back and forth. What I found interesting - was comparing it to the current PC/Woke/SnowFlake culture we have now. I was thinking it just sort of erupted. Not so - as far back, probably further than, 10 years - we were learning that jokes about being fat, skinny, Jewish, Black, White Portuguese or anything else was insensitive. Some tried to distinguish between a general joke - not directed to any one person and one directed to an individual. Former esteemed member Milod made some great points. While I hate Zombie threads from 10 years ago - usually commenting on 'what models are Gibson discontinuing' - I found this an interesting glimpse into how we've evolved, both as forum and a country. Slippery Slope - fifty shades of gray... I have no clue what the person who resurrected this thread was searching for. Not guitar or Gibson stuff, that's for sure. Maybe 'fat jokes'.
  2. Welcome aboard R2 - and congrats on that beauty ! Assuming you mean the two parallel lines running perpendicular down from the bridge with a faint one in between - as Dave noted, it is normal. Regular wood grain fluctuations - there are a few different kinds. Many prefer seeing them, and will select a guitar that has some 'character'. If I were me, I wouldn't even consider returning it. G'luck!
  3. Five O was my pick too. Along with the visual.
  4. Since I joined, there has always been at least one idjit on this forum. ...... wait. That didn't come out right.
  5. One brand new member who's done this, I think 3 times on the acoustic forum, has said he's a retired woodworker living in NC who works on restoring guitars. So, I don't think he's 'an old school gamer'. I've always had a problem with this: It's like realizing you just got half way through your bowl of Cheerios and the milk expired last month ! Often it seems the new poster hasn't advanced the old discussion, and probably hasn't read the thread. Sort of like "GroundHogDay" the movie. I use to post a "Zombie Thread" alert on them - but gave up, because some would comment that it was disrespectful or something.
  6. What kind of strings do you use, Ghost?
  7. If a company limited itself to 10 and only 10 models - it would not be able to produce enough to grow into a larger company. As Em7 noted - smaller builders do this. The more experienced a person gets - the more he wants something different. Bracing alone is a big variable. Nut width. Tone wood. Burst or Natural. Was it Henry Ford who said you could get any color Model T - as long as it's black? Those who make commodity type products - like disposable razors - do not require lots of 'models'. Ford and GM do have to offer lots and lots of variety. It's been awhile since i looked at Martin's offerings - but my recollection was that they had 10x as many models as Gibson Acoustic. .
  8. Micmac, I never thought I'd be defending Sgt.Pepper - but I think he just pushed back on Ghost for the same reason you commented here. GhostFL: "I joined this forum because... well they shut down the Fender forum. If I have $2500 for a classic guitar, I'd rather buy a Fender and save the left over $1000 for my next guitar (or whatever). " Throwing cold water on a post - when you don't own any Gibson's but 'have used the polish' - knowing he's gotten lots of pushback already in the few months he's been here - may be an indication of why they shut down the Fender Forum.
  9. "stick around, they ain't the bosses". The 2 who pushed back have 12,000 posts compared to your 853. ' 'are you multi-personality'' ? I prefer to call it consensus gathering. Some folks read comments that irritate them and meekly decide to read another thread. Or go to another forum. Others, however, decide to push back. Ghost has apparently 'reached' the point where he has a few who have decided to 'push back'. In just 3 months! Quite an achievement.
  10. Read a book about Townes Van Zandt - apparently he often used that song to warm up before performances. It was one of my favorites - learned from a book I wore out by Alan Lomax "The Folk Songs of North America" - because it was more ... musical? than Tom Dulah. The Kingston Trio's version was the song that got me interested in the guitar. In our family - music may be genetic, but it skips every other generation. Great performance. Good Times !
  11. I read that NYC health officials have ordered "Contact Tracers" to NOT ask if the people testing positive were at any of the 'peaceful protests'. Sort of amazing.
  12. The beginning of June, as promised. 2021...
  13. Ian & Sylvia. Oh, and Lorne David Lipowitz - (Lorne Michaels) creator and producer of Saturday Night Live. One of the greatest influencers we've had from Oh Canada !
  14. Listened to all these. Very inspirational. Well, daunting ! This type of 'mountain' music - Scots/Irish immigrants primarily - offers a glimpse of what I assume, other than singing in church, was their primary form of entertainment. No video game brain drain there - you had to be firing on all 8 cylinders to play like that. Please continue to share these.
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