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  1. So - "The Return of The Cliche: "If your house were on fire, which guitar would you grab? " "If you were on a Deserted Island - which guitar would you bring? " My SJ200! Love my other 2: The H'Bird TV has great tone and looks . The J45 Custom Koa is the one I grab the most... But, the Super Jumbo is the one I bought used at a Mom & Pop in Waco while the other 2 I got over the internet. It's got complex tone and depth - QuadraPhonic Sound - compared to Simple Stereo.
  2. My '64 had a 1 piece back. I can't say I've ever seen any with 2 piece backs. Does yours have the model # stamped in ink on the inside visible through the sound hole - in the middle of the back? You would either have that "LG1" stamped there in 1/3 " print - or an unfinished strip of bracing wood holding together a 2 piece back, running on the inside from the neck joint to the tailpiece. Or both. Or, I suppose, neither....?
  3. For any here not yet a fan, or any interested in seeing Emmylou before she was 'discovered' . Very moving. THE LADY OF THE ROSE I know a soft lady, she lives up the stairs, And sometimes she combs it down, her long greying hair And she wears it gathered loosely up, pinned back with a rose, Whose petals are turning black and beginning to fold. Don't talk of where life goes, she won't understand, She'll pretend she can't hear you, though you know that she can. Oh everyone has tried to teach her to say goodbye, But she just can't stand it when the roses die. And her eyes are lost children that wait for him, From the morning to the day, 'till the lights are dim And the nights must be long and lonely more than I'll ever know, She just won't let the roses go. He's not in the backyard, he's not in the hall, And if she can't hear his laughter, he's not there at all So she waits and waits, and waits for nothing, But in her heart she knows, that it's gone and gone for ever, And it tears apart her soul. So I'll leave my soft lady with her dying rose, I can't reach you with all your doors and windows closed, But I wonder if I'll ever love the way you do, And have it break me, the way it's broken you.
  4. Since you didn't mention it - I assume you don't care about having to drill, ream or modify anything?
  5. I've had an RMS for 6 years I really like. (RMS AC40 - for my SJ200) But, I only use it when I want to irritate my neighbor who refused to take her "Women For ........." political bumper sticker off her car up until last year.
  6. Forum Member Jinder has a version of "In The Pines" on his iTunes album "Presents...Kingsize Blackfoot". Slide action too. Excellent, of course.
  7. Try bone. I don’t like it, but I do love Tusq.
  8. I'd get a hygrometer to put on your dashboard, and one to put in your case. If the one on your dash gets outside of a 'safe' range, consider adjusting your AC or heater. One could argue 'safe' is between 40% and 60%. That's not to say 35% or 65% are worrisome: Just avoid long periods of wet and dry air. Your ac will take excess moisture out of the air up to a point. But your heater will dry the air out. A case will mitigate that, but not completely. A humipak will help, but is no guarantee. If the netting your case is hanging in has elasticity, it will go a long way towards neutralizing the bumps. But if the temp is 40 degrees and the humidity is 20% in your cab - the bumps will be jarring. The guitar top/face is really thin - and has a lot of stress on it from the strings. I'm curious if you told the salesman where you purchased the Gibson what you were intending for it? He might have recommended a laminate guitar, or better - one made of Carbon Fiber. The latter is impervious to the elements. And, they sound darn good. Rainsong is one brand. Are you still within the 'return period' ?
  9. Jeffry, I just cast my vote for your question. Thumbs Down on whether you should buy a $250 Gibson.
  10. Welcome Aboard. My son has my '64 LG1. It is identical to yours, except for the bridge pins - yours look like after-market, and the pick guard. Bought it new - after a couple of decades, the pick guard fell off; after the 2nd time, I decided I liked the sound better with it off. The guy I had work on it - 10 years ago, said the bridge was in OK shape and that I should leave it 'original'. He said if he replaced that, he'd want to replace the scrap wood bridge plate underneath, which was a bigger deal - but both would help true up the tone. I left it alone. I never worried about humidity or temperature - but it was always in the closet or under the bed. South Florida summers, New England winters. Strings slightly loosened in the off months I knew I wouldn't be playing it. My 'luthier' said it looked like it had been cared for very well. I didn't take credit for being lucky. A small amount of crazing had just shown up earlier - the reason I took it to him. All he did was level the frets. You have a great guitar. Looks like your Dad loved it and took good care of it. I'm sure you will too. G'Luck.
  11. What Jinder said. And everyone else. Belly might swell a bit due to real high humidity, but no way the bridge should separate. Best way to improve someone’s performance/quality is to provide them with feedback.
  12. Excellent story. Almost seems as if it could have really happened. Several times a day. In every town and city across the globe.
  13. Wow. That one touches all the bases! Might be gone already - couldn't find it on his website. Just as well. Walk Away From The Light!
  14. I know nothing about metallurgy, and less about metal stress. BUT, based on what I've read about steel SPRINGS - they do not lose their 'spring' if they sit idle. It is only by bouncing them up and down that they weaken. If they are flattened, and sit, they do not lose their springiness, it is only the up and down movement that does that. So - I do not think that, once a string is tuned, if it were put aside and not strummed or picked, that it would lose much of its original tensile strength and zing. I use Elixers because I like to get to the sweet spot, after they're good and broken in, and before they get dandruff.
  15. Mo, I'm guessing there's a typo in the specs Gibson sent to you: "Mahogany - Top" doesn't sound right I'm going out on a limb - but it looks like a Sitka Spruce Top and I'm betting it's the back and sides are what's the mahogany. Really nice guitar. Congrats.
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