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  1. It's not just Gibsons and Martins ... Sig Sauers are impossible to find.
  2. Another old euphemism that made it into 20th century R*B and Rock and Roll: Jelly Roll.
  3. Tangentailly related to another thread: One of their options is $FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS add on to RELIC your new guitar ! Wonder if anyone will relic one of those hand painted honeys?
  4. RBS - my contribution was, of course, sarcasm. 🙃
  5. K'sD - Many of us old timers here smoked. And our parents. It was a right of passage. Same with Sun Bathing. No such thing as UV protection. Fancy, scented, dyed baby oil. My Dad's good friend had bacon and eggs every morning for 30 years on the recommendation of his doctor. Suddenly - he found out too late from his doctor that it was the worst thing he could have recommended. . Died a couple of years later from it. My wife (and I) were lucky. A brand new medical advancement advised her to get a chest X-ray because of her 40+ years smoking. Found a spot. Very early - removed one
  6. MG, Welcome Aboard. Best First Post Ever !
  7. I agree with Sgt/Chief Pepper - stickers are for cases. And for pickup truck tool box lids. But - I'm surprised he didn't recommend this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Needlegun_scaler You can be done in 6 seconds instead of 6 years. Pneumatic Needle Gun. I got pretty good with one after 4 years practice in the USN. Be sure to feather the edges. G'Luck !
  8. Bozeman should attach a gummed label warning on the Truss Rod Cover. Like the warnings we get telling us that “California has found the materials in this mattress can cause back pain and cancer.” And. “California has found sticking a knife in this toaster could make you toast.”
  9. Welp, That nitro is surely still 'fresh'. No need to leave her alone - just don't go putting things on the finish that might leave a lasting impression - like a capo or a tuner. Or like the time Sir Bob put a harmonica on top of his J45 and closed the case lid on it. Then someone else stacked stuff on top ... All the Kings Horses and All the Kings Men ... Do you take yours on the road? Leave it in your truck? There was a trucker on here a couple of years ago with that dilemma. G'Luck !
  10. Not sure at this point, with so few years left on my burning candle - if I'm going to gamble and believe them.
  11. Targeted Audience ! ? If you look at some of the tv ads for LEVIS, where Gibson's CEO was CEO until recently - you'll get a good idea of what their marketing 'approach' is. Yeah - I know, selling $40 jeans is different than selling $4000 guitars, and LEVIS is in San Fransisco and Gibson is in Nashville. BUT ... They had an ad running in October with a strange potpourri of characters/actors - had noting to do with Levis - everything to do with Registering To Vote. Their most recent ad ... shows a bunch of extra-cool hipsters posing and prancing in their Levi's wa
  12. I want the exact GPS co-ordinates of where the Chinese Rocket fell. Chances of another one falling in the same exact place are infinitesimally immeasurable. So - it's the safest place on earth !!
  13. JInder nailed it out of the gate: Nitro takes a long time to harden/cure. If you leave a capo on, you'll find out. This doesn't look anything like a crack in the wood. Not an abrasion or wood worm tracks or termites. Probably a hang tag string while it was in the case. Sometimes, if the nitro is still 'wet' the impressions will smooth out a bit. If I were me, I'd leave it alone for a year+ and then, if you still are bothered by it - get some type of 'scratch remover'. Maguires makes some for cars that is also used. Remember - you're not raising the impression. You're taking nitro o
  14. In lieu of drilling a hole in your heel, if you want to attach the headstock end of a strap to the headstock - here is an alternative to the shoelace: https://www.martinguitar.com/gear-accessories/straps-other-accessories/18A0089.html It's leather, with a double sided plastic button so you slide it under the strings above the nut and button it closed. There is a second level of button which you can then attach your strap to, if the strap has a hole like the Gibson strap above.
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