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  1. Many here don't post their location because some commenters take cheap shots at them. As far as the actual thread's subject - JC is going out on a limb with this I think. Rising artists will often change their guitar brand, or use more than one. Embarrassing if Gibson invests in a guitarist and he switches to or just gets his picture taken with a Taylor or a Fender. Simply posting photos of artists performing live with Gibsons would be cheaper and just as effective. A page on their website. Could hi-light some to encourage people to go find them on UTUBE. Bottom line: I'm
  2. I never plan ahead. But, I decided a couple of years ago that, because the 5 string banjo is less than half as difficult to fret as a guitar (no, not because it has one less string), I would start laying the groundwork for the day I could no longer play my beloved guitars. Problem is - the banger weighs nearly 3x as much. Ukulele is my SHTF backup. I guess many of us here, like Danville, are finding our minds are getting more proficient musically, but our hands are heading in the other direction. I try to appreciate every minute I'm playing the guitar, and not think anymore about the d
  3. Give that man an Honorary Marketing Degree !
  4. WF, Maybe they’re trying to cover up the thousands of additional cases we get every day due to the Open Border.
  5. I always use to wonder, when I came down with a cold, "Where did I catch this?" Did I get it from that person in the office who should have stayed home and taken a sick day? Did I get it in the grocery store? The gas pump handle? My granddaughter? I gave up a long time trying to figure it out. I don't think there would be anymore risk playing in a band, than most of our other regular pursuits. Delta Variant is spreading rapidly, they say. But, I think that is compared to 3 months ago when we hadn't even heard of it. I haven't seen "Corona Virus Deaths" reported for months, a
  6. Yeppers. You can read books, make birdhouses, walk the dog ... but you need to find something in life that makes you feel whole. For many, it is something that involves self-expression.
  7. I have an old 8 Track that will fit in the space your ash tray use to be.
  8. So, you've had the SJ200 long enough now to form an opinion .... which of these 3 do you ENJOY playing the most ? Regardless of how much they cost...
  9. I forgot to use my sarcasm font.
  10. JHeath, you only need ONE buyer. You don't need to price it so sell to half the potential buyers, or the 'average' buyer. As you know, it is the type of instrument a real player would be looking for - not a collector. Your description underscores the value and viability of your banner J45. Unless you are needing cash fast - I'd price it just below $7K and just wait. It's sort of like fishing, I imagine. You put a lot of money into a boat, rods, lures, travel, time - don't sell the fish for what Walmart sells them for. Yours is a little more desirable. Let us know how it goes. G'
  11. bev84, This is truly the happiest story I've seen on here in months! Inherited pre-war Banner J45s is certainly inspiring to those of us who have given up finding one in a Pawn Shop, but you have landed a real keeper and player. You obviously know and love guitars to have found it, found out more about it, took the risk and snagged it. CONGRATULATIONS !! (Not to mention - talking down $100 instead of asking 'why so cheap?' )
  12. Good idea. Deering Banjo (one of the top brands in terms of quantity and quality) does something similar. About once a month. Not just a 'concert', but talking about the music and the instrument. Gibson won't go that route. More likely to offer a free pair of Levis to anyone who buys a $3K guitar. The records will probably be in 45rRiPM.
  13. Agree. Another first time poster here this month had no receipt, apparently hadn't registered his warranty and held the guitar for 3 years before noticing the defects and contacting Gibson. They addressed his complaint and worked on the guitar - swirl marks in the finish. He told us about another 'defect' that was clearly not done in the factory. There's always two sides to every story - this First Time Poster may have a legitimate issue - but he doesn't present his side very well. One wonders if he (or 'they') were equally ineffective in communicating with Gibson.
  14. Dr B, We moved to South Houston in the mid-80s, in the Pasadena School District. Wish I'd gone to Gilley's at least once before it was burned down. I hate to ask, but whatever happened to that beauteous Guild ?
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