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  1. Is your CS-336 still up for sale? Interested!
  2. Jim Rolph is a pickup guru who has wound pickups for many famous guitarists and has been around since the '70's. He's known for producing some of the last accurate reproductions of PAFS and single coil pickups around. The '59 Pretenders aren't as underwound as his '57 or '58 pickups, but have that PAF midrangey vocal tone with just the right amount of bridge pickup sizzle. The pot and cap mods are more about taper than tone, although the RS Superpots tend to measure above 500K, so they can increase some brightness. I do believe that the bridge and tailpiece/studs mods significantly increas
  3. I have a 2010 CS-336 that I picked up in a trade - I never even got to play it before I got it. Talk about reckless. Smartest move I ever made. It's got a '59 neck which is amazing and I never was a big neck guy. The previous owner had JM Rolph '59 Pretender pickups installed, which are ridiculously good in this guitar. I've also made a few other mods, just because I can't leave well enough alone: - Waverly tuners - Callaham steel ABR bridge - Pigtail lightweight aluminum tailpiece - Montreaux steel studs - RS Superpots - Mojotone Vitamin T caps ...oh, and gold knobs! I own
  4. I have a CS-336 and while it is solid wood, it doesn't appear to be very thick on the sides. I wouldn't feel comfortable about it being secure without at least a small block of wood behind it, like this: http://www.gibson-talk.com/forum/es-sential-hollowbodies/65910-strap-button-placement-thin-hollow-body.html
  5. I just picked up a 2010 CS-336 in a trade. It's an ebony plain top also with what I believe to be a fat 50's neck. This appears to be a bit unusual as the spec on the 336 and 356 is a "60's slim neck" and this is definitely a big neck. My guitar has JM Rolph '59 pickups in it and it sounds like the most badass Les Paul you've ever heard. I'm really surprised these guitars didn't catch on in a bigger way; there's very little info out there and no info on 50's neck vs. 60's neck on these models. I guess most people are traditionalists and want a Les Paul or a 335 - not something in between.
  6. Can anyone verify if a 2010 CS 336 would have 500K pots? I know Gibson has used (continues to use?) 300K pots in many guitars...
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