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  1. Yeah I heard that too.... I spoke to my boss earlier today. He lives in Camden which is a very busy part of London. He also has asthma and has totally noticed how much cleaner the air feels to breath and how much better he is breathing in general because of it.. Its amazing how quickly the change has come since we have only been in lockdown a few weeks. And totally shows how much difference we could make to what we are doing to the planet if we all just made a few changes in our lives. When all this stops and life gets back to "normal" I sadly think people will just go straight back to their old habits. We can always hope though 🙂
  2. Its amazing really isn't it.. AND actually shows if the world were to work together and all just change our lives a bit we could actually help heal the planet. This will be real proof. Sadly I don't think it will change anything. But we can only hope and as mentioned above, if our generation cant or wont maybe the next generation will.
  3. Well good luck with it all... And yes I think this is going to force us all to change the way we think a little.. Which will hopefully bring new and creative/interesting ways of living our lives that we would have previously not considered.
  4. Exactly... It shows we are all the same on the inside... All human (even though some act like animals and monsters)...
  5. Yes as others have said.. And what with all this virus going on.. My best wishes too.. Good luck....
  6. What times we are living through hey...... I was thinking though that already we are starting to see some interesting positive effects from this. Like from what I have read for instance some places like in China they are seeing a massive drop in pollution as people aren't driving as much and some factories that were pumping out nasty crap have closed for the moment. That's a positive I think... People coming together. Ok there are always Aholes around to ruin things but I think in general this is making people more aware of other people and how we are all feeling. I donno and stuff like when they asked for volunteers for the NHS we had 500,000 people in one day apply.. That's pretty amazing. I think we will see more of this. New creative ways to interact with each other using technology... Brian May becoming our personal teacher 😄 Maybe, hopefully people become more aware of general hygiene. Families spending more quality time together.. Lots of people work hard and don't get much time with their kids... This is giving people a breather as such. Ok I know its not all that simple. Some people will be totally screwed because of this and I am not ignoring that.. Just looking for the silver lining if you like.. Its all so negative I want to see where the positives are.. I guess what I am hoping for is we learn a bit from whats happening and use it to make us stronger in the end, not weaker as a species. Anyone else got more to add?
  7. Yeah... I think they are very cool guitars... Apparently Aquaman plays one 🙂
  8. Yeah... Not a 2020.. But it doesn't really matter.. Wont change the way the guitar feels or sounds... Enjoy
  9. Not too sure with Epis.. But it will be easy to tell.. Old headstock with clipped ears New 2020 more Gibsony one
  10. Did you get one the new ones with the more Gibsony headstock? Not that it really makes that much difference.
  11. She is very cute isn't she 🙂 Also shes a bit mad. Welsh terriers are known to be a bit head strong which she is.. But she is lovely none the less.
  12. Not a lot here.. We are setting up a tablet for my mum so she can skype the grandkids... So I popped out to pick it up.. The hardest bit is going to be getting my mum to learn how to use it.. She doesn't do technology... When I picked it up though at my sisters home I had the most painful moment yet in this whole thing. My sister has a lovely dog called Olive (Welsh terrier). We are very good friends and I haven't seen her for weeks. In order to be sensible my sister just left the tablet on her front door so I didn't go in the house or anything, but my niece Betssie wanted to say hello at the widow.. Olive spotted me and started whining cos she wanted to see me.. Was really upsetting just cos she doesn't understand why she cant see me... not being able to go in and give her a good scratching.... Oh well. better to be safe... I know. Just so odd how something as simple as popping to my sisters is now so weird. Olive.. In this shot I had said the W word 🙂 And of course loves a good fight
  13. Had to go out again today.. Did my mums weekly shop and got her pills... And got my mum to put the pills in the pill box herself so I didn't touch them at all.. And had to get some shopping for my sister too as she has health issues and her partner is a delivery driver so is still working.. When he has to drive for more than 8 hours he has to stop and rest before he can continue so sometimes is away overnight. I did do one thing different today.. Every person who I dealt with at the shops, I thanked them for their service.. Especially the pharmacy, they were down to two shop staff and were dealing with most of the areas pills and requests.. Mad.... I think all of these people who have to go out every day and face hundreds of the public are amazing.. Putting themselves at risk and continuing to work. Let alone the front line medical staff. I wouldn't want to be doing that job at any time, let alone now.. Stay safe everyone
  14. Don't know if its still on there but the Anvil film is a brilliant watch.. Both utterly tragic but uplifting at the same time 🙂 (like real life Spinal Tap).
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