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  1. Yup... This is not normal and not from Gibson.. I never get popups either...
  2. Rabs

    DIY 2.0

    Id love to be able to build stuff like that.. I just don't have room in my head for that and all the wood stuff at the same time 🙂 Ive been doing more Logs And even more bloody LOOGGGSS!! Also went and got some more London Plane today.. This stuff is about 3.4m long.. FRIKKEN heavy stuff, my back will attest to that 😄 I swear my boss has done this on purpose.. He has been on holiday since the last week of July and coming back Sept 1st.. He said august was meant to be quiet, I haven't bloody stopped... I spent about three hours driving a van today plus loading and unloading the kiln then taking it all back to the workshop before the van had to be back at the hire place by 6.. I am totally knackered.. I didn't even ask him, im not working tomorrow, end of 😄
  3. That's really good to hear man after all of the hassles and strife... Worth all the effort in the end, may it long continue
  4. Metal Mongolian throat singing... Cool 🙂 This is the more traditional version.. I like the warbling sound he makes
  5. Yeah its an odd time... At the same time, while Rock may be going through a rut or maybe an evolution, I still see guitar being as popular as ever... A quick look on YouTube and you will see that.. Another thing I was discussing with someone the other day about electronic music.. When people get in to it, its all too easy.. Press buttons, see what happens... BUT if they want to continue to grow and get better at their art what often happens is there becomes this obsession with clarity of sound. Wanting things to sound the best they can. This often leads them back to real instruments (i.e. analogue) as that's where the best sound is still to be had.. I don't think that will ever change.. An electric guitar is one of the most expressive and versatile instruments there is.. As for music in general.. Its always gone in waves. Peaks and lows depending on the fashion or trend of the day. I don't think it will ever die because of the amazing music that has been made over the years. As for new Rock music.. Well yes, we are probably both a bit too old and stuck in our ways, but theres no real harm in that. We all gotta get old and grumpy some day.. Just like RCT 😛
  6. Yup (and it sounds bloody awful).. I say this is what lead to his drink/drugs issues 😛
  7. Have you tried emailing Gibson or Epiphone? I would have thought someone there would know?
  8. Not quite as weird but a bit weird seeing Gary with an Explorer
  9. Its lucky they are mostly hollow or he would have fallen over 😄 Its the problem when all guitars are bigger than you and you are a guitar player 😉
  10. Actually I can go one better with Angus
  11. Let me mess with your head then 🙂
  12. Theres another funny vid on a similar theme 😉
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