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  1. Cool... It worked 🙂 The Fretboard.. Whats the issue?
  2. I had some issues at first... It was something to do with my display name vs my actual registered user name which is different for some reason. I think in the end I logged in using my display name rather than my actual user name.. But I cant remember now..
  3. Well what I have learned about Gibsons and actually almost all guitars is that each one is ever so slightly different because they are hand finished, even the cheap ones. The tiny differences in neck angle, neck shape and hardware setup make a HUGE difference to the player. So really while we can give pointers, only you will know when you find the right one. Its why the ONLY thing to do is go out there an play as many as you can.. Because when you find "the one" you will know it instantly.. Its a bit of work but worth the effort I assure you … The second piece of advice on this.. When you try them in the shops make sure you try it through the most similar amp to what you have at home.. Its all too easy to go and buy a guitar and play through some super expensive amp which sounds great in the shop but can lead to some disappointment when you get it home. Well good luck on your hunt and come back and share some pictures of what ever you end up with 👍
  4. I am also not getting email notifications...
  5. Another question.... My profile picture has gone all blurry.. Do I need to re-upload?
  6. Yeah.. Not a fan so far... I get that its consistent with the look of the main site.. But I don't like white everywhere.. Makes the screen more glarey and harder to read.
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