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  1. You know what I have never noticed before.... If you zoom in it says Assembly Point... Its either to do with what happens if there is ever a fire or its to do with the fact that the workshop holds lots of local classes with schools and various studenty type people...
  2. Very interesting whats going on with this new line.. I like it.. A Wilshire would be very cool too.. and I reckon a good seller.
  3. Well if it helps the gentleman owner did have a very posh English accent 🙂 (unlike us EastEnders)..
  4. As some of you know I have been working at this timber yard for several months now.. We had an amusing one today.. A customer who wanted some planks of wood which were about 2.5m long... We were expecting a van 😄 But check out what he came in instead. Its true to say.. They really don't make them like this any more. I like the use of the sunroof 🙂 Just thought I would share that 😄
  5. Epiphone seem to have a far more interesting stand than Gibson.. But then Gibson said, no more yearly updates, so not too much else to show I guess?
  6. Yeah me too... For me it was slightly odd maybe.. When I was 11 my mum forced me to take up classical guitar as I was the baby of the family and she was determined that one of us at least took up an instrument.. I did that for a couple of years before I was expelled from that school and the I just stopped cos to me it was just like extra homework, I didn't see the point.. A few years after that I started getting in to rock and started playing again.. At this point though I had pretty much forgotten everything I had learned (including how to read proper music)… But what did happen was that because of my basic training when I was young I took to it really easy.. I was always a good rhythm guitarist... And because of that I took it for granted a bit as I was that much better than the guys around me just starting.. So I never really learned much after that, I joined a band and winged it.. That band ended and my playing became very erratic in terms of how much I would play, and would sometimes not play for months because I was working hard at that point and didn't have the time or was just too tired most the time. It was only really when I came on here (what like 10/12 years ago now 😮 ) that I really started paying any attention to the technical side at all, playing wise and how they actually work.. Now I am in such a bad rut with my playing and its been going on for so long that however hard I try I just cant break through that barrier... So yeah.. I wish I had actually bothered learning much much earlier. But I don't regret a second of what I have done. I would have loved nothing more than to make/play music for a living.. It just wasn't to be... So now I make them instead 😄 As for people who never take up music and regret it.. Well as mentioned above.. To learn an instrument requires motivation and dedication.. If you don't have that for guitar or whatever then you have no chance to start with,
  7. https://www.epiphone.com/Guitars/Collection/Epiphone-Inspired-By-Gibson
  8. We have some prices.. UK https://www.peachguitars.com/namm-2020/?brand_0=epiphone-guitars US https://www.guitarcenter.com/search?typeAheadSuggestion=true&typeAheadRedirect=true&fromRecentHistory=false&Ntt=inspired+by+gibson
  9. Well I didn't say it had to make sense 😄 And since when did that stop Gibson from doing something 😛 There are plenty of nice Gibson DCs anyway when they decide to make them.. This would be a nice cheaper end version I think... Damn the logic, this is art 🙂
  10. This with a more Gibsony headstock.. I think I would go there 🙂
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