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  1. All looking really good so far.. Well done sir... I can actually (almost) tell the neck angle is correct by the size of the wedge of the tenon thats sticking out of the body. Looking really good man
  2. Go to Imgur: The magic of the Internet and upload to there.. Once uploaded copy the Direct Link it gives you directly in to your post.
  3. Some interesting nerdy facts in there...
  4. No from a UK supplier called AxesRus
  5. Rabs


    There is something very wrong here.. Your pictures are no where near blurry enough??? 😄 But congrats.. Cant go wrong with that can you.. Happy playing man
  6. I thought the Relish sounded better clean and the LP sounded much better when overdriven.
  7. Ha.. Andertons must have got complaints about that first video and playing them plugged in.. They have released another vid 🙂
  8. Cheers.. Hopefully I will get back to it soon and will post some more...
  9. Good stuff.. All looking good so far 🙂 The three best bits for me are. Getting the neck glued on to the body, putting finish on the wood and then the first strum... Cool to see someone else on here doing it
  10. As you say.. These are collectors guitars not really for the average player.. They will probably mostly end up behind a glass case or in a vault somewhere.. I dont really have an issue with it.. Gibson need to make money and if this sort of thing keeps them going in order for them to stay in business and make the cheaper options then whats the harm.. No one is forced to buy one and they have plenty of cheaper models. Is it a cash grab, sure.. And I bet all of them will sell.. They usually do. And for those who can afford something like that, then whatever, good luck to them. (I bet Janie is getting her big fat share of each sale)..
  11. Still better than this one 🙂
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