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  1. I wish I still played my guitars enough to cause anything like that to happen to the boards 😞
  2. Cool.. And thats what I like to hear.. More builders 🙂 No.. No worries from me what ever you want to do.. I can hardly take much credit for it can I? 🙂 Odd timing as I only just a short while ago asked if they minded any new build threads from me since I havent really done one since I properly went in to business for myself (apart from our DIY thread 🙂 ).. And I may be going back to it very soon so you guys can see what I get up too.. (and yes Mr KS Daddy said its ok).. Tools.. Well yes for all of the fret stuff... I originally tried to do my own frets and wasted about £60 worth of rosewood blanks doing so.... I then went for pre-slotted which I still do today. I know you can buy jigs from StewMac and stuff but they are stupidly expensive and a pre-cut one is only a few pounds more so.. No brainer as long as I can continue to buy them like that. But you will need some files for fret ends and crowning.. They dont really have to be specialised but some of the ones built specifically for that purpose are really good. I use this for my fret ends.. LOVE IT https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Guitar-Fret-End-Dressing-File-by-Uo-Chikyu-Hiroshima-21-0001/303691519312?hash=item46b56cd550:g:jZoAAOSwoc5c5GoE And for my crowning file. I take a standard triangular file and round off the edges (so it doesnt dig into the fretboard). Works well.. Also yes a fret radius block helps and some radius gauges something like this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hellfire-Guitar-Radius-Gauges-Twin-Pack-7-25-9-5-10-12-14-15-16-20/224021661767?hash=item3428bb4847:g:pJ0AAOSwl0pc9nUZ If you have a dremel they are good for inlays and stuff.... After that for me its all about good templates.. If your template is good the final product will be good (or at least it has a far better chance). I make them myself... The next two builds I do will be double cuts.. One will be for me (finally) which is going to be possibly all black walnut or all black walnut with a fancy top. I cant quite decide.. And the other will be for a friend of mine who passed away over a year and a half ago now. I plan to present that to his family or sell it and give the money to charity in his name.. That will be a more standard mahogany/maple DC but chambered with one bridge pickup and a piezo. Good luck man, I look forward to seeing your progress.. And of course always feel free to ask anything you want.
  3. Yeah its that bottom board.. And yes it takes ages to do it this way with just a chisel and some scalpels.. I do have a dremel and stuff to do it that way, I just never have for some reason BUT I got a bit bored doing it this way so I am going to finish doing them with the dremel, hopefully soon.......I am giving up working at the timber yard in two weeks (cant wait) and will hopefully, probably start doing my guitars again. This time around though I am going to change things a bit in what I make.. And I now have access to the most amazing English hardwood to use for my builds so am looking forward to getting back to that. Yeah, I will do a thread or two as long as the current regime lets me 🙂
  4. Yes I agree and have experienced it myself with my own builds.. I have used Utile (youtilly) many times. I gave up after a while of calling it Utile and then watching the total confusion of the customer.. So in the end I just call it African Mahogany which people seem to understand better and it makes my life a bit easier.. So I dont mind the more generic term as long as they arent pretending its South American Mahogany.. I am pretty sure I have seen Gibson using Sapele, they just then call it Mahogany which is true but possibly misleading for a company who is known for using South American Mahognay. The stupid thing is that African Mahogany is much stronger than the South American stuff and actually much better for the use of say a neck for strength. South American Mahogany is about 750/800 on the Janka hardness scale where African is more like 1200 (hard Maple is 1400 for reference). So its actually makes more sense to use it anyway. Being a wood fanatic I have no issues in using the correct name for each species but there are a lot of them and it can get rather confusing when you see examples of different species that look the same. It happens at work sometimes when we have say Hornbeam and some Splated Beech which are both white with black streaks.. Really hard to tell the difference by looking at it alone. The give away for me on that is the weight so thats how you tell in the end (horbeam being much heavier), or by sticking you face right up close to the wood and examining the grain.. Even then its hard to tell sometimes.
  5. No.. Theres nothing wrong with any of the wood at all... It was just a total momentary lapse of reason. It was the first time I had gone to do any guitar work in years and I didnt even realise until I finished the first one... Its on the second fret space rather than the third 😞 DOH!!! Never done that before ever...
  6. Well it is weird yes.. Throughout the whole CITES Rosewood scandal where you needed a certificate to send a guitar with a Rosewood fretboard on it you needed no such thing for Ebony ever.. However the CITES thing has gone away for musical instruments now as it was just a huge mistake really. No one had thought about the real implications of it before and even more silly is that most of the Rosewood used on guitars all came from plantations where the wood is very carefully controlled and documented anyway.. The only real reason I can even think of that they dont do that with Ebony is the sad fact that we (humans) wiped out Ebony from almost every country that had it because they would only use the solid black stuff and would burn the rest of it. So so sad. So all the Ebony now only comes from one place and can be easily controlled. And if it wernt for Bob Taylors efforts we may have seen a total ban on it by now?? I currently have four fretboards for builds... And it makes it really painful when I make a mistake too.. When that does happen I generally keep the wood for use as stuff like trussrod covers or when I need some ebony dust for something or use it as a support when clamping a glued fretboard down or something like that.. Spot the mistake 😞 Very beautiful tight grained stuff
  7. Yes and no... Im a teen of the 80s so when I did get in to rock it was AC/DC (thunderstruck), Metallica and Guns N Roses... Those bands I still listen to selectively. Metallica only the Black album and before and AC/DC I generally listen to the Bon Scott era more than anything (Powerage is still awesome) .. GnR is something I listen to very occasionally but thats always mainly been about Slash and Izzy for me... BUT at that time I was also listening to Skid Row, Motley Crew etc.. Never listen to that any more.. My first ever gig was Skid Row 🙂 I guess at the time I was young and probably angry at something and wanted music that mirrored my moods or whatever.. and there was plenty of it back then. There probably were a few more generic hair bands but I cant really think of them now.. Ohhh W.A.S.P. anyone know or remember them? It was only a few years after I got into the 60s/70s stuff and Blues etc.. Which is my favourite, But I still like the odd mosh out now and then 😄
  8. CTS 500k potentiometers (pots) CTS are pretty much industry standard as are Switchcraft output jacks and selector switches... The larger hole on the pickguard is for the selector switch. You want the short one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Switchcraft-Short-Body-Toggle-Switch-With-Cream-Tip/193652545118?hash=item2d1697565e:g:w7cAAOSwDQdfVhRO https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Switchcraft-USA-Jack-Socket/281457556782?hash=item41882d7d2e:g:CVwAAOxySy9STXYT https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-CTS-POTS-Log-A-or-Linear-B-500k-Volume-Tone-Potentiometers-for-Guitar/191950970835?hash=item2cb12b5fd3:g:4y8AAOSwpLVcI8-2 Ohh and a .022 uf capacitor (I like Paper in Oil caps (PIO)
  9. It happens... Guitars, even expensive ones generally aren't perfect.
  10. Hello.. Yes from what I can see it looks legit and 2014 is the correct year for the 120th inlay (which I really like).. If you want more proof you could always email those pictures and you will need the serial number to Gibson Customer Service and they should be able to confirm the model. Good luck with it.
  11. Lets check another demo out then shall we
  12. Well I officially live in London according to my postcode but where I live is really the suburbs and its also right at the edge of the countryside too.. I live right next to one of the largest forests in the country (Epping).
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