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  1. You must be careful here... Fender leads to hate, hate leads to anger, anger leads you to PRS 😮 You dont wanna end up like this guy did in the 80s 😄
  2. Ever since I saw the title of this thread I have had this song stuck in my head..
  3. Rabs

    Details about

    Yeah.. Our old friend Scott can tell you all about it (if you can stand him).
  4. Gibson make THE original pointy guitars.. Iconic!! 🙂
  5. Probably an all London Plane DC... I have been waiting to find the flekyest piece possible for the body 🙂
  6. Actually after my last post I had to pop over to my mums to sort some stuff and thats where I keep a lot of my guitar stuff.. So I went and looked at the decals.. Not 30 of them, 16.. But still cheap compared to what they were charging at one point.. But no lines in the print at all Also possibly of interest.. I popped in to the wood shop yesterday and grabbed this London plane neck blank... Nice, such beautiful wood.
  7. Yeah I can see what you mean.. That is disappointing.... My experience with Rothko and Frost has been odd over the years. I think they had a third party guy doing it. I used to mail him directly when I wanted decals but then I got mails from R&F asking me to make sure I order through them.. At that point the decals were like £9 each.. Expensive but all sort of part of the cost... The last time I ordered from them I think I paid like £25 and they sent me a sheet of 30 of them?? It was very odd. But as I say that was years ago now and I havent ordered anything since. I get the imp
  8. Thats sad to hear about the decals. But I am not sure what you mean by seams? All of the decals I have got have always been great even though in saying that maybe they have changed the way they do it which would be a shame. And yeah, I have done some three piece necks before.. Not a 5 piece one though, but not for any reason, just another thing to do one day.. Even after all these years theres still loads of things I want to try.
  9. Isnt it obvious? Lacquer on the nut improves tone 😄
  10. Works better now if when on Youtube you press the Share button.. Then copy the youtu.be link it gives you in to your post.
  11. Great to hear that man and well done... Thats a nice achievement right there
  12. Like (now I am really going to tempt you) Curly Ambrosia maple drop top / lam top for electric guitar AMT14E | eBay SPALTED FIDDLEBACK MAPLE electric guitar drop top luthier #103 spf-EMA egdt | eBay Quilted maple guitar drop top. 3A figure | eBay Bubing, African rosewood 1/4 sawn bookmatched guitar drop top, beautiful figure. | eBay I will tell you what though.. In just having a quick look it seems the prices for this sort of wood especially the flamed maple has shot up since I last looked for US wood. You can still find some interesting stuff though.
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