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  1. Rabs


    I think this is why I go with an oil finish on my guitars and don't fill the grain... Theres something about being able to feel the wood underneath your hands rather than some shiny thick finish. More tactile...
  2. Too white.. Bring on night mode. I also liked the list of people at the bottom of the old one when you are in a thread you can see who else is watching.. I know its in the Whos Online bit but I liked the old way.. As been mentioned its just new.. Im sure I will get used to it and am happy that Gibson chose to not only keep it going but improve it.. It takes a crap load of work to make such a big change and overall its all working as it should.. Good job
  3. Well you are in so that's cool. While it is slightly annoying to have these small issues. I do appreciate the work put in to it.. Generally everything has gone well most things work.. Theres always going to be a few small glitches to iron out with such a huge change.. And I also appreciate that they are keeping this forum at all let alone trying to improve it.. It costs a fair amount to keep a site like this running , they could have just closed it if they wanted.. So thanks Admins and the powers that be (JC).. While its pretty quite these days, its still a good place to be
  4. Hello.. This is probably because the new system uses your display name rather than your registered username.. Log in under your EXACT display name.. That should sort it.
  5. Cool... It worked 🙂 The Fretboard.. Whats the issue?
  6. I had some issues at first... It was something to do with my display name vs my actual registered user name which is different for some reason. I think in the end I logged in using my display name rather than my actual user name.. But I cant remember now..
  7. Well what I have learned about Gibsons and actually almost all guitars is that each one is ever so slightly different because they are hand finished, even the cheap ones. The tiny differences in neck angle, neck shape and hardware setup make a HUGE difference to the player. So really while we can give pointers, only you will know when you find the right one. Its why the ONLY thing to do is go out there an play as many as you can.. Because when you find "the one" you will know it instantly.. Its a bit of work but worth the effort I assure you … The second piece of advice on this.. When you try them in the shops make sure you try it through the most similar amp to what you have at home.. Its all too easy to go and buy a guitar and play through some super expensive amp which sounds great in the shop but can lead to some disappointment when you get it home. Well good luck on your hunt and come back and share some pictures of what ever you end up with 👍
  8. I am also not getting email notifications...
  9. Another question.... My profile picture has gone all blurry.. Do I need to re-upload?
  10. Yeah.. Not a fan so far... I get that its consistent with the look of the main site.. But I don't like white everywhere.. Makes the screen more glarey and harder to read.
  11. Cool ... Does this mean that when the upgrade is done we wont have to remove the S in Https when we post a video link? :)
  12. Well isn't that the point on here.. A bunch of old men sharing their GAS :D
  13. Yup.. I don't think they were on the first ones.. The one Pip and myself have are slightly different as they are a LP Classic 1960 which have snot green inlays (which everyone moans about)... It gives you tone for years.. Or it would If I hadn't have removed the pickguard :D
  14. Im wondering how this will all effect Custom LP sales.. With the new ones being more like the old ones, they are more like customs than before, well if you don't include all the things that are just cosmetic like the period correct plastic and specific wood dyes and all that kerfuffle..
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