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  1. Interesting Read Regarding Gibson Raids - The Gibson Lounge - Gibson Brands Forums
  2. Well, the fact that they decided to raid Gibson (and I have seen the pictures) with a fully armed SWAT team seems very odd to me... I think there was something else behind all of this.. Why else would they do that to raid a place of business? It was all quite odd.. And again.. I didnt know Ebony was involved as the guitars in question have the Rosewood that was confiscated and given back.. So why did they take the Rosewood too if it was about illegal Ebony? Not like I have looked that hard in to this. I just remember reading a few articles about it when it happened. (and of course we d
  3. Thats not what I remember at all.. I didnt even know Gibson were banned from using Ebony.... Gibson get their Rosewood from India, they have done for years and it comes from sustainable plantations... Ebony is only legal to get in one place now (Bob Taylor) and the reason I think they stopped using it is because pure black ebony is getting harder and harder to come by. So aesthetically using something like richlite or whatever gives them much more consistant quality when it comes to the looks.. The thing from what I remember with the Rosewood was that whatever deal they have wi
  4. Im not sure but this was about Rosewood not Ebony?
  5. No, I think that was the whole thing.. From what I remember it wasnt illegal which is why the government gave it back.. And is what they used to build them..... Still doesnt make them particularly special guitars in any way unless you just happen to really like the colour.. Or lack there of.
  6. I think he was talking about the video content rather than your comment.. Even though I guess it could be said for both 😄
  7. Second jab done today.. All feels ok at the moment... Oddly, when I got the jab this time it was higher up on my arm. Last time I am sure it was right in the muscle that they did it and it was sore for about a week. I mentioned it to the nurse and she said it may be the reason it got all tingly and sore last time.. So we will see.. I also got the shivers and proper sweat it out when I went to sleep last time. They said that will probably happen again. But its done.. Fully vaccinated. Wooo (well as much as we can hope for I guess at this stage). In saying that, case
  8. I had the same question... I would hate to try a heavy aged one sheesh... And you know what.. With me liking 60s necks and never really getting on with fatter necks.. That one felt fine to me.. I didnt even look at what exact guitar it was till after and I was shocked.. Really didnt feel that big at all... But yeah.. Why people want to play a cracked finished neck is beyond me.. It really felt horrible... Just weird... It was a very nice guitar apart from that.. The camera shot makes it lighter in colour too. It was much darker than that in real life. Ohh and due to pande
  9. Awesome.. Good to see someone else trying this stuff.. You can now make what ever guitar with spec that you want exactly.. You need to go for a build with a back and a fancy top now... 🙂 Gives you a chance to do some chambering or al least route for the wiring before the top goes on. I am hoping that 50mm London Plane comes in this week. When it does I will book a workshop day and go at it...
  10. Awesome man.. How does it feel to play and how does it sound is the question? That neck though... Beautiful...
  11. Well I think today I confirmed that I want a small tube amp... I really didnt think that was going to happen... In the videos those Vox amps sounded so nice.. In reality I just dont want the fuss of messing about with the sound. I just want to turn it on and it sound like what I expect and the only one that did that today was the Marshall.. Which I guess also just confirms that im a Marshall type of guy 🙂 My brother in law has a micro cube and also loves it.. But its not quite what I am after. They had a lot of Blackstar amps... Have you ever tried one of those?
  12. Well you know what it is.. Its a fake LP.. What else do you need to know?.. It could have come from China (also known as a Chibson) or could have been built by an independent luthier. Its also illegal...
  13. Yeah.. Thats how it works with my Slash amp... I used it for guitar shows and just show them the channel/reverb pedal they can flick on and off.. Set the amp up at the start of the show and no one has ever asked to change any settings.. It just sounds good 🙂 So while I know that, I was just looking for something smaller and I didnt think I would get that from the DSL 1.. BUT it really did sound proper what I was used to when I plug a guitar in.
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