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  1. That would've been so funny 🤣
  2. Great sound. Enjoyable listen. Nice playing!
  3. I got that too. Next time he should wear a big white hat and grin.
  4. Thanks Rabs. A lot of talk about innovation there 😶
  5. the premise of the story is a bit like Goodnight Sweetheart (a uk sitcom) where a young man time travels to wartime (WW2) uk and plays Beatles songs on the piano. Of course, he claims to have written them.
  6. They don't have any choice. Its a police state over there. PRS is the weird one. Its still a police state but its run by the trustees.
  7. I was thinking the same thing with the Victory model etc. All the USA makers have all copied each other. Except Rickenbacker, who are the most brand paranoid of all.
  8. Hi Larry and welcome to the forum. I am not an expert, so cant offer a useful appraisal. I like the colour though, and it suits the amber knobs.
  9. Re: G Force and other changes/innovations. It was clear to me when I first came here that emotions were involved. I had trouble understanding that. That vitriolic hated is irrational and so cant be met on rational terms. That G Force was not quite good enough is one thing, but the whole concept is offensive to many. Most of them would never even use it. It wasn't just G Force. One member was just as upset about the tang hole in the pickup ring (to hold the removable pickguard on). He couldn't see it (if he's playing), his audience couldn't see it. It would never show up in a photo. So it was just the idea of it being there that triggered the reaction. A pickup ring is easy to replace and not worth a rant IMO. I'm glad I stuck around, because I learned a lot and got to know lots of you, but I still think your all batsh1t crazy.
  10. I rarely used a tuner at all for years. I just used to imagine a orchestra tuning up, and I tuned to that. Worked well. I lost that ability after a couple of years hearing a tone deaf singer in the workshop next to my office. I also do not learn by ear so well now. I thought I would have that ability for always, but no more. Seems that skill needs ongoing practice.
  11. Nothing major. As Steve said, the gearing is low so lots more winding to do. Its also pretty stiff so its harder work. The major problem for me was stability, rarely tuning accuracy. The guitar needed tuning a bit more frequently. I used G Force for well over 3 years so I got to know it pretty well. Having said that I never pushed it hard. Never used it outside of concert tuning, and always tuned strings individually.
  12. Curious, I replaced my G-Force with Grovers a few weeks back. I don't hear any difference.
  13. Interesting sonic mod. From your description, probably wouldn't suit me, but good to know.
  14. Yes but its a truth that's run away with itself and got lost IMO. Guitars sound like themselves as well. Otherwise there would be no point in having more than one.
  15. Well I have to rein well back on the gain and use the neck pickup to get anywhere near how I want to sound. Even so, it still doesn't sound like me. I am not trying to play like Bloomfield, nor could I if I wanted too, though the LP tones do lend itself to that style (hammer on/pulloff stuff) which I am poor at anyway. Unless its all in my head (possible), I do have my own sound. I certainly don't know of anyone else I sound like.
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