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  1. 4ds transformed Ewar Woowar into Edward Woodward
  2. Yes, I have a Hofner big box archtop with this kind of tail. Also used to have a Epi Casino Coupe. I find them just fine. Nevertheless, as I said, I need to try one first.
  3. The 'call for price' tactic is common, but I've never fully understood it. Or maybe I have? To me it suggests this: 1/ It will give a salesman an opportunity to sell you something. 2/ They can change the price as suits them without revision. PS I like the 'own up' weight relief on that Explorer
  4. Hi jdgm, Peach don't actually have any 330s. The 2018 looks like its there, but its actually 'out of stock'. The Slim Harpo is available to pre-order. Thanks for digging though!
  5. Congrats on the guitar. His is a generous spirit, he must've liked you.
  6. I remember Mike, but its just as well you remind me here because I had not considered the USA Epi. There is at least one available in the uk I know of, but its at one end of the uk (Scotland) and I live on the south coast. I need to try before I buy. Andertons is at least in range. A good shout nevertheless; thanks.
  7. I've been watching out for a ES-330 for a while now. Problem being that in the uk they are as rare as rocking horse sh1t. The Slim Harpo model looked an attractive prospect until it became obvious that the uk were not getting any (again). An Andertons video I caught recently, showcased some Heritage archtops; among them were the H-530. That seems pretty close to a ES-330. Fully hollowbody with P90s. Anyone used one? If not, any other candidates come to mind?
  8. Good, but Cillit Bang comes in the same sort of bottle. Wouldn't want to chance a mix up. Anyone remember Dave Lister spraying shaving foam under his armpits?
  9. Yes, a 'bottle of pop' is an expression still used in the uk too. I like soda water, but I recently learned that even that is bad for teeth. I don't drink anything with sugar in it (that's not wine or beer). I've cut down caffeine greatly since retiring. I used to drink tea all morning from 6.45am to noon. That would've been about 7 cups. Now I make do with one, and occasionally two. Any more and I feel restless/hyper. No caffeine at all after noon because I'm a chronic insomniac. A carrot, celery or apple is a snack. I eat processed food in moderation, but its still too much. Food
  10. Hot Rod Lincoln 1974 - Commander Cody & his Lost Planet Airmen
  11. made inch in a Yes. It was like a military operation with just a hint of collateral damage. The Guild pretty nice too.
  12. I'm not sure, but its likely. Here's one I found in cream: Other than that, there are some Epis in orange:
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