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  1. Drive Like I Never Been Hurt - Ry Cooder
  2. Now thats the one I would go for!
  3. Thanks for this. I hadn't thought of STC for a very long time.
  4. I'm not very fussy about detail at all, but I wouldn't be happy with that. You make all this effort only to be let down at the decal stage.
  5. There are plenty of options. I use several. eg: Schaller S Locks for replacement strap pins. The rubber washers are good too, but best left on the guitar. There are plenty of locking straps
  6. Brucebubs, leave out the [img] [/img] 'link' part & it works ok
  7. The forum seems to have a new look today. I think I like it. That reminds me, I must redecorate this room.
  8. Yep. Its a mistake everyone makes once. Then you realise 'oh yeah, that's why everybody loops the cable...' 🙂
  9. Hi and welcome Rich, Smaller tube amps & or attenuators are still popular. However, I suggest considering digital. Examples are: Boss Katana Mini Positive Grid Spark Yamaha THR I bought a Yamaha THR 30 last year and found it to be an ideal home amp. Easy to use. Wonderful sounds. Its also has a re-chargeable battery onboard so you can play it outside, especially if you add a G10 relay - your guitar becomes cordless too. Its a result of Line6 modelling & Yamaha hifi colab.
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