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  1. When I was a teenager I used to really want a bigsby; especially on a SG. I have been made up with that. I cringe whenever I see one now.
  2. If you sacrifice the last 3 pickups, you could get a 5th PU in there. πŸ˜‰ My 1st guitar had 4 PUs. It was a Eko.
  3. Fine idea. Make 'em with a matching sou'wester too
  4. I keep meaning to pop over to Bath for one of these auctions. Still hasn't happened yet.
  5. If its too tough, vape maybe a step in the right direction?
  6. No taper in hole nor bar. When the end of the bar thread is reached the bar cant move any more. If you you continue to try to wind it further it becomes very tight (and you would risk distorting/stripping the thread).
  7. That is a very tidy looking guitar. No wonder you were drawn to it. I would be as well. Nice score there! 🎸 Not heard of Devlin, but have done a quick check: not much solid info out there. As a fan of MIK guitars, I cant help wonder what factory it came from. Any clue ?
  8. There's an outside chance Paul & Keef might listen. Love those mini HBs.
  9. Same here. Its a sweet looking banjo. A 5 string of this sort probably sounds great! Hope you get an informed opinion soon.
  10. So he might have got a Firebird Zero
  11. cotton reels & iron! I've had to become proficient at sewing in my dotage too. I've shrunk an inch & have to take up my trousers (pants).
  12. Firstly 2018 Tributes are described as having the 498T pickup included in retails sites, as you have said. Gibson used to allow navigation for year. I cant find that now. However, I just checked the website & found that 490R and 490T are listed for the Tribute (now). Also this configuration checks out for 2017. So it looks as if the 498T was only fitted in 2018. You say you bought your 2018 two years ago (2017), so presumably that was a sprint run in 2017? Or did you actually buy a 2017 model? Because that would explain it.
  13. presumably the original bar will become secure in the hole when the end of the bar thread is reached. Thats how my 70's strat whammy worked.
  14. You got pulled in like I did πŸ™‚. The OP is 10 years old. This is happening all the time now. You see an interesting new post, that isn't really new at all. Often down to new members searches I suspect.
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