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  1. ooohh... set neck & bellytucked! Looking forward to the full frontal now
  2. The best movie I've seen recently was The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2020). Its about the famous 1968 trail & events leading up to it. Sarge: If weird movies suit you, ever seen Being John Malkovich? a colab between dir Spike Jonze & writer Charlie Kaufman.
  3. Cherry was asking about these last year. Result? Her son bought her one for Xmas. Result? All day Boxing day trying to download apps (free TV stuff). It took all day because she had slow broadband. I added an ethernet cable. It improved but was still unwatchable. Only by stumping up and paying for improved (cable) broadband did it finally work. The point is streaming TV needs fast broadband. Firesticks are perfectly legal, but you still have to subscribe (pay) for stuff like Netflix & Amazon Prime. ADDITIONAL: I just reread and followed your link re JAILBREAK: umm... not seen t
  4. Hi goku, Brad has good advice. I would suggest choosing with your ears first. You don't need experience or ability to do that. Find the sound that you want to make. These days (things change over time) I recommend new players check out FGN guitars entry level models. After trying out guitars, if its still a Tele you like, I would suggest the FGN Iliad Boundary models. eg: BIL2M/CS Iliad Boundary. They are inexpensive but very good Japanese builds. Unlike other cheap guitars, they come with good electrics and hardware eg: Gotoh tuners.
  5. A modest bit of reverb. On one song only (Mama Told Me Not To Come): Vibrato
  6. I was standing there wondering why the ball was getting bigger. And then it hit me.
  7. Yes I agree that the way to do it. Be as open minded as possible as to your pre-selection, and try everything. Personally I would prefer weight relief, but that's why we are all catered for right? As you say; not a deal breaker. Congrats on the new LP Classic. May you enjoy it for many years.
  8. Seems unlikely, but it possible. If they are an original Gibson pair they should be fine. Are they Gibson or aftermarket replacements? Drop them out & have a look underneath if necessary. No matter what's in there, you may be able to compensate by raising the bridge pickup & lowering the neck pickup. BTW. It would have been better to have created a new thread rather that resurrect this ancient millstone.
  9. I see. There are fettling marks on the surface. I don't know for certain what this is, but I cant see why anybody would try to reshape the fingerboard after manufacture. If this did happen it goes far beyond edge rolling. Does the edge feel very rounded? I'd like others to chime in with opinions here, but I suspect it may just be the manufacturing method of 1993. Today all new guitars should have flawless smooth fingerboards because CNC manufacture makes this not only possible, but easier. Yes, CNC machining was around during this period, but I don't know if Gibson had adopted it then. E
  10. ok, so its not the frets, but the fretboard. What's up with it?
  11. Hang about... Does this new Historic Spec plastic replace the old Period Correct plastic, or is it an upgrade?
  12. I'm sure you don't really mean you need to remove the frets to level them. Looks like they been levelled but not crowned. Perhaps there isn't enough fret remaining to crown? I have a 80's guitar with the same issue. Obviously if you had a re-fret you would lose your nibs. That might be a concern.
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