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  1. My sons engagement party last year was very memorable. He & his fiance wanted us to play, but thought I wouldn't want to because I would miss out on the 'celebrating'. When word reached me I assured them I could play and celebrate. But our bassist couldn't make it. So we needed a dep. Just so happens that my sons stepfather is an old mate from way back (back to college actually) who is a excellent bassist. So now 2 family members are in the band. He brought his in incredible original '62 PB along to use (what a bass!). We hadn’t jammed or shared a stage together for years but I knew he would be great. So he was. He added his own unique vibe to the band’s sound that evening. We knew we were doing great when we saw all the bar staff dancing behind the bar. After we played some ska, my future daughter in law told me she had ‘never seen (her) dad dance like that before!’. It was a gas meeting family and friends I had not seen for many years. I didn’t recognise everyone at first. The night just wasn’t long enough to catch up with everyone. There will be another opportunity. We will be playing the wedding next year.
  2. merciful-evans


    That where I live. Neck pickup woody tone. Delicious. 57 Classics are just inspiring...
  3. MIM have a lot of experienced player devotees...
  4. I had to add these... There are only a few YT demos of the 650, and none are much good. But I came across this funny and charming one from Ellen (Fanny's of the Week). Also included is a uke review I thought was superb! uke demo: does it float? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ38e-bEBAMi4ADeAa9S64w
  5. merciful-evans


    A gem! Glad you finally have it. I'd love a 335. 🎸👍
  6. I'll slant this another way & thank Gibson for making this community possible.
  7. Well we dont have thanksgiving as such, but I recall the harvest festival from my schooldays. It entailed a church service and a donation of foodstuffs for the elderly. So I get the general idea and it probably reaches back into prehistory. Certainly beyond 1621 anyway. Happy thanksgiving to one & all.
  8. I dont know the answer, but I've never seen inlays like that before, let alone matching inlays on headstock & frets! So my guess would be the 'Deluxe' moniker is for real. Beautiful EB 👍
  9. Seller sent me this pic of his collection (as was). The (my) Dakota is far left. Next is Sierra, Atlantis, Frisco and finally Colorado (far right).
  10. Looks like they also have nice dreams for sale too.
  11. Well, TBH this is a bit late. I have been away for a few days. I actually got this over a week back. Its a Ric 650D (Dakota). I already have a 650C (Colorado) so it was a strange choice for me. I would have choosen a Dakota or Seirra originally but they've been out of production for many years. Lucky for me, no-one famous uses these guitars so that keeps them under the radar and prices a little lower. Also luckily for me, the seller, a nice guy from Ireland, was a collector of 650s and had owned 5 different models. He still has a 650E/F Frisco left I think. The Dakota is 10 years old, and in unused condition. So you might say the former owner was a 'steward' of sorts. It arrived very cold & I needed to drop out the output jack & clean up the contacts for it to work properly. A few frets are also flat, as if leveled but not crowned. I will investigate further when I change the strings and do the remedial work (I've done full fret levels + crown & polish on both my Tele and Les Paul now). It feels surprisingly different to the Colorado, being lighter and the neck feels less 'full' in the hands. Its also a natural oiled finish all over. By contrast the Colorado is completely encased in lacquer. The body (wings) are walnut. I think the Colorado is maple in its entirety which accounts for the weight differential. The only other differences is a one piece through neck instead of a two piece. Its raining today, so all indoor pics. I included the close up of the Schaller bridge to show the string spacing adjustment feature. The roller saddles are on individual threaded splines. This permits each string position to be adjusted. The screw at the bottom is to lock the saddles tight (nothing to do with a trem) together. I recently bought one of these bridges for another project next year. Most people find the 1 3/4" neck width too wide, but I love a broad playing surface & it suits me well. Pickups are mini HBs, as full size ones would cut too deeply into the through-neck (the same thinking that went into the Gibson Firebird minis). They sound nothing like the jangley toaster pickups on other models. These sound similar to single coils. I've done a quick temporary set up by slightly tightening the two truss rods. Plays just fine. Sounds sweet.
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