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  1. hang about long enough and someone will post a proper Gibson version of something like this. This is the best I could find right now with gibson neck profiles in a search engine.
  2. I had the smoke problem with a guitar. Until it was delivered I had no idea how much a guitar could reek. I disassembled it scrubbed it with every cleaning product I could. I took to using vinegar in the end. Someone here suggested leaving out in the air for as long as possible. I did, and that was the final 'stage' of fumigating it. In total it took a whole year.
  3. Hey man, I'll play 'em for ya! 🙃 . It'll only take 8 years to look reliced. TBH, In those days I only had a couple of guitars and they got played every day. Since 2015, I've bought a bunch. Never play the old trusty Jackson no more. Its retired. The others will see me out and still be in good shape. Well... reasonable shape um... maybe? depends on which of us wears out first.
  4. I watched all of it. This one evidently slipped past my radar before. One of the comments under was "This vid clearly shows that we're all nuts".
  5. Did what is almost certainly the last sea swim of the year. Cherry and I are really 'fair weather' swimmers. Got in 18,000 steps as well. My weight is creeping back up and I am determined to regain control. Didn't play any guitar at all all day. That's very unusual.
  6. eg: 1/ I bend the G downward (poor technique) this brings my nail in contact with the wood (no. cant cut them any shorter - physiology) this wears vertical ruts into the wood. It takes years, but it happens. Yes I can bend it upwards too, but get a much better vibrato doing it the 'wrong' way. Its how I've done it for 50 years. Also, after many years, rosewood gets eroded horizontally. Deep ruts form along the lines of grain, looking like water erosion. This may be my body chemistry, but I've seen it enough times on other old guitars. So that isn't unique to me. I noticed this 1st on my original old Yamaha acoustic after about the first 8 years. My Strat was ok. It had a maple fingerboard. My Fylde was ok. It has an ebony one. When I replaced the Strat, it was with 2 guitars. Both had rosewood boards. I used the good one for gigs, and the cheap one for practice at home. After 18 years I had completely worn out the cheap one. It was a Washburn G5V. I took it down the scrapyard about 5 years ago. For this reason I wont pay more than £1000 for a rosewood FB guitar. Even then, I've got to really want it.
  7. The Last Lonely Eagle - New Riders Of The Purple Sage
  8. Certainly. But as I said in the OP I prefer ebony FBs for purely practical reasons. Ebony can take all the abuse of my physiology and poor technique. Rosewood cannot.
  9. I have not built a guitar. I do have (on hold) most of the parts for a partscaster though. Still burning off the poly finish on the body (its stubborn). I have done fret leveling though. I have 2 leveling beams. Long one from Crimson & short one from StewMac. A notched leveling straight edge. Fret Rocker. Various fret files, but the one I use most is Centred Z File Item # 5080. Expensive but so worth it. https://www.stewmac.com/luthier-tools-and-supplies/tools-by-job/tools-for-fretting/shaping-and-crowning/stewmac-z-file-fret-crowning-files.html Books: I consult Dan Erlewine's Guitar Player Repair Guide from time to time. I've always found exactly what I need in there. Though web searches can do most of that too. I wish I had access to the sort of workshop you do. I would most certainly use the CNC machines for profile shaping, routing cavities etc. Good luck & please post some progress pics.
  10. I've just read a book about the England Football Team. There was no forward in it.
  11. Oh my! You let that one go?! I didnt know Gibson did any LPs without inlays. Those are what I like best of all. BTW Is that a SD of some sort in the bridge position?
  12. Probably that's whats on my Hofner archtop too. Is the J12-16GT louder than the others?
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