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  1. Its probably seems odd that we Brits should be glad about it too, but we are. Happy Holiday! https://authordylanhearn.wordpress.com/2014/07/03/5-reasons-why-the-british-should-celebrate-4th-july-redux/
  2. A quick search generated this: Name: Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2017 PRO Plus Production period / Release date: 06.2017 Model No: LPTPA17HSCH3 ( Heritage Cherry Sunburst ) http://www.gibsontraditional.com/models/gibson-les-paul-traditional-pro-plus/
  3. Just checked the site. Delivery estimates are based on 'suppliers normal delivery time scales'. Currently your model is: Available for order 22nd - 29th August Good luck
  4. Always glad to hear a positive review. Thanks.
  5. Whoops! Sorry about that. I did try hard to read the OP but the black made it difficult. BTW, I also have a 2015 LP. Still loving it.
  6. I just looked at the D & A site. They appear to be quality stands, though i didnt see nitro referenced anywhere. It would be worth contacting D & A just to see how they react to the damage you have. Meanwhile its probably worth not using the Gibsons with that stand until you figure out how to proceed. Thanks for the heads up about this. I use Hercules wall brackets but wont leave nitro guitars on them for extended periods. Good luck
  7. I found my sound after 40 years of making do with old 60s/70's/80s gear. My perfect sound in my signal processor. I found it after spending hours experimenting with all likely options. The tone was tailored to the neck pickup of my guitar (I only use neck pickups when I gig). I fine tune the EQ to suit any new guitar I acquire and save the settings. I have even performed the whole exercise again by starting from scratch and assembled the same tone as originally. There was only minimal variation. So there is no fluke involved. The only sound variable I have to cope with these days is room acoustics. My ideal tone is not ethereal. It doesn't come and go. Its real, it reliable and I now don't mess with it.
  8. (Canadian Maple taffy. mmm.....) Kate & Anna McGarrigle Leonard Cohen The Band John Kay Powder Blues band Joni Mitchell Oscar Peterson
  9. I had his 'Folk, Blues & Beyond' (1965) album when I was learning to fingerpick. 'Cocaine' & 'Moanin' were the two that became part of my early repertoire.
  10. wow, I still have mine but they're stashed. Haven't played em in 40 years! vinyl.... not amps
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