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  1. I had a quick browse. In my neck of the woods, there are plenty advertised but none in stock. The one exeption being Andertons who have 2 Murphy Lab ones at crazy prices.
  2. Green and Orange Night Park - The Kieth Tippet Group
  3. Fine looker & choice. Unexpected pickups on there which look similar to the TE90 I briefly had. That sounded terrific. Whats your favourite EC album?
  4. Looks like its a ES-355 . Some 345's had the varitone too. Not unlike this one
  5. Well done. I still have one left to sell. Looking forward to the impending annoucement 👌
  6. Mine is the same. It matters to me because I prefer just one master volume & tone (Sparky does too). I leave all my controls on 10 and never touch them anyway. Almost the same with the amps. The fine tuning on the signal processor settings take care of everthing I need including volume adjustment.
  7. hmmm... there are scraps of troll food laying around. I followed the trail to the other post.
  8. Phoned the Tax Office to confirm my Gapital Gains Tax had been recieved. Dull huh? Boring? certainly. But... This peace of mind this has brought is massive. Paying tax might be unpleasant (especially the amount I had to pay) but its great to know its confirmed & I no longer owe it. This completes my house sale. I feel I have been working as a clerk for the Estate Agent, Solicitor and Accountant over the last few months (instead of the other way around). They have all been paid too and I now have much needed funds to prop up my pension. My son & his bride moved out of the house & into thier own in March this year. Its meant constant work for me ever since. In fact, its still not over because I have a tip run booked this afternoon to dispose of more stuff from that house. Prior to all this, I lived in that house for 25 years. Took it on when I was first married. So am I back to caring for one house again? Not quite. Cherry's place needs a lot of work. This retirement malarky can be exhausting.
  9. Are these P90s or HBs? I think the modern HBs are 500k if memory serves. No idea about P90s.
  10. Hi, well yes that is a beauty. I'm a fan of subtle bursts & natural grain. I have read that volume and tone pots for "the 137xxxx date code for a rough estimate of when the guitar was made". I realise that doesn't get you much closer to finding a serial number but it narrows the search. Since you knew the original owner & the shop it was supplied form you may have some idea of the year? Slim chance maybe; but when you have all the info you can gather, a call to Gibson might help?
  11. Well, people say this. If its true they have better ears than me, coz I cant hear any difference.
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