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  1. My 2015 LP had a bench picture come with it. My 2015 (Memphis) 339 didnt.
  2. I'm with you exactly. (except I dont know why I have different guitars)
  3. For me, for years the opening line of 'Whiter Shade of Pale' was 'We skip a life and dangle'.
  4. Somewhere are highly talented artists who never made it. They lacked drive, luck, opportunity etc. Perhaps there is an 'alternate reality' where those talented people did make it. There, people might be posting on this forum asking what the world would be like if '????' never made it. We are living in that world. 😉
  5. Bingo! 'we can go on together, Mrs Fishers mine'
  6. There are many. One that I mistook was 'Love Wars'. For a long time I thought they sang 'Cowboy'. No? Listen to it again. Does anyone know what Elvis song I'm referring to? I call it 'Mrs. Fisher's Mine'.
  7. The same doesn't hold true for the ES-339 though 🙂
  8. How were you doing this? Pressing too hard between frets?
  9. Curious stuff. I have never played a guitar with nibs, though my concern has always been IAW the OP. I had no idea the Midtown neck was made this way. If this was mine I would try to work with it, but stay aware of the 'return window'.
  10. Really?! Your ears must be as sharp as a bats. I could never hear that.
  11. Interesting looking guitar. Never come across these before. Well done on that score. Hope your son appreciates them too.
  12. I surprised Dexys is known at all in the US. They are not a one hit wonders in the uk though. They had two no. 1s and four top 10s. My band still have 3 of their songs in our set list; not including Come On Eileen
  13. According to the Barron Knights, George would have been 'down a hole'. John wold be shifting coal, Paul in Liverpool and Ringo on the dole. You cannot separate anything from its period. There could be no Beatles today.
  14. I see wood grain in your pics. Nothing else.
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