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  1. Oh man that's a beaut ! and a gig too... double bubble for jealous 😍
  2. he's only a real pirate when he's channelling Keef Have to say, that some of the nicest JB I've heard for quite a while!
  3. For years now I keep seeing these things all over. Duesenberg Johnny Depp model
  4. Congrats Brad. Nice looking set up there.
  5. Take care not to release the canopy or the drop tanks!
  6. Good job by Music Zoo. I know you tend to have quite high humidity where you are, so it survived that ok. The guitar I got last month was sent well set up (I know the seller well) but arrived needing a full set up anyway. Those postal depots where I live keep parcels overnight in the freezing cold. The seller didn't believe me at first, but I just happened to shoot an unboxing video of it & sent him the link. It clearly showed major string buzz all over. Last year I had a Ric delivered from Ireland, and the guitar was virtually frozen. That fared a little better.
  7. Oh yes I forgot about pedals. Yes you cant beat a little flex for strums. That's why I signed off with that caution. I still use Gibson picks for rhythm work. Been using those at least 40 years. These Chickens are 2.7mm thick with no flex of course.
  8. They are lucky to have your support for sure. That part of the tragedy is at least inspiring. Here's wishing all of you better tomorrows.
  9. I know what you mean. I get the same way 80% through a new recording too.
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