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  1. Never played one. Perhaps I will one day. Perhaps not.
  2. Three tidy LPs now?! Congrats on the new red one. It looks the part. Enjoy...
  3. This would be mine too. I wanted to play when I was 8. As it was, I had to wait until I was 16.
  4. I know this fellow Tim. Nice bloke, sociable & good company. Recently he overheard someone talk to me about music/jams/gigs. So Tim approaches me and says 'Is that right then? Do you play guitar?' I tell him I do. Tim then admits that his biggest regret is not following up on his early tuition and never learning to play guitar. The funny part is when he says 'you'll never guess who my favourite player is' (and he's right I would never have guessed). He says 'Its not Clapton or Hendrix. My favourite player is Greg Allman!' So I admit that I had no idea Greg played guitar, and that I just thought of him as a keyboardist. At this point Tim starts to look pensive and doubtful. 'Er... hang on there... so who was his brother?' 'Duane?' I suggest. 'Yes, yes, Duane Allman is my favourite' ! I'm guessing everyone has met a Tim. As for regrets, its mostly irrelevant. You are either compelled by your interest to play or not. He actually had the advantage because he had tuition. I never had any, and had to figure stuff out for myself. That was not unusual around 1970. In Tim's defense, I'm sure he knows a lot of stuff I dont. One lifetime isn't enough to achieve all the things that interest us.
  5. Nice story. Congrats on the new Studio. That's pretty funny about the teeth marks 😄. Maybe they should employ dogs for relicking? enjoy...
  6. Its really down to your own taste. I cant get a usable sound with BBs at any setting. My Gibsons are both 57 classics. I use them clean or with low gain only. Like Sgt Pepper I don't much like any Duncans, but Bare Knuckle Stormy Mondays sound superb.
  7. Looks good. Before shots would have been nice though to compare. I changed out G-Force last year also, but kept everything else stock. Though I had already removed the pickguard. Nice natural finish you have there too.
  8. I'll chime in as agree too. Flatwound 11's are an ideal place to start. That's a tidy looking guitar; a proper old girl. I hope you bond with it.
  9. It is almost certainly real. But I expect you want assurance that its not a fake. The serial no. is not proof by itself. as they can be copied. Post up some pics.
  10. Important parcels: Always a little stressful. It helps if you can have confidence in the courier. So far as tracking goes. I have become disenchanted with most systems, because its always one-way-coms. Bulletins sent to you phone/laptop with no way of responding to say 'hang about! I cant be there at 5pm tomorrow'. The cynical part of me says this is the couriers way of re-interpreting their obligation to the customer. Anyway, hope it all goes ok and they deliver successfully soon.
  11. Never could resist throwing a spanner in the works (um... wrench in the works!).
  12. If the 2 LPs are your (Sunking nor SteveT2) only gigging guitars, it could make a difference. Personally, I seldom take a backup guitar to a gig. Also I have several gigging guitars. So for me, if I preferred the R8 sound, I would make the trade.
  13. I'd like to find one one like that. I love a quality case.
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