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  1. Whoaah! ...How did you see our skype?! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ณ
  2. This is the sort of thing religious zealots buy their teenage sons.
  3. On the plus side. Its quieter. Yes, I appreciate quiet. I exercise outdoors early in the morning. Easy for a chronic insomniac. Walking the hills at 5am or 6 am before breakfast. Recently my cousin in Oz posted up a quote from an Asian (doctor?) telling us that we were all privileged to self isolate etc and that the poverty stricken cannot. This had occurred to me also, but this post seemed to contain some poorly concealed resentment and bile. hmmm... I had an online karate session this morning. It wasnt perfect but it was good. Nice to see my mates and sensies again and share a workout. I also had a pleasant skype session with my girlfriend this afternoon. Its difficult for us to be apart. We are just trying to minimize risk and cant expect anything else at present. She also told me I had to lose my straw hat and get a baseball hat instead. That felt a bit harsh! So I tried on a succession of crazy hats I had to show how much worse it could be. The sombrero came out, the buster keaton pork pie, the xmas turkey hat etc. but I still have to lose the straw hat apparently.
  4. Yes I saw this. I quite like the look of them. Not so sure about the sound. Might be fine, would have to try one myself. Andertons use a ton of tech so you cant tell what it really sounds like where they are concerned. I saw an unusual walnut finished Gretch in my local store last year. I think it may have been a double jet? It looked stunning and I checked it out. It turned out to be a budget model with unattractively speced PUs and hardwear. Some of the models such as White Falcon sound great. Its a shame that so many of them look like Roy Rogers should be playing them though.
  5. Some of you will be familiar with this book. Ok its about 10 years old. So plenty is missing. But I just bought a used copy on line. This saved me about ยฃ22 on the cost of a new one. It arrived yesterday and I decided the best way to kill any contamination was to bag it up & freeze it. That's what I did. So after removing it and allowing some de-frost time I started to dig into it. Cool book? Bl00dy freezing actually. So its got some useful info & pics. But too many pics probably. Its a massive book, alphabetically arranged by guitar company. I dont know if there are 2,000 guitars pictured but I suspect there are. If so its a flawed premise for a book IMO. A quick count in the Gibson section of Les Pauls. There are about 140 different LPs pictured! The first four pages just contain LP goldtops. So maybe they could have just had fewer pictured examples and called it 1,200 guitars or whatever?! Worth getting certainly and I'm enjoying it, but its mostly an annotated picture book. BTW the freezing process didnt mess up the book at all. The pages are dry and flat and in good condition.
  6. It never occurred to me that relicing was something other than an effect / a look. Not many people are going to see the neck. Isn't it more important on the visible part of the guitar?
  7. Yes. At first I wondered if you had some active PUs in there?! but if the PUs are stock they are already passive. So yes, you can swap them out for any other HBs you like, as long as they remain passive.
  8. congrats on the Epi LP. Its an eye catching finish there too!
  9. I kept the G-Force on my 2015 LP for 3 years. I quite liked them but eventually replaced them with Grovers. I've not felt any need to replace the titanium nut though. I was considering putting some pickup covers on because they would look nicer than the zebras. Never bothered in the end.
  10. Its more than that to me. The ebony board will survive my fingers. The rosewood would rut and erode. Its still one hell of a price hike though!
  11. Nice looking SG. I'm wondering what it looked like before though. I always preferred the cherry finish, but I am swayed to your natural one right now. ๐Ÿ‘Œ
  12. Its worth a try. Thanks for the tip BD. Yes the bone nut on my Fujigen tele is a tad too deep for my liking. I have used superglue on its own in the past when desperate. I'll see if I can find some of the thin stuff. ๐Ÿ‘
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