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  1. The breakthrough cases in the USA are less than 1% so far. That's a pretty good reason to get vaccinated.o Millions of unvaccinated people died. Logic says get the shot. About 1/3 of the people who get covid, end up with brain damage. Even mild cases. The severity of the case does not predict how much brain damage or what part of the brain is damaged. That's another good reason to get vaccinated. Ted Nugent wishes he got vaccinated. Trump got vaccinated after he survived (and he almost died from his case). And most of the Republican congressmen and women got vaccinated whi
  2. Duncan P-Rails have: A very good P90 sound which I use probably 90% of the time (it's really a P90% for me) <grin> An OK rail sound. It's a little weak in volume but that can be fixed with a twist of the knob, and if both pups are in the rail position, it is quite fender-ish Series Humbucker sounds very good, not PAF but still good Parallel Humbucker sounds like the mini-humbuckers to me. Thinner and brighter Plus my Parkers have a piezo under the bridge which can be played alone or blended with the mag pups for extra twang. I love this guitar.
  3. I'm lucky. My wife plays guitar and if I get GAS she encourages it. 😄 The bad part about that is having discipline myself. 😞
  4. "Wild Thing" - The Troggs (IMO even better when Hendrix covered it) Notes
  5. The GFS Mean 90s I put in my less-Paul have one pup both reversed polarity and reversed wound. Using both pickups turns it into a giant humbucker. In very rare instances where the stage lights or something else caused hum, I simply put the pup switch in the middle position all night. Notes
  6. You have been good neighbors forever, and I'm happy my government is lending a hand to you.
  7. Nice SG BTW I traded some of my Band-in-a-Box aftermarket software for an LTD-Faux-Les-Paul, and it had overwound humbuckers in it. The sound was appropriate for heavy metal, but not very good for the kind of gigs I solicit. So I put Mean 90s in it and a Varitone. The Mean 90s sound great, almost like 'real' P90s. They have a bit more treble, which can be compensated by the tone knob. The Varitone was a waste of money, it sits in the bypass position almost all the time. But I had fun modding the guitar (it was my first mod). I'm out of upload space, and my site isn't https
  8. After playing a P90 guitar exclusively for a year, everything else just sounds dull. There is a spark in the attack and a sensitivity to your picking that no other pickup offers. Notes
  9. "Wooly Bully" - SamThe Sham & The Pharaohs
  10. "(In My) Solitude" - Duke Ellington
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