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  1. "Mellow Yellow" and "Electric Boogie" (Electric Slide) were both written about a woman's erotic toy - or so I've read. I remember when radio stations banned "Splish Splash" because Bobby Darin never put his pants on in the lyrics (although it was implied), and "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" because it was implied that the boy the Shirelles was singing about was wanting to spend the night with 'her'. Then the Stones did "Let's Spend The Night Together" and stations refused to play that. As time went on "Afternoon Delight" was about intercourse and played, and now we have songs like W.A.P. being played. My apologies to Pete Seeger Where have all the censors gone, long time passing Where have all the censors gone, long time ago Off the air it had to go, every time that they said "No" They were all way to stern, They're gone with no return Notes ♫
  2. Not having Bobby Keys alive any more might have had something to do with it. The way I read it is they CHOSE not to play it and contrary to the "Manipulate Everyone Through Hate And Anger Press" * were not forced to do so. (* We need to stop fighting among ourselves, while the real enemy, the oligarchy is laughing all the way to the bank - and that goes for both sides of the divide). Notes ♫
  3. Guitar is my 7th instrument. I'm adequate at it, but I'll never be a Jeff Beck on this instrument. I don't suppose I have that many years left, besides, my main voice is sax/wind synth. But if I could rip like Beck, or Hendrix, or Kath, I'd get a "Hello Kitty" guitar and put better pickups in it, because I think the contrast would be amusing. Notes ♫
  4. Thanks everyone for your explanations. This just made me more curious, 4 theories follow: https://www.stillkickinmusic.com/blogs/still-kickin-blog/tv-yellow-whered-it-come-from https://guitarriego.com/en-us/guitar/tv-yellow-history-and-myths-of-a-classic-color-of-gibson/ I had electronics in school, and I do know that the old color TV sets that had a picture tube mixed 3 colors to make all the others. Red, Blue and Green (not Yellow). I'm sure this has nothing to do with it, but I find it interesting that in the TV set, there was no TV Yellow. There is a LP Special at Sweetwater https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/LPSPTVNH--gibson-les-paul-special-tv-yellow in TV yellow that has P90 pickups. I think the yellow is OK, but I absolutely love P90 pickups. I played a P90 pickup exclusively for about a year, and after that, everything else just sounds dull. Notes ♫
  5. Not everybody in this nation is barbarous, but the personality of the nation as a whole, from our elected leaders, to the political "news" pundits, to social media posters, and on and on and on, the personality as a whole is barbarian. And as long as we keep fighting among ourselves the real leaders of this country, the plutocrats know we will be so busy fighting among ourselves that we won't stand up to them, and while our standard of living creeps lower and lower, they are laughing all the way to the bank. We need to start being tolerant of people with opposing viewpoints, we need to turn off political hate-and-fear media, and we need to re-learn the art of compromise, which kept our country on an even keel for over 200 years. However, I don't see that change coming just yet. Perhaps in the future, we will learn we can't control the robber-barons by fighting each other. Insights and incites by Notes ♫
  6. Why is it called TV Yellow anyway? That one has always puzzled me. Notes ♫
  7. Although they continued to occasionally release good songs after Brian Jones left us, I think their music was consistently better when he was part of the mix. I don't know if Brian was a major contributor or if they just got burned out, In this age of COVID variants, I'm neither going to gig indoors nor a crowded outdoor venue. I'm definitely not going to attend an indoor or crowded outdoor event either. I've read too much about even mild cases causing brain, lung, heart and other organ damage. My brother-in-law doctor who is both world-famous among other doctors and on the front-line confirms this. If I get lung damage, there goes my sax/flute/windsynth/vocal capacity. Plus I lost enough brain cells in the 60s and 70s, I don't need to lose any more. 😄 There is no Ctrl+Z or Cmd=Z on the event where you might get the bug. I have no desire to see The Stones, but I wish I could have jammed with them back when they were at their peak. Insights and incites by Notes ♫
  8. HNGD!!! It's beautiful. I've always thought the jazzmaster was a very attractive guitar, and yours looks stellar.
  9. "She's A Rainbow" - Rolling Stones Notes ♫
  10. It's a shame we in the USA have degenerated from a reasonably civilized nation to a barbarian one. In a civilized country we actually like being nice to one another. I blame FOX and right plus MSNBC and left for manipulating the population with the tried and true methods of fear and anger. A divided nation is easy to rule, and while we are fighting among ourselves, the plutocrats are laughing all the way to the bank. I see the problem, but don't know how to fix it. The guy's proper response would have been to apologize and move to his side of the line. That would have been the civilized way to act. Insights and incites by Notes ♫
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