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  1. "Everybody's Everything" - Santana Notes
  2. "Where Everybody Knows Your Name (theme song from Cheers)" - Gary Portnoy Notes
  3. I'm happy for you. Keep on gigging. I'll be joining you this fall (our season is winter). Notes
  4. "Hooray for Hollywood" - originally sung by Johnnie Davis and Frances Langford, accompanied by Benny Goodman and his orchestra. I like the Richie Cole jazz take on the song. Notes
  5. You are so correct. You can look at your family members and see what propensities you may have inherited, but that is only a clue (no guarantees). You can try things out on yourself and monitor the results. Again, no guarantee. You can research reputable sources, and their advice might work for you or not (no guarantee). Or you can ignore all the advice, and you may get lucky or not (no guarantee). I'm doing extremely well so far in the health department, but a meteorite may fall from the heavens and take me out tomorrow. If so, I could have enjoyed all those doughnuts
  6. "Tender Is The Night" - Tony Bennett Notes
  7. When I was touring the country and ended up as an opening act for Motown artists, everybody used to call it "Pop". In the east, it was "Soda". In some parts of the south, it's "Soda Pop". Whatever you call it, I don't drink it at all. There is more than one 'right' way to go through life, and for me, a very low carbohydrate count is the only thing that keeps me from being obese. One thing I know for sure, obesity isn't healthy, it killed both of my parents way too soon. I don't drink milk, too much sugar (lactose) and if I did, I would make sure the cows weren't treated with rBG
  8. I admire folks who are good enough to be a solo act
  9. My former wife was a nurse, but I won't hold that against any of the others 😉
  10. "Mustang Sally" - Sir Mack Rice (and covers) Notes
  11. Unfortunately, due to (IMO) overpopulation and capitalism run amok, we are all lab rats in a factory food experiment. I try to minimize the ultra-processed foods that I eat. Of course, eliminating them is impossible. 100% Florida grass-fed beef, organic produce, no GMOs (I don't mind genetically modifying as much as I do the tons of cancer causing glyphosate herbicides sprayed on them), and for my own personal health challenges, very low carbohydrate count. That's why I avoid Coke and Pepsi. One can or bottle far exceeds the number of carbs I can eat in a day without gaining wei
  12. I avoid corn-fed beef, too. I prefer 100% grass-fed. And I get it from local, Florida ranchers. It's healthier and tastes better to me. The corn isn't good for the cows, but then after the fattening I guess that doesn't matter. What does matter is that it changes the nutrient balance of the meat for the worse. Notes
  13. "Just Another Day In Paradise" - Bertie Higgins Notes
  14. We played a few gigs at retirement developments for people gong back 'up north' for the summer. We have gigs booked for next tourist season, including a once-a-week between lunch and dinner (13th season). Since gigging is my primary occupation, the return of gigs is welcome! Notes
  15. "A Foggy Day In London Town" - George and Ira Gershwin Notes
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