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  1. Because You Are a Woman - Brett Dennen
  2. Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy) ยท Big & Rich
  3. "My God" - Jethro Tull (the studio cut has IMO one of Ian's best flute solos)
  4. Brucebubs I took a vacation in Australia in 2018 - 5 weeks in a camper van from Brisbane to Cape Trib to Dawin to Kangroo Island to Sydney and I recognize much of what you are posting. It was a beautiful vacation, and although the wildlife and scenery were both beautiful, the best part was the Australian people. They were frenziedly, cheerful, and welcoming.
  5. I was typing that and you posted before I finished ๐Ÿ˜„ so,,, How Long - Ace
  6. I like 25.5 scale better. I like to play high a lot and my fingers must be fat or my technique in need of improvement ;) so it's much easier with the longer scale. I don't like Fenders because they tend to have a shorter radius. I have no trouble with barre chords, and I like to bend strings a lot so a 14" radius is perfect for me. My compromise is my custom shop Parker Dragonfly/Maxxfly DF522NN (NN for Notes Norton). The pickups are Duncan P-Rails with triple shot rings. They give me very good P90 tones, decent rail tones and very good series or parallel humbucker tones. Plus there is a pizeo under the bridge so I can blend it with the magnetic pickups. It's a 'swiss army knife' of guitars. I've posted this picture before. It's my gigging guitar. At least 90% of the time I use the P90 setting. It's a little brighter than an soap bar but close enough for rock and roll. BTW, how much do your hawks weigh? Insights and incites by Notes
  7. "Time Is On My Side" - Kai Winding (and covers)
  8. Saltie. Taken in Australia on our 2018 vacation. I used a zoom lens, as these crocs grow to 20 feet long, over a ton in wight, and a human to them is just an appetizer.
  9. My bad. Probably the only picture I don't have in the pix folder. It was from a long time ago, when I was new at being a "webmaster". BTW, I really like your Hawks. It's one guitar I'd really like to try but they don't make them anymore.
  10. My first guitar was a used GIbson ES-330 Years later, not wanting to play outdoor gigs with it I bought an Epiphone Casino http://www.nortonmusic.com/pix/GuitarCousins2.JPG For some reason it won't let me insert the image. ;(
  11. I took this one in Rexford Idaho a few years ago. It was the first total eclipse I've ever seen and it was great!
  12. Berry Gordy (When I worked for Motown, I thought his name was Barry and the folks from Michigan just had a funny accent)
  13. A young alligator - it almost looks like it's smiling. Say cheese. I took this in the Rich Grissom Memorial Wetlands in Viera FL.
  14. Hurts So Bad - Little Anthony & The Imperials
  15. We spent 5 weeks in Australia in a class B camper van. We saw every animal we wanted and planned our trip to do that. Platypus and Cassowary were two that needed the most planning and the most luck. We were lucky. Yes, they can kill you. They have strong legs and a sharp middle to that can gut you with one kick. They recommend you put a tree between you and the bird. We were in a van, I hung out the window and took about a dozen shots. That was the only keeper. Here is a bird from the USA - Everglades National Park. Roseate Spoonbill
  16. While on vacation in Australia in 2018 this Cassowary came out of the gum forest and crossed the road right in front of us.
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