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  1. I have to weigh in on this. Though in storage (my closet), I did keep it humidified at all times. I am not a monster. At one time I had seven acoustic in my closet. I would regularly check the humidity situation. I had a digital hydrometer in each case. I am down to 4 guitars now and this is the only one that suffered any damage.
  2. Nick, RB said to fix it "for" myself. Don't worry, something like this I would not attempt on my own. 40 years, she ain't heading to a chipper. It was in perfect condition before this. Not a mark on her. I was in the process of thinning the herd. I was planning on keeping only two guitars. My three finalists were the this guitar, my maple J-45 and a Guild D-55. This might have made the decision for me. Just wondering, if I do sell it, how would I make out better: selling it as is or paying for the repair (if no warranty repair is possible) and selling that way? But, once again, all has to wait until things get back to "normal".
  3. I am the original owner. Any chance this can get repaired under warranty? I know I'll have to wait until things get back to normal. But, if it's not a warranty issue, I don't know if I should have it repaired or sell it as is.
  4. Well, I just put the strongest lens in my loupe and tuned the guitar 1/2 step up. The crack definitely opened up. Only a hair and not visible to the naked eye, but I saw bare mahogany. Now, I'm really depressed. Wish me luck with the maple one.
  5. When I took all the tension off the strings, I saw no movement and it felt exactly the same. I looked at it with a jeweler's loupe and to my (untrained) eye it looks like finish only. But, I'm not taking any chances.
  6. Yeah, I will have it checked out after this madness is over. Time to breakout my maple J-45. With my luck, lately, I'm afraid to do it.
  7. Since I'm under self-imposed lock-down due to the current global situation, I decided to start playing again (it's been about twelve years). I took out my 1999 J-45 Rosewood that was stored with the strings tuned a full step down. I put new strings on it two days ago and started playing. Today, when I started to play I noticed this: I guarantee the guitar was never dropped (in or out of the case). So what do you guys and gals think? Do I have problems?
  8. My '99 J-45 Rosewood has a factory installed Fishman. If I were to remove it, the only evidence would be the end pin jack and a small hole under the saddle.
  9. They got me a bulimic stripper for my last birthday party. The cake popped out of her.
  10. I had a 1994 J-45 Western that had the banner logo and stock green keystone tuners (which I happen to like). Also, the pickguard covered the rosette. I bought it new, sight unseen. It had a couple of sags in the nitro finish. I played it a lot, but it never did anything for me. It's been long gone.
  11. This is a quote from the owner's manual for my 1960 Volvo. "Wash a new car often since this hardens the surface finish." So, I guess back in the day, the answer to your question was: yes.
  12. If the guitar is very new, I would give the finish some more time to cure.
  13. My first was a Framus 12 string that couldn't handle 12 strings anymore, so it was strung with six. It was given to me by my older sister's boyfriend. The action was so bad that it could have been used for archery.
  14. On one of my Gibsons the finish was "blistering" right in front of the bridge. I called Bozman just to ask what they thought caused it to happen. The person I spoke to (name long forgotten) told me he was most likely the guy who sprayed the finish. He couldn't tell me what caused the problem, but he offered to refinish the top for me. I asked him how they would strip just the top. He said by using a heat lamp. That's what gave me the idea of stripping my Guild top with a hair dryer. I don't know how your gold top's finish survived. BTW: I didn't take him up on the offer.
  15. I lifted the entire nitro finish off the top of a Guild (purposely) using just a hair dryer. Peeled up like a bad sunburn. So, I'd be careful with the heat.
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