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  1. Not to go off topic, but Anne is right about the weight. I traded my D-55 for a '94 J-45 Hog. When I lifted the J-45 out of it's case, I couldn't believe how light it was. I know this is a Gibson forum, but the D-55 for the J-45 was a huge mistake on my part.
  2. 1980 was considered a good year for Guild. You might want to try one out. I had an '80 D-55 that was the only guitar I'm sorry I let go.
  3. Though I rarely post on this forum, anymore. And don't play much anymore. I decided to share this one. People think my name comes from my true passion, bicycling. But, it doesn't. When I was working a four to midnight tour at a job I hated (did a 33 year sentence). I would get home and to unwind, I would get in my '63 Volvo and do what I called "bashing gears". The guys at work knew about this and would ask if I did any "gearbashing" the night before.
  4. Doesn't she know: the drummers get all the chicks.
  5. https://www.gibson.com/Support/Repair-and-Restoration/How-We-Do-It.aspx
  6. Just curious...What model is typed on the label? And, is there any sort of custom shop decal on the back of the headstock? Edit: BTW...she's lovely. 2nd edit: After reading your post I saw: "Model name: J-180 (Custom Shop)". I guess that's what's on the label.
  7. If you do get a new case, remember to keep the original. I owned a '57 ES-125 with the original "chipboard" case and I bought a new hard shell for it. When I sold the guitar, the shop wanted the original case and not the new one.
  8. I don't know if this is considered a name. When I bought my '60 Volvo, it was painted like a Cleveland Browns' football helmet and it had "GO BROWNS" painted on the sides. When I restored it, I painted it blue. But, my friends, my family and I still call it "The Brownsmobile"
  9. Nancy Cindy Amy Billie Aggie Shirley Julie Janet Christine III* *Christine I and II were sold (they were all Guild D55s) All were named after people I've known.
  10. Everyone can wear a G-string.
  11. If it makes you feel better, I consider your label more grammatically correct.
  12. The one time I took a guitar on a plane, I was flying from NYC to Oklahoma City, The guitar in question was an ES-335. I had a window seat and was watching them load the luggage into the cargo hold. I see my guitar and one of the baggage handlers put it on the side as they loaded all the luggage. My first thought was: "I'm not letting this plane leave without my guitar!" After everything was loaded, they sent my guitar in last. I guess I was lucky and had some conscientious workers.
  13. What year is it? Here is a '99 that was sold by Elderly. Also, very plain. https://www.elderly.com/gibson-j100-xtra-1999.htm If I recall correctly, they used sycamore on the 100s for a year or two ('89-'90?).
  14. It's not every day that someone requests the size of my orifices. So how can I not comply? '06 J 45 Flamed Maple 4" with 3/8" low E height at the front of the sound hole. "99 J 45 Rosewood 4" with 5/16" height Guild D 55 4 1/8" with 3/8" height
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