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  1. On the subject of Kermit the Frog, when my niece was 4 or 5 years old she heard "Going Up the Country" by Canned Heat and thought Kermit was singing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eQMA_noRYQ
  2. Since this is resurrected, here's wily's list: 1.GIbson J-45 Classic 2.GIbson J-45 Modern 3.GIbson J-45 Custom 4.GIbson J-45 True Vintage 5.GIbson J-45 Pro 6.GIbson J-45 Artist 7.GIbson J-45 New Vintage 8.GIbson J-45 American 9.GIbson J-45 Legend 10.GIbson J-45 Studio 11.GIbson J-45 Pre-war 12. GIbson J-45 Deluxe 13. GIbson J-45 Limited 14. GIbson J-45 Mahogany top 15. GIbson J-45 Studio reissue 16. GIbson J-45 Custom Koa 17. GIbson J-45 Custom Maple 18. GIbson J-45 Custom Rosewood 19. GIbson J-45 Long scale 20. GIbson J-45 Antique Natural 21. GIbson J-45 LTD 1960'S J-45 ,Ebony Black 22. GIbson J-45 LTD 1968 J-45 ,Cherry Red Finish 23. Gibson J-45 - Wine Red 24. Gibson J-45 - Vintage Sunburst 25.Gibson J-45 Cobraburst 26. Gibson J-45 Amberburst 27. Gibson J-45 Red Spruce Sunsetburst 28. Gibson J-45 Historic collection 29. Gibson Brad Paisley Signature J-45 30. Gibson John Hiatt Signature J-45 31. Gibson J-45 Celebrity 32. Gibson J-45 Reissue 33. Gibson J-45 Dwight Yoakam Honky Tonk Deuce 34. Gibson J-45 Custom Vine Rosewood 35. Gibson J-45 Reissue Historic 36. Gibson J-45 V.O.S. 37. Gibson J-45 Pure voice 38. Gibson J-45 Koa Maui Wowie 39. Gibson Standard CST J45 Madagascar Rosewood 40. Gibson J-45 Western 41. Gibson J-45 Modern Classic 42. Gibson J-45 Gold top 43. Gibson J-45 Brazilian 44. Gibson J-45 Flamed Maple LTD 45. Gibson J-45 Mystic Rosewood 46. Gibson Kazuyoshi Saito signature J-45 47. Gibson J-45 Banner WWII 48. Gibson J-45 Iced Tea 49. Gibson J-45 Wine Red 50. Gibson J-45 Flamed Maple 51. Gibson J-45 Custom Mystic Rosewood 52. Gibson J-45 Deluxe Lefty 53. Gibson J-45 Vine Koa 54. Gibson J-45 1960's Ebony 55. Gibson J-45 1960's Ebony Lyric 56. Gibson J-45 Wine Red 57. Gibson J-45 Standard 58. Gibson J-45 Vine 59. Gibson J-45 Limited Edition Pelham Blue 60. Gibson J-45 Modern Classic 61. Gibson J-45 Rosewood 62. Gibson J-45 "J-45" 63. Gibson J-45 1942 64. Gibson J-45 Koa Elite 65. Gibson J-45 1963 Limited Edition 66. Gibson J-45 Limited Edition Navy Blue 67. Gibson J-45 Working Man 68. Gibson J-45 Antique Natural Mahogany Top Limited Edition 69. Gibson J-45 Standard Cherry 70. Gibson J-45 Donovan 1965 71. Gibson J-45 Brown Top 72. Gibson J-45 Ltd. White 73. Gibson J-45 Zebra Wood 74. Gibson J-45 Early 75. Gibson J-45 Buddy Holly 76. Gibson J-45 Mellow Yellow 77. Gibson J-45 '65 Natural Top 78. Gibson J-45 Masterbuilt 79. Gibson J-45 Quilt You can add the SJ-45 Deluxe (which was a J-45) and the Big Leaf Maple.
  3. The only problem with this strategy is: they're gonna sell it all for what you told them you paid for them.
  4. Here's another one (sold) that was stamped on the same day as mine. Only two digits off. https://www.vintageandrare.com/product/Gibson-J45-Flamed-Maple-Limited-Edition-2006-68599#prettyPhoto Again ebony board and bridge. Mine's rosewood.
  5. It's a 2006. The label says J-45 Custom Flame LTD. Here's one that sold recently: https://loviesguitars.com/product/rare-gibson-j-45-custom-shop-flamed-maple-limited-1-of-40-2006-vintage-natural-ohsc/ They claim it's 1 of 40. Of course it has ebony board and bridge. According to the serial #, mine was stamped two days after this one.
  6. Nice story about the SJ200. The maple J45 is a Flamed Maple LTD. I don't know how many were made. I've seen 4 others on-line (I believe another member here has one). All of the other ones I've seen have ebony boards and bridges. Mine's rosewood.
  7. I haven't been playing much. I was spending more time humidifying than playing. The Martin D-60 and the Gibson SJ-45 Deluxe were the hardest to part with. They were just too pretty. I'll be selling my house soon and downsizing. I want to move as little stuff as possible, even though I'm staying in the local area. I was going to keep what I considered the three best sounding guitars, but my J-45 Rosewood developed a crack at the head stock, so off it went.
  8. Well, I shipped out my last "culled" guitar, today: I went from this:
  9. https://musicvilla.com/collections/gibson-acoustics/products/gibson-j-45-studio-walnut-0034 *This particular guitar has upgraded Parallelogram fingerboard inlays!
  10. I have a J-45 Flamed Maple LTD with a rosewood bridge and fingerboard. All the others I've seen have ebony. You would think a limited run would be consistent. I like my "oddball".
  11. I had a '57 ES-125 with the original case that looked a lot like your case. I bought a hard shell case for and kept the original. When I sold the guitar to a local shop, I asked them which case they wanted. They took the original.
  12. I have to weigh in on this. Though in storage (my closet), I did keep it humidified at all times. I am not a monster. At one time I had seven acoustic in my closet. I would regularly check the humidity situation. I had a digital hydrometer in each case. I am down to 4 guitars now and this is the only one that suffered any damage.
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