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  1. This is a quote from the owner's manual for my 1960 Volvo. "Wash a new car often since this hardens the surface finish." So, I guess back in the day, the answer to your question was: yes.
  2. If the guitar is very new, I would give the finish some more time to cure.
  3. My first was a Framus 12 string that couldn't handle 12 strings anymore, so it was strung with six. It was given to me by my older sister's boyfriend. The action was so bad that it could have been used for archery.
  4. On one of my Gibsons the finish was "blistering" right in front of the bridge. I called Bozman just to ask what they thought caused it to happen. The person I spoke to (name long forgotten) told me he was most likely the guy who sprayed the finish. He couldn't tell me what caused the problem, but he offered to refinish the top for me. I asked him how they would strip just the top. He said by using a heat lamp. That's what gave me the idea of stripping my Guild top with a hair dryer. I don't know how your gold top's finish survived. BTW: I didn't take him up on the offer.
  5. I lifted the entire nitro finish off the top of a Guild (purposely) using just a hair dryer. Peeled up like a bad sunburn. So, I'd be careful with the heat.
  6. They're a little pricey. But, still the least expensive wallets on their site. https://bosca.com/guitar-pick-wallet-5053.html https://bosca.com/guitar-pick-wallet.html
  7. ....what do you think? And, just like our favorite guitars, it's handmade in the U.S.A.
  8. Here's a photo of The Byrds at the Ryman Auditorium in 1968. Check out Gram Parsons' Dove. Set up like a J-160e. Was it a standard model? Custom? I never saw one before. And, after seeing this photo, I've searched and can't come up with another.
  9. I watch music videos with my 10 year-old niece and she played, of all people, Roger Miller. So that got me listening to "Me and Bobby McGee". Went from his version to Kris Kistofferson's. Of course, Janis' was my favorite. Then I heard this one by Pink. I have a new favorite, now. Gibson included. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwmUMvhy-lY
  10. Not to go off topic, but Anne is right about the weight. I traded my D-55 for a '94 J-45 Hog. When I lifted the J-45 out of it's case, I couldn't believe how light it was. I know this is a Gibson forum, but the D-55 for the J-45 was a huge mistake on my part.
  11. 1980 was considered a good year for Guild. You might want to try one out. I had an '80 D-55 that was the only guitar I'm sorry I let go.
  12. Though I rarely post on this forum, anymore. And don't play much anymore. I decided to share this one. People think my name comes from my true passion, bicycling. But, it doesn't. When I was working a four to midnight tour at a job I hated (did a 33 year sentence). I would get home and to unwind, I would get in my '63 Volvo and do what I called "bashing gears". The guys at work knew about this and would ask if I did any "gearbashing" the night before.
  13. Doesn't she know: the drummers get all the chicks.
  14. https://www.gibson.com/Support/Repair-and-Restoration/How-We-Do-It.aspx
  15. Just curious...What model is typed on the label? And, is there any sort of custom shop decal on the back of the headstock? Edit: BTW...she's lovely. 2nd edit: After reading your post I saw: "Model name: J-180 (Custom Shop)". I guess that's what's on the label.
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