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  1. Just realized this is an obscure reference that could be taken the wrong way. I forget which comedian it was, but someone referred to humans as "house apes". We are all "house apes".
  2. Bad lighting Bad angles with lots of reflections Fairly low resolution Reflection of a house ape in the second shot
  3. Can't find a pic of a Gibson SG Standard where the pickguard sits like this: They all look like this. 🤔
  4. Hard to tell what's going on with that guitar because the pics are trash. Looks like some mint condition scratches. And mint condition oxidation. Again, hard to tell as the photos were apparently taken using a potato.
  5. Pretty sure personal ads are not welcome on the Gibson forum. Was it repainted? Doesn't look "mint" to my untrained eye.
  6. It could be the forum, I've been getting timeouts and lag from this forum the last couple of weeks.
  7. Fender: -The company that mislabeled their tremolo effect as 'vibrato'. -The company that made a guitar called 'Mustang' and then made and amp and called it .... 'Mustang'
  8. True but if you already have vertigo, it can make the symptoms worse.
  9. Wow that stuff is truly evil. What a shame.
  10. Just replace the coffee with cocaine - problem solved. 😂
  11. Knock, knock Who's there? Gibson forum Gibson forum who?
  12. Neil Young can kiss my red-white-and-blue azz. I thought I heard him singing a couple of houses down from me once but it turns out one of my neighbors accidentally stepped on his cats tail.
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