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  1. He wasn't overly technical on any track. He played to support the vocal line. His playing would have been out of place in a band like Rush, just like Peart would have been out of place in the Beatles. "Put away the rototoms Neil, this is 'Love Me Do'.
  2. Trump ordered all flags to be flown at half-staff in response to Lewis's death. Yeah he probably should have attended the service too. GW Bush was one of the speakers. Seems like GW has become a loveable character following his presidency. I love that he and Michelle Obama are low-key BFFs. It's not much but it's a start. Oh and Ringo - absolutely a top shelf drummer.
  3. This one falls under 'hard to listen to'. I wouldn't exactly say the guitar is out of tune - but it seems like they went with "close enough for rock & roll".
  4. All beautiful specimens. I've become obsessed with Telecasters lately, although I've never owned one. That cigar box guitar looks amazing. I gave one of my electrics to my daughter, so I have just 2 electrics along with a Martin 6 string acoustic and an old Yamaha 12 string acoustic. Those along with a Fender MIM Jazz bass keep me plenty happy.
  5. Yeh, the video link should take you to 3:30 right before that part. I haven't listened to that one in a long time. The vocal track is so great. A lot of vocalists wouldn't have been able to pull that off. Her name is Clare Torry and she performed with Pink Floyd at Knebworth (1990). She fits with the topic - can't understand a single word she sang. 😄
  6. I like how Epiphones come with a 'not garbage' sticker just in case. 😄
  7. Rob Halford proving in court that "backwards lyrics" are often an accidental combination of sounds. They must have listened to their entire catalog backwards to find this gem: "I asked for a peppermint. I asked for her to get one".
  8. Female voice: "I never said I was frightened of dying"
  9. Repeat this a few times: "Rise up lights" "Rise up lights" "Rise up lights" Congratulations, now you know how to say "razor blades" with an Australian accent.
  10. On "Third Stone From the Sun" (Hendrix) there are some hard to hear vocals in the beginning (a conversation between two space ships): "Star fleet to scout ship, please give your position. Over. I'm in orbit around the third planet from the star known as 'Sun'. Over. You must mean Earth? Over. Positive. It is known to have some form of intelligent species. Over. I think we should take a look." There is also this poetry that is repeated under the main guitar solo but with the speed slowed down significantly: "Strange beautiful grass of green, With your majestic silver seas Your mysterious mountains I wish to see closer May I land my kinky machine?" I would post a YouTube video but it appears someone has clamped down hard on that copyright.
  11. Let's see, if you were born in 1947, then you were 22 in 1969. I assume you weren't one of these "stupid college-age kids who needed to pull their heads our of their butts, wipe the crap out of their eyes" and realize they weren't changing the world - just the potency of marijuana. 😂
  12. What has 15 actors, 4 settings, 2 writers and 1 plot? 632 Hallmark Christmas movies
  13. Pretty sure Sinatra was incapable of singing out of key.
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