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  1. Speaking of "No Doubt" .... 😃
  2. I'd be surprised if you never heard this one. Big radio hit in the US.
  3. Same - I'm in New York (Hudson Valley).
  4. Out of curiosity, I checked. Was hoping it was just rebranded. Turns out they were owned by General Foods. General Foods merged with Kraft and Kraft already had Maxwell House which was more popular so Brim was sidelined for 15 years. River West stepped in and snatched it up in 2007. I don't know what happened after that, it was supposed to make a comeback so maybe it's just not available in our areas yet.
  5. Oh wow, u forgot about Brim. Good marketing, I wonder what happened to them:
  6. I heard it on the radio yesterday. I used to be really into Iron Maiden - before I started playing guitar. A few years ago, I re-purchased the 3 classic albums on CDs (from bargain bins). Listened to them a few times but I just feel like I've "grown up" too much musically. They brought back some good memories but I can't listen to it seriously anymore. My take on this new single: 1. The formula still works. As far as songwriting, I would say this is pretty good. It does sound like it could have been on "Book of Souls". 2. Bruce's vocals sound pretty tired. Those high notes don't sound effortless anymore. But he's sounding better than a lot of other vocalists in his age group (Dickinson is 62). Overall, good for them. I hope they sell some records and make some cash.
  7. I go to the store and buy a lb. of ham wrapped in plastic, a loaf of bread in a plastic bag, a gallon of milk in a plastic jug, a salad in a plastic container and ketchup in a plastic bottle, but I can't get a plastic bag to carry it home in because plastic is bad for the environment. 🙄
  8. Nice! There was a time when CCR was the biggest band in the US. If anyone is interested, John Fogerty is on TikTok and still rockin'. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMdpfCxHT/
  9. 👆 Very true and they're both obviously excellent designs.
  10. Sounds like a killer rig. 👍 Still gotta get me a Tele'.
  11. The Pink Panther meets Timothy Leary. Digit man, digit man. Oops, I mean dig it man, dig it man.
  12. Monica Lewinsky drops off her dress at the dry cleaners The lady behind the counter says, "Come Again!" Monica says, "No, it's toothpaste this time."
  13. 😆 yeah "Kids in the Hall" was a Canadian sketch comedy troupe in the 80s.
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