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  1. I'm a huge Fan of these Guitars.. Probably my favorite of all my Guitars.. These are fantastic Guitars. Congrat's on yours & to you for having the fun of making it your own! I have the Sunburst Epi 50th Anniv. 1961 Re-Issue with Trem-O-Tone, an Epi Peerless Sunburst Casino with Bigsby like George & Paul's. I also have an Epi IBJL Revolution which is accurate Spec wise including the Matte Natural Finish... Do you have plans to do that onyours?? Enjoy!
  2. I did get the Memphis Blacktop with NHS HB's & Bigsby & it's agreat Guitar.. I like it a lot! I wanted to get get the Goldtop with P90's & Bigsby but they were discontinued a couple years ago.. They are very scarce in the Used Market & seem to sell, equipped like in the Title, quick.. Is there any chance Gibson will be re-issuing them in the near future??? Does anyone know???
  3. I used to have the Insructions.. Thought they were in the Case but they're not? I looked for this on the Web & saw those confused YouTubes? Thanks,
  4. Is there an instruction video or manual? I want restring my Firebird. Thanks
  5. That is a rare ES335 at 7 1/2 Lbs. You might think about buying it... I would if I didn't have one already... I've never seen one at 8 Lbs. The Blue ones looks reminded me of the Ltd. Edition Epiphone Gary Clark Jr. Blak n Blu Casino.... Which was a very good Guitar... They were Hollow Body's. Most weighed about 7 - 7 1/2 Lbs. So that ES335 is exceptionally light.... In any case I loved my ES345 & should've kept it... I'd still have bought an ES335 too.... Eventually! Great Guitars! So versatile!!! Good luck with yours, L
  6. How much does it weigh? 8 1/2 lbs. would be considered light for an ES335.. 9-10 Lbs. & even a bit more would be in the normal range.. My old ES345 weighed about the same as my current ES335. About 9 Lbs... About the same as my Les Paul Std.... One of the reasons I have Epi Casinos & a Memphis ES Les Paul with Bigsby... All are under 8 Lbs... L
  7. Sounds like more than a Set up issue.. If you don't like it & you just bought it, exchange it for another.. If you don't like the next one exchange it too. Keep doing until you find the one that's perfect for you.... Occasionally, I've had to do that with Guitars that aren't regularly found in Stores these days... It might have taken a 2nd, 3rd or even a 4th on one occasion. But, it worked. I want only good Mojo from my Guitars from day one...... Good luck, L
  8. I agree.. I used to have all my Guitars Set up by a Pro... But, sometimes adjustments were needed right now. I decided to buy the Tools & Learned to do it myself... Factory Specs for most Guitars are available online or came with your Guitar when you bought it new. You Tube was my Teacher... Tons of great Videos... All I can say is I'm glad I learned how to do it & if I can do it anyone can....... L
  9. So maybe like Dr. Epiphone? I own several Epi's. But, he had no influence in any of my purchases...
  10. Great looking Guitar! Great Pic too! Nothing like playing an Acoustic in the Woods! Inspiration lives there....... L
  11. I have nothing against this Person at all. I'm hoping the new Gibson isn't throwing money at something that isn't an issue. Creating Titles & jobs with no real Job description for Buds that don't really do anything... Gibson's main goal right now should be to get the new Products they've been hyping into Stores. The Bread & Butter Guitars. Especially the attractive Priced stuff we've been hearing about for the part few months & were previewed at Winter NAMM 2018... With attention to Quality Control being first & foremost..... I would like to see Gibsons Part Dep't expand... Making hard to get items more readily available at competitive prices... Example, Gibson USA Nickel Plated Dogear P90's.... I bet a lot of you have something you could add to the list... This is a great opportunity for Gibson... I hope they take it serious... L
  12. I'd like to add a Mint Gibson Memphis ES Les Paul Goldtop with P90's & a Bigsby to the Family...... L
  13. Being in the Army & in Vietnam I never wore any kind of ear protection firing Weapons. Exposure to explosions happened frequently. There was no ear protection.. Of course I listened to music at loud levels... We all did.. No ear protection for that either... I developed Tinnitus... Tried Hearing Aids but the constant Ringing in my ears just got louder.... I quit using almost immediately. Anyone else have this problem? What did you do? I do a lot of recording & mixing & wear Headphones a lot. How do you wear Hearing Aids & use Head Phones? L
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