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  1. I would absolutely expect it to be miles apart better than the the Peerless & IBJL’s... I’m curious how it compares to the Terada built Casino’s.. Those are incredibly good Guitars.. And very accurate Vintage Reissues.. I’ve had mine on order for over a year. Im not sure what I’m going to do now?
  2. I’ve had a Royal Tan on order from Sweetwater for more than a year.. But, now, with all the negative out there regarding how incorrect they are I’m beginning to wonder? I’m waiting to hear from Epiphone as to why just about every spec on these Guitars are inconsistent with any vintage Casino? Including the backwards Inlays? The list is long & is posted on many Forums including this one....
  3. Joe Walsh has some good You Tube on how he sets up his Guitars...... Part 1
  4. While I’ve heard that said, I’ve never heard a Guitar with a bad 57-59 PAF Humbucker Original Vintage Pickup. I have played & even owned some modern Guitars with so called Reissue or Tribute or whatever Vintage Correct PAF’s that sound nothing like the Originals... I’m sure there are exceptions given those Guitars are from 60 years ago & could be the result of poor care or any number of things..... Asian P90’s sound nothing like USA Gibson, Fralin, Lollar, Duncan & other high quality P90’s. I own Gibson’s & Epi’s with USA P90’s which sound great... I also own a Peerless Ep
  5. The 2nd best Guitar I ever owned I bought in a Pawn Shop in Wash. D.C. a really long time ago. I was a kid with no money.. I’d almost given up buying an Electric Guitar as I couldn’t afford any of them... As we were leaving the last Pawn Shop I spotted a Neck sticking up behind some stuff back in the corner... I asked, what’s that.. The Storekeeper said, it’s an old Guitar that’s pretty beat up. I asked to check it out.. I had no idea what it was but it played ok. I asked how much? He said, how much do you have? I said, $73.00. He said, that’s exactly how much it is! LOL, naive me.... Turned o
  6. I have some MIC & Korean built Epi Casinos. The Peerless built Korean Guitars are far better built quality than Chinese & Indonesian. The Peerless come close to Terada Japan built Guitars.. What they lack are some of the high quality USA components like USA Pickups & better Bigsby’s.. MIC’s are quite good though......
  7. 335... Forget the others.. You’ll be glad you did...
  8. Tuner, Janglebox, Tube Screamer, Boss Fender 63 Reverb, Boss Delay, Keeley 30 MS Double Tracker.....
  9. Depends on what level of Guitar you bought & where you bought it.. Some higher end Guitars come with great Set ups. Some Sellers do Set ups & some don’t... It all depends... I agree, if it feels right, just play.........
  10. GK’s with Neo Dymium Spkrs. 250 Watts. Weighs about 20 lbs, loud & sounds great! 500 Watts even louder.. Still only 30 lbs aprox... Both are inexpensive..
  11. Unfortunately, Everybody uses the PAF name.. the holy grail Gibson PAF Humbuckers were between 1957 & 1959... Arguably, Some say 1960 & 1961’s.. Everything else is a reissue re-creation trying to duplicate those 57-59’s... If not all, almost all fail.... Most sound nothing like the Originals.. They range from absolutely awful to very close.... Like the Thro Bak’s which even uses the original Gibson Kalamazoo Winding Machines... Hence the wide range of Prices.. Gibson moved from Kalamazoo & they Guys who stayed bought the factory & Gibson Guitar building equipment. T
  12. Rest easy my friend! Arguably, Thro-Bak makes the most authentic PAF type Humbuckers you can buy.. They own & use the original Gibson Kalamazoo Winding machines to produce them.. Very much worth considering if you want, as close as you can get, PAF Sound... Here’s a YouTube of their PAF Machine....
  13. Those 2012’s are awesome.. Apologies... I meant to post one of the new inexpensive reissues like this one here... These are very cool at any price IMO... $449.00 MAP
  14. A set of real vintage Gibson PAF Humbuckers will cost into the Thousands of Dollars... Fralin makes some amazing Pickups for very reasonable $$$. The new Epi Coronet & Wilshire are inexpensive, very cool & sound great Stock! These Guitars List at $399.00 & $499.00... 10-15% off & they're smokin’ Deals!
  15. Heck yeah! Get them to knock off 10-15% & it’s not much more than a pair of good P90’s!
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