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  1. SG’s are usually very light Guitars. Add a Maestro or Bigsby to counter the headstock weight.. It would solve your problem & be a great addition to your SG..
  2. Saw the new Bond movie “No Time To Die” last week. I give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I saw the new Matt Damon, Ben Affleck movie “The Last Duel” yesterday. I give it ⭐️
  3. Yes, that is true… I’m just remembering when I didn’t know how to do much other than change Strings… But, having more Guitars than sense forced me to Learn… LOL! Still there are some things I will prefer 2 of my expert long time Luthier friends to do.. At some point I do want to build an Electric Guitar..
  4. We must be about the same age… The World was traveling at the speed of Sound back then! Every day some amazing new thing was happening! Things that had never been done before! Things that never existed before! Music was traveling at the speed of light!!! New Bands with a new Hit Record every day it seemed like.. New Styles! The most amazing Cars! And on & on & on…. My Band mates & I walked in to a Pawn Shop in Wash. D.C. & I bought my first good Electric Guitar.. I had no idea what I was doing.. It was a mid ‘50’s Les Paul Jr. for $67.00 or $76.00.. What an amazing Guitar! I wish I still had it but sold it to our Lead Guitarist so I could buy a Vox Phantom Guitar which was cool but not as cool as that LP..
  5. It was the 60’s & the times were a changin’. I think The Beatles, John Lennon in particular, meeting Bob Dylan had a huge impact on their shift from Straight Pop to Heavier Music….
  6. The Beatles & The Stones are my two favorite Groups. That said, The Stones we’re mostly a Cover Band on their early Albums.. One their first big Hits was, “I Wanna Be Your Man” by Lennon & Mc Cartney.. Both are incredibly accomplished.. The Beatles were a Genius Pop Group in the beginning.. But, they were marketing to teen age girls… Not Boys. Thankfully they evolved as time went on.. A teen age guy playing those early Bubble Gum Pop Songs in a Rock Band in those early days was definitely the ticket to getting Lucky! Especially if you had long hair! The Stones were the Bad Boys from day one… Parents! Don’t let your daughters near them! The girls went anyway! The Stones Covered tons of Songs. The Beatles not so much… Check out the list… https://gerardslinkert.nl/RS.html
  7. I’ve never seen a Gibson Serial number printed like that?
  8. An average Guitar Player should be able to buy a new USA quality Guitar & be able to play it right out of the box without issues.. It’s known as Set up to Factory Specs.. Most Guitars come with the initials of the factory guy who did the Setup to Factory Specs on a hand written checklist included in the Case Candy as to what they are…. An expert Guitar Player might want it Set up to their perfect particular requirements…. Even though it played pretty darn good out of the box without issues other than being to their desired personal preferred Jeweler like tailored nuances…. I just got a new USA Epiphone Casino.. It played great right out of the box.. I was all set to make adjustments, had it on the bench, tools out & found it was just about perfect.. It was pretty much the same with my Gretsch George Harrison Duo Jet, my Gibson Memphis Blacktop ES Les Paul, my Ric 360 6 string & some of my other Guitars… If one doesn’t have the desire to treat their Customers with respect they’re in the wrong business…. They definitely don’t deserve my Money.. I’ll happily go elsewhere & pass along my Review…
  9. I have a 2013 ES335 that have 57 Classics & I like their sound. I also have an ES Les Paul with MHS Pickups that have a very good approximation of original PAFS. I like the Sound of that one too. I owned a vintage 1959 Gibson ES345 with real PAF’s & nothing sounds like them… Close but not the same…
  10. Does shipping a Guitar from a warmer dry climate to a cooler more humid climate cause neck shrinkage? Hmmmm…… No… There is no law saying a Musician needs to be Luthier or Guitar Repair Tech.. If I buy a new Car I don’t expect that I need to repair anything that’s wrong with it.. Same with a New Refrigerator, Computer or any other New purchase I make.. The same is expected with a Guitar.. People have got to a point where they settle…. A lot of guys buy cheap Indonesian Guitars that are complete POS. Then they justify spending almost as much as the USA version modding it… Nothing wrong with that.. I guess.. But, if it’s brand new, why should you have to… A new Guitar should be in brand new excellent condition & the burden if something isn’t is on the Seller & Manufacturer.. Not the guy who spends his hard earned money expecting a brand new Instrument without any issues that he can plug-in & play…
  11. That’s great, even if it’s the same model.. It’s all new & won’t have any bad karma… You get to create it’s aura……
  12. If a Guitar I own has bad karma it doesn’t inspire to want to play it. I don’t get upset if I sell or trade it.. It can start a new life with someone else who will make great Music with it… There are no shortage of Guitars I’d like to own.. I’m sure I can always find a new or used GREAT Guitar to replace it.. I’m sure you can too.. Best of luck to you…
  13. Marketing is always happening! They Market Guitars every day of the year.. We’re always put in a better Spirit when we see something new & cool.. For me it’s about getting into the Spirit… Marketing for something is always going on… The Price on new Guitars just went up too…….
  14. The Dude shouldn’t be working on Guitars. If he were a Pro & a Class Act it would’ve been done right no matter what he had to do.. Giving it back to you like that NO WAY!!! If I bring a Repair Tech a new Guitar in perfect condition I expect it to be perfect when I pick it up.. If it isn’t we’ll have a serious problem.. I will end up with a perfect Guitar one way or another…
  15. The Dude owes you a new Guitar… Hope you have a full recovery…
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