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  1. If that Firebird is like the non reverse Brian Jones played I want one... After I get the USA Casino...
  2. They are supposed to real for 2020 according to NAMM. Although, they don't appear on Epi Site.. No Specs, Pricing etc.. Other than a couple Pics not much else on these. What are the Specs, where are they going to be built, how much? More Pics... Thanks
  3. That is good News! I want more Specs on the Texan.. Also, what Electronics? I'm very interested in this Guitar. I like my cheapie Inspired by Texan but it isn't in the same league as my 1975 Martin D-35, my '90's Martin 12 String or my 2001 Gibson Bozeman Masterbilt Solid Top J-160E... Any word on USA Casinos?
  4. LOL! Good one.. Gibsons & Epiphones used to be built in Kalamzoo on the same Assembly Line.. Bozeman puts out very high quality Guitars.. I'd bet if they built a Bozeman USA Epi Texan it, no doubt, would be too...
  5. I have the Epi Inspired By Paul Mc Cartney Texan & although it's Asian built it's very good Guitar. It has it's own Sound nicely balanced low to high Freq. Brighter than my Martin & Gibson Acoustics but in a good way. I'm interested in the USA Texan. The Wilshire looks similar to the Guitar Del Shannon played. Are they going to build USA Casinos with Bigsby's? Would love one of those..
  6. The ES 330 has a Different Neck Set also. It seems more like an ES335 but with P90's. My recent Casino's have Gibson USA P90's, Switcraft etc. They're really versatile great Guitars. They rival all my Guitars including my Gibson LP's, Firebird V & ES335.. Although they're really great too..
  7. I have Electric Fenders, Gretsch, Epi's, Gibsons & Ric's. Mini HB's, various HB's, various SC's & P90's. I agree of all my Guitars my Casinos are the most versatile.. They seem to do everything well & with just about any Amp..
  8. I have several Gibsons & Epis with a variety of Pickups from P90's, MHS, HB's & the ones you currently have. I think you can play Jazz successfully with any of them. That said, the P90's can be Bright & Jangly but are very versatile.. The HB's tend to be Warmer..
  9. What does VOS stand for? Vintage Old Stock or Vintage Original Stock or ? I think if you look at 10 different kinds of Guitars claiming to be VOS they will all be different. It seems like a very broad term that can mean a certain thing in one instance & something different in another..
  10. VOS can mean anything a Seller wants it to mean anymore.. From Closet Queen to quite Aged.
  11. I have an recent Memphis ES335 & Memphis Blacktop ES Les Paul with Bigsny.. Both gave MHS Pickups.. I play them thru 65 Fender Princeton Reverb, 65 DRRI & Pro Tube 100 Watt Twin & they sound great in all 3 Amps.. I also play them in my Vox AC15 with Celestion Alnico Blue & upgraded Vox AC10 with Weber Blue & Tung Sols.. Both ES Guitars sound great thru them as well.. I think Humbuckers sound better with the Fender Amps.. Single Coils sound better thru the Vox Amps..
  12. The Beatles 50th Anniv. Abbey Road Box Set.... Listened to the 50th Anniv. Mix last night via Headphones... You can definitely hear things you never heard before but not in a bad way. The new Mix is Steller! I'll be busy listening to the other 3 Albums & reading the Coffee Table Book that came with it... It was something I wanted! I've got too many Guitars & need to sell off a few before I get another.. I'm still waiting for Gibson to reissue the 64 Firebird VII like Brian Jones played & an ES Les Paul Goldtop with P90's & Bigsby.. So there wasn't a current Production Gibson Guitar that I don't already own, want or need... I'm blessed......
  13. They weren't always.. They all start somewhere.. Then, make it happen from there.. If, they got what it takes... The reality is, not many do. But, they & others are proof that it is doable...
  14. That's why you Tour... That & if you're good enough & can build a strong following you can sell CD's, Ball Caps, T Shirts etc.. Unfortunately, most aren't good enough. It's all about Marketing & Promotion. Unfortunately, most aren't good enough at that either.. But, some are really good at both. Just ask Taylor & Mariah about Record Sales........
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