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  1. It's a Time Machine hypothetical. But, If "The Beatles" never happened before who's to say? Music would not be what it is today. Sports would probably be the dominant Entertainment source. The Music Business wouldn't be a big deal.. All the Boys want play Baseball, Football or Basketball & dream of becoming Super Stars.... Doubtfully the high quality of all kinds of Gear for Recording to live performing Gear for larger venues, etc. probably wouldn't exist. No need. Maybe the World has been waiting all this time for Musics Big Bang! Then BOOM! Along come these 4 Cool Cats Writing, Sing, Playing , Performing & doing something so amazing it sets the World on it's A$$!!! Yeah, I could see it......
  2. I'd like both Firebirds Brian Jones played. The Non Reverse & the Reverse.. Both Sunburst with Gold Hardware.. Works of Art! until then I'll play my Reverse Gibson Firebird V...
  3. "For No One" by "The Beatles"... I've never played it until a couple days ago. I play it on me Inspired by Paul Mc Cartney Epi Texan or my Gibson J-160E thru one of my Vox Amps. I sing the Vocal as well. I'm not a Beatle Trib Artist but love singing & playing their Music..
  4. Appraisals are Guidelines. Good to have done by someone like Gruhn. Especially for Insurance sake. Regarding the Market, there is Retail & there is Wholesale. Dealers buy Wholesale. Though, no 2 Guitars are exactly alike. What something is worth is what someone is willing to pay & what someone is willing to accept. Good luck
  5. Gibson, you need to get rid of the Chinese Hackers! They're really annoying!
  6. I got the Allparts Chrome Dogear Covers. I measured them & my Epi Reissue 1961 50th Anniv. Casino with USA P90's. The measurements appear to be the same. Eureka! Next, remove the old Black Plastic Dogear Covers & install the Chrome Covers.. Do the Pickups have to come completely out or will unscrewing the 2 Screws allow me to just remove the Plastic Covers? Thanks, Lars
  7. I can play mine thru PRRI, DRRI, AC15CC1X pretty loud in a Band performance & where I position myself is key to preventing feedback.. Being a !ead Vocalist/Guitarist I usually stand in the same place. But during Solos move around. I'm conscious of where I'm at in relation to my Amp.. I really don't have a lot of problems with feedback anymore...
  8. The Ltd. Run Epi Inspired By John Lennon Casino's were available as a Revolution in a Matte Natural finish & had Gold Grover Tuners. USA Gibson P90's, Swtchcraft upgrades including Input Jack & 3 way Switch. They are very good Guitars...
  9. I have a Firebird V with Steinberg Tuners.. It's the most precise tuned Guitar I've ever played. Its a great sound with the Mini-Humbuckets too.. Cool design too.. Mine isn't noisy either... I'd love to add a Firebird VII like Brian Jones played with The Stones... Enjoy!
  10. After 2 years of looking for new ones I'd be surprised to. But, we'll see.. If not, I'll contact you about yours. Thanks,
  11. They seem to think they're USA Spec. so I ordered a Set. I'll let you know... Thanks
  12. I'll give them a call... Hopefully they are..
  13. Body design is great! 0-60 in 3 seconds. World Class speed. But, why the Plasticky rear end trim & Interior?
  14. I've tried them, Ebay, Reverb & most usual places including Gibson, Fralin, Duncan etc. Nobody carries Gibson USA Spec Chrome Nickel Dogear P90 Covers. At least that I've been able to find... Thanks
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