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  1. I'm so skeptical of phony scam solicitations in the Mail or Online that I haven't opened it.. How do you know when it's not a Scam?
  2. This is certainly a good time to rethink the insane massive Over Production of Crappy Junk from China.. Plenty of it from other Places too. It's a great time to rethink about the USA Producing High Quality, High Class Goods with Superior World Class Excellence QC & Content.. Definitely time America gives the same serious commitment to Treatments for the Flu, Common Cold, Cancer & Alzheimers that we gave to AIDS. This may be our last chance for a World Re-Set. I hope we are paying attention & take advantage of the opportunities to Change..
  3. I buy a lot of Gear. Who you do business does matter.. Not just for the Sale but after the Sale as well.. Some take the time to post Pics of the actual Guitar you're buying, with weight, specs etc. You can see what you're buying. Sweetwater does that.. Others do too.. They do a 50 Pont inspection & a decent Set up.. They also have a Custom Shop for Mods.. I've had Bigsby's with Vibramates added on a couple Guitars & they came out perfect.... Them & Wildwood seem to have the nicest Guitars. I don't know why but they do.. The above, Musiciansfriend, Sam Ash & Guitar Center all have 45 day "no hassle" Return policies. Others listed above do too... Good luck & look forward to seeing & hearing about your new Les Paul!
  4. J-200 is a definite YES! I have a friend who has the nicest sounding one I've ever heard. I'm waiting for him to sell it to me! I have a '65 IBJL Lennon Revolution Casino in Natural, a Peerless '65 in Sunburst Casino with Bigsby & a Sunburst 50th Anniv. RI Casino with Tremotone (like Keith Richards). They are the most versatile Electric Guitars there are IMO.. The answer to that question a Big Triple Yes!
  5. It takes all kinds.. Like other Forums this one has all kinds too......
  6. If you try you'll wanna buy! I've owned most of the above & all are great Guitars.. I've played, fell in love with The J-200's. They are amazing.. One of the best Acoustics ever made. IMO I'd love to try a Vintage '65 Firebird VII with Maestro (Reverse) & a Vintage Firebird VII with Maestro (Non - Reverse) like Brian Jones Played.
  7. Curious? It's a beauty but why a 64? I'd love to see that '59 RI ES335... Wonder how close they got the Pickups to real original PAFS? The great sounding ones..
  8. I've heard nothing about an Epiphone Inspired by Gibson ES335? 335's weren't originally Epiphones though. Casinos & Texan, Yes.. No 335 though?
  9. I hope they're as close as possible to the Originals. Otherwise what's really the point.... Plenty of good Asian versions around the Planet.
  10. I'm not sure I agree that it doesn't work as good. I have no Tuning issues on any of my Guitars. Nut Greaese is good. I'm not knocking it. I'm just offering an additional alternative that costs literally nothing... I use an Exacto knife & shave the Pencil Graphite directly into the slot.. No mess.. Works great.
  11. The Body shape on Firebirds is very cool indeed! Either Reverse or Non Reverse... I love my Gibson Firebird V with Mini Humbuckers as much or more than all my other Electric Guitars because of the unique amazing sound of those Pickups...
  12. Graphite shavings from a Pencil does the same thing & costs literally nothing....
  13. Congrats! Beautiful flame! Enjoy...
  14. Historically older model Guitars get discounted & sometimes even blow put Pricing.. Especially Gibson & Fender as those are the most inventoried..
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