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  1. There are lots of Firebirds out there without cracked Necks you can buy.. Why would you even consider this?
  2. Larsongs


    An ES335 is a Brougham... An ES345 is a D' Elegance.. An ES355 is a Biarritz.. All are outstanding Guitars..
  3. That would be a pass for me.... Mine has Steinberger's which are amazingly accurate Tuners... I've had mine for about 5-6 years with no Neck issues..
  4. I've owned many HB& P90 Gibsons & Epiphones over the years. I still have several. My first was a mid 1950's Les Paul Jr with P90 which was a great sounding Guitar.. Later I got a 1959 ES345 with PAF's.. Amazing Guitar! I own LP's with P90's & several different versions of HB's. I own a Gibson ES335 with 57's & 3 Casinos with P90's. I love the sound of Humbuckers & P90's... Equally.. Both types of Pickups are Great! I feel bad for those who miss out on great Guitars with either type of Pickup....
  5. Who keeps resurrecting these ancient Threads? Aren't there enough people here posting new Threads?
  6. I agree 100% It doesn't take much for the thin layer of Gold Plating to come off.. Cleaning lightly with non abrasive is strongly advised... The same is true with the rest of ypur Guitar. Unless you're trying to remove Scratches or imperfections why use any abrasive?
  7. Ok.. You save $1,000,000.00 over the course of all the years you worked your A$$ off... You want to retire & live Securely off the % Interest, not spend the Principal & avoid the risk of the Stock Market at this Stage of your life? Right? Wrong! What's 0.015% of $1,000,000.00?
  8. It's hard to believe how fast the time has past... Never forget..
  9. Not to be confused with Inspired by Gibson USA Models......
  10. Check The Tube Store.... Choices from good Budget Tubes to Best VOS High End Tubes...
  11. I bought a new Vintage Sunburst Gibson ES335 in 2014.. The Guitar was flawless.. It plays & sounds beautiful... I have several other Gibsons & all are works of Art... I have also owned many Epiphones. Including a Natural Dot.. It was a beauty too.. It was a Pro model & sounded great! I've been very happy with Epiphone & Gibson..
  12. Many budget priced Guitars seem to be well built & can be good Platforms to build on.. Especially if you know exactly what you want..
  13. There are some that are well put together & are finished quite good... At least they appear to be.. But, the Electronics, Pots, Jack, Switches Tuners, Bridge, Nut could be a lot better quality... But hard at that Price.. The biggest Nit I have though, is the Asian Pickups.. Again, these are Price point Guitars.. All the above Dan be Modded to in,prove the quality & Sound.. But, is it worth spending all the Money to do it? IMO it's not. Usually, a lightly Used comparable USA model can be found for a little more money but you'll have a great Guitar that's about as good as it gets..
  14. I like both! I own some of each.. Probably the best Guitars there are...
  15. If you pay for what is advertised as the best there is you are right to expect nothing less.. For those who defend Flaws & Imperfections in Expensive New Guitars, where are you coming from? Have you looked at a new Heritage? They're flawless, sound & play beautifully.. As do Gretsch Pro Series, Deusenberg & many other Pro Maker Guitars. Nothing less should be exceptible from Gibson as well.. In my experience I know Gibson wants us to have perfect Guitars.. They go the extra mile to see that we do.. They stand behind their Guitars & will make them perfect or replace them.. But, you gotta Call Customer Service & file a Warranty Claim... In my experience Gibson has been Great resolving Issues I've had on 2 of my Guitars...
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