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  1. If exclusivity is a barometer for Guitars becoming more valuable Memphis ES335's exclusivity, since they are no longer produced in Memphis, must be increasing in value.. You can still buy a Nashville ES335... I watched a video re; the 59 reissue Memphis ES335. It has the extra slotted piece of shaped wood that's used with the Center Block... I believe they said the Nashvile doesn't have that.. Not sure if it really does anything more than to help maintain the rounded body shape on the back of the Guitar. They are beautiful Guitars... As are the Memphis 59's.. Would like to see more informative reviews about them also....
  2. Good question.. There are quite a few 59 RI Memphis reviews on YouTube but not many 59 RI Nashville reviews? Not sure why?
  3. 50's if you like chunkier neck & PAF style pickups 60's if you like slimmer neck & hotter pickups.. My next one will be a 50's Goldtop with P90's & Bigsby....
  4. Nobody has a Crystal Ball. & can predict what will or won't become a valuable Collectable. But, it's not likely most Guitars will. For me the Neck & the Pickups are the main reason I buy a Guitar. Then aesthetics. I can't see the logic of spending $$$ on a Guitar & more $$$$ to mod a Guitar than it would cost to have just bought a better Guitar with the features I want... If it's not the right Guitar for you consider how much it will cost to mod it. Compare that to the Guitar you really want.. The money difference for the cost of your Guitar plus cost of Mods compare that the cost of the Guitar you should've bought... Chances are you could sell yours & for about the same total cost buy what you really wanted.. theres always the chance you do the Mods & don't like it any better... Then you go down that rabbit hole.....
  5. I miss singing & playing live too! I miss the electric feeling I get when performing... Meanwhile my band "The Fab-Tones" has been recording Covers virtually.. It has been a great way to play music with other people & quite a learning experience for me.. It does help sharpen your chops as it totally exposes your singing & playing abilities.. I think we'll sound much better live than we did before.. It's been good therapy & a productive way to endure the lockdown..
  6. My Sweetwater Rep told me this is the best year there ever had for Guitar sales.. I've also read this is the best year Fender had ever had...
  7. Congrats! That's a beauty! That looks like Tobacco Burst.... One of my favorite Bursts! Enjoy...
  8. GC's BK has been coming for a while before the Pandemic. It's not a result of Covid but poor business management. The Economy is booming for Housing, Cars, Guitars, Costco, Walmart, Amazon, Grocers, Facebook, Google & the like.. It's the Mom & Pop business' that are getting crushed.... The Dow just hit 30,000! The Nasdaq is soaring.... I imagine there are quite a few Companies that don't want the Lockdown to end...
  9. There are some great Epiphones & there are some great Gibsons.. There are also some not so great Epiphones & not so great Gibsons.. It's a totally subjective opinion to state that Epiphones are superior to Gibsons.. It's just one persons opinion.....
  10. IMO the Neck & the Pickups are the most important parts of the Guitar.. The Pickups you chose will get the Sound you want.. The Neck is subjective.. Everyone has different hands.. If you have friends who have Gibsons play theirs & research the specs of the neck s you like.. Then ask the Seller what the Specs are on the one for sale to see if it compares to what you like.... My advice; Buy it as cheap as you can.. Look at previous Sale prices on EBay. Buy at the lowest price possible.. If you don't like it, resell it.. And get another..
  11. LOL! First good laugh of the day.....
  12. I dig those! Have I got any more room?
  13. Larsongs


    Very cool Guitar! Congrats!
  14. Ratio 2:1 30 Guitars & 15 Amps
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