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  1. What’s the point of spending a ton of money signing guys who are already famous, have their own labels or are already signed?
  2. So they signed Slash.. A known Artist who is probably a multi $$$ Millionaire & signed by a label already.. What does that do for us?
  3. It is important to do a thorough Inspection when you buy a new Guitar.. Front, Back, Top to Bottom & inside…. As well as how it plays, sounds & is everything working as it should. Immediately If you find anything that doesn’t seem right you need to make a decision.. Return, Exchange or contact Factory for Warranty Repair… Then immediately follow through…
  4. I have different kinds of Guitars with Single Coils, Humbuckers, DynaSonics & P90’s. I have 3 Casinos & they are my favorite Guitars. I’ve had a Royal Tan USA Casino on Order for about a year. They’re saying August. I hope they’re right. I’ve been a big P90’s fan for some time.. I think they are the best sounding versatile all around Pickup you can have on a Guitar. That Gibson would’ve been very cool but I’m happy that you were able to get the new USA Casino. Congrats on your NGD! Enjoy!
  5. I’d be sending the Guitar back & exchange it for another… Most places have a 45 day Return or Exchange policy… Why waste your time on a defective Guitar? Makes absolutely no sense…
  6. I use Mother’s or Meguires Carnauba Wax. Liquid for full Detail & Spray for Touch ups.. Micro Fiber Towels, Q Tips & a set of soft Hair Brushes (Horse hair I think it is) for nooks & crevices..
  7. I think I’d get a Fret job, have the Neck repair checked & corrected if need be by a quality Luthier. Finally, have the signature professionally removed & touch up the initials by an expert Finisher… Then have it completely Set up by someone who knows what they’re doing… Then sell it or keep it…
  8. Order from a Dealer who offers a good Return/Exchange Program.. Like Sweetwater, MF or the like. They offer a no hassle 45 day Return/Exchange.. If you want a modern Sound go for the MHS II’s. If you want more traditional sound go for the MHS.. The most important thing is to buy what you really want..
  9. Pre-Pandemic there were huge Inventories of New & Used Guitars… So many that it was rumored that Guitars are over.. It’s the end for Guitars.. Nobody plays Guitars anymore. The younger Generation doesn’t play Guitar anymore. Etc. That was a little over a year ago… The Lockdown caused the current lack of inventory.. People had to find things to occupy their time.. They bought up all the Guitars! Turns out it wasn’t the end for Guitars after all. Then the Factories shut down.. People were laid off.. . Materials became non existent.. Supply Chains dwindled to nothing.. Now the
  10. It’s relative to how polished you want your Performance & Show to be.. if it’s Shorts, T Shirts, Flip Flops, Sitting Down it doesn’t matter. Use whatever you want.. If it’s a first rate Pro Polished Act, no Music Stands, no Charts… Rehearse & know your stuff!
  11. Throw the Book away.. It’s a Sellers market & Prices are extremely inflated. That said, it’s a great time to Sell.
  12. GC Hollywood is a Candy Store for Musicians no doubt! I’m always amazed with their Vintage Gear! I’ve had one of these new Casinos on Order since they were announced at NAMM way back when.. It’s supposed to be coming in August I’m being told.. There is so much discussion about the Specs being far from accurate with regard to traditional Casinos! To the point of being sacrilegious! The wrong Ears on the Body, small Headstock & backwards Neck Inlays being the most criticized… Regardless, the NGD YouTubes all seem very positive & they sound & look great! Congrats
  13. I found them! They are a great source for information…. http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Epiphone/Les-Paul.aspx http://legacy.gibson.com Guess I spoke to soon.. The websites are there as are the Out of Production Links.. But whatever you click on defaults to the new websites… What a drag! Why did Gibson delete something that was already a great Source?
  14. Before Gibson changed to their new Website they listed all their current & discontinued models with Pics, description & specs. Recently, someone here posted the new Website for the old models.. It was something GibsonHistorical.com, GibsonRetro.com or something like that... I did a Search but couldn't find it... Thanks
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