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  1. I use them in Protools & Logic.. Also, EZ Drummer II…. They’re great but ultimately I still prefer a live Drummer..
  2. It’s true Remote Recording is time consuming & relies on multiple people doing multiple things.. If you’re using Electric drums they should have R & L stereo outputs usually.. Protools, Logic & most DAW’s have the ability to create a Stereo channel which you can record your stereo Drum tracks to. Then you only have to email one Stereo Track Zip file.. Usually what we’ve done in the past is, the Singer of the song makes a single Mono Scratch Track of the Vocal & Rhythm Guitar to the Click at the Pre-determined BPM.. Then the Drummer, Bass, other Guitars & Instruments send their individual Tracks. Finally, the Vocals & Harmonies are recorded… It’s a process…
  3. I think those days are long gone….. For deals anyway… After I got home from Vietnam I needed an Electric Guitar.. I had about $75.00… There was nothing new for that kind of money.. So we went to all the Pawn Shops in Wash. D.C. I was about to give up when one of my buddies spotted a Guitar in the back of the Pawn shop high on a shelf. It was almost completely blocked by stuff with only the headstock sticking out.. I said, what’s that.. The guy said, it’s an old Guitar & was pretty rough.. I asked if I could see it.. He brought it down.. It was dinged & had lots of scratches. Ugly brown color. Only one Pickup, one Volume & one Tone control.. I thought not much of a Guitar but it played ok. I asked, how much? The guy said, how much you got? I said, $75.00.. He said, that’s exactly how much it is! Wow, did I sucker for that.. LOL.. Turned out to be a mid to late 50’s Les Paul Jr.. It was a fantastic Guitar & sounded amazing. The Lead Player in our Band, kept bugging me to buy it.. When a really cool Vox Phantom became available I sold to him for $75.00 & bought the Vox.. Which later was stolen… I should never have sold that Guitar!
  4. As long as you’re sending WAV Files, to the best of my knowledge, it doesn’t matter what DAW you use.. I’ve worked with guys with Protools, Logic, Tascam 2488, Boss 1600, Cubase, Alesis Studio One & some of the Free Recording Software.. The key is they be in WAV File Format & are recorded to a Click Track that is in perfect time.. We usually used a 4 beat count off to begin each song..
  5. I just went through this. My reason was I didn’t like the sound of the Pickups in a MIC Epiphone Casino. I knew what I wanted, spent some $$$ & upgraded to the Pups I wanted.. It turned the Guitars sound from awful to incredible.. It was worth it.. It would be a good idea for the OP to know what he wants before going down that Rabbit hole.. Maybe he should go play lots of Guitars with different kinds Pickups to find a Sound he wants..
  6. Who’s interested in doing this? Larsongs Sings, plays Rhythm, Bass & Harp. Brad1 plays Drums & Guitar
  7. LOL! That’s serious practice..
  8. I foolishly & regrettably sold a mint 1959 Gibson ES-345 Stereo with PAF’s.. I’d trade all 35 of my Electric Gibson, Fender,, Rickenbacker & Gretsch Guitars if I could have it back in the same condition…
  9. I’m a fan of 490R/498T Pups.. I have some in my early 90’s LP Std Plus & love their sound.. You could try the 490/498 in the Explorer.. If you like them, experiment with the remaining Pups in the SG.. Maybe even combinations of the remaining Pups.. The hotter ones for Bridge & the less Hot for the Neck.. Who knows? You might come up with a great combination! If you were buying I’d recommend Fralins, Duncan’s or Lollars… If budget wasn’t an issue Throbak’s…
  10. The 490R/498T would sound great in either Guitar. As for buying a second Set what kind of sound are you going for?
  11. I chose to upgrade the Wiring & Electronics at the same time as upgrading the Pickups. It cost more but since the Guitar was free I thought I could splurge.. Although, the majority seem to just upgrade the Pickups which accomplishes great Sound. And saves money.. The upgraded Wiring & Electronics allows for some sweet additional nuances.. Which are great but not essential to accomplish the great Sound of these Fralin P-90’s..
  12. Yeah, I’m rethinking making any changes to the ES-335.. Maybe I’ll sell it & get a different one.. Maybe consider a 345 or a 355 too…I’m not sure?
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