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  1. I think many people use the word invest meaning, to purchase... Not like, Appreciable Investments like Real Estate, Stocks or Mutual Funds.. As mentioned above investing in or buying a new Guitar is just a purchase. It's anybodies guess what it will be worth 50 years from now.. Although, surprisingly, unexpected Guitars increase in value.. The discontinued IBJL Epiphone Casino's were blown out for $500 at Sweetwater in their final year. Now on Reverb they go for twice that. Gibson Les Paul Std Plus were blown out for $495 a few years ago. They're double.. Gibson ES Les Paul Goldtops with P90's & Bigsbys were under $2000 new.. Now they're scarce & have gone up in price.. I bought a new Gibson Firebird V when they were being blown out for $1000.00. Not the Studio.. They've increased in value too... It seems like the Guitars you don't expect go up.. The Custom Shop Guitars end up selling at big discounts Used & can be great deals a few years later..
  2. That's a beautiful Poem.. Much of it I agree. Some of it I don't..... Great Tone is more than State of Mind... It's real & can be heard by the Human Ear. There are many Instruments that have awful to average Tone. There are some that sound Steller.. Some modifications can improve the Tone.. Pickups & Tubes being a couple... Some Guitars were made Perfect.. By accident or or maybe on purpose.. Of the 50-60 Guitars I've owned over the years & the thousands I've played only 2 were magic... They came that way.. 1 was a mid 50's Les Paul & the other was a 59 ES345. Their Tone was unbelievable! Foolishly questing for newer & better I sold those on.. I do have several Guitars with great Tone.. But, I have never been able to duplicate the Steller Tone of the 50's LP & 59 ES345 I had. I would buy both of them back if I could....
  3. Pre-War SJ200 in Vintage Sunburst.....
  4. I ordered a new USA Casino back in Dec.. Supposed to have been mid June also.. As of now Sweetwater has no word when to expect them... Yes. Sweetwater is a high Volume Dealer & does get preference & Special limited Editions...
  5. I have a Firebird V & really like the Mini HB's.. They are their own thing. Great Sounding! The only Mod I've considered is a long tail Maestro..
  6. Nice! But why not Mini Humbuckers? They sound great!
  7. If he did his Business dealings would be News all over Town & the Internet.. Wouldn't that be funny.. If the Sand guy is back working he must feel responsibility for some reason. I never would've paid him Cash.. Cash is for Fly by night Business'. I have learned it's better to hire Licensed, Bonded Business'. $1600.00 is not cheap to level some ground & add a little Sand. I choose to pay by Credit Card if possible.. I have Recourse..
  8. I'd tell my wife & kids to go in the House. Then I'd tell the Guy I paid him to do a Job & it isn't done right & that I expect "him" to correct it. I expect him to resolve it... Then I'd go back in the House. A/C, Beer, Family & J45....... When he's finished I'd inspect his work & tell him I hope it level this time as I'd hate to have him make 3rd trip....
  9. It's hard to say anyone is the best.. At best it's subjective.. It's who you think is best.. Although, all these Guys are Greats!
  10. My Son in Law owns a Ltd. Edition Gary Clark Jr. Blak n Blu Casino.. They most definitely have USA P90's... Several other Ltd. Edition Casinos also have Gibson USA P90's.. I own 2 of them.. The IBJL Revolution Casino like John Lennon's & a 50th Anniv. Ltd. 1961 Casino with Tremotone like Keith Richards.. Here are the Factory Specs for the Gary Clark Blak n Blu Casino from Epiphone... http://guitarspecs.net/guitar/specs/1220/epiphone-gary-clark-jr-blak-blu-casino_epiphone
  11. The first one always Sucks the worst! My Gibson Ltd. Edition Bozeman Masterbilt J-160E was perfect for about 3 years. I almost cried when it got a small Ding like that... Its a constant reminder to be conscious & take dare of it.... Still Sucks though...
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