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  1. There are pages of brand new Gibson ES335’s at many Retailers on Reverb.com... here’s one page... Good luck https://reverb.com/marketplace?query=gibson es335&product_type=electric-guitars&make=gibson&condition=new&page=2
  2. I love my 335... If I were to get one of the small Bodies I’d prefer the ES390 with P90’s & I’d put a B-7 Bigsby on it..... Very cool Guitar & completely different Sound than an ES335...
  3. Gibson has been producing some new Artist models this past year.. Slash has a few.. Kirk Douglas & some others... ??? You can’t find a Used Gibson ES Les Paul Goldtop with P90’s & Bigsby.. New ones sold out a few years ago & very quickly...
  4. Dear Gibson, Will you please reissue this Guitar.... http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2016/Memphis/ES-Les-Paul-Gold-top-P-90-w-Bigsby-VOS.aspx
  5. Gibson USA P90’s do sound really good on my Gibson Les Paul Special... But, they sound equally as good on my Hollow Body Epiphone Casinos with Gibson USA P90’s.. I dig P90’s!
  6. I have a 3-4” wide Gibson padded Leather Strap that isn’t that fancy but is ideal for most Guitars. Especially my Les Pauls...
  7. Don’t you need some type of Pedal board to engage the TM Amps FX while playing? My Pedalboard is like a small Briefcase.. No hassle... I also prefer the Sound of certain FX Pedals over other Pedals. Not all are equal. Also, many modeling Amps FX don’t sound as good as quality Pedals.. Degrading the Sound even more.. To my ears... My reference to the shrill harsh sound when pushing the SS Digital Amps with dirt includes the Tone Masters... They’re better but I still can’t listen to them for more than a minute... I guess I’m just too used to the warm sound of Tube Amps...
  8. I used to do that but when you push those SS Digital modeling Amps with some dirt they get so shrill & harsh sounding compared to Tube Amps it hurts my ears.. I have small, medium & large Fender & Vox Tube Amps.. And a few others. They work well for most any Recording or Gigging situation & they sound great soft, medium & loud.... Low end Gigs & Jams I use small Amps & mic them if necessary...
  9. It just doesn’t nail the Tube sound.. It’s better than most but it ain’t there yet for me.... It still has the shrill SS sound to my ears... Not the sweet warm Tube Sound... If you play soft it’s probably fine.. But, why would you want a Twin if you’re gonna play soft? A Tube DRRI or Princeton would be better IMO. I just see them going the way of previous modeling Amps & guys will go back to Tube Amps....
  10. I don’t use it that much either. A little bit once in a while. The reason I suggested a Bigsby is between my 3 Casino’s the ones with Bigsby or Tremotone have improved sustain...
  11. I agree these are vastly improved over previous Gen Digital SS Amps or whatever one calls them... I would be curious how they would sound if you ran a Tube Pre Amp Pedal in line between the Amp & the Guitar?
  12. You need to buy a 100 Watt to be equivalent to a 30 Watt Tube Amp. 50 Watt for 25 Watt Tube Amp & 25 Watt for 12 Watt Tube Amp. I like the lower price & lighter weight.. They’re good looking but I still think they sound shrill. I’ll stay with my Tube Amps..
  13. Congrats! Casinos are super great & vesatile Guitars! Excellent choice. USA Gibson P90’s if you can find them. Next choice Fralin or Lollar P90’s. Switchcraft Jack & 3 way Switch. A proper B-7 Bigsby.. These mods aren’t too expensive & will turn it into a Tone machine! Let us know how it turns out.. Best of luck..
  14. All you need is $$$$$.... I’ve got a few rollin around in my brain that I’d love to have someday....
  15. Check this out... https://www.themusiczoo.com/blogs/news/gibson-custom-shop-made-2-measure-center-at-the-music-zoo
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