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  1. I use the Martin Retro Monels on my Solid Top Gibson J-160E Bozeman Masterbilt & they sound excellent. Perfect balanced Strings for playing it Acoustic or Electric... Lars
  2. My wife bought me a new Martin D-35 back in 1975... It as been a workhorse for all these years.. It is a wonderful sounding Guitar. Well, About 20 years ago I started accumulating a few Guitars.. The Martin needed some Work done & I wanted to add Factory Fishman Electronics... I called Martin & arranged to send it to them & did so. While it was there I called them & asked them if they would refinish it to New Condition... Their answer, NO! They asked me how long I'd had the Guitar? I told them. They said, It will take that long for it to sound as good as it does now... They completed all the Work, much of it under Factory Warranty & it came back perfect & beautifully Detailed... Still sounds fantastic! Glad they said, NO!
  3. I have been waiting years for Gibson to reissue the Reverse VII & the Non Reverse VII exactly like Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones played.. I'll buy one of each... If they aren't crazy money... 2 of the coolest Guitars ever built by Man!!!! I love my Reverse Gibson Firebird V.... Lars
  4. It worked for John Lennon.. Anymore I can't see buying a Guitar that doesn't have a Bigsby, Vibrato, Tremelo, Marstro or Lyre.... IMO it completes the Guitar... Lars
  5. Why the heck didn't you guys call Gibson? I've had issues on one of my Gibsons & one of my Epiphones. I called Gibson, they emailed a UPS return Label, I sent Guitars to Gibson, they re-inspected the entire Guitars, they repaired them, did perfect Set ups & they came back perfect. They were excellent to work with.. 180 degrees from Fender...
  6. I really like the 490R & 498T Pickups. I have them on one of my Les Paul's & think they are probably the best sounding of Gibson's HB's of the past 20+ years.... Including the MHS's on my recent Les Paul & ES335...... But, your Ears are what matters....
  7. They have taken care of a couple of my Guitars the same way... They came back Perfect!
  8. Sweet! I wish Gibson would bring back the ES Goldtop Les Paul with Bigsby & P90's......
  9. Nice! It's got the Tremotone Vibrato...
  10. I would recommend getting whichever Firebird or Guitar with the Original Gibson USA Mini Humbuckers... They are proven great Pickups.. Seems every time the new & improved whatever comes along it turns out it isn't...
  11. Yeah, many of us do too... It's just another thing you have to haul around & plug in though... Wouldn't it be nice if a a Tuner was just there? All you'd have to do is tune the bloody Guitar without any extra outside stuff?
  12. Gibson USA P90's are the best & most versatile Pickup ever made... Casino's, ES330's & Les Paul's sound amazing & can do anything... I must say it again, the Mini Humbuckers in the Firebird are somewhere between a Humbucker & a P90. They are the best of both Worlds.. Truly a wonderful sounding Guitar... You've got to try one... If you want P90's or Humbuckers why bother with a Firebird? Plenty of SG's, Les Paul's, ES335's & others that sound amazing? Those Guitars are much easier to find & some are probably less expensive...
  13. Knock on wood, but neither of my Vox Amps have ever broke down & they are used almost every day or night... Wish I could say the same for my Fenders.. Both my Twin & DRRI have had break downs & the Closest Fender Autorized Repair Center was a 2 hour drive & the Amps were their a couple weeks... Very in convenient... My Princeton has had no break downs.. All are out of Warranty. Luckily now there is a great Amp Tech locally.. He works on all Amps & is Fender Authorized... Down time for my last Twin repair was a couple days... I'm sure it would be about the same for my Vox's & Marshall..
  14. Tell that to John, Paul & George, Carl Perkins, Eddie Cochran, Keith Richards & a whole bunch of other Cats who did all right with them.... That said, a proper Firebird with Mini Humbuckers are, well, Firebirds... Anything else is a Franken-Guitar....
  15. I think you meant Ian... The OP. I tried the AC4's including the 12r.. All good, just or enough oomph. I have an AC15 with Alinico Blue which is great but is heavy & loud... I wanted something smaller & lighter & Vox.. I tried the AC10C1 chose it... About the size of my Princeton & has 10 (Tube) Watts. It is comparable Power wise but has the Vox Sound. Besides, Bedroom & Recording it is also Gig worthy... Really good all around Amp.. No problem with lows.. The 10" Speaker holds it's own against my Princeton, DRRI & AC15.. It it was good out of the box but I upgraded the Speaker to a Weber & upgraded the Cheap Tubes which come with most Amps..it is one of my main go to Amps... i have quite a few Amps.. There is nothing wrong with the AC4's but for my all around wants & needs it was just too small....
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