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  1. Have you changed the strings since it arrived? If you're used to using strings such as Elixirs or similar coated wires, something like fresh 80/20s may sound a little clanky against recently polished frets in comparison. My recommendation would be to treat it to a new set of your usual strings, and see how differently you feel once they've been played in. I'd bet the farm that it's unfamiliar strings throwing you off.
  2. In other news, apologies for threadjacking. I owned a J15 and really loved it. One of the "ones that got away"...wish I still had it. I predict a gradual rise in used prices if Gibson don't reintroduce them.
  3. The thing is, guitar manufacturers trade in aspiration, as I wrote in a post a few weeks ago...look at it from a business perspective-if a 16yr old kid with a summer job can buy a Gibson off the peg for $750, why would they be motivated to upgrade further down the line, when so much of the strange, liminal romance that young players have with guitars is based around the name on the headstock, and the dream of owning one of the guitars their heroes play/played? I love "real" Martins, but don't dig the cheap HPL/Stratabond/Micarta/Laminate recipe Mexican offerings. I've never played one tha
  4. C-Ville has always looked beautiful to me...have never visited but my friend Devon Sproule lived and played there for a long time.
  5. I think this especially applies to the vaguery of Gibson specs...my J180 was cherry red, had J185 parallelogram inlays and was the same depth as a J185! It did have the 180 pickguards, but overall was a sort of mishmash of the two models. A nice sounding and unique looking instrument though, and a great live guitar with excellent feedback rejection thanks to the large pickguards.
  6. These are GREAT guitars. I've been after one of the Iron Mountain J60s in Adi/Maple for years...whenever I've had the money in hand, I haven't been able to find one. My AJ Flame Deluxe and Dove scratch my Maple dread itch now, but the J60s in all flavours are absolutely spectacular instruments. I very nearly bought a '93 in Rosewood a couple of years ago, but the action was unusually high and I was concerned that it may have a broken truss rod, so regretfully passed on it. It sounded stellar though...one day.
  7. Interesting to revisit this necro-thread. Rather perplexing to see a few folks complaining/musing that the J200Jr doesn't have the same deep well of clear bass that an SJ200 has. The name and decoration aside, they're VERY different guitars. I've played J200Jrs and L200s, and owned a J180, and none of them sound anything like an SJ200 at all...the Jr is a glorious guitar in its own right, but the name is something of a misnomer I think. Buying a Jr and hoping for it to sound like it's 17" namesake is a bit like buying a Westie and keeping your fingers crossed that it will bark like a St. Berna
  8. Lovely version, QM! I had the immense pleasure of hanging out with Brian a couple of times back in 2003/4. He's one of the nicest guys in rock'n'roll. His manager at the time, Jean Sievers, introduced us and told Brian I was the songwriter with a band that were in the charts that week, and he jumped and shook my hand, said with total sincerity "Man, that's so cool! How cool is that? Wow. Can I grab a photo of us together?" After getting over the initial shock of being asked for a Kodak moment by the man who wrote God Only Knows and a whole constellation of other classics, we spent a
  9. A guitar manufacturer who I feel is woefully underrated is Mossman. I've played some astonishingly beautiful Mossman guitars. Just the very best of everything in terms of tone and response. A '76 Great Plains remains the only guitar that has ever reduced me to tears. No hyperbole there at all. At the end of the day, our preferences are all about personal impressions, a mixture of sonic compatibility and the emotional and musical connotations that we attach to instruments. It's like people, politics, preferences in a partner. We all have our leanings and our preferences etc. The things th
  10. The maple Nick reissues are fantastic. I can only imagine how good the originals are. A grail guitar for me. I'll own a reissue one day and it'll make me happy as a clam though, I have no doubt.
  11. Oh, wow...I could most definitely get involved with that!! I'm about $3200 short, but once that's sorted...!
  12. I only ever aspired to play a Gibson. When I was a kid, I remember seeing pictures on my parents' LP sleeves of Dylan holding an SJ200 (Nashville Skyline) and Emmylou doing the same (Blue Kentucky Girl) and thinking "that's what the greats use". Further viewings of Johnny Cash, Waylon, Elvis, Townes, Little Jimmy Dickens (and so many more) playing them totally solidified that preconception. I respect Martin and Guild, and have owned and enjoyed a few of both. Three of the Martins I owned live in the "ones that got away" folder, I liked them so much, but it's always Gibsons that make my h
  13. Jinder


    Same issue on my OnePlus. Makes the forum almost impossible to use! Please tweak it for us, Gibson!
  14. I'm 99% sure that would be an all-solid guitar. It's unlike anything I've seen before and could well have been a custom order. It's cool as all hell! I love maple Dreads, and used a '95 Dove for most of my last album. This J35 is right up my street...as far as used market value goes, I'd expect to see it sell in the UK for £16/1700.
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