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  1. I’ve ordered a set of Gotoh SG301 units with chrome tulip buttons to try. They should bolt straight in as replacements for the Rotos and are reportedly lighter and a bit more accurate, so we’ll see how it goes. I must stress that I’m in no way anti Grover and have used and recommended Rotomatics to other players for many years. They have always been bulletproof and one of very few varieties of machinehead that I’d trust on a touring instrument. I’m less than enthusiastic about the weight of them, but as Olie said, the buttons can be changed out to aid that. I will keep the set that i
  2. Thanks all. I’m going to either go Gotoh or Schaller I think. I’m amazed that I can’t purchase a new rotomatic singly to replace the faulty one…I guess that’s how Grover make their money! I’ve always liked Rotos, and this is the first one I’ve ever had a problem with, in well over two decades of using them. They are beefy units though, and wouldn’t object to losing a touch of weight via the slightly lighter Gotohs. Not sure on the weight of the Schallers but I’ve had a similar set of Gotohs on my Takamine EAN20C for 20yrs and have never had an issue with ‘em.
  3. That is stunning. Just glorious. I’ve had a raging lust for one of these since they were announced as they’re right in my wheelhouse in every way (Bling? Check! Maple? Check! Two fancy pickguards rather than one? Check!) but time, tide and finances haven’t made it possible to own one so far. One day! In the meantime, I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that it would be fantastic to see yours in action if you could grab a video for us!
  4. Hi all, My beloved SJ200 has a faulty G string machinehead…it has gradually got rougher/tighter over the last six months and now feels about ready to let go. After many years of Rotos on most of my guitars, I think it may be time to try something different. What would you choose as a replacement? Obviously it needs to be drop-in rather than something that requires drilling etc. Would like to save a bit of weight if possible as the Rotos are a weighty unit. Any and all thoughts very welcome!
  5. Thanks TG! The Compact 60 is a revelation isn’t it? So good. Every time I fire it up I’m impressed all over again. The 50w Alpha Plus is great too. Great kit!
  6. An update on this, two years down the line…the Hughes & Kettner was very good, but after a year or so developed a fault in the high pass filter circuitry and would randomly lose tweeter function midway through a gig, which could only be remedied by switching the amp off and back on again. Not a huge issue at home, but as a stage amp it rendered it somewhat useless! I sent it back for repair, but H&K couldn’t fix it, so I accepted a refund on the amp. The H&K was not an inexpensive amp, so I had a little cash to play with. I figured that the one amp I hadn’t owned was
  7. A USA Frontier is basically a Dove in a dinner jacket…specs are almost identical, bar cosmetics. Having said that, I’m a Dove owner and am very much GASing for the USA Frontier reissues!
  8. I had one of the very first EL-00s from the late ‘90s. It was shaped like an L1, not an L-00 as per the latter models. I’m not sure how long the L-1 shaped EL-00s were made for, but I’ve only ever seen one either in the flesh or online, which is the one I owned! It was a beautiful little guitar. I paid £150 for it secondhand with a Rare Earth pickup installed. I gigged it for several years and really enjoyed it. The neck was a little narrow but I soon got used to it. I traded it towards a ‘94 Gibson Blues King L-00 which was a lot more money but not significantly better, and didn’t stay f
  9. Hi Pete, in the UK that guitar would sell for around the £3000 mark, so pretty much exactly $4000. Gorgeous instrument by the way, begging to be played!
  10. Almost all new Gibsons I’ve seen in the last three years have a steep neck angle and a tall saddle. This is fine by me-it allows the guitar to settle over the first few years of ownership and still have enough saddle height to get the action and intonation bang on without having to have a relatively new guitar subjected to a neck reset. I see no further issues here now your broken saddle is fixed…I think the perceived delamination of the bridge is just a trick of the light in the pic. enjoy your NG!
  11. You’re welcome! Absolutely nothing to worry about. Gorgeous guitar by the way, I’ve been GASing for one of these for a while!
  12. Congrats on the new baby! Not even 3mths old, that really is fresh out of the door…nitro takes a few months to settle and even a year or two to fully cure. My SJ200 was a 2015 NOS guitar when I bought it in 2016, and the neck finish didn’t fully cure off until mid 2017.
  13. Interesting to revisit this post, and see myself commenting three years ago that I had yet to find “the jewel” of Doves...shortly after this post I found my 1996 Dove, complete with ‘70s style bridge and playwear aplenty, and finally answered my Dove question for good. It just keeps giving me songs and records better than any other acoustic I have ever played. Heaven.
  14. Absolutely loved hearing you again, Buc! I hope you’re doing okay. Your Sunrise has been my main live pickup (in my Maple AJ, my main gigging guitar) ever since you kindly sent it to me...totally changed my world in terms of live tone. Several hundred gigs later and I can’t imagine ever tiring of it! I’m immensely thankful to you for sending it all the way to this Other Shore.
  15. I use 11-52 gauge DR Veritas on my Dove, they’re easy to play and sound SO good. No tonal loss going to them from 12s that I could discern. I put them on as a temporary measure at the start of this year as I had an illness which affected my joints and made guitar playing painful. I had used 12s and 13s for years but was so impressed with the Veritas 11s that they stayed on my Dove and Sigma CF-100 copy. On my other guitars I use Martin Tommy Emmanuel signature Flexible Core 12-54s. I love these strings-they sound and project like 12s but have such a lovely playability factor that they fee
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