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  1. I used D'Addario EXPs on mine. 12-53. Glad you bagged the 2007!
  2. Very excited about this. If they sound as good as they seem to in the Sweetwater demo, that's my new guitar for gigs I have to fly to, right there.
  3. I like the Maple AJ very much...I tend to prioritise my Dove for maple dread use, but the AJ is an excellent instrument which I've used a great deal on the new record I have on the way next month. It records well, plays well, sounds great live through the Sunrise I have in it, and in a room it's a big, loud, chunky monkey! My only gripe with it (as often happens with lightly braced guitars) is a resonant node exists at F#, so when playing a D chord as a C shape moved up two frets (I do this a lot in my voicings), the F# note on the D string is a little thuddy with less sustain than the other notes in the chord. It's not the end of the world by any means, and I am soon going to fit some brass pins to see if I can move the node down to either the midway point between F and F# or up to the midpoint between F# and G, by changing the resonant top mass. This has worked for me in the past, so fingers crossed! I should stress that that isn't a deal-breaker...it's a gorgeous instrument and a privilege to own.
  4. I know of an Excellente for sale near me...PM me if you are still hunting!
  5. 1939 J55. Put a fork in me, I am DONE. I almost cried with joy when I saw they had reissued that guitar...I have dreamed of owning one for many, many years but could never afford an old one. I HAVE to find a way to get my mitts on one!
  6. I love 80/20s. It's worth remembering that Phosphor Bronze strings were invented in 1974, and most of the guitars we play were designed a long time before that...in effect, the SJ200 was designed for use with round core 80/20s. I have round core Newtones on mine at present and it sounds fantastic, different to hex core EXPs as I normally use but once the ears recalibrate, it's a gorgeous tone.
  7. My '95. Just a great, great guitar. Somewhere along the road it had a '70s style bridge fitted which might upset some but I love it. So much character...I really feel that out of all my guitars, this might well be the one that was waiting for me all along 😌
  8. I'd just play it. My '95 Dove has lacquer checking out the wazoo and has barely any lacquer left on the back of the neck. I don't notice it at all. Every time I pick it up, a new song falls out of it...I can forgive the flaws, because I know there are far more flaws on the skin of the hand that meets the neck than there are on the neck that meets the skin of the hand.
  9. I'd play them both and go from there. If the '69 doesn't speak to you with steel strings, maybe bring along a pack of bronze or PB. '69 wasn't a primo year for Gibson and the '07 may well be the better guitar. I have a '95 Dove and love it. Big, thick, chocolatey sounding thing with a fabulous top end.
  10. I love Gibson Pump Polish. Treated myself to a bottle of the stuff when window shopping in Denmark street back around 12yrs ago and haven't looked back. The best guitar cleaner and polish I've ever come across, bar none.
  11. Great sounding instrument. It either has a startling amount of "pop" and bloom, or some compression has been added in post-production...if it's coming from the guitar itself, it's an incredible tonal quality.
  12. I wouldn't change a thing...to my eyes, that's about as perfect as it gets. Absolutely gorgeous guitar, I've never owned a 185 but have always loved them. I had a 180 for a couple of years which was very good, but would love to own a 185 similar to this one...one day 🙂
  13. Fantastic pic. I think this is circa "Love & Theft" but I might be wrong. From an aesthetic standpoint, he's aged incredibly well. I'd be thrilled if I can cut the light in such a way when I get to his age.
  14. Anything from '89 onwards (Bozeman era) is generally going to be a well put together instrument with decent tone. I've owned a ton of Gibsons from this era and have come across very few duff examples. My advice would be to get it in your hands and make sure you love it before you shell out.
  15. I'm glad you reached a resolution on this...I got the feeling you were more in love with the Bird than the AJ from the off. I have both, but in different formats...a Maple AJ and a Hummingbird 12 string. Both are gorgeous, stunning instruments that I would hate to be without, and I appreciate how difficult it would have been to make that call. I think you'll be very happy indeed with the Bird!
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