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  1. Well, this took an unexpected turn...sadly channel 3 of my Domino doesn't work properly, so it has to be returned. The store don't have a replacement unit so I had the option of a refund or sending to AER for repair under warranty. I'm not of the mind to drop that kind of money on something and to then be without it for several weeks during a warranty repair, so I went for the refund. I really only require two channels, so I've ordered an AER Compact XL, which is 200w (as opposed to the Domino's stereo 100w power amps) and is smaller, lighter and louder than the Domino. If there are any issues with the XL I will probably ditch the idea of an acoustic amp and go for a pair of powered speakers, but I REALLY hope that the XL will be the end of my search!
  2. Beautiful guitar. I'm normally suspicious of pristine guitars of that vintage, but that one sounds VERY similar to my very beaten up '67 which is one of my very favourite instruments, and among the very best sounding J45s I've played. I hope this one found a home where it might actually get played!
  3. Well first time out with the Domino went very well indeed-it's a great sounding amp, as is to be expected at the price point. I'm not sure why AER stuff divides opinion for vocals-the Domino is an absolute joy to sing through with my Sennheiser condenser and is SO much better sounding than my old Alto powered speakers. Crisp, clear, very hi-fi and detailed but not coloured. Absolutely 10/10 in that regard. It's unforgiving in as much as every inflection and expression is reproduced, whereas my woofly and indistinct Altos tended to hide more discrepancies, but 15+yrs as a session singer has taught me to adapt swiftly, so I just had to focus a little more on tuning and phrasing. This isn't a bad thing at all-quite the opposite! Guitar wise, my Sunrise equipped SJ200 sounded excellent, although again the accuracy of the AER meant that I realised my guitar was a little fret-buzzy and would benefit from a setup (the action dropped considerably when I took out the Matrix Infinity that was in it before!). Overall though, a great guitar sound. The amp swallowed looping capably and didn't shy away from percussive playing or distort/compress noticeably. Another huge bonus is that with my leads, mic and AD10 in my backpack, I was able to carry in an entire gig's worth of kit in one trip on my own. A big plus for me last night in particular as I arrived at the gig in a howling storm!
  4. The AER Domino 3 arrived this morning. In terms of testing in the house, it sounds superb. Clean with great clarity, plenty of volume and far more detail with my Sennheiser condenser that I use live than either my Altos or the Mesa. Tried it with my SJ200 (Sunrise), '41 Reissue SJ100 (MagMic) and Hummingbird 12 string (K&K) and all guitars sounded crisp, warm and detailed. First gig with it is tonight. Really looking forward to trying it in a real world situation. Interestingly, it came with a brochure detailing the rest of the AER range, including the very appealing Compact XL which is of a similar size to the Compact 60, but has a driver and tweeter system and puts out 200w with significantly increased volume and headroom. If (and I don't anticipate that there will be) there are any volume/headroom issues with the Domino, I'd consider returning it for the Compact XL. The extra channels of the Domino are great though, and it will be interesting to see how the stereo 2x100w system works in earnest.
  5. I played a couple of them, and yes, they were of superb quality. They have a warm chime to them with more bottom end than a Mahogany J45 and a smooth but powerfully delivered treble. A slightly scooped midrange but not as much as an SJ200, very balanced in general. I'd say the Maple J45s would make a stellar rhythm guitar for recording. I was gunning to buy one until my Maple AJ came into view... which is a different beast altogether, but the Maple J45s were very, very good too.
  6. Tell me about it. My partner and my ex wife both DESPISE tigerstripe guards. I remember when I bought my old 2002 AJ in the most gorgeous sunburst I've ever seen, my ex looked at it and said "it doesn't matter how good it sounds. That thing on the front looks like it belongs on a stripper's arse!" My partner, when I bought my current (natural finish) Maple AJ, spied the tigerstripe guard and said "Why do Gibson put weird animal prints on their guitars? It makes it look like something you'd play at a benefit gig for a cash-strapped zoo" 🤣🤣
  7. I've just picked up my third Sunrise to go in my SJ200...I bagged the last one for sale in the UK, so whilst I do plan to add one to the BK I may have to wait a bit!!
  8. Hi all, I'm just sitting here idly picking my '94 Centenary L-00 Blues King and thinking about how great it is. Really warm and gorgeous tone and SO balanced. Records brilliantly. Everything in exactly the right place tonally. I use Martin 12-54 80/20s on it and they suit it perfectly. Cheap strings being a good match is always nice! Has anyone else got one?
  9. Gorgeous! Can't beat a good Bird. Glad you went for that one on Reverb, I thought it looked great in the listing.
  10. That's East Indian Rosewood. Very different grain pattern to Braz, which is more wide grained with more purple-y dark patches and greater contrast between grain colours. I couldn't tell you if it was definitely solid, I think the Blue Ridge and F25s of that era were lam but the Heritage was quite possibly solid. They're a good guitar...at least the ones I've played have been. Not an archetypal Gibson tone, but very nice. Reminded me of a Guild D40.
  11. What a gorgeous looking and glorious sounding guitar! Don't worry about the scratch, all my guitars have far worse wear in that spot, plus you got the first scratch/ding out of the way early! I know a couple of players with Legends, who both ended up selling 99% of their other acoustics as they only ever went for the Legend when picking a guitar out of the rack. They're the magical combination of vintage tone and specs with a fresh high quality modern build. Absolutely fantastic choice...enjoy!
  12. Look out some D'Addario EJ19 Bluegrass Gauge strings. 12-56 and fabulous strings.
  13. Well... the Mesa came this morning! ...and is going back tomorrow morning. It's beautifully made and well thought out in terms of spec and options, and sounds GREAT, but unfortunately it doesn't jive with the way I sing at all. There is a certain frequency in my voice which turned the 'limit' light on and sent the power amp into distortion at anything above moderate bedroom levels. I've had much better volume and headroom from AER Compact 60s I've tried in the past, and the Mesa is rated at 5x the wattage! Very strange and disappointing. If I'd tried it blindfolded, I'd have put the useable output power of the Rosette at around 40w. Playing my SJ200 (which now has a Sunrise in it, the highlight of last week!) through it, even hitting certain notes on the G string with some Nic Jones style forceful picking made the amp clip. I'm not sure where Mesa are aiming this amp, market wise. It's a huge amount of money to spend on a bedroom amp, and who needs an acoustic amp for their bedroom anyway? Nobody records with these things unless looking for a very specific tone, and I wouldn't say it was useable in any conventional way for live work. Anyway, it's going back to the VERY helpful folks at GAK in Brighton and is being replaced with an AER Domino 3. If that doesn't cut it (although I suspect it will!) I'll return that and buy a pair of QSC K10.2 units.
  14. Without wanting to turn this into a Guild love-in, they're the only big name guitars I'd roll the dice on buying sight unseen from the late '70s/early '80s. I've played some great '70s Martins but most of them had been worked on, had the bridgeplates replaced etc. Chances are that any of the mid '70s Marts that had the intonation issue have been sorted by now...I can't imagine playing a guitar that doesn't intonate for 40+yrs without getting it looked at. Guilds are built like tanks but usually sound fantastic-I've played very few bad ones. I was very tempted recently by a maple '85 F20. Played like a dream, the sort of neck that plays itself, but I couldn't quite make it work financially.
  15. Gorgeous. I has an L-00 Legend on loan a few years back and good lord that was a wonderful guitar. The Legends are something very special. Enjoy!!
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