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  1. Coles Corner is a stunning record, especially the title track. His whole catalogue is a real adventure to discover, you'll love it!
  2. I've played SJ200s for a very long time. Everyone who appreciates fine guitars deserves the chance to try one, they're not everyone's cup of tea but I adore them. My 2015 Standard is exceptional, a great guitar for songwriting, recording, performance, everything. It's bright but with a huge bottom end and subtle, complex mids. In front of my SE Gemini II valve condenser it goes down to tape better than 99.9% of other guitars I've ever recorded with. I have an SJ100 too, a '41 reissue. Great guitar but entirely unlike a Maple SJ200. My 100 is Mahogany and sounds like a giant J45 (in a very good way!), Whereas the SJ200 has more of everything bar the lower mids.
  3. That is an incredible 185 isn't it? So dry and crisp. I'd love to play it. I've seen Hawley live a couple of times, superb artist and very, very funny too. Lovely guy.
  4. Love this, Jason! I spied the Frank Turner tee too, Frank's a great guy. I opened for his former band Million Dead many years ago and caught up with him at a festival in Croatia a couple of years ago that we were both playing. Had a coffee with him in his bus and nerded out about Hummingbirds together!
  5. No judgement here, we're all going to have different approaches to transporting our instruments and what I choose for the purpose is no reflection on your FRANKLY INSANE CHOICE TO PUT A SUPER 400 IN A DAMN BAG! (I'm joking by the way 🤪) I have used POD style semi-hard cases for my resonators for years as the weight of a reso combined with a HSC is just too much for my problem shoulder to cope with. The only one I haven't trusted to a soft case is my 1930s (pre-Regal) fiddle-edge Dobro M32. There are so few left in the world that I couldn't bear the idea of it getting broken, so it stays in its Hiscox Liteflite Artist case, which is light enough for me to tote. The M32 is the lightest reso I've ever owned too, which helps. I've spent the last half an hour googling 18" soft cases and I think you're going to have to go down the custom build route. Not cheap I would imagine, but worth it.
  6. Sounds like something of a one-trick pony, but WHAT a trick. I really dig that thin '20s style tone.
  7. One all-mahogany guitar I owned and really enjoyed was the Martin 00-DB Jeff Tweedy signature. Small (00 obviously), but deep bodied and so punchy and warm. Amazingly rich midrange overtones and a really superb all-rounder. Wish I still owned it, but I traded it (along with a very averagey example of a D18) for my 2015 SJ200 when it was new...absolutely zero regrets there as the SJ200 is magnificent.
  8. I certainly didn't feel any roughness that I noticed-they feel very similar to D'Addario EXPs which are my go-to string for most guitars, just a touch heavier (54 bottom E rather than 53 etc). If there is any roughness there I'll certainly be aware of it by the end of two hours of gigging tonight...will report back!
  9. I picked up a "two sets for one" pack of these for £15 from my local guitar shop...I thought I'd give them a whirl on my '41 RI SJ100 which is one of my main live guitars. I slung a set on just now ready for tonight's gig and am REALLY impressed with them. They're coated but don't feel coated, and sound absolutely huge. So much bottom end! Really nice bell-like trebles and smooth, complex mids too. Has anyone else tried them? Looking forward to using them live tonight!
  10. In my experience, YouTube recordings are woefully inadequate in portraying live tone-it never, ever sounds anywhere near the same. If YouTube was to be taken at face value, the Sunrise pickup (as used by Richard Thompson, Lyle Lovett, Emmylou, Michael Hedges and dozens of others known for their immaculate live tone...and me too 🙈) would be consigned to the bin of uselessness...I haven't heard a single YouTube recording that even comes close to the real sound of the pickup, or indeed sounds half decent. In real world use, I find the Sunrise to be immensely musical and responsive, one of the most enjoyable pickups I've ever used and, whilst not the most pure of acoustic replications tone wise, it's a terrific guitar sound. By the time it's been put through a preamp/mixer/speaker and into a room, it's scarcely recognisable from the YouTube version, which usually is the pickup plugged straight into an interface and a DAW, which of course isn't how these pickups are intended to be used at all. The MagMic, in similar real-world non-YouTube applications, is very enjoyable and versatile. The MagMic wins out over the Rare Earth Blend (another very good pickup) by virtue of the adjustable polepieces, which can be wound up for a more immediate attack and a more "electric" sound, and wound down for a more warm tone. This is also extremely useful for dialling in string balance, something I've never found to be to my taste with the Rare Earth Humbucker or Blend (unwound strings are always too hot and "pingy" compared to the wound wires, although this issue doesn't occur with the Rare Earth Single Coil for some reason). The Baggs M1/M1A and M80 are very good pickups, don't get me wrong, I just find they sound a little muddled. The body sensor element is a good idea and a very clever design, but to me (and everyone else's take on this may be entirely different!) A direct amplification of wood wobbling around isn't necessarily a preferable aural element to air moving as captured by a condenser mic, and whilst the body sensor adds an extra dimension, it doesn't do so as musically as a mic, in my opinion If Baggs brought out an M80 style pickup with the option to blend in/out the body sensor AND a mic (on a separate blend control) I would be first in the queue for that beast. Triple source and SO much versatility in one package.
  11. VS means Vintage Sunburst. Or, in the case of this particular guitar's authenticity, Very Suspect.
  12. It's quite a different beast to the M80. The M80 uses a top sensing coil and usually sounds bright and a little muddled to me. The MagMic has an onboard condenser capsule, complete with onboard blend control and preamps for both mic and pickup. I find that whilst it still sounds like a mag pickup, it sounds a LOT more like the guitar it's in than most other soundhole mags. The mic is quite accurate and honest.
  13. Wonderful demo by JT, and shocking that Gibson treated him like that. That aside, that original '43 banner LG1 is to die for isn't it? So beautiful.
  14. I use D'Addario EXP Mediums on my Maple AJ, that guitar really sings with a big chunky ol' set of wires on it.
  15. Try the Seymour Duncan MagMic, they're a brilliant dual source mag pickup with a miniature condenser mic built in and onboard blending, so no need for an external mic/lead/stand etc. Super transparent and warm. I use one in my '41 Reissue SJ100, and it often gets compliments at live shows. If you can live with the look of a soundhole pickup (I quite like the businesslike visuals), the MagMic is a terrific option.
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