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  1. I've owned three. I currently have a 1995 example which is is the most beaten up acoustic I l own. Tons of lacquer checking, lacquer almost entirely worn off the back of the neck, bridge changed (oddly for a '70s Dove bridge), refretted, clearly played hard and long throughout its life. I love it. Such a great guitar. Amazing note separation for fingerstyle but compresses gorgeously when played with a pic. I have a MagMic in it and it's a great live guitar. Here it is with me at my show at Glasgow CCA last December. Gosh, I miss playing live.
  2. Jinder

    John Prine

    I have been deeply upset and worried by this all day. I've loved John's music for so many years and I perhaps didn't realise how important to me he was as a human being until now, as odd as that sounds. It struck me as a bitter and particularly cruel twist of fate that after battling cancer and beating it, that this horrendous virus would be the thing that really had his life hanging in the balance. My fiancée read the news before me and told me about it this morning, and I'm not ashamed to say I shed a tear or two. I am not one to cry about anything generally (I'd rather trap those feelings in a song where they can't escape), so it took me by surprise to be so affected. I was relieved to read Fiona's update earlier. Fair and stable is an upgrade from critical...hell, the only downgrade is dead and gone, so he's heading in the right direction all being well. Not out of the woods yet but I'll keep everything crossed.
  3. I think, sadly, Ryan has some bigger worries on his plate nowadays rather than picking the colour of his guitar to represent his political stance. I've met Ryan a few times, and he has said some nice things about my early records in the past, which helped my career immensely at the time. A friend of mine is close to him, and told me recently that things have fallen apart for him dramatically in the year since the damning NYT article was published. As an initial reaction to the bad press, Capitol dropped his label, Pax-Am, as a subsidiary, and cancelled the release of his planned three records over 2019/2020, which set off a spiral of financial issues, leading to the sale of his studio in LA which he had ploughed over $1m into setting up and stocking with former Abbey Road and Sunset Sound vintage equipment. As the world tour in support of the cancelled 'Big Colours' album was pulled and the social media whirlwind around the negative press gathered speed, his relationship with his management deteriorated and eventually ended entirely. He subsequently suffered a heavy relapse into alcoholism and depression, and gained 40lbs whilst hiding from the glare of the press at home. He has ventured out in public a couple of times since, guesting on guitar at a recent Jesse Malin club show, at which he looked unwell and almost unrecognisable, and has been snapped once while out running in the Hollywood hills, again barely recognisable from his former self. I'm not defending his actions at all, and many would argue that it is no less than he deserves, but it all seems like a tragic waste of a huge talent.
  4. What a stunning guitar. I have always wanted a Frontier. I played a '60s example a couple of years ago that a dealer friend of mine had, and although it was way beyond what I could afford, it was astonishingly good. The reissue is 1/7th of the price and seems an absolute steal. When things return to normal after the virus crisis and I'm able to return to gigging, I'll be saving for one of these!
  5. The LG2 3/4 is a REALLY cool little guitar. The modern Arlo Guthrie sig reissues are probably more consistent than the originals but both are super cool instruments. A lot of folks aren't so keen on them as they done have the bass extension of a conventionally sized guitar and tend to be boxy and a bit honky, but I really love that tone. If you accept it for what it is, an Arlo is a ton of fun.
  6. Jinder

    Unusual J200

    I wouldn't shy away from that at all...give it some lap time and see how she flies. I'm sure the 3-piece backs of the era were intended to use up some pieces of timber that were pretty and potentially toneful but too small to be used for a two-piecer, but of course that was how the D35 was born, one of Martin's best guitars of the '60s/early '70s. I have played some Norlins that have been superb, and some that have been less so. I love the look of this one though and it could well be a gem. Worth further investigation for sure!
  7. I've had most of my tour dates cancelled due to the Corona scare, so I'm sort of sitting it out in exile. Recently a Spotify playlist served me up a slice of greatness from a band I loved back in the late '90s/early '00s, The Tragically Hip. I'd lost track of what they were upto as they NEVER got any press here in the UK, and, upon further googling to catch up on their timeline, was saddened to read that their frontman Gord Downie had passed away a couple of years back after a battle with cancer. I've enjoyed rediscovering their back catalogue and some of the beautiful solo records that Gord put out in the years before his passing. His 'Introduce Yerself' LP in particular is an extremely moving album. So, I've been playing around learning some of the band's material such as 'Bobcaygeon', 'Ahead By A Century' and 'In A World Possessed By The Human Mind', great songs which are a joy to revisit and that translate very well to solo performance.
  8. I absolutely love my Sunrises. I was playing out this evening with my Maple AJ and Sunrise, and just marvelling at what a big, solid, articulate and sweet sound it has. It's just so useable. Every sound engineer I work with raves about the Sunrise, the response and dynamics are astonishingly good and it is immensely resistant to feedback. I really like the MagMic I have in my Dove too, but the Sunrise is the king.
  9. A Maple Nick is my dream parlour...I've played a few and every one has been incredible. Enjoy!
  10. Hi Lars, the CD is £10, which includes postage to anywhere in the world. If you can wing over the funds to www.paypal.me/thesilverage I'll get yours in the post asap...don't forget to include your address! I only say that as I've spent the last few days chasing up a lot of people who didn't 🤯🤣
  11. Thanks, all! Kidblast, Piano Fire was the last thing I wrote for the record...that and I Still Believe snuck under the closing cave door like Indiana Jones' hat! I'm glad you like it. Pete Millson, who produced the record, and I had a lot of fun building the layers on Piano Fire, stacking up the electric guitar parts took a huge amount of time but was very rewarding. Dropping in three notes of harmonics over and over to make sure they were just ahead of the beat and pulled slightly, all that kind of stuff...super nerdy screwdrivering!
  12. Hi all, I'm not the best at this self promotion lark, but last Friday I released a new album, titled 'The Silver Age'. It is stuffed with Gibsons, primarily my Hummingbird 12 string, Maple AJ and SJ200, but plenty more besides. If anyone would like to listen, it's out there on all the usual digital platforms. CDs are only available direct as I have chosen not to use Amazon this time around, the way they treat their packing plant employees doesn't jive well with me, so I'm the packing plant! I'm not here to sell stuff though...plenty of places to listen for free online. I'd LOVE to know your thoughts on the album if you have a chance to listen.
  13. Thanks Nick! It's an exceptional guitar...so punchy and bright but still really deep and rich and complex. Playing it is best described as exhilarating, which is something I can't say for many other guitars. I've been inspired, soothed, fascinated, transfixed and transported by other guitars, but the AJ is just flat-out exciting. If my other guitars are cars, this one is a motorcycle!
  14. My SJ200 has a wide grain top, and my Maple AJ has a tight grain top. Both sound great, I think right grain gives a little sharper and more distinct top end, whereas wide grain is a little more subdued up top, but only to the degree that us cork sniffers would notice. Personally, I believe that a day or two more/less age on a set of strings makes a lot more difference than grain width, but it is of course an ingredient in the casserole of tone.
  15. I really like the Arlo. The problem for me is that I'm exactly the same size as Greg Koch over at Wildwood, both in height and build, so it would look like a toy in my hands, much as it does in his! I always enjoy Greg's videos, not only as he is a stellar player but also because I can tell exactly how any guitar he demos will look on me when I'm onstage. In fact, without wanting to stray too far off topic, here is a clip of him playing my Maple AJ!
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