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  1. I had hoped this was an old commercial from 30/40yrs ago...I've driven old Volvos for years (three 740s, two 940s and a 240) and I love them. Such soulful old cars, which, across the six, I've driven over a million miles and never, ever failed to get me home. Not a bad record considering the youngest of them was 21yrs old at the time of acquisition. Hell, I'd sing about them if anything decent rhymed with Volvo!!
  2. I have kept a 12 around for most of my playing life. I love them and find that they can be a showstopper for certain songs in the live set. I have a 2005 Custom Shop Hummingbird 12 which I bought from our very own JohnT a few years ago. Astonishing guitar which has featured heavily on my last few records and is very inspiring for writing purposes too...this is the only 12 I'll ever need, bar some sort of disaster befalling it. Failing that, I'll be buried with it!
  3. The Cortez is gorgeous. I'd leap on that for sure!
  4. That's identical to mine! The one I have is officially called an "Advanced Jumbo Flame Deluxe", but it's just a fancy name for a maple AJ... the one in the Reverb link is exactly the same as mine right down to the Schaller Grandtune machines. I took the Baggs Element out of mine and fitted a Sunrise, and the whole guitar is just glorious. It records brilliantly, is a superb writing instrument, terrific live guitar, it really ticks all boxes. Quite possibly my favourite of all the guitars I've owned over the years, pipping even my beloved SJ200. The way it came into my possession was fortuitous and downright bizarre. After putting a deposit on it, I was booked to play a wedding in Colorado...the guy in question has been into my music for many years and was willing to fly me out from the UK, put me in a hotel for a week and pay a handsome fee for me to appear. Chances like this don't occur very often, so I of course humbly accepted. As luck would have it, the fee he was offering to pay me for the week (flights and accommodation aside) was just over what the balance I owed on the Maple AJ equated to, so I suggested that he pay my fee direct to Wildwood, and that I'd collect the guitar when I flew in and use it for the wedding show. He thought this was a terrific idea and loved that I would thereafter be using a guitar that was associated with him for touring and recording etc. Sadly, a week before the wedding was due to happen, I had a very long and emotionally charged email from him saying that things hadn't worked out between he and his fiancée, and that the wedding would no longer be happening. I urged him to cancel the sale with Wildwood and use the money from the guitar to put towards the next phase of his life, but he steadfastly refused, and insisted that I still fly out, still take delivery of the guitar and maybe get together with him to hit the town and cheer him up. I was astonished at his generosity. I accepted his offer and, along with my sister who lives just outside Denver, we had a crazy and brilliant week in Colorado, lots of great meals out, live music and laughter, and forged an amazing friendship...it's a guitar that's made all the more special by the remarkable story behind it, and I can't imagine ever being without it.
  5. Bruce Beard is the guy who did the deal for me on my Maple AJ. These were a very limited edition instrument and I chased them all over Europe...played one in Glasgow and fell in love with it, but by the time I had the money it was gone. Found one in Wales secondhand, but that sold before I could get to it...tracked one down in Paris but that sold too. Eventually I found the last one in the world for sale at Wildwood. I couldn't get to the US for five months but Bruce did the deal and they held it for me, sorted out my CITES cert and everything. Amazing service.
  6. I have used Gibson Pump Polish on my guitars for many years. Still the best cleaner and polish for nitro finishes that I've come across, although I'd love to try Virtuoso...sadly not available in the UK though.
  7. Huge congrats!! You did the right thing...enjoy!!
  8. After several listens through, what I heard was: GM: "...and is it George's Gibson?" JL: "Yeah...it IS better" I think what may have been happening was a few on-mic run-throughs with different guitars to nail down the tones of choice, with this potentially being the final of those, and GM asking JL if, having been the prior favourite, George's Gibson is final pick. Whether or not that is the guitar in question on this rehearsal cut I'm not sure...I believe the control room in all rooms at Abbey Road has a good line of sight onto the recording floor (unlike, say, Studio 2 at RAK where 80% of the live room isn't visible from the elevated control room...very odd design), which leads me to believe that GM would probably not need to ask what guitar was in action at the time, and that it was more a speculative Q. I could be wrong on all counts though!
  9. Reporting for duty!! I think, having gone to and fro several times in the name of auditory sleuthery, MNS is the Tex and the Julia rehearsal tape is the 160. Possibly the latter is the Texan with VERY old steel but I'm convinced it's the 160, it has that characteristic wool and warmth...wonderful tone.
  10. I absolutely second the recommendation for Wildwood. I had a superb experience buying my Maple AJ from them a couple of years back. Just wonderful service and the guitar was exquisite from the moment I picked it up.
  11. Thankyou! I am indeed a big guy...6'7" and 260lb. I even make my SJ200 look small!
  12. Nice result and a very nice bird! Love them in natural finish...I had a 1990 which was superb.
  13. That's a stunner, 62!! From the front it looks identical to mine...the back is something else, though!!
  14. As an addendum to my earlier comments, I spent an hour with my Maple AJ yesterday and it could well be my favourite of all my guitars. It's so bold and dynamic, really responsive and easy to coax different tones from. It has a similar response to a very dry vintage instrument, really lively and quick. With the Sunrise pickup in it, it's a superb live guitar, too.
  15. I have a lot of time for K&K gear. The PWM system in my Hummingbird 12 is absolutely superb, to use a cliché, it just sounds like the guitar but louder. That Cargill is a looker isn't it? Absolutely stunning. Would love to know the science behind the treble-biased soundhole plavement, that kind of thing fascinates me.
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