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  1. Thanks KB! Slowly getting there, still in hospital and likely to be here for another couple of weeks at least. Desperate to get home to my partner, kids and guitars but have some more mending to do first 🙂
  2. Generally, the one I always reach for first is my maple AJ or Dove...I have a feeling it will be the latter with a Dunlop Tortex Yellow pick, and a good hour or so to ease myself back in with some flatpicking. I haven't played guitar in close to a month so am missing it a great deal!!
  3. Thankyou so much, all. Gradually getting better day by day. Hoping to go home before too long and continue my treatment as an outpatient, all being well!
  4. D'Addario EXPs are superb on my SJ200, as are Newtone Masterclass 80/20s or PB. Martin SPs work well too, but are a distant third after the previous two.
  5. Thankyou so much for the kind words all! I'm humbled by all of your kindness and very much moved. Things have, indeed, been better, but I'm still here and fighting hard. Determined to come out of this swinging, singing and playing the heck out of my Gibsons! I'm likely to be stuck in here for at least two weeks if things go according to plan...if they don't, it will be longer-potentially a great deal longer-but at the moment my bloods have improved and the stuff they're pumping into me is super strength, the highest strength antibiotics they have, and I'm on two of them...I am determined to stay positive and kick this thing in the nuts. I'll check in as often as I can...I have my phone but my eyesight is poor at the moment so it can take a long time to write a message, but I'll be here. Thankyou, again, for all the lovely words...so very much appreciated!
  6. I'll most certainly try! 1 - Cleanliness...Maple is an extremely clean and direct tonewood which gives articulate and crisp lead lines and full, balanced chords with great note separation 2 - You get out what you put in...Maple is the most honest and exposing of all the tonewoods I've played, if a passage, progression or entire song is played just so, it will sound fantastic, but one mistake, poorly fretted note or buzzy hammer-on/pull-off and it's as if a gigantic finger comes crashing through the ceiling, pointing directly at the player, accompanied by a booming voice announcing "THIS IS THE ONE THAT GOT IT WRONG!". This aspect of Maple has made me a better player ten times over in the last sixteen years or so since I started playing SJ200s and the like. 3 -Nothing is easier on-mic...I've made twelve albums over the years and have been a sessioneer on another forty or so records, and producers and engineers always shout "THAT ONE!" whenever we're doing a shootout on mic and I pull a Maple guitar out. My Dove in particular records astonishingly well, as did my former J180...there is a balance and lack of sonic clutter about Maple that makes it sit effortlessly in a mix with barely any front end work or ITB tweaking.
  7. I'm a Maple fanatic, and have been a big fan of Maple 45s for a long time. Around 2008 there was a run of particularly stellar Maple 45s from Bozeman which really stole my heart... unfortunately I didn't have enough in the way of funds to snaffle one, but I never forgot them. When they brought out the Big Leaf run in 2015/16 I only got to try one of them, but that particular guitar was even better than the 2008s I tried. Really, really great. Enjoy yours in good health...I agree that it's a really good idea to get a pro setup on it asap!
  8. This is gorgeous...I still very much miss my humble IB '64 Texan. Would love to pick up one of these USA reissues one day 😌
  9. The Frontier details are fascinating! That's a new one on me. As a Dove player I'm intrigued to know when the design of the Frontier morphed into the Dove, which of course sports essentially the same design tenets (maple, long scale, high end).
  10. I always do the same. I like to clean the frets and board every third string change or so (more often in the summer when humid outdoor/festival gigs happen or things get a little sweaty!), so will remove all six for that, but usually change them one by one so as to keep everything nicely seated and under tension. There's no right or wrong way though, really. It's just personal preference. Capstan windings wise, I like to have one loop above the protruding string and the rest below. This was taught to me by a bandmate many, many years ago, he called it the "Carolina Pinch", but that may have been something he made up for humorous ends!!
  11. I don't see the ethics argument at all. If someone was going to buy an original J35 and had the resources with which to do so, it's infinitesimally unlikely that they would be tricked into buying a re-badged 2011, which, whilst a lovely instrument in its own right, is some way short of a "true" reissue. I say go for it...it's your guitar and you plan to keep it, so why not make it your own cosmetically?
  12. Hi Clemént, I'd consider £2000 rather heavy money for a 2011 J45. I'm in the UK and always go by my good friend and trusted dealer Glenn Sinnock's asking prices as a bellwether, which are usually around £1799 for such an instrument.
  13. That makes sense! It's likely that if it's rattling when you tighten the strapjack outer cover, what is happening is that it's snugging the endpin preamp itself nice and tightly against the end block on the inside of the guitar, but leaving the nut on the outside (under the screw-on strapjack cover) pulled away from the endpin area itself, and free to rattle a little against the washer underneath it. I would bet anything that if you unscrewed the strapjack cover, tightened the 13mm nut under it, then replaced the cover, the issue would be gone forever. I worked as a touring tech for a few different artists and was on the road with Billy Bragg for four years. We had exactly the same issue with his J45...the Baggs endpin preamps seem to work a little loose sometimes for some reason. Glad you found the solution!
  14. I hear a faint and high pitched buzz. It's not metallic like fret buzz, and the frequency would indicate that it's a component with little mass or density that is loose. I would check that your control wheels in the soundhole for the Baggs unit aren't loose, and work backwards from there. I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that it's something related to the pickup. Check the strapjack nut at the endpin isn't loose (this is the number one cause of buzzes in all pickup equipped acoustics in my experience!!) and reach inside when you next have the strings off. Check the saddle is snugged down in its slot and that no pickup wiring is vibrating against the top. As has been noted, also check the nuts, washers and bullet screw-over cover on the inside of your endpin preamp...this involves you getting your arm some way into the guitar but you'll manage! Just check it's all tight and nothing is flapping about. Whilst you're in there, give it a flick with your finger and listen out for any buzzing or rattling, which will help with your sleuthing. The other possibility is loose machinehead capstan bolts (the hollow ones that go over the capstan itself from the front, and screw into the back of the machinehead through the face of the headstock). These can work loose if not torqued up properly and cause the washers between the bolt and the headstock to rattle whilst playing. Good luck...you'll get it sorted!
  15. Ah yes of course, the modern Dove bridge is entirely flat...the '70s style one on my guitar has the MOP inlays in very thin wings, with the main body of the bridge sloping up from there to the "mainland" where the saddle and pins sit, which made it easy to shave down! Mine definitely doesn't need a reset-the angle is a little TOO keen if anything, but I think of this as futureproofing-but the replacement bridge was just too much of a chunky monkey for its own good. Much better now! I'll definitely consider a Rosewood replacement if I have any further issues with the Ebony one. As things stand it's performing superbly now, but any cracking or issues and it will come out and a Rosewood substitute fitted methinks. I am nobody to argue with George Lowden...the guy knows a thing or three!!
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