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  1. A great album I love to learn and play from. Unfortunately, they were rip roaring s-faced when I saw them in a crowded New Paltz college gym promoting the album. Beer cans flew around the room and so did the wall of sound from cranked up amps, bouncing fully distorted off cinderblock walls. I was half deaf for a week.
  2. Yep, I'm sure you'll get to it. Remember though, keep an eye on the repair seams for signs of movement as seasons change. If you got daring and swapped them out, the 'splint' you removed would go right back on, so you'd still have the extra reinforcement with new tuners. I would guess your luthier could just replace the buttons too. Dave
  3. Taylor doesn't do embossed/painted guards though.
  4. There have been positive posts about these guys on this site and on UMGF more than once.
  5. An awful lot of strings sound good on that beast. I use D'Addario Nickel Bronze for a crisper, not so ringy bright tone, but if you like it to sound more shiny any Phosphor Bronze will do, DR, Elixir, SIT, Dunlop, etc. I don't like the extra PhosporB brightness, so I go with 80/20s, and like to buy mediums (13s) tuned down, but most play 12s with standard pitch. You'll want to experiment to get what's sweetest to your ear.
  6. Oh yeah! Checking his site, lessons and all peripheral.
  7. BK just emailed me. He's lighting his L0 on fire. Somehow, I feel he's picking up some new riffs too.
  8. Yeeouch!!! Thanks for that BB!
  9. In my memory of early vintage shopping, it seemed black buttons matched nut and pin colors, which is what my '35 L00 has.
  10. I'm off PBs altogether, liking everything 80/20s, SITs and Dunlop. Tons of string recommendation will be arriving soon, I'm sure.
  11. I'm all Nickel Bronze (J50) so it barks a little. All my guitars, from 00 to J/Dread play tuned down a step to D-D, with medium 13s on.
  12. Nice! Love mine. Enjoy...but 11's? What kind of music do you like to play? One thing I noticed about mine, someone forgot to dress the fret edges. Sharp as hell.
  13. Can you get a photo up, through Imgur or something?
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