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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Gibson-Acoustic-Small-Guitar-1954/254273847804?hash=item3b33e701fc:g:LUAAAOSwEwBdEAfB
  2. I buy great guitars that were they in pristine shape would be far out of my financial grasp, so I'd be prepared for the best or worst case scenario. I've owned a couple of these and loved them for that punchy percussive flat picking tone. Worst case...deep gouges from dumass hard strummers, best case light wear, which I'd try to clean up and go guardless. For players like me, I don't think you could score a solid 50's LG2 for that price. I'm this close to buying it myself, but looking at it now I fear the worst underneath. Function over form though.
  3. jedzep


    I start every day singing this. Falsetto is the gateway to the rest of your range. Breathe out hard when you sing. Of course, my wife left me and my dog died, but I still work on it.
  4. A few years ago I would have jumped on this. I'd slap on the correct tuners the day it got here, then I'd hold my breath and pull the pick guard. https://reverb.com/item/24158257-gibson-1953-gibson-lg-2-flat-top-acoustic-guitar-emmy-lou-harris-hot-band
  5. Aaha! It's too thinned out then. I'd use your guy to make a new one any day. Very nice. ( the other) Dave
  6. Hey Dave. Why did you swap out that bridge anyway? The pictured one looks just right.
  7. Unless you paid top dollar, say in the 5-6K range AND is unplayable AND sounds lame, you have a valuable, fairly do-able restoration. I believe it would have a rectangular Braz Rosewood bridge, so at worst you could buy a chunk of that and have one made. There's a nice BR one on Reverb that Matt Umanov just won't budge on the $300 price. Tuners may be correct but those period correct machines are on the market. I have a pickguard from my 1950 J50 I still haven't figured out if I want to re-install. You can get this one done...but in great shape/original you're already in the 5K zone, so not much room to move. https://reverb.com/item/14669325-gibson-l-00-bridge-w-saddle-1930s
  8. Do you capo up 2 for more vocal range access or for easy fretting? I'm lucky, in that I love to play songs that move me, and enjoy nuancing them while not wandering far from a 'copy'. Considering I'm not a guitar player but a player of songs on guitar, this is the best path for my satisfaction. That and fine guitars I'm lucky to own. I'm nuancing my f'in a'hole off, frankly.
  9. Did signatures get the heave-ho too?
  10. If it's that close a tolerance, you should probably just tweak for slightly higher action via your truss rod. The friendly ghosts that live in my house continue to keep my old hanging guitars in fine playing shape without the use of any humidity gizmos. The eternal debate goes on...
  11. It's a photo/computer process in my case, but if this Ebay seller already has it done up you're lucky.
  12. ...yeah, olie, but this is for fun and enjoyment, and first world fun and enjoyment is the best kind. I'm grateful for the roll of the dice that placed me here.
  13. If you contact Dan Erlewine at StewMac, he can help you access your local print shop to create a 'frisket' (stencil) for restoring period correct logos. I went through it with my J50 but decided on the shortcut waterslide decal for now. No ethics involved. My headstock came stripped so I black lacquered it, laid the decal down and sprayed 3 clear lacquer coats over it. You have to look close to see the decal perimeters, so it's OK for now. danerlewine@gmail.com https://www.stewmac....0305_C_20180517
  14. There are several advanced players here that can certainly play any given guitar outside of it's supposed playing style boundaries, but if you're looking for a full toned but not necessarily loud, comfortable small bod to fingerpick, this is one of your top of the list guitars. If you're somewhat of a beginner developing your style and skills, the genre of music you play might be secondary anyway, to the process of developing your own approach to songs. I hear on good authority that it takes around 10,000 hours.
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