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  1. Try 'em all. I did and settled on these. Not overly bright, good bass thump, great price and decent longevity. A buck cheaper through Sweetwater. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dunlop-DAB1356-80-20-Bronze-Acoustic-Guitar-Strings-6-String-Set-Medium-13-56/264076965526 I tune all mine down D-D though.
  2. I'd hire you to be my Thanksgiving supper soundtrack. Would you mind sitting off to the side if I set you up with all manor of food and intoxicants? Oh, and could you give a private guitar lesson after dessert? You have the touch. Nice! Punchy and lighthearted!
  3. How do you like the WM line? Bought a WM J45 a while back, and minutes after paying stumbled on to a '49 J50, which I wracked up the guitar bill for and bought too, figuring I'd just flip the WM after checking it out. Already filled with buyer's angst, needing neither guitar really, I strangely also had two coming to me. As good fortune would have it the WM came with the head stock snapped off and oozing Elmer's glue, so it turned to instant return and apologies. I wanted to play for comparison, but it wasn't to be. Can you A-B with an L00? Dave
  4. jedzep


    Time for a strap. The satin finish isn't a multi-layered protection. Then you can work on ignoring the strap rash.
  5. Nick is extremely wise in this, despite his sun and salt sea baked brain.
  6. On the bright side, I think I see Xbrace peeking out.
  7. I pull guards, swap tuners, and change saddles a lot, but yep, that's a level of vintage value that should be preserved. No changes for that puppy!
  8. Crisp treble picking. Great bass line and singing right in your wheelhouse. Your best thing on SCloud. It woke me back up on a sleepy cold night, so I'll work on my Kinks' 'Holiday' from Muswell Hillbillies, which has nothing to do with the holidays.
  9. Can you link us to something that would have photos?
  10. As Ringo would say, 'peace and love'. Try CBD and Tai Chi...simultaneously.
  11. Howdy Ratt, if I may call you that. You are facing a giant number of comfortable to play, good sounding, small bod 00 and 000 guitars in your open hunt. Your affordable price range will also dictate, but being a 67 yr old flat picker with old hands I have fashioned my search and collection toward those little guitars you are looking for. My easiest and most valuable comfortable player is a '35 L00, while my most comfortable sweet sounding thousand dollar guitar is a '62 Guild F30, which sounds and plays better than my '62 Martin 000-18. I have others and will chime in when I get a brainstorm, but prepare yourself for a zillion great suggestions from this tribe. Hope you live near a larger metro area so you can sample old and new in a variety of shops.
  12. How sweet that is! My '49/50 J50 loves Dunlop 80/20 13's. I don't use implanted amplification, just a couple Shure microphones, guitar and vocal. Nick owns it's brother.
  13. Mahogany is a 'quieter' wood compared to a spruce top. I own a 20+ year old 000-15 and don't expect it to do anything other than it was built for, giving me a tone I love for certain songs and styles. For a brighter tone I own a different guitar. A bigger Martin dread in the price range of the Streetmaster would be the D16. I'll bet you'd get the bright tones equal to any Gibson J for significantly less dough. Don't forget to have another player try it so you can hear it from the vantage point in front of the guitar.
  14. Lunchroom monitor. I just love gossip and food.
  15. Stop chasing the dragon, you say? Where have I heard that before? 12 fretters rule! Very nice. Enjoy!
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