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  1. Hey boys, don't you feel guilty not bringing this topic to the UMGF?
  2. That was a wisely timed exit. Glad you didn't lower yourself to their level, but in a pinch you could have plinked out the first notes to that Deliverance tune and lulled them toe-heads into neutral.
  3. Hah! If you went to Woodstock 50 years ago you'd also be the only one there. You'd have to drive another hour to see the concert. What was once a quaint, quirky arts community is now a bad soup of sad ol' drum circle hippies and black Amex cards. If you keep traveling north past and over the Catskills another 2 hrs you get to paradise, where I gratefully live.
  4. jedzep


    A $400 Xbraced Gibson. What's next?! Good hunting, Dave.
  5. Your story reminds me of why I rarely venture more than 15 miles from home, and I do that under protest.
  6. For a few hundred bucks you might be able to find a nice set of period correct Klusons through Jim Dulfer, a fair priced vintage tuner broker, and pocket the originals for restoration. You can find him on the UMGF as 'grateful dad' or just email him here. He bought out a friend's guitar shop and found drawers filled with old machines. He's hooked me up often. nblwds@yahoo.com On the other hand, I have original open back Klusons on my '31 L0 with shrunken bakelite buttons that look much like yours. I have backup tuners but so far the orig have held up. It;s been 9 years now.
  7. Just that it's overpriced and ladder-braced. That big heavy pick guard could add further tone suppression. Here's an awesome alternative...not your birth year, granted. https://reverb.com/item/24400996-vintage-1948-gibson-lg-2-sunburst
  8. Howdy. We gotta' have whatever identifying numbers you may find either on the back of the headstock or up inside the body where the neck joins. Then you can go to this site and figure it out. http://www.guitarhq.com/gibson.html
  9. Sorry about that. Guess nobody has a problem with it in the lounge. EZ to tell you what it's not.
  10. Can you figure out how to load a photo? Not sure I trust the links.
  11. No kidding. The small upper bout threw me. It might be the camera angle. Thanks!
  12. Well...not acoustic, not Gibson, but I just grabbed this. I've owned a couple short scale versions but need to try this long neck out. https://reverb.com/item/20986787-vintage-1964-guild-m-65-freshman I got Guild. '62 F30 and '57 M20. I'm trolling for the unseen M30.
  13. I'm fortunate that my callus issues didn't involve separation around the edges. I'd avoid using creams that may soften the tips of your calluses. The best healer I've found for bonding a 'scab' edge is the 'juice' from an aloe plant, so you might start at a garden shop. I would also try breaking open vitamin E capsules and dressing the edges.
  14. Nice grab. Guilds are the underrated redheaded stepchild to Gibsons and Martins. Priced right, too, by comparison. I hear the Guild tone as slightly closer to the Martin side of the family. Love mine, fer sure.
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