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  1. Here's my two experiences with GC, though I've never seen or been in one. They both involved small bod used Martins at bargain pricing. Believe it or not, the guitars were good deals. I found them after finding pricing on Reverb a little high, by googling the model where GC's ad pop up. The guitars were both in midwest understaffed stores, and when I contacted them I got salespeople that were completely unschooled in what to look for, so very few of my questions were answered. Both salespeople fell back on the point of hassle free returns, complete with 20 dollar return label, which made it a great short term tryout. Both were good guitars, so I got out of it with 2 nice underpriced Martins.
  2. Good one! Don't apologize. We all wish we had thought of it.
  3. That's it, Steve? Isn't there enough tension out there? Got pics?
  4. Good to go. Tuners are correct and the burst has a nice soft feathered effect. Orange label inside should have a number that corresponds to 2019 build date.
  5. They serve a useful purpose. I've used many from Ebay, but not peel and stick, which are more for decoration, not restoration. Waterslides are OK if you have to. Even got a stencil (frisket) through Dan Erlewine from StewMac.
  6. You lyin' bastard! That can't be a ladder-braced guitar! Is there anyone in your household that breaks out in applause when you record these? Too good!
  7. jedzep

    1936 L-00

    How in the hell did I miss that post? Big thanks for sharing, Dave.
  8. jedzep

    1936 L-00

    I can't see any replacement bridge clues, but the tuner plate footprint on my '35 peghead is clipped Klu version, like so... Those in the listing? Don't see how they could be original, but I'm very unstudied in vintage parts.
  9. jedzep

    1936 L-00

    I think I would black lacquer that puppy and go 'Tuxedo'. Can anyone do as nice a burst copy like this Ebay one?
  10. jedzep

    1936 L-00

    I think I would contact SUNY Morrisville, a small upstate NY tech college about an hour from me, and see if there was a photographic record of the project. Nah! That might make you angrier.
  11. jedzep

    1936 L-00

    Amazing sad story, probably dropped on a student w/o knowledge of it's value. It happens. I wouldn't necessarily attempt to get it looking authentic, but it's well worth getting a good period correct bridge and set up to play, as they are unique for how they sound more than anything. You'll have to dig a little for estimates regarding stages of restoration. I suggest a guy in Scotia, NY named Steve Kovacik. He may be on this forum, but I can't recall for sure. http://www.guitar-repair.com/index.htm Here's my '35 with it's companion '31 L0
  12. In good 'running' condition it's a fairly desirable and valuable player, so act accordingly. If you're near a reputable shop, bring it in for evaluation.
  13. Can we see a pic of the head stock logo? Like a fine vintage car...take it to a good luthier and get it running, or just ship to me.
  14. What he said. It can be very faint on the block. The number on my '35 L00 actually disappeared over the last few years. Lucky is a good name for you!
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