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  1. It will usually be slightly taller on the bass side, sloping lower toward the treble end. Take a sharp pencil and mark the correct underside of the saddle with a 'T' if you think it could happen again.
  2. Haha! Good for you. Enjoy the task if it comes to you. You won't even need your mask.
  3. It's been done to a lot of ladder braced guitars, probably with mixed results. The amount of work this guitar needs, as I tried to infer, makes the price pretty much out of bounds for ever having adequate value, but I know that availability in Australia ain't what we gringos here in the US are spoiled by, so the opportunity has to be analyzed from that point somewhat. As you say, you can do most repair work, and you would pretty much have to to make it even a fun project. The thing that most screams out to me is the term you use 'wobbly neck', though I'm not sure what you mean by that. Is it actually loose, or just wonky. At any rate, it'll need a reset right off. Is that something you think you can do? I'd go back to him with my 'yard sale' offer, as I named it before, a couple hundred bucks, but only if I was really looking for a project to play with. You can find a usable LG-1 online for less than a thousand dollars, and avoid long days in your shop trying to pull this one together. I wish you good hunting.
  4. Very cool. Thanks for that Leonard. Are you really in Katmandu or are you just a Cat Stevens fan?
  5. Ladder bracing is always a deal killer in my book, with apologies to all those who own/like them and know how to make them sound OK. I could never understand why Gibson would put the effort and materials together for a stellar small bod and then dull it down with a few ill-placed braces. Your observation re: the neck having a 'slight wobble' would have killed it for me, unless it was being offered for a 'yard sale' price. I already see several hundred dollars in restoration looming, including popping off the back and re-fitting it with Xbracing, which is also a gamble. Tuners could be correct Kluson machines, but a pic of the back of the peghead would be necessary to tell. Given the other issues, it wouldn't be that costly to find different period-true machines. The incorrect model designation by the shop owner might also make me suspicious as to their integrity.
  6. Don't forget the perfunctory peek to make sure there's Xbracing behind the mask, if you haven't already covered that base.
  7. I hear. I just sold my '31 L0 to Retrofret so I could buy the '70 D28S. Turns out I sent a project and got one in return. Still loving the rosewood OM21 so I added the D28. What a huge neck! A zillion posts ago I was ranting about my allegiance to small bodies. Now I'm playing 2 D's and a J. More 1st world problems.
  8. I imagine that's true locally. The online game here in the US is a feast, and that's just Reverb and Ebay.
  9. I'm in a morphing state, a bit. I think it's a decent time to take 'advantage' of people's trying economic times for booting up and/or rounding out a collection. I continue to hunt, often while in the middle of composing a treatise on finally having the guitars that satiate my curiosity. I'll hang on to my precious old gits, while keeping my eye out for good deals, and opening up to search parameters. My house has always been a place to buy & try from, and I'm surprising myself with a discovery here and there. Latest find...a rock bottom priced '70 Martin D28S slope 12 fretter, negotiated down to $2100, and a stellar '07 Martin OM21 snagged for under $1500. What a great freekin' addition to my madness these are!
  10. We must all be in similar age ranges. I'll never say bye to my '50 J50 and 30's L00, but I dumped my '62 000-18 and bought the similar '07 Martin OM21, which puts the '62 to shame, and two 12 fret Martins. One is a 25 yr old 00015SM, the other, a 5 yr old 00017SM. With the modern era guitars, first thing I notice is I get tons more playing time without hand fatigue. That will likely factor into what I keep as I limp into the final innings.
  11. Ladder-braced = kindling. If it's a gift or one of your kids want to start lessons, maybe.
  12. Hi Nick. He blew me away too, but the most flexible fret hands belong to this guy. Sure you've seen it before. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVlBPxSRlCQ&list=RDXVlBPxSRlCQ&start_radio=1
  13. Your lust for life is refreshing. Now I have to look up wtf a Tonewood amp is.
  14. Inspiring trade move. It's got me thinking. More details please! What went out the door? Guess you have no more worries about bridge lifting.
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