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  1. You're a good man, BK, but I'll never get it. Precious little time to fine tune my flat-picking mediocrity.
  2. Your Martin will certainly sound more mellow than an LG-2, but I ended up ditching the two vintage ones I owned because I felt frustrated by the muted tone of the bass E string. Seems the thump went away right at that string. Both were otherwise awesome guitars. You'll have a good barometer and comparison point in the SJ bass end, and while I know they are vastly different instruments, when you A/B the two the LG-2 might sound similar in a Gibson way, but quieter. I prefer the L00. Check that out in the mix if you can.
  3. Calm down there 75HB. Now that Gearbash found that there is an actual break, my exploratory advice becomes obsolete. I think he's blown past my suggestion. Dave
  4. It looks like it could be an ominous looking finish check, indicating stress at that point, that may or may not be into the wood. I would sand or carefully strip to the wood surface to see if there's actually wood grain separation. A lesson in long term storage. 1 step down ain't enough.
  5. I'm down with Boyd, and I have some really old and fragile geetars. Haven't cased a guitar in ten years and more or less thumbed my nose at humidification, but found my newer guitars needed something. Venta makes quiet, ez to service machines. Of course, you have to have the size room this would work in. For instance, a big one with a vaulted ceiling would be tough to even out.
  6. Hey Paul. You've come to the right place, but your post is very funny as you've provided no info or photo. Hilarious! Thanks!
  7. Yep. UR the best, bro. Another example of what's happened in the era of talent over-saturation, and the odd dilemma of the best in their field not being able to make a solid living at their craft. Enjoy your private island. I don't know how you slipped through the crack of fame. Very JHammond touch you have, when he isn't being full on frantic. I got to see him play up close when he was hanging around Woodstock in the late 70's. It was 2 bucks to get in and sit 8 feet away. So many good players out there, and much respect to you being in the mix. Thanks for all the clips. If I was your partner I wouldn't clip my nails either, but I'd want you to teach me lap slide.
  8. Oh yeah...I forgot, just to make ol' Nick wince, I'd pull that nasty guard and strip the top.
  9. It's all about the price, if it sounds good and is structurally OK. A true diamond in the rough, and something I'd be happy to own. All my diamonds are a bit rough. Then I'd slap on the vintage Klusons and be happy.
  10. The permanent underclass is global, as we know, and most street marketplaces in 3rd world countries are pretty much 'dollar' stores, except filthier. Yep...what Murph said.
  11. That am sneaky! Good call, JWG. It might be one of those customer support issues Reverb has to back peddle on if enough members complain. Full disclosure all around is the consumer's best tool. Maybe they figure Ebay gets away with it, and direct bargaining is always an option between seller and buyer.
  12. B.S. in Jazz. That's funny. Good one!
  13. When I think of what I could do with 5K in the vintage market... I like that arrangement of 'Maybe I'm Amazed' enough to put it on my list of things to learn. I'll be back with my rendition in a couple years. I played a weathered early 70's Dove belonging to a client last week. Stellar booming woody darkness and a gorgeous deep amber'd top, much preferred to my ear than the AJ in the clip. I still hear the 'new' in new guitars and seem to have some aversion. Maybe I can't hear the warmth.
  14. What...a girl who can play McCartney?
  15. I can remember only a few days where it got so swampy I noticed a radical drop off in resonance, but they were conditions that sneaked in before I fired up my battery of air conditioners. It's hard to regain the dryness once a heavy duty humid front takes hold. Sounds like you can swim in that air BK, but I just kick in the extra 20 bucks a month for electric all summer and fight off the thick air. I'm surprised you don't keep one room cool and dry as a refuge, if not just for human comfort, given the predictable weather. How'd you crick your neck, staring at the 'Banner' Gibson thread on the UMGF?
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