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  1. I'm kind of like you, except with Taylors. I've never heard a Taylor that didn't sound a little too boxy, maybe lacking in fullness, or maybe balance, so I can say I'm no fan. So when you noted the 714 was 1/4 of the theoretical Martin price, I just did the economic calculation. I find that 'boxy' lack of balance true in big bod Guilds, too, at least after Hoboken and perhaps Westerly models. They've been cutting corners a little, too, though Guild nerds are claiming the newer USA models are now built to higher standards. Prices are reflecting this. Many guitars have their place in the more affordable player market. Maybe Taylor's trying to jack up their top tier, too. Since no one can sample everything under every condition, it'll all just be opinion anyway.
  2. Well, maybe, Dave. But if you plunked a Taylor down in your mix, wonder what your ear would tell you. Mine say cheap build equals cheap tone. If one always drove a Rambler, a Chevy Vega would seem like a nice ride. These stories of GC comparisons say more about GC than Martin.
  3. Good. Just trying for a chuckle. If you have a good sound system connected to your computer or device, are there any demo vids of Martins that impress you?
  4. Absurd. Might be earwax. That mutes all sound.
  5. Jack up your budget a notch. Baby (Mexican) Martin and 15 series mahogany are no bell weather samples. What 000 did you try? GC floor model upkeep is notoriously lax, so could be strings, could be dry, etc. Love my Gibson tone but Martin builds a different beast altogether. Try a 018 side by side with your LG2.
  6. Look who pops up?! Ol' BK. Where you been? You are one of the legit yardsticks of what can be fingerpicked, in my view, and in everyone's opinion I know here, you can make a POS sound like a blues box. I think the question of whether a J45 is good for fingerpicking can only be answered by a great fingerpicker playing one. Of course, the answer is yes.
  7. Says he's booked first class. For that $$$, he could prob get the co-pilot to play in the cockpit in flight.
  8. Hey ZW. Was there ever a adj bridge setup on the LG2? I couldn't find any.
  9. There would also be a pickguard shadow. I've sanded and refinished hopeless tops before, and that was always the toughest to conceal.
  10. Lovies chart says '67. LG1 is what it is, looks all original, and maybe folks here have found the correct fairly good case for LGs, but if you're pressed for time you can probably get along with a gig bag traveling 1st class, from a local guitar shop until you get home with time to look for a permanent one. Loosen the strings to travel. https://loviesguitars.com/gibson-serial-number-identification-dating/ I believe the Silver Creek 'Classical' case fits, but you'll have to fine tune your search and fit. https://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/silver-creek-classical-guitar-case/541695000001000?pfm=krecs+541695000001000+31556+MFWPDPT
  11. Yours could very well have been a J45 stripped to blond. Here's a GC '67 J50. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/Gibson/Vintage-1967-J-50-Acoustic-Guitar.gc?cntry=us&source=4WWRWXGP
  12. Not ADJ anyway, but probably was. Someone put an ebony belly down bridge on. Loss of originality, but I hate the adj saddle contraptions anyway. Guard is wrong for either J, so also replaced. Tuners look right. Number says '67? Guys here know better. If it sounds and plays good... https://loviesguitars.com/gibson-serial-number-identification-dating/
  13. Your stinky left hand was a pretty good clue. That unsealed fretboard wood probably absorbed much odor. The back of the neck is sealed, along with the rest of the outside, but I'd remove the strings and put my nose to the fingerboard where it might be the most concentrated. Try a little ZORB-X or other ozone odor remover, as ZW suggested, on a dampened cotton cloth, rubbing dry immediately. A lot of the odor may transfer to the rag. Don't oil the fretboard, as it may trap the smell. I've used activated charcoal in a perforated baggie inside the body with some success also. I'd persistently hound the shop with how dissatisfied I am. They must really have needed your $$$.
  14. More depressing virtuoso vids. He's truly the next tier.
  15. Hah! You could try soaking a couple sponges in a nice Macallan single malt and...ah, never mind. Good luck.
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