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  1. A/B comparisons are always enlightening, John. Thank you for the ear/eye candy, and showing off the best example of a case queen many of us have ever encountered, You've made me miss my LG2, akin to BK's reaction. I joked with him that I was sending you a set of medium Santa Cruz strings to hasten the opening up of that top. Your string choice explanation made sense, though. By lights, I assume 12-54 or similar. Couldn't be 11's, could it? LG x-brace balance still stands out nicely. That new string tone is a good showcase for the LG3, but suddenly I'm a little more OK with the 'old and dead' voice. In between the two sounds somewhere is likely the sweet mid range spot that will surely come with consistent play time, or maybe when the new strings calm down a little. I think I have a tin ear for new strings, especially PBs. The guitar is so new, so mint and well built, I believe there will be a play-in period, so get busy while you're in your prime!! Hey, do you know any T-Rex riffs?
  2. Have fun, brutha! Me, I'm hoping they lock us down again this winter, so I can go back into my 'Walden Pond-ish' seclusion. I have a big renovation job up near the north end of Otsego Lake, which I'll milk for the entire winter, and only travel/work on sunny days to keep my fret hand usable. This will eventually freeze over, and be dotted with ice-fishing shacks.
  3. Brutally true more than occasionally. We all like to sound wise, smart, or grateful.
  4. Not specifically with FE, but there's a noticeable downturn in general quality conscientiousness and control, pretty much everywhere. This mutha's breaking down, so we'll have to anticipate and adjust.
  5. Nice one, Buc. Thanks for the information.
  6. It's a Greven, Zom, color chosen to complement the RW fretboard.
  7. Me too, John, as soon as my new one arrived. I'd suggest you don't do it yourself, WSman, if you haven't been there/done that. This vintage sample from Reverb is pretty much the only original, non-cheezy looking one out there. https://reverb.com/item/25832027-gibson-j-35-sunburst-1941 Here's the one I had made for my '36 L00...
  8. Likely no effect on tone with a big 'ol broken in J. Taylor will send pattern/color choices. To my eye, a guard looks right on a guitar in the color tone closest to the fingerboard and bridge color
  9. Opinion, I hate the batwing, considering it one of Gibson's dumb ideas, along with decorative guards, weird bridges, and ladder bracing. I feel loading up the top with an oversized piece of plastic subdues tone, yet on a big workhorse like that it wouldn't matter. My move would be to get hold of Taylor at Holter Pickguards and have him make the correct size/shape guard, but avoid the modern cheezy looking firestripe. I like the color of your ill-fitting tort guard. Too bad it's off kilter. Spend the bucks if you can. You'll be looking at it forever. Taylor's run $50-70, but they're elegant and beveled.
  10. Smooth, clean, and sexy. No, not you! The song. I've had a personal 8PM curfew for 10 yrs. It keeps the riffraff away. Good to hear from you. It's been a while. I was wondering. Dave
  11. Very gracious of you, John. Not ready to be kicked off just yet, and with your help... Mine were '53(?) and '56ers. I only flat pick too, kind of percussive on a lot of songs, so I guess I always look for a bit of 'thump'. Though the guitars aren't built the same, I had put Thom-Infelds on my 'restored' '36 L00, which is bright and barky since long ago some fool sanded off the burst, in order to quiet it a little. The change softened the tone sufficiently, but the bass E sounded muted. I use the nickel bronze strings on other guitars, so I tried a spare used E, and was happy with the bold bass it brought up. I love that you presented it with 'old and dead' strings. Now we'll get the full spectrum. Always look forward to your posts, pics and historical info. Dave
  12. Such a beauty! Thanks for sharing, John. I let both of my old LG2s go, perceiving a lackluster bass E string, and must say I also hear it in this sweet guitar, though it's nicely balanced in your playing. They are sturdily built small bods. Have you mentioned what strings you have on there in the clip? I know it's blasphemous, but have you thought of throwing on a low E nickel bronze string to hear what happens? Might be harsh, but I'd be curious. This comment will surely get me banned from the forum. G'bye all.
  13. Yep, and higher shipping prices have kicked in. I just trimmed my herd by three, apparently with lucky timing, as two went across the country. An unpredictable side-effect...I'm playing fewer guitars a lot more. I think I've fine-tuned what suits my style and songs I dig playing. Time to lay low for a while, though it's a buyers market on Reverb.
  14. Wait! That's cheating! Lip-synching guitars? I woulda' loved to hear those two guitars playing together, but that's the studio cut. I think Mellencamp has my old 000-18, and Springsteen's guitar looks small for a J. Is it an LG2?
  15. One of the most important aspects of the 'geometry' of tone, is a snug, maximum contact saddle. Also, the strings pushing your saddle forward will eventually cause either a cracked or lifting bridge.
  16. The sad thing is that if Gibson had built those with X-bracing they'd have a decent sounding mahogany parlor.
  17. Now I'm ruining my day trying to find one for sale. I Googled National Cosmopolitan 1122 photos a got a bunch of pics. If this is the link... https://www.google.com/search?sxsrf=AOaemvJkLFJOOtA0fQxYqp2QN1Ups57dNA:1631795841104&source=univ&tbm=isch&q=national+cosmopolitan+1122+photos&client=firefox-b-1-d&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwikptGbwYPzAhUlm-AKHW-4A7oQ7Al6BAgGEC8&biw=1280&bih=605&dpr=1.5
  18. A sweet, smooth sound, but I can't figure out what the sunburst six string electric the harmony singer is playing. Can anyone clue me in? Got it. '53 National Cosmopolitan 1122. Pics to follow...late for work.
  19. You're a builder? A custom made what? You should probably just cruise Reverb and Ebay if you're shopping. Not a lot of horse trading around here.
  20. Nothing but low octave LOskar or Big River for me. Shrill tone of standard harps irritates me. I 'm thinking of hiring a hit man to eliminate John Popper.
  21. All the time. Minimally, you'll need the box that can handle a Jumbo w/ case. Try a music shop or Reverb (3 pack for 35 bucks). Packing tape. A slab of soft foam for box bottom, as shippers tend to drop on the end. Crumpled packing paper, bubble wrap or some other flexible filler. Load the guitar into the case with the strings slackened, pull out the endpin. Then lower the whole thing onto the foam slab at the bottom of your box. Fill in the front and back and sides with paper or bubble wrap leaving a little movement room. Top it off with a rigid cut to fit slab of cardboard over the bubble wrap or paper, then close up the box and start taping. I print the addresses in as large a font as my printer will do, recipient and shipper, and stick it to front and top, covering with tape to protect against water. ( Shipper label will ultimately be scan friendly and take over your box's progress). Then take it to a shipper like UPS or FedEx and whip out your wallet. Smaller guitars can squeak by the USPS, but dreads and Js exceed the max size. UPS Ground only offers insurance up to $999, but FedEx Ground will give you insurance for actual value. If you're east coast, for instance, the price jumps if the box has to cross the Miss River. I'm sure the reverse holds true if you're west going east. It might cost you between $90 and $130, depending on distance. That's the short story.
  22. Looks like an ol' mahogany LG0, although peek inside just below the sound hole to see if there's a straight brace running across or a 'V' (X) shape, attached to the top. The former would indicate LG0. That bridge is a little deceiving. Looks like a nice Braz RW rectangular.
  23. OK if you're home and don't drop your guard. As the virus took hold at first, guys I worked peripherally with in the building trades began to bemoan their soon to be lost jobs. One asked me if I needed help. He said he's ready to rob a f....kin bank if he has to. A light went on in my brain, and realizing if things go downhill, I'm going to want some kind of alert and record of who goes up and down my isolated driveway. Grab and run hits are on the rise in an ever worsening economy, so my plans were laid. I can wave a gun at someone who I find standing in the doorway, too, but it's the lone country house that gets the attention of random marauders.
  24. I use the Feit Smart Flood. Feeds shots to my phone, lights my drive up like Las Vegas, has 2way voice so I can intimidate Jehovah's Witnesses, records and has adjustments for all settings. Hard wired and free. BlinQs system of individually mounted cams is another easy way to get 360 degree house coverage. Like when having a dog, a beware of dog sign is vital, the 'you're on cam' signs are as important as the cams. https://www.feit.com/product/led-dual-head-motion-sensor-security-light-smart-camera/
  25. Maybe Taylor Mullins at Holter PGuards? https://www.facebook.com/holterpickguards
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