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  1. South of the Border, I believe is an origional Gene Aurty song. Don't know the other. Thanks for taking the time to post!
  2. Tascosa


    Thanks, You are very informative with your answers
  3. Tascosa


    If you tune to open c how are regular chords found. I have lost tip of index finger and can not play a c chord right.
  4. QM, great read. very clear and understandable. Thank you!
  5. no question is a stupid question if you don't know the answer! Can someone please explain the relation of number of frets compared to scale length? Why the difference and what is your preference. We talk a lot about tone woods, fret board choises, even type of bracing and sizes. PS I have enjoyed your music vida!
  6. you are right It can wait
  7. Need more advice! Seems the only ones I can find must be shipped from out of state. Taking a chance on the aspects of a guitar that I can't see or hear myself. The other is I cant seem to find one that does NOT have a built in pick up. I want an accoustic only. Speaking of hearing, does anyony wear hearing aids as I do? Any ideas? Have a great weekend!! Tascosa
  8. My father and I were custon cabinet and furniture makers . In his retirement he made violins[ fiddles[. He used several exotic woods we had on hand, Paduke,Bubinga, Morado, Lace wood etc. One was made from reclaimed straight grain Fir from water tank on the Trans continental railroad. All sounded different, some were duds while others were sweet. So using different woods work as well sometimes as the old standards. Sound is personal to each of us.
  9. Thanks for your review. Now give your oponion on the Gibson Hummingbird sustainable. Hope to find one with wanut fret board and bees wax finish. This just appeals to me as a woodworker for 45 yrs.
  10. It was just a question. When I called GC in Albq. ,they said to have 3 and 2 with top cracks. It made me wonder why a pro shop ,properly humidified would keep those on hand. Thier situation may make it harder to return to Gibson and hoping to sell as is. An unusual situation. I agree why buy a problem unless you need a beater for your garage studio while watching paint dry.
  11. It was just a question! Looks like I unleashed some terrible thoughts. I will be more [ carefull] with mty posts and so desinate as a questanable question. Hope none had a heartatack! sorry
  12. I have read about ritchlite. I did not know what it was. They even make counter tops from it. As a furniture maker I am empressed.
  13. I just called Albq. GC. They have 3 , 2 with cracks in top, 1 nitro finish bird in good shape. They said not many people buying high end guitars. most understanable
  14. As a custom furniture maker ,I have sprayed a lot of this stuff. I agree to stop the use but it gives such a great look. Bee's wax finish is appealing both in appearance and smell. I hope to get one soon.
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