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  1. What year and country of origin, Duane? I find my Korean Epiphone Sorrento fits that description. I was recently recording something with the Telecaster Thinline and decided to to try the Sorrento too. I thought, "I wonder how this will turn out?" Turned out pretty good. It was louder, harder, meaner and had a rounder, fuller tone to it. Still, for my overall choice, it's my ES-175 for most of everything. I know I own a lot of telecasters, but the ES-175 allows me to play acoustically too. And the neck on that guitar is perfect for my hands.
  2. Oh yeah, thanks jdgm. I'm often on Reverb. In fact, I just listed my first "For Sale" item two days ago. Yeah, I'm hoping to get one off either Reverb or Craigslist. The Germicide will be difficult to find. Reverb has it listed for $500.00. To rich for my blood.
  3. That was some tough news today. Loved Rush. He was such a big influence on my development as a musician. He was one of the very best. Brain cancer is rough. My cousin died from brain cancer. He only lived 10 months after his diagnosis. Neil fought hard to live three and a half years with that diagnosis. Wait! What's that thunderous rhythm I hear? Ah, that's just Neal, shaken' heaven's gate.
  4. Hey Duane, don't you play Diezel amps? Or was it Mojave amps? Jones' use of the 100 watt Diesel and the Marshall Super Bass amp seems to be his foundation. I know they also mix in the Bogner Uberschall and Rivera Knucklhead as needed. Seems to be the blueprint since the 2006 album, 10,000 Days.
  5. Is that hotrod red? Nice. Pick long and prosper.
  6. I'm pretty sure these guys are out of business now, but they made some real good pedals while they were up and running. I've owned the HBE Ultimate Fuzz Octave (UFO) since 2005 and recently picked up the Psilocybe Phazer. I like both pedals very much. In fact, the UFO is first in my signal chain because it's very versatile and well sounds great to me. Anybody else own HBE pedals? I'm looking for two pedals in particular from them and if you're not using the Germicide or Power Screamer send me a private email and maybe we can make a deal. Cheers.
  7. Very Nice Duane. Pick long and prosper.
  8. I don't generally wear a hat, but when I do wear one I prefer baseball and trucker's caps.
  9. Sweet. Pick long and prosper.
  10. Happy New Year Gibson Lounge. May your new year be filled with blessings and prosperity.
  11. Have you heard it? Well, Have ya'? Thoughts? Impressions? Ruminations? I think the dynamics and textures, mixes of clean, distortion, overdriven tones. Is incredible. As usual, an excellently engineered album. Adam Jones' guitar playing is something else. His range from clean to overdriven/distorted tones, including his wah-pedal-work is really good. Danny Cary is a very talented drummer and Justin Chancelor's bass work, like Jones' guitar playing, varies both in tonality as well as dynamically. The only thing about the album that I don't like is Chocolate Chip Trip. Yeah, I get it, but it's like four minutes I could do without, I know the Cary's fans will probably disagree, but it's a drum solo and synthesizer arrangement. Still, I'm digging this album.
  12. Very nice. Indeed. Classic music.👍
  13. I scored some pretty good music this Christmas. Joe Bonamassa, Live at the Sydney Opera House Tool, Fear Inoculum, Got all of the goodies that came along with the CD Package. OMG this is some great head music. Dave Matthews Band, Rhino's Choice, Limited Edition 2 LP Set Translucent Rosé Wine Color Vinyl with MP3 Codes. Can't go wrong with some live DMB. What'd ya' get?
  14. Nice. I agree. It's the year of the F-Hole.
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