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  1. When those came out back in the late 2000s, I was constantly watching the Vox Virage videos. They're a very versatile guitar. I believe they were also made in Japan. Never got the pleasure of playing one, but from everything I heard and saw on line, they're a tone machine.
  2. You know, I looked up the price of these on Reverb. What they're asking for that guitar isn't too far off from what I see on Reverb. Sure there are a couple in the 2K range and that would be the very low end of the price range. 5K though, that's just too much for my budget. Nice guitar though.
  3. Freakin' wanker! Never ever heard of RJD. She's hilarious. Wonder what she would say about Bruce Dickinson?
  4. I just thought it was a nice video showing Tony Iomi using an SG with a tremolo.
  5. This is my GA-5. It does have tubes and it's a great sounding amp.
  6. It's my opinion that the OC75 sounds a little deeper, more harmonically wide ranging. I know it's hard to tell, but that's what my ears tell me.
  7. I love this pedal. I bought one. It's a great midrange boost. Definitely more than just a Dallas Rangemaster clone. Comes with six different settings. Check it out.
  8. So I originally shared this with Jim about a week ago. He posted it and this is what happens. It's a light-hearted-attempt at humor. Laugh a little people. The original post is a two-minute short. It's funny as hell to me. It's a comedians observations on humanity. Come on!!! As for some of you, you deserve the aggravation you've created. Some of you deserve a star for doing your homework. Some of you need to be ***** slapped for attacking people in a guitar forum, you should know better. It's the interwebz. Those of you who have enough moral decency to apologize for any slights you might have caused deserve a "good job, well done." Some of you take too much, too seriously and you have forgotten how to laugh. As Jerry Seinfeld recently observed (he's good at making poignant observations) in an interview on CBS, "Smart phones are getting smarter. Why aren't we?"
  9. Happy Birthday!!!

  10. 2015 Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster 2006 Fender 60th Anniversary Diamond Inlay Telecaster Limited Edition 2017 Fender Traditional 70s Thinline Telecaster MIJ
  11. There's been some licorice pizza listed here. I've got two recent editions I'd like to submit for your listening pleasure. Buddy Guy's, "The Blues is Alive and Well." Fantastic album. Walter Trout's, "We're All in This Together." Lots of compilation work here. Good bunch of guest musicians.
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