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  1. Welcome to our little slice of heaven.
  2. That's exactly the deal. I've been working on my groove and want to lay down some loops, but you have to be dead on. Plus figuring out the functionality of the unit. Half an hour a day should get me there soon.
  3. Boss Loopstation Finals. Nice. That was tastily done. Took a while to develop, but these things always do. Second place.😀
  4. Yeah, I picked up a TC Electronics Ditto Looper X2 today. It takes some getting used to and I'm sure the more I use it, the better I'll get. So anybody got one? What do you think about it? Thanks
  5. Oh yeah, the wine thing. Wife and I are wine aficionados. Fine wine Fridays are mandatory around here. Cheers.
  6. So what sort of hobbies do you have? I collect baseball and other sports related cards. Mostly baseball, but I have basketball and football in my collection too. I used to do shows, but those seem to have become not so popular anymore. It was once a good way to make an easy $500.00 on the weekend. It was also through these shows that I began collecting autographs too. I think I'm most proud of my Reggie Jackson, Nolan Ryan, and Derek Jeter baseball card collections and my Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant basketball collections.
  7. Home with the flu today. I've been battling it for about two weeks. Really loved the video. Such a catchy tune. Won't be long until it hits the LA News brotherman. Hope you're well.
  8. Spectacular. Won't be long until everybody in LAs singing along.
  9. I like that truck. Stunning.
  10. I have Steely Dan Alive in America and it's a great album.
  11. A dollar $$$. Really, OK. Tom Petty—Wildflowers, 1994. My link
  12. It was a bit controversial and I know some people just didn't get it at the time but, Dave Mathews and Time Reynolds live at Luther College has seen a lot of playing time on my play list lately. That was by far one of the top albums for two guys doing there thing on guitar. Tim Reynolds is one of the most underrated (legit—wide ranging sonic virtuosos in my little world) guitarist out there. He is a tunesmith who controls a wide variety of effects, textures, sounds, and time manipulates who ever picked up a guitar. My analysis only. Other's will say what they will. Any way I dg it. Great album. Give it a spin. Oh, and Dave Mathews isn't so bad himself. Yeah! It's good licorice pizza (Cali's, see how I did that?) Yeah baby get some of that old school reference to the mecca of vinyl, 8-tracks, cassettes, and compact discs. Whoao! Sorry, had a pretty good flashback just then. Anyway, GET YOU SOME OF THAT!!! Ha!!!!!
  13. I already got one. It's OK I guess, but it's no comparison to this. Check This Out
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