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  1. Well California is indeed a far cry from Idaho. We were talking about it just today. Weather is great here in the Central Coast. No need for an air conditioner. Just lacking the entertainment that a big city offers. Could have went to the Mid-State Fair and seen Dwight Yokem, but I was busy. Joe Bonamassa is playing in Paso Robles soon. I saw a VIP ticket package for four tickets, backstage entrance, my own waitress, bunch of other perks, but it was $2,000.00. That's California for you. Anyway, good to see you all are being productive. Saw Dem00n is back. All grown u
  2. Hello everyone. How ya' all doing? Been a while since I peaked in to see what's going on in the forum.
  3. Seen Kansas several times. Was just listening to Songs for America this morning. Robby was about to release a solo album. Now it will be posthumously. RIP 😢
  4. Did somebody say telecaster? Oooohhh, nice color.
  5. Not sure if you have Craigslist, but just type in Fender Stratocaster and you'll be amazed at all of the Fender strat pickups available. You can find some fair to good pickups on any given day. Also, try Stratosphere Guitar Parts. They have tones of different pickups from different manufacturers and they usually discount them. If you can find them, the AVRI '65 Stratocaster pickups are really good. I recently saw an article where Brad Whitford from Aerosmith admitted that he loved his Fender AVRI 65. "Fender nailed it," he said in the article I was reading. Along that tonal
  6. That would do it. Or wrenching on cars all day and never washing your hands.
  7. Experiment on them? Well, aren't you the mad scientist. I like that.
  8. I fully understand what you're talking about sparquelito. I will forever be on the look out for Fender and Squire guitars to buy on the cheap and fix up now. Always thought I could do it and now know I can. Here's something else that now needs to be considered with a lot of Fenders. The company has switched over to those Pao Faro fret boards instead of rosewood and some of their guitars have the most beautiful, dark rosewood boards on the neck. I saw one so dark and lovely that I want the entire guitar, just because of the fret board. I don't care if it's Mexican made or Asian, i
  9. I've never really considered the Mexican made guitars before, but after this, I've certainly become a believer. You know I'm always looking for a Gibson to pick up on the cheap. Maybe even the right Epiphone. I like the idea of finding and fixing them up.
  10. Thanks. The fretboard was covered with years of oily goo from playing and never cleaning it.
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