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  1. Yes. I think, yes. The way she plays, feels, and sounds. She's a keeper. :)
  2. I bought my latest Gibson Les Paul (BFG) and my Gibson SG Naked with the P-90's. I have a lot of guitars with humbuckers, and to be honest, I just love/prefer the harmonic textures that the P-90's give me when playing live and at stage volumes. All my previous Les Pauls featured humbuckers, and though I loved them all, their tones just never really grabbed me by the guts and squeezed me tight. The P-90's do. Call me a girl, I am okay with it. 🙂
  3. And so, voila, here she is after an entire afternoon of cleaning, fret polishing, waxing, adjusting, DeOxit spritzing, restringing, and just general all around love. She's a real beauty, and she plays and sounds like a dream. Such a great double-cutaway! And the case that came with it is really posh, and form-fitting! 🙂 :V
  4. So, last year I had my eye on a Devlin solid body guitar, and she was a real looker. Problem was, the owner was real proud of it, and wanted far too much jingo for the guitar. I had done some homework on Devlins, and apparently they were fairly high quality Korean-made guitars, and only made between 2006 and 2009 or so. They all retailed for somewhere around $500 or more. (And then the company dissolved, or merged into something else.) Anyway, last week, I came across a Devlin in a pawn shop just a few towns away from here, and it really caught my eye. It is a double cutaway (much like certain Gibson guitars they used to make, or the Hamer DC that I have always fancied). Problem is, they pawn shop wanted too much for it, and worst of all, the guitar was in really cruddy condition. Dirty, dusty, gunky, and in a state of neglect. I went to visit the Devlin a few times, and managed to play it plugged in. The neck is true, the Grover tuners are great, and the guitar is mechanically sound. (It's just really, really filthy.) So, long story short, I picked her up today, and got it, out the door, for a little over a hundred dollars American. Here's how she looked this morning when I brought her home. (Don't worry. I have had my tetanus shot.) 😞
  5. sparquelito


    Congrats, and Roll Tide!! (Sparky, from Harvest, AL) :)
  6. I have always said, "If you are going to swing at the ball, swing for the fences". Rock on, and all the best of luck to you in this endeavor. I own a lot of guitars, but only one Firebird. A Pelham Blue Firebird Zero, which gets no love all across the internet, but I find it to be a tasty, good-playing guitar. I played a gig with it last Friday on the river, and it sounded and felt just right. 🙂
  7. That's the wife's 2000 BMW Z3. She loves that old beast!
  8. ....Happy new Ford Transit van day that is. It was a tough call, but to avoid paying thousands in anticipated repairs for the aging Subaru Baja, I finally went and traded her in. The local Ford dealer (over there in Decatur, Alabama) handled everything wonderfully and admirably, and I am finally driving the vehicle I have coveted for many years now. The Ford Transit Van. The all-purpose music gear hauling rig. An iconic beast, one that I admired while living in Germany in the 1980's and later on in the 1990's. A smooth-riding cargo van with an ultra-modern two-seat cockpit. The Capshaw Road band will now be playing gigs with dry, secure gear, instead of wet, precariously-loaded gear. My beloved Subaru, I will love you forever. And you served us well. I wish for you all the best that life has to offer. But I'm rocking the small white serial killer van now. Life is good. 🙂
  9. In general, I do agree with the original poster. Especially with regard to the Chibson fakes that are cluttering the dark web marketplace. But I will say some nice things about the Chinese made (legit, legally produced under license by Fender) Modern Player series. Really, really nicely made. I had a Fender Modern Player Telecaster Plus for a few years, and it was one of the nicest guitars I ever owned. (I only sold it because I was lusting for a new Les Paul, and a good friend always coveted it....) 🙂
  10. I love the classic zebra (uncovered) humbuckers, but that's just me. The less chrome there is, the less polishing I have to do. 😉
  11. Play them all. And then play three more models that you never even considered before. One of them will sing to you, and that will be the one. 🙂
  12. I have always gone for Dunlops on my motorcycles, and have only good things to say about them. :)
  13. My secret weapon is preparation and practice. Well prior to a gig, I do a lot of individual practice on the guitar, and I run thru every song that we might even perform on my guitar, the day prior to each full band practice. I play them all, using my pedal rig and the amps I intend to lug to that next gig. I play standing up to the mic, thru the music room PA. I sing as I play, no matter whether I have the lead or the harmonies on this song or that. Everything is set up precisely the way I plan to set it up on stage. I practice my pedal settings and transitions from rhythm to lead solo sections, and back. I run thru every single song we intend to play, or might even play, from beginning to end. I evaluate the chord/lyrics sheets, to make sure that every quirk and variation is red-inked and understandable on the music stand there. Then, when I get the band together for a full-on band practice, I am not the weak link. I'm ready, and I'm able to help everyone else out without fiddling and adjusting and correcting my own mistakes. As a band, we practice our timing, our transition from one song to the next, and we really practice our vocal harmonies so that they are fluid, instinctive, and beautiful. We mainly practice that old bar-band thing of "wait, how are we going to end this song exactly??" Sometimes it's a slow-down to a sublime finish, and sometimes it's a hard-stop. But we all have to look each other in the eye, and vow to remember how each song will finish. In a lot of cases, with upbeat dance-oriented songs, we practice (and discuss) how we will stretch out any given song when the audience is really digging it, and when people are on the dance floor. (When a crowd is dancing, you naturally want to keep them on the dance floor, and enjoying the moment. This is how you get invited back to play more gigs there, again and again.) In that vein, we practice the hip-pocket, danceable songs that we can instantly transition to on the fly, and play and sing without fiddling with the chord/lyric sheets. Some songs you can play and sing in your sleep. You want to be able to roll right into those, one after the other. Oh, and after band practice, I clean up everything, and I wipe the guitars and basses down with Finger Ease and guitar polish. I fix any connections or bits of kit that might've malfunctioned during band practice. I throw out bad cables, and I repair what is repairable. May was well fix it now, and not wait until the day of the load-in and sound check. Okay, I'm gonna shut up now. 😞
  14. It's very likely that the tech who did the final set-up on your Gibson took a photo of the guitar on the work bench. My 2018 SG Naked came with a photo, just as I described. A Gibson Les Paul with a Model Number that starts with LPC should either be a Les Paul Classic or a Les Paul Custom, one of those lines. Can you post a photo of the guitar? From there we may be able to make more sense of the Model Number. For example: LP - Les Paul C - Classic or Custom S- Satin finish G - Gold top Just thinking out loud. 🙂
  15. Autograph - Turn Up The Radio (1984) The video is pretty much a commercial for the PaperMate Sharp Writer Pencil, but a great song! 🙂
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