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  1. Good choice, Navy Vet. I have always wanted the 339, but it was never in the cards for me. But my curiously-ugly, weird, beautiful Firebird? Yeah baby!! 🙂
  2. I'm still holding out for you getting that Firebird. I only have the cheapest US made Firebird ever, the Zero. But I love it dearly.
  3. Good morning, Abel. Great to have you aboard, and we're looking to hearing that wonderful Sheraton II! :)
  4. Congrats, Navy Vet. I would go for the Firebird, but that's just me. Re; Johnson City. I spent quite a bit of time up there just a few years ago, working on a helicopter project that had us flying aircraft in and out of the Bell Helicopters facility there in Piney Flats. I always saw fellows out fly-fishing in the broad streams just east-northeast of there. The mountains nearby, and the lakes, were just gorgeous. :)
  5. First gig: I was in high school, and my fellow garage band-mates were still in junior high. We had practiced up a decent number of songs, including one original. We did songs by Alice Cooper, Bad Company, KISS, and the like. Somehow or another, we were invite to play a dance at the junior high where my mates attended. This had to have been in 1976, I reckon. My brother Stacey was on drums, a cheap kit of the red sparkle variety. Danny was on bass guitar, and he played a j-bass copy thru a decent bass rig. Curtis owned a red Gibson SG, and he shared his nice Fender Twin amp with me. I played a borrowed Framus electric, and I sang. The school provided a primitive PA system with mic stand and mic. We were well-received, and after one set we ran out of songs to play. So we played most of them over again, and extended the jam on the one original. We celebrated with a trip to Hardee's afterwards, and had burgers and shakes. Good times. Most memorable gig: Man, I don't know. It's tough, because there have been many over the years, and there were many memorable high points and low ones as well. Okay, here. This one will do; My current band started out as a trio. Me on guitar and vocals, my brother Stacey again on bass and vocals, and Bob on drums. This was in 2011. We were later booked into the Firehouse pub for a Halloween party in 2012. The crowd was right, and we played a lot of fun rock and roll. At one point, we launched into a Journey song, and our good friend Lisa was in the audience. She was there with her entire crew and family, and she was a huge fan of Journey and Steve Perry. Dissatisfied with how we were singing it, she stepped up on stage (did I mention that she had had a drink or two), and began to sing the lead. Well, naturally she killed it. Along with the Fleetwood Mac song that followed, and the Foreigner one after that. Lisa had sung with us at a previous event, but was (at that time) a bit shy and full of stage-fright. The night of this Halloween party however, she was bold, happy, and confident. And her voice was strong and gorgeous. The night was a smash, and we had a really good time. The next morning, I called her up, and said, "You're in the band." She's been our lead singer and resident diva ever since. :)
  6. I did eventually own an Ovation (Celebrity, Kaman, MIJ) solid body electric bass. Bought it in a music store in Bad Kreuznach, Germany in 1990. Played it and loved it for many years. It was eventually stolen from my house in Hawaii in early 2001. Some burglar bastard made off with it, along with a cheap Epiphone strat-copy, and a bunch of other valuables (wrist watches, hand guns, a broadsword, etc). Stupid thief took the inexpensive guitars, and left my black Gibson Les Paul standing right there in the corner on its stand. Anyway, my Ovation Celebrity bass looked a lot like this one, only it was a deep, dark blue. Almost purple, it was. 😕
  7. Ovation solid-body electric guitars. I really fancied owning either the Deacon or the Breadwinner. (I can't say that I ever learned the difference between the two models.) There are a lot of photos out there of Ace Frehley playing a white one, back in the pre-KISS and early KISS days. 😒
  8. sparquelito


    Nice!! :p
  9. You are a good brother, rct. 😑
  10. ....and here's what they look like when folded back into the tuning keys.
  11. Here's one from those days, with the rapid winding arm unfolded.
  12. Pure conjecture, but using deductive reasoning, I'm going to say that that an item that was on display (or for sale) at the largest musical trade show in Germany at the time, der Musikmesse. Picture a NAMM festival, only with better beer and a lot more wine and bratwursts available. "Musikmesse is the world's leading trade fair for musical instruments and live music as well as music production and music marketing and one of the most important meeting places of the music industry. At Musikmesse you can meet manufacturers, dealers, professional, semiprofessional and amateur musicians in Frankfurt in order to check the latest product news. In addition to the complete product offering numerous workshops, concerts, demonstrations and discussions are held." I lived in Germany in 1984, and though I only lived 45 kilometers away from that year's Musikmesse in Frankfurt, I sadly did not attend. The fold-out, elongated arm/paddle on that tuning key was designed to a. allow for rapid string winding when mounting new strings and, b. make fine tuning adjustments possible during the gig and, (to my knowledge) just never caught on with the musicians and consumers of the day. Collectible, yes. Valuable, probably not. 😐 http://www.musicassociatesofamerica.com/madamina/1984/frankfurt.html
  13. I'm thankful for this gift of music, and the privilege and ability to deliver it to audiences. And for the day job, which keeps the bills paid. 😕
  14. Looks to be (by the features on display there) a 1956 or early 1957 model of the ES-5 Switchmaster. Later in 1957 the P90's were no longer offered on that model, and were replaced by humbucking pickups. I'm not sure if the Bigsby is stock, or added on. Probably added on. Worth, by Fjestad's Blue Book, around $8,000 , but I have seen them on Reverb with an asking price of $22,000. I hope you find that gem of a guitar, but to be fair, it's been gone for decades. :(
  15. I've been working on some songs for an upcoming Christmas gig. Had a few beers. Fixing to grill some steaks for supper. The usual. :)
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