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  1. Sgt. Pepper nailed it. 😘
  2. She's not a neck-through, but the scarf joint is nicely done. Those overseas Fender employees really know their wood craft. I love it. Plugged her in. She's a really interesting machine. Not a Les Paul, and not a Stratocaster. The single-coil tones when you pull up on the Tone Knob aren't precisely vintage Tele either. But it's uniquely Fender, if that makes any sense. It's like Billy Gibbons and Joe Walsh had an Indonesian baby, and named it Rick Nielsen. Okay, I'm gonna shut up now. 😬
  3. I must say, I'm impressed. She's a beaut, Clark. Gorgeous edge binding, wonderful color blending, nearly black chrome bits, and a smooth, supple neck. πŸ™‚
  4. Well, the box showed up in great condition, as did the Fender interior box and Sweetwater case candy. No case though. And no gig bag. The guitar itself was well protected, and in lovely shape.
  5. Okay, so I sold off two guitars this past week, and gave one away. (An old but pristine Alvarez acoustic, to the local drug & alcohol treatment facility.) Today I am poised to sell one more, a Les Paul style guitar that I am fond of, but just don't play all that much. Two guys at work are lusting to buy it, so we'll see which fellow ends up buying it off me. Why the purge, you may ask? Because I am making room for a Fender Telecaster that I have had my eye on for quite awhile. And as much as I hope and pray, Sweetwater just isn't putting it on sale. So I pulled the trigg
  6. 6/13/92 Crowded House In the Serenadenhof, NΓΌrnberg, Germany. An intimate setting, an old hof (interior courtyard) on the southeast corner of the Congress Hall, and part of the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds. But on that warm summer evening in the romantic Serenadenhof, listening to this band who has become like family to me, with tasteful bier and wine bars left and right. Singing from the audience alongside my German and Belgian friends. Man. So good. πŸ™‚
  7. And still, to this DAY, no Moderator or Admin has bothered to fix the title of this thread. People, it's "yours", not "your's". Just sayin'. It's vexing. πŸ˜—
  8. Because I like to post nonsensical, seemingly-unrelated, and vaguely disturbing images, whenever I write a bit. There's the original posting that waxed and waned between absurdity and dark humor, right? It was a lark, but an unsettling lark. So the photo posting associated with the original bit should be, accordingly, a bit off-kilter. A movie poster from Soylent Green, for instance, would be cheap and predictable. And un-funny. An image of the Uruguayan soccer team, after surviving the crash of Flight 571 into a mountainside, cooking and eating bits of the flanks of their fal
  9. It's similar to rosewood in tone, but I find the Indian laurel ones to be more interesting, and pretty. πŸ€”
  10. I find this story very hard to swallow. πŸ€”
  11. I'm enjoying the additional truisms being offered up, and really loving the cannibalism humor. (Cannibalism humor. Is that even a thing? Maybe we invented it.) To be clear however, my posting wasn't meant to be taken as an endorsement of, promotion for, or celebration of, cannibalism. I am personally very much opposed to the practice of one man eating the flesh of another. The truism was that solving the problem of world hunger could be accomplished really quickly by opening up that absurdly-dramatic avenue, and allowing for it. It was so nonsensical and yet pristine in it's
  12. Okay, this is going to sound weird, but I am now a The Darkness convert. I've gone from never even hearing of the band to (after studying a variety of music videos, interviews, and Rig Rundowns) to being a big fan now. Call me a dork, but I really like these guys. They are funny as hell, and they rock. Sort of like Monty Python, only with guitars, bass, and drums. And instead of The Phythons speaking in a falsetto while portraying female characters, we get Justin Hawkins showing us how epic that falsetto can be. By association, at this point, I now find the OP's sparkly L
  13. Welcome, Converted. It's great to have you aboard, mate. I too am a Fender guy and a Gibson guy. I'm also an Ibanez guy and ESP LTD guy. Definitely a Yamaha guy! It's all good here! πŸ™‚
  14. I'm really excited for the next Autopsy Club meeting. It's open Mike night! πŸ˜—
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