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  1. It's very likely that the tech who did the final set-up on your Gibson took a photo of the guitar on the work bench. My 2018 SG Naked came with a photo, just as I described. A Gibson Les Paul with a Model Number that starts with LPC should either be a Les Paul Classic or a Les Paul Custom, one of those lines. Can you post a photo of the guitar? From there we may be able to make more sense of the Model Number. For example: LP - Les Paul C - Classic or Custom S- Satin finish G - Gold top Just thinking out loud. 🙂
  2. Autograph - Turn Up The Radio (1984) The video is pretty much a commercial for the PaperMate Sharp Writer Pencil, but a great song! 🙂
  3. I've had so many guitars and so many amps that it's hard to pick a favorite. But I must confess that I have really enjoyed the tones and sweetness I have gotten out of my Gibson SG Naked, played thru the Vox AC15VR and the older Marshall Valvestate VS265. (I run my pedalboard stereo-out to both of them when on stage. ) :)
  4. They say the body (top, sides, back) are Wild Canadian Cherry wood. Too funny. In the late 1970's. Wild Cherry meant something else. Play that funky music, etc. 🙂
  5. I was out and about today. I set forth at noon to sell my Austin Tele to a lovely local gentleman, but on the way, I visited with a terrific man who had a Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin arch-top in Natural Finish. I wasn't playing the Austin as much as I would like, despite how great she is, and I have been lusting for a Kingpin for many years. Anyway. All's well that ends well, and I made two new friends today. One acquisition, and one sale. The total number of guitars at home remains the same. God isn't keeping score, but my wife just might be. 😞
  6. Thanks, buddy. Yeah, I was giving the guitar its first tuning there in that photo. :)
  7. It just struck me; This Firebird Zero looks great strapped onto a player, but goofy as hell just sitting upright, hanging from the wall, or sitting on a stand. I don't think I have ever known a guitar that could turn me off one minute, and excite me the next. Too funny. :)
  8. She looks very much at home in the Gibson Corner of my music room. 🙂
  9. Holy moly. It's been a week now. So I'll share with you. My Stacey brother brought me this Gibson Firebird Zero, in Pelham Blue. It was last Saturday, my 60th birthday. We had a band practice going on, so I strapped it on, thanked him most genuinely, and then we rocked out. I really, really enjoyed playing this unusually-shaped, oddly-appointed guitar. I didn't have time to think about it. I just played it. I ran it thru its paces, both clean and very distorted. I played it for two sets in a row. The guitar was a joy to play, and it sounded killer. And she stayed in tune. It was my birthday present from my brother, and I was very grateful. A few days later, I took the time to read all the online reviews of the guitar my brother had gifted me. MAN. You would have thought that Stacey brought me a smoking turd on a cheap paper plate or something. The Gibson Firebird Zero is supposed to be a piece of crap, I guess. I must politely disagree. This guitar feels right, it sounds right, it rocks, and it stays in tune. It's a keeper. 🙂
  10. May God bless you, Tman. You and all your neighbors who lost so much, but who appreciate more than ever what they have on this day. :)
  11. Obedoff, What do they want for this guitar? $$ :(
  12. I have contemplated joining this thread for many weeks, but am a loss for answering the first part of the question. Sure, the 'one that got away' has to be the 1971 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe gold-top that I owned for little more than a year, and then sold in January of 1978, right before I went off to Army Basic Training. I needed the money, and foolishly believed that I would be leaving behind not only the garage band I was in, but also guitar playing in general, the minute I became an Army helicopter pilot. My brother (and bandmate at the time) warned me not to sell the Les Paul, but I caved into the demands of my then girlfriend (and future ex-wife), and I sold the thing. Along with a really sweet Fender Twin Reverb tube amp. Years later, and after taking stock of the situation, I must confess a few things; * I regret selling the Les Paul, though the fellow I sold it to still owns and plays it to this day. He really loves it and takes good care of it. So that's a good thing. * I regret selling the Twin Reverb amp, though the fellow I sold it to learned a lot, later blowing it up while in a drug-fueled haze. He is now 25+ years clean and sober. Sot that's another good thing. * I regret marrying the (then) girlfriend. It was a miserable marriage. But I got a wonderful daughter out of it, and she, in turn, produced her own wonderful daughter, and she is a wise young woman who has always made smart relationship choices. Yet another good thing!! * 41 years after selling the Les Paul, I am still in a band with my brother, and we make really fabulous music together. And my current wife supports me and the band, 100 percent. The best thing of all. I have bought and sold many, many guitars over the years since that gold-top. And I currently own in the neighborhood of 20 guitars. I love them all, and (to the point of the 'first part of the question') I really can't pick a favorite. I play them all, and struggle with the choice of which ones to bring to each band gig. Ask me to pick a favorite? You may as well blindfold me, drag me into the music room, spin me 'round and 'round, and ask me to point blindly at one. Okay, there. That one must be my favorite. 🤔 https://www.dropshots.com/sparkmaj/date/2019-04-15/18:28:13
  13. Welcome aboard, Linda. Many of us here are self-taught, and a few of us came up thru proper music lessons and/or Band Classes in school. My guitar playing has been likened to the sound of a cat with its tail caught in a noisy machine. Some people just don't know from jazz. :(
  14. Welcome, nezihc. Looking forward to your visits, and to the great guitar discussions, mate. :)
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