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  1. I'm not actually playing the wedding gig. We're attending the wedding is all. I just wanted a travel rig to enjoy while in the hotel at night, something that won't bother the immediate neighbors. On a trip to Yuma, AZ years ago, I brought along an old guitar effects processor, small cable, and headphones. My plan was, since I was to be out there for at least two weeks, to go find a cheap used guitar in a pawn shop, clean it up, and use it for the hotel while I was out there. Sure enough, I found am 'El Toro' model (by Behringer guitars) for 39 bucks, and it was a gem of a guitar! Good times. 🙂
  2. So, I'm having to go down to Dothan, Alabama for a wedding on the last weekend of June. There will be my wife's family, and family politics, and stress, and a long drive to and from. Two nights spent in a hotel, and we are carrying the 90 year old father-in-law down with us in the rental car. My wife sighed to me this evening, "Look, I really appreciate your doing this. I know you hate weddings. And I know you're going to go crazy on a long weekend without your guitars and band-mates." I told her, "It's okay, darling. I have been doing some shopping-ahead on the internet. I'll be alright." 🙂
  3. Welcome, AcePaulie. I don't care for the G Force tuning system, quite personally. It's a little too precious, and it goes sour quite often. In other words, I can tune a standard Gibson Les Paul once per set, and rock on just fine. With the G Force, it has to be tweaked in between every song, and that is unsatisfactory to me. I'm 59 going on 60, by the way. That seems to be the standard age around here. :)
  4. Those guys are incredible!! :)
  5. I am discovering this also, Rabs; The older I get, the less I tend to play the guitars that have super-glossy, pretty shiny finishes. I'm actually afraid of getting fingerprints on them. Stuff like this BFG, or the natural finish guitars. Even the old, beat-up pawn shop prizes; You can play 'em, and enjoy them, and never worry about getting a ding or a nick on them. :(
  6. I must say that after a couple of months, this BFG is turning out to be my favorite Les Paul of all the ones I have owned or played. And I have owned more than a few. In fact, I just sold my 2018 Les Paul Faded last weekend. As far as straight-up Gibsons, I have just the two now, the SG Naked and the BFT. (Both with P-90's) Curious turn of events, this. 😐
  7. I live and work in northern Alabama. We pay the standard Federal Income Tax, State Income Taxes, a State sales tax on locally-purchased goods and groceries, and some of the lowest Property Taxes in the nation. All in all, compared to what I have experienced overseas, as well as while residing in Kansas, Texas, and (God help us), Hawaii, we don't do all that badly here. 😏
  8. I have a few bits of advice, based upon many years of owning, gigging, buying, and selling guitars: * If you are going to drop $1,000 to $1,300 on a Les Paul, do yourself a favor and get out there and play EVERYTHING. If you take your time, you will find one that sings to you, and that grabs your heartstrings. * I am a fan of going for the genuine Gibson when I'm ponying-up that kind of money. Better resale value, and the brand reputation means something to other gigging musicians. But that's just me. * If I find a non-Gibson in a pawnshop, and I think it's kind of cool, yes, I will pay $200 for it. Just last week I bought an early 1970's Kent copy of a Les Paul. I paid $180 for it, and it's a really, really cool lawsuit guitar. * Our opinions here are just that. Opinions. It's unlikely that you will find any definitive, "from the burning bush", blinding flashes of enlightenment and wisdom. But as you filter out the wheat from the chaff, you'll discover that you got the advice you wished to hear. Okay, I'm gonna shut up now. :(
  9. HOT. Hot and dry. I just came in from watering my garden. :)
  10. I have been a guitar player and tinkerer for well over 45 years now. I'm also a collector of guitars and amplifiers, and I think it's safe to say that I know my way around guitar and amp work-benches, and electronics. I guess you could say that I am also a giver. I love giving back to the community of struggling artists and gigging musicians. So, here is my gift to you. It's the end result of many years of experience, in acquiring, playing, gigging, and repairing gear. I could play this close to the vest, but what's the point? I'm not going to be around forever. This should be shared, and shared right now. You're welcome. 🙂
  11. I'm not a fan of the new appearance. It seems cheaper-looking, and clumsy. But I understand website upgrades and system changes to keep things on pace with modern web protocols, so I guess I can live with it. Rock on. Play your guitar. :)
  12. Hey man, Some people pay a lot of money to have a relic'ed guitar (with the finish all jacked up and aged-looking). You got it for free. Be happy. :)
  13. Oh man, that's awesome. We have some sort of giant wind tunnel facility just northeast of us, at Arnold AFB, in Tennessee. I have flown over it, but never was able to land and get a tour. :)
  14. Nope, I couldn't afford to live in California, Hawaii, or New York either. Or anywhere near Washington, DC. (I was offered a job at the Pentagon a few years ago, and had to say hell no. The pay wasn't enough to survive there.) I get up to Ft Eustis every now and then. If I do, some day soon, I will PM you, and hook up for lunch if that's agreeable. My Uncle Sam will pick up the tab!! :)
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