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  1. Great story and big applause for Gibson! 😎 I'm still waiting for my ES-335, ordered in April 2020. I hope it arrives while I'm still young, LOL.
  2. Thanx for the photos Sgt. Pepper. Looks great!
  3. You open the case, take the guitar out, and shut the case. That's why it's ugly pink, to make you do it even faster. I see two great guitars there, and prolly the sound is great too. What else would one want? (besides a bass, of course) 😎
  4. 😞 https://www.tmz.com/2020/10/06/eddie-van-halen-dead-dies-cancer-65/
  5. Yep, they use that for almost anything & everything nowadays 😄
  6. Nice photos, including the one of the California Nebula by Bence! ANDROMEDA, for those that don't know, is huge, but it so far away (like 2 million light-years), that it is really dim. If it were much brighter and visible to the naked eye, it would span the size of 6 full Moons. Huge is the word. And, oh yeah, it is coming this way! 😅
  7. The pics are OK, the sound on both prolly too.
  8. It has to be a 12 speaker, so I only watched the 2nd video: - great sound from both! - two great guitars - both great players... I like the Origin slightly better... but mostly they just sound different. Verdict is as usual: Get them both!
  9. Looks like a 24/7 guitar, the kind that can't be put down, come rain, sleet or snow. So the case is there just like an ornament, always empty. CONGRATS! And thanx for the great review.🙂
  10. I had an identical situation with one. Yeah, it needs lot of air & time for the smell to wear off. Those are glues, solvents, colors,... the wonders of modern chemistry. Of course it's not a good idea putting guitars in direct sunlight or in front of fans, etc. Suffering & patience leads to greatness, as they say, LOL.
  11. One question on the quietness of the StageRight and also Blues Jr. Do they produce any hiss or unwanted noises?
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