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  1. The body is so striking and imposing, that the knobs/buttons don't really matter much. In this case I would go with the ones, that have 1..10 numbers for usability. This will be a beauty when painted and finished over. PS. Those black arm-braces, worn at night & idle parts of the day actually do help relieve carpal tunnel nerve problems.
  2. "Made to be played in China", or "Made in China to be played"? 🧐 #Guild
  3. Not using the same cloths for body-polish and string wiping is also important. Strings sometimes get a little rusty, when playing non-stop. Those particles should not come in contact with the guitar body, or they might produce tiny scratches.
  4. This is to be taken as the standard for cleaning the body and back of the neck. Great lesson by Jim DeCola! πŸ‘
  5. I have not touched a cigarette since 18. oct 2005, that'll be 16 years soon. IT IS WORTH IT, life becomes better in every way. Even health improves slowly, but noticeably. Yeah! πŸ‘
  6. There was a huge increase in demand due to this stupid #COVID19 pandemic. The normal reaction is that the prices go up, and any responsible business will adapt. All those same workers in factories make products with a higher margin. This goes not only for MIA Fender and Gibson, but also Player, Epiphone. And not only in guitar industry, but in most. Fender has never had so much revenue as in the past year. I assume this goes for Gibson too. Look at the price lists of the biggest retailers (Sweetwater and GC, Andertons UK, Thomann EU), most new Gibson guitars are Murphy Labs. Same goes for
  7. Do a test: Try connecting the power to an UPS (one of those for desktop PCs). Maybe it's just unstable electricity in the house...
  8. Freddie King shows some incredible magic, and yep, it's a Gibson ES. 😎
  9. Beautiful guitar! 😎 I started cotton-padding guitar stands in the same way. Maybe it's ugly, but the guitars love it!
  10. Well, I started with the P90 and also with Gibson less than a year ago with this one - the cheapest Gibson in the catalog - and I love the look, the feel, the sound, everything about it. How does one know if it's a great guitar? You can never stop playing it, that's how. 😁
  11. Incredibly good music, never heard these guys before! The sound, the rhythm, the jazz, the bass solo, everything... 😁
  12. Nice wood pattern on the first picture, and the guitar is beautiful. This cutaway is interesting. It is probably because the maple top is thicker at the neck, then at the sides farther away, and the binding is uniform height. So, pure geometry. I assume the mahogany below is of the same height all around the guitar. I wouldn't notice it on the second picture, if I had not been told.
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