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  1. Well, this came as a surprise. Personally, I welcome it. Gibson was missing this segment in its ecosystem. And building an amp factory from zero, is very expensive & time consuming. Mesa/Boogie, we have just one petition: please remain an extremely high-quality custom amp shop. Yeah! 😎 Here goes: Gibson Announces Acquisition of Mesa/Boogie
  2. I still think it's a spoof marketing campaign. Come on, hot oil dripping down on the graphics card while gaming?! 😆
  3. "Almost any blue guitar is a blue guitar", as they say. And a blue guitar is always an excellent choice! 😎
  4. Next astronomy event on the list: The Ides of March? 😅
  5. Great story, this is like some historic event!
  6. This sux, guitars are made to be played, not to rot away like this. 😩
  7. Same story as in the movie, with the green car...
  8. Seeing the fretboard while playing actually contributes to its feel to the fingers. This one looks alive and fresh and GORGEOUS!
  9. I hope they're not strong enough, to squeeze those 5 grand from our forum member!
  10. How did you wire those 3 pickups to the 3-way switch? I was always under the impression, that only USA-made Fenders are any good. Nice knowing the Mexican ones are not inferior as manufacturing goes (with a correctly shaped neck, properly cut and polished frets, etc)!
  11. Thumbs up for those 3 TELEs! 🤠
  12. I don't wanta be the judge, but here's my judgement on STYX: some extremely good songs some real lousy ones (hear em once, and never again) some mediocre ones. This one is probably The Best Thing (pun intended):
  13. I saw them "ripples" too. Had no idea what to think or say...
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