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  1. pretty sure it wont make a difference. Both SGs have klusons, the Classic has the white "bean" heads, the Standard, green tulip heads. If I use a cheezy nylon strap these guitars move all over the place. but with a levy suede strap,, it grips the shoulder, and it does not move. I don't see how swapping out the tuners is going to change this.
  2. yea I was kidding!! actually, indoor/outdoor carpet remnants cut into squares will do the job.
  3. are you using a nylon style strap? I've 2 SGs, the neck dive can be pretty much mitigated with a brushed leather/suede strap like this Levy leather / suede strap: Guitar Strap - MS26-RST (levysleathers.com) It's all I use, no neck dive. I'd try that before swapping out the hardware.
  4. 1st off, Thank you for your service. I will never forget or never not appreciate what the men and woman in our armed services do and have done for this nation. I kind of get what you're saying, even tho the "place" where I grew up was really not like what you had to deal with.
  5. you can put pillows on the wall behind them!! get some fancy ones that match your décor! Trust me man.... your wife will love the look 🤪
  6. if you don't put hot dogs in there, you're dead to me...
  7. I know Paul, I should probably haven't said anything, but it just came out... 🙂 It's HIS Guitar after all, he can play it with a pipe wrench and whack at it with a stick if he wants. Was curious to hear what it really sounded like and that second clip, just didn't do that at all.
  8. NICE huh!!!. say.... Can we have a thread on Thai Cooking next? man I love that stuff...
  9. Two thoughts 1: The kid that did the work was great. Has patience and know-how beyond his years. 2: They owner playing it in the second video? Just hand him a $200 Washburn 6 string and call it a day..
  10. from what I've seen (I have 2 sgs, but none are reissues..) provided he's included the case, I think it's reasonable given the current state of things..
  11. in this forum, naw.. not by a long shot!
  12. Wow... that's one crazy christmas story man.. not one I can say I'd be able to look back on a laugh about.. thanks for sharing that. sorry for your moms and your troubles there. must have been some a rough times for you guys over those years.
  13. I thought so too, but it's so hard to tell with those pics...
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