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  1. I believe what you describe as UPBOW is back bow, loosen the truss rod so that when you sight down the neck, it looks straight. There are a hundred things that could be in play here, high frets would be among the first to be checked once neck relief and proper action height is achieved. At the end of the day, it sounds like you're unsure what steps to take. I would simply advise to find a setup tech and have it setup properly.
  2. like everything else (Grammy's, Emmy's...) it's been hijacked, and not even a shadow of what it was intended to be. Alex Lifeson hit the nail on the head with his exception speach... Blah--blah, bla-blahhh... personally I could care less...
  3. you need to host photos from another site. IMGR or you can also use your facebook account for example.
  4. Jeeze.. it looks like a previous owner took a something like a scotch brite pad to the finish. I can't say I'm optimistic for you. like Steve said Scratch X 2.0 (Maguires) may help. Stew Mac has a scratch remover too, but I don't know if it'll do any better job than Scratch X https://www.stewmac.com/luthier-tools-and-supplies/supplies/cleaners-and-lubricants/colortone-scratch-remover.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=shopping&utm_campaign=2021-05-gp&gclid=CjwKCAjwnPOEBhA0EiwA609RefMs83qohNd5SDbVW_Hwx_16OM04ptWKXWGo9Xn2G0KwmXdSer5kihoCXHcQAvD_BwE There is
  5. I have small hands and a few different gibsons with different neck profiles, the 60s neck is probably your best bet.
  6. There's some decent compressors for not a lot of cash. I tend to set the level for unity, (meaning the pedal adds no boost in volume when engaged) I set ratios of compression so that they ust give a bit of weight to the over all tone, and I keep it on most of the time. Attack and Release controls will gauge how fast the compression will kick in "attack", (you want it fast) and how long the sustain will hang before it "releases".. these 2 are "set em and forget em" controls for me.
  7. I think you're missing out on what a compressor can do for your sound over all by just using it as a boost. Compressors, when used in line, can give you a nice clean sustain for rhythm. I will help even out notes when your trying to articulate notes in chords. If you need a boost, I'd suggest something like a TC Spark or any of the dozens of clean boost pedals. Even a GE-7 EQ would do well here too. Neither are expensive, very effective
  8. please do yourself a solid, look up "setting guitar neck relief" on youtube. Truss rod adjustments are typically 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 of a turn to remove forward or back bow. The truss rod should be free to move, but there should always be tension of some degree in the turning of the bolt. what you're doing is way out of scope for what is intended.
  9. yea apparently that went right over my head... but now I get what Lady A means..
  10. Orianthi aint no guy if that's what you are trying to say... I believe her entrance to the "big top" was playing for MJ.
  11. yea... goes right over my head too.. don't get it....
  12. it must have b/c I thought he was still alive...
  13. thx I figured as much, (Davy Jones gone and all,) that leaves P. Tork as the odd man out?? anyway, Nesmith did write most of that stuff if I recall correctly..
  14. This is another pure nostalgic trip for me too. and at my age, nostalgia as about as close as it gets to being young again! 🙂 who are the "two" do we know??
  15. selling is up to you of course, but the offer seems to be a pretty generous one. I don't think the tributes costs were more than $1,000/$1,100 USD) new.. the problem is "replacing" it. Keep in mind the mess the supply chain is right now with the Pandemic still going on. The idea of just "ordering" another one (new), is not quite reality right now. Supplier stock is either non existent or limited. If you play it, and you like it,, I'd be inclined to keep it. if it sits in the case and is not used much and you're playing other things more... then yea.. Maybe.,..
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