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  1. In my previous life, I held the tittle of Grand Packmaster for a band I was in for 20 year. a skill I still have to this day!! so I have that going for me..... By all means, get a uhaul van, rent moving blankets with the uhaul, and a few rolls of bubble wrap, use these to protect the amps during transit. The guitars should be fine (assuming they're all in hard cases) Sort out whats going where and just plan where things should go. Don't just throw it all in there. Secure it. Don't be afraid to use rope, tape and bungee cords etc to secure things inside the van.
  2. my hunch is you have just dulled the finish. If it was me, I would have left it alone. In my (very) humble opinion; Unless you know exactly what you're doing, you're jumping in the deep end of the pool with out having the ability to swim first.
  3. Like this one great lyrics, and I like the way the song moves, and there is some nice chord melody work in the measures separating the verses. Great job on this one. I've led an easy life, met my wife in ninth grade, we were married the fall after we graduated, and I've worked in IT base jobs since. two kids, four grand kids, and about 4 years left on a mortgage.. look for an exit strategy now to start using the retirement plans we've been working on.... But,, I've had friends who were not so fortunate, some of them are no longer here... none of those guys took the road to Fort Worth tho...
  4. the question is, have you already sanded / removed the original finish?
  5. it's simple physics really,, the more pressure applied on the "pluck", the more that string needs to move. the higher up the neck one travels, the less "room" is available. I've taught on and off for years, and it is common thing that pops up with beginners who are still developing their touch.
  6. what Saturn says Bill. Tube amps can be finicky, but if the tubes are stable, and not making any unwanted noises, (common issue with micrphonic pre-amp tubes) or dropping volume (Failing power tubes) if you did need to do anything with it, pre-amp tubes are plug and play. Power tubes would need to be purchased as a matched set, and once installed, the amp would need to be re-biased to properly run with the new tubes. So, if it aint broke........
  7. uh tru but.. maybe cuz he would have retired a long time ago?
  8. Well, brilliant! And now that your retired, you can make your first million inventing, and selling these.
  9. ok so I watched that,, IMHO ... I think you're just picking those notes too hard, as it does not seem to occur when you are using a normal amount of pressure to pluck the notes I think that there is nothing abnormal about this.. you'll never hit them that hard when you're playing..
  10. you aint seen nothin yet,, just wait till you really get him cranked up...
  11. the newer sheratons are 10x the MIKs from about 15 years ago were. the hardware on the late 90s MIK Sherry I had was horrendous.
  12. Personally... - I would not trust a smart phone app to intonate a guitar. suggestions for tuners depends on what you want to invest. Peterson makes some of the most accurate standalone and headstock mountable tuners on the market. But they aint cheap. Also the TC Electronics PolyTune, or Boss TU3 would do the job.
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