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  1. haha! I'm not,, and that dude in the picture aint either.. LOL!! Thats Joe Bidens Secretary of Health and Human services. ya can't make this crap up..
  2. I love it, I want it,, It's ME! if I added 6 inch pumps, and a leather skirt, I'd be quite fetching... besides it matches my glasses and eye shadow, don't you all agree?
  3. The entire HP line up was one of the casualties from senior leaderships missteps back then. A lot of what they tried in 2017 they quickly walked back from in following years. Just be glad you got it when it was available!
  4. it's a business risk they are willing to make, where one unhappy camper out of a few thousand are not going to make any one company their process. When you consider the legacy and history in play here,, a few "Friday afternoon slip ups" are hardly a blip on the radar
  5. I'm not sure about Slash, there were a ton of us that were old f--ks grabbig up LPs long before flash,, er,, slash and GnR ever made the scene.. regarding the stoppage of LP builds,, there were circumstances unrelated to marketing and sales to compound the decision. 1: was Les wasn't happy with the Les Paul v2 (which is now the SG) so he told them remove his name, and 2: Contractual loop holes with wrt the fallout in the divorce from Mary Ford where his Attorneys advised his name be removed to avoid her getting a piece of that cake..
  6. yepp.. I agree.. that's pretty much the reality.
  7. Interesting stuff man! I bet there's more stories jus as interesting lurking in the back of your head.
  8. I dunno, from what I've read in the past, at the Gibson factory there is a 2 year apprentice ship for any one to work on the bindings since it's all still done by hand. If that's true, and it probably is, seems that it's a pretty skilled job based on how they are still doing it, (No CNC, no automation) I can get where that part of the build has some wiggle room for "What the???" to happen. But that doesn't make ya feel any better when it's your guitar.
  9. not that I go lots of places that sell Gibson's, but out in the wild, I've never seen one in a GC or places that are Gibson Dealers J series, usually 45 variants, but never something like a SJ200, and a lot of people are leery of buying acoustics online, so I guess there's some of that going on too. I do agree with Nimda, the Pandemic has touched all aspects of life in companies like this. Most people are lucky if they can keep their jobs. this Covid thing has been a disaster on multiple levels.
  10. it really is all about the $numbers$ If G45s were flying off the shelves, they'd still be making them. Be glad you got in while you could, hang on to it,, good acoustics only improve with age.
  11. lol (err I mean ror) yea.. probably some rules being mangled here..
  12. china rove da Boss he commie rike us.
  13. click on the three dots on the right edge of the thread you posted..(opposite from your name) that will bring you to edit functions
  14. hhhooohhhh... may be rooking for new job soon...
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