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  1. so is this cigarette smoke? it's nasty stuff. used to be in a band with a guy that smoked like a chimney just from being there once a week or so a few of my cases reeked. Took a long time to rid the smell.. and sometimes, I swear I still catch a wiff. I put some Little Tree Vanilla things in the one that got it the worse, I figured that was better than the smoke smell. That is the one case I thought about ditching too. if I could find a decent brown gibson case that didn't cost an arm and a leg... I'd probably do it.
  2. yous got da Batwing pickguard!! Nice SG, love that natural burst! that was my first pick in 2012 when I bought standard, but I was impatient and they weren't in stock.. take care with that stand, some of them will eat nitro for lunch. Can't really see if that's one of the ones that will.
  3. I like these, they would clearly do NO HARM and seem safe enough. So question for you.. do you keep the strap on, or easily removed when you case your guitar?
  4. neither have I... it was a good laugh tho... that is wild!
  5. Kinda thought it was always like jdgm says,, usually they should be in pairs (Neck/Bridge) with the neck having a bit more beans to it.
  6. kidblast


    well dang, if that aint just drop dead gorgeous, I don't know what is! Enjoy dude!!!
  7. Tis good stuff!!! I like it better than the Gerlitz. it seems lighter... if that makes sense..
  8. that's why I've not even bothered with it. Press it down, stays for a few days.. Stupid really.. $4k+ to buy a j200 and we can't get a $30 pick guard to behave..
  9. Well.. The warranty is not transferable, and I also believe the Warranty setup varies once it leaves the U.S. Anyway, even in the U.S. the warranty ended on that guitar with the original owner parted ways with it. and.. a phone call will probably get more results than an email... until that that happens, I don't make any assumptions.
  10. so.. ...Crepitating much? Go on a steady diet of skunk cabbage, and you'll rule the world...
  11. To be fair, he included nothing to tell us the nature of why he is trying to make contact... Dot... have you tried calling them???
  12. Cool stuff man! If I was ever in the location to tour either the Fender or Gibson plants, I'd be in line before the doors opened. The wife would be rollin her eyes, but that's another story..
  13. the two things I normally would use, and have worked just fine are Nomad's F1 Fretboard Oil, Gerlitz's Guitar Honey. Both available for speedy door step delivery kinda stuff on "the amazon".... expect all kinds of responses here.. from "Ay.. you don't need no stinking fretboard oil" to, "Well I drain calf hoofs and I use that stuff that comes of that stuff there" I say. keep it simple, no harm in hydrating that wood, do it like twice / three times a year and you're good to go.
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