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  1. 4k isn't chump change, but that sting will go away, and in time, you will not regret the purchase. (how do I know?? See avatar..!!!)
  2. Woa??? that crap still on??? Obviously haven't noticed.. or missed it,, or care..
  3. I always thought it was D'Addario too.. but actually, I think at one point it was true, (it was GHS) and it was confirmed either on this forum, or on the AGF. (maybe the AGF?) I'm not sure if they are still contracting to GHS with the new string line up but for example Masterbuilts, and the J200 sets, as I recall were indeed coming from GHS, we only know that for sure, Gibson aint makin their own strings these days, if ever
  4. I don't believe low 60s for RH is not really in the danger zone. you could try the D'Addario Humidipak, which works as a two way "system" add and absorb moisture. Humidipak | The Automatic Guitar Humidity Control System | D'Addario (daddario.com) edited: yea Dan beat me to it...
  5. that was my other thought.. (ESP, and Hammer) I also recall that he was part of the fold some time ago, and now for better or worse, they've relit the flame under the partner ship. Maybe I'm making that up?? hey, like I say, I wish the guy well, he's a well respected player IMHO, and if Gibson believes there's an ends to the means with these relationships, then they know more about this stuff than I do. But when it comes to enticing 15 yr old's who have Kirk as their hero to buy a KH Signature Les Paul, lets face it, Gibson USA products are not exactly flooding the market
  6. nothing against the guy, I think he's a really good at what he does, nor even against Gibson for what they do wrt to these endorsements, but, I just don't see how any of this really matters except free guitars for Kirk.. that he don't need. Maybe I'm just having one of those "get off my lawn" kind of mornings.
  7. you need to host at third party site, and then post the link here,. it's how it works on this forum
  8. I know some seem will feel tighter than others, but ,, TBH... I don't think that's quite right.
  9. if you take the ride, and want to be 100% sure it's not a fake, the most telling warning flag will be under the truss rod cover. Take that off and make sure that needs a 5/16 socket tool like this: Truss Rod Wrench 5/16" Gibson Sized Socket | eBay
  10. the XS feel and kind of respond like EJ16s. (and I don't like the XTs. they seem overly bright to me) I've been playing on a bot sets for about 2 months now, no visible signs of shredding. Same with the Gibson PB Coated. I was using Elixir Nanos for years, but really the shredding they are prone to is a real buzz kill.
  11. ha! it's all a bit of a blur ya know??
  12. yes Brad.. you're right... I did say 80s didn't i!!! that was the cape cod show (Leftoverture) you know what they say,, if you remembered the 70s, you didn't do it right
  13. hey Sal, have you tried the D'Addario XS sets yet? I've been impressed so far.
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