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  1. Really? did you use those a lot I have them on my Sheraton and I almost never have a lot of calling to use them
  2. I wish gigs or lack there of was my only problem that 2020 can along with. won't be sorry to see it go.
  3. yea, he's a multi-talented nut case! 🙂
  4. I heard at one point they had topped a few million a day in sales (Sweetwater).
  5. yea, this.. and pretty much all that..
  6. ah yes that's for sure, neither have it,, then again finding a hummingbird or a j200 on a show wall in my parts would only be if I wandered into one in my dreams. There are no Gibson dealers in range of me, save for GC and I rarely venture in to one, and I've never seen a J200 on those walls.. not ever. perhaps t takes some time for the defect to show up, so maybe some new old stock would perhaps show it. Who knows tho. I do wish the brilliant minds at Gibson would just figure it out once and for all.
  7. I have one little section of my SJ200 pickguard lifting up. (the pointy tip part.) it's a problem and has been for a long time. Could be due to climate, but when you have been passing guitars in and out of ones possession for a life time, and the only one to every have this issue is a Gibson... I love my J200 (it's awseoms) and love my other gibbies as well (5 others) but Really.. They need to fix this!
  8. On the other hand, given that it’s a Custom Shop guitar and was not cheap, I’d expect the tuners to work flawlessly on day 2. Exactly.... I would definitely be ok with swapping out a single machine head with one that either the dealer or Gibson sent. I would not cough up the cash for another set of machine heads. that just don't seem right to me. We all know what Gibson is charging for these. IMHO.. Someone should address this and as immediately as is possible. Let us know what happens next!
  9. ahh,, so it goes... the price of things we use for "free"
  10. good stuff! agree with Steve, those Pup covers are the shiznizz on that paul
  11. The trouble with much of this is high dependency on parts for even things made here that are coming from China. While the pandemic is part of the problem, there are other factors too. I don't want to start a political p!ssing contest so, I'm just leaving that right there.
  12. another new axe?? Whew! As RCT would say I admire the cut of your jib! you're going to need a bigger house just for all the cases...
  13. LOL!!! kentucky fried chicken fat, or pop eyes chicken fat? hey either way... it's all about the tone man.. Kentucky fat is definitely got some of it's own mojo goin on..
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