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  1. yea,, there's something about this one... put me in the "very suspect" line.. Love to see some pics of the back and sides, (and a shot of whats under the truss rod cover would pretty much end the debate)
  2. Hey Santo, Someone had to win right? Back and forth it went for 7 games.. Exhausting to watch, can't even imagine how wiped out all these guys are now that it's over.
  3. Grunt, That is truth. the "Somebody's gotta do it" thing gets old. The guy I duo'd with, we had and still have synchronicity. We still jam and we've been friends too long to let anything dent the friendship. I just grinned and got thru it until I decided it was a hassle I didn't need. I figure if he wants to take it out occasionally, I am opened to it. But he can make some the calls, and do the prep work, and I'll go along for the ride. I think that it won't take long for him to feel like I felt. No hard feelings though, We're still best buds, and will always be. And you're quite right, there's a certain chemistry that exists among bands and musicians that have many years of playing together under their belts.
  4. I think BK has covered the TD in other threads, in fact, he was my main mentor when it first arrived. (Thanks BK!) the best results so far was using an AKG condenser (c2000B) Dynamics work, not as good. I still want to try some other mics. My kid has a some high end mics for his studio to try, just haven't had time to get over there and see how they do. The over all experience, it makes your guitar sound more like "your guitar" It's by far more natural sounding, you can loose the "quack"and harshness of the UST.
  5. Buc, I live in this region. But when it comes, I have to be ready cuz if I don't capture the full idea quick enough, it dies. you aint alone..
  6. I get it.. I think there is something real with "too much of a good thing". playing a few times a month didn't seem like a lot when I was much younger, but now, I just can't see myself doing that. I got away from working the Duo, although I had fun with the guy I did that with, I was the only one sweating the details. That got a little tiring. Since then, I've done a hand full of solo gigs, If I have three or four that pop up in a years time, with everything else in life, (grandkids, wife, vacations, work, just BEING) that's plenty to keep me "in to it" Maybe just step back the frequency a bit so that when you DO have a gig, it's been a while since the last, and you've got new tunes, and keeps it a bit fresher?
  7. lots of mixed emotions here, just going to leave it at that.
  8. I know, had the same effect on me when I first started looking into these. had to wait for the right time to "strike"... but I will say, it's pretty much genius...
  9. I'm only looking into it all because we all wanna sound as best we can , some helpful answers here yea, we are all on the same journey.. Just as a side note Grunt, and I'm not saying that this is right for you, but just my experience.. adding a Tonedexter was probably one of the best investments I made for improving the sound of my acoustics. there is a curve to dialing it in, but it made a big difference for me.
  10. This thread, which started out a harmless discussion, is going south... c'mon guys, we're all players here, lets loosen up a bit...
  11. Loosen them, no need to add more tension / stress on the threads or screw slots, which is what adjusting with tension will no doubt do.
  12. I have 2 SGs, they great all around guitars, and you can pretty much expect to play anything you need/want on one. The neck dive is solved with a suede or brushed leather strap. Straps made from Nylon materials will slide around on your shoulder, the suede or brushed leather will not. This the kind of material I go with on all my straps. I've never seen an SG with a FR, not saying they don't exist, I've just never seen one. They are pretty thin bodies, so no idea how the required route would work. There are other options available though.
  13. yep, clear as a bell. A small secondary 2 CH mixer would do it. you would mix the levels at the mixer, eg: how much guitar mic vs pickup goes to the fishman via one of the "outs" on the mixer That would give you some decent control over EQ and levek You could then control the over all balance for your guitar (with the mix/pickup combo out of the mixer) w/vocal mic would then done on your fishman. something like This would handle it, Be pretty easy to accomplish. I think those can be had for around 100 bucks.
  14. I must admit I had the same thought.. so we should probably add it was a joke kids.. "DO NOT DO THIS!"
  15. I don't think there is! So is the goal something as simple as just a condenser mic, pointed some where near the guitar to blend with the onboard electronics? you wont be using the other input for a vocal mic?
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