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  1. Mustang III and Code 50 user/abuser here too. Like Micheal says, they do some things good, and they are great practice amps. The FX built in is a great convenience factor as a practice device. With editing you can get some decent sounds. I currently have my Mustang and Code setup with an a/b switch so I can use one or the other (or both) in my practice room. I believe that I've been successfully able to raise the dead a few times with that rig. And I do believe the dual/stereo setup like that if used LIVE would probably work out ok, but it's a lot of dancing on both amps foot switches. Doable tho if they are positioned with dual use in mind. but over all for Live/Band work, I still get more mileage from my tube combos/pedal boards. There's no substitution really.
  2. kidblast


    yes indeed BD, That be a fine looking 339 Rock on.
  3. Hi and welcome The LP100 is an entry level instrument. I am not sure I would invest a lot of money in new pickups, but if you plan to use this for a while, I would suggest to consider changing the pots and toggle switch as well. As these are often the more problematic components in these guitars. Check the Guitar Fetish web site, they have very reasonably priced pickups and other parts to do the job. I would not go with expensive replacement parts. (aka Seymour Duncan, USA Made Gibson pickups etc..) Cost of this guitar brand new is under $300. You could easily be close to if not + $300 for new pickups and the pots / switch. A string change is an absolute yes..
  4. kidblast

    My SG

    I also have a 2012 SG Standard I am the ordinal owner This would have a baked maple fret board, (not rosewood) 490r and 498t is the pickup combo. Maple is like ebony, a very hard wood. IMHO there's a bit more top end just with that.
  5. yea,, total cringe worthy.. first verse was all my ears could handle. I'm with Sgt Pepper. this is like one of the SHRED video's, but not a joke. Actually feel bad for the guys in the band, they seemed to be right on point. Can't imagine having play back up for a nut case like this one.
  6. that sucks man, I am lucky, 62 and pretty agile with no chronic issues like that. My day will come, I'm pretty sure about that. ~30 gigs is a lot for dinosaurs like me and you!! 🙂 we'll be doing good if we get 10... In a trio just starting out, we're close to ready.. Drummer wants to gig every day, (also 62) dude needs to calm the f down.. !LOL!
  7. It's definitely a young mans Doug. if you're still "in it" stay there long as you can. Once you stop, you probably won't want to do it again. That was my experience. It's been 20+ years since I was gigging regularly.
  8. These days it really is more likely that the hassles just out weigh the benefits. at my age, It just doesn't compute.
  9. It's cool that you can make enough dough to do this full time Notes. But that's just not the reality most of us live in. There's hardly enough venues that cater to live music in these parts to even keep a fraction of the bands and performers busy. And the pay is generally insulting. $500 on average, to split 4 or 5 ways in many cases.. we all know how much work goes into getting to and doing a gig. Hardly worth the effort. However I fully agree with "play the music that pleases the audience" and "always be a pro" Those two things alone are key.
  10. well, no.. probably not. Try selling passive PA speakers!! Almost Impossible. Had an old sound tech PA, two 15s/horn and powered mixer. I wound up donating it to a band comprised of high school kids, the person who does my setup and repair work taught a few of these kids. They were thrilled to have it, and I was able to get out of my hair.
  11. That's a pretty cool old girl Agree w/trying a set of flat wounds. Pretty much the go to style of string for an archtop/hollow body. Nothing too exotic needed, D'Addario Chromes will suit you just fine. I like those. I use 11s you may want something beefier if you have big hands, which I don't
  12. that's outrageos that's insane I shipped a taylor to Cali last year, it was $120 and I nearly choked at that..
  13. Sometimes you have to just side with the guys who work there. I walked into a GC to see what they had for 12 strings in the fall of 2018. The guy working the store happily announced they'd just gotten in a brand new Takemine 12... he walks with me into the acoustic room, pulls it off the hanger, only to see a 3 inch gouge right above the sound hole. I could see the anger on his face. All he could say was "I'm sorry, you can still at least try it out." told him not to feel bad, I understood the challenges with customers, and I wasn't ready to buy anything yet anyways.
  14. I've swapped and or sold stuff that wives and ex wives would have thought I'd never let go...….. apparently including some of THEM right?!?! KS, thx for the tale, I didn't see this one when it was originally posted.
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