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  1. kidblast


    must be the season of the rug.. we replaced one of our area rugs, and after I did a quick clean up of the one we replaced, I put it in my studio. It looks quite spiffy...
  2. Oh ya, I use it, absolutely. Not the kind of thing you're using ALL the time, but in certain moments in tunes, they are just the thing. Consider something as simple as Stormy Monday, or Midnight Blues, lots of places in a songs like that where you can air out a chord, and just give that bar a little shake.. tuning stays good, Big Bends Nut Sauce is my friend.. We also do a few Johnny A tunes, and for some of those covers, if ya don't have one, somethings missing..
  3. I have 16 guitars, I am attached to all of them to one degree or another... There's really nothing I need or want to move on from. but these 2.... are hands down the ones that get by far the most attention. 2016 SJ200 1995 LP Standard Wine Red.. (Dark, I know but it's wine red) the Bigsby mod is after market,, w/Vibramate easily reversed.
  4. Nice SCORE Doug!!! I like the lighter color too. Those take pedals nicely w/a great clean sound.. for sure easy on the back. much appreciated for dinosaurs like me!!! LOL! that Goldtone has it's own center of gravity... sounds awesome, just don't move it... 🙂
  5. good luck with it,, at least it will be fixable...
  6. I'm with those guys.. Find someone to help you get it up and running, (strings, and such)... Those are very good guitars, plenty good for you to learn on and then some. Basically that guy done you good!
  7. I'm with my bud rct.. I think.. no,, I believe this happened at a moment in time where all those pieces came together, and the magic was made. SOMETHING would have happened, cuz the talent is at the bottom of it all would still be there, but I believe the impact wouldn't have been that profound.
  8. hahaha! ya caught me changing my answer!! Ok,, yes!!! I admit it.. I reconsidered my answer after I posted it.. it is just that the more I thought about it, I know that it's just about a one of it's kind, and would mostly irreplaceable. I was reluctant to give THAT advice! but that said, OMG it looks like amazing guitar. How can it NOT be played? do you suppose you'll mod it to get it so you can amp it? I "probably" would.... But I'd REALLY have to trust the guy doing THAT work...
  9. I can relate to the idea of trying to keep it pristine, but sometimes you just have to make that decision for yourself.. no one can make it for you that thing is beautiful tho. At least you have "players" that are ready to go.. but yea,, I get it,, hard call there..
  10. kidblast


    The guitar is absolutely mint with just the barest signs that it had been handled. ...except for the crack on the top, the scratches fret wear... why you'd never know it was ever even played.. Jeeze, some people.. really.. shipped just in the case with the shipping label attached... frikken moron...
  11. yes, RCT nails it. all good here,, still on the bright side of the ground...
  12. hey... ! it's your guitar, chop cheddar on it if that makes ya happy!!
  13. I have a SJ200 with the same TRC. (See avatar..) I suppose it's possible it was built in 2015, as part of the 2106 "line up" (just guessing) congrats tho,, that's a sweet looking bird.
  14. okay now THAT s funny!! Dude--- Do a lookup some day of a web site named "There, I fixed it"... warning, you'll loose hours of your life, once you start it's like that car wreck you can't look away from! check it out. your "windscreen" SCREAMS for an entry on "There, I fixed it"
  15. Nice J45 So... before you do ANYTHING with that scratch look up Eternashine Players Kit. they have a Cleaner and Scratch remover. the kit has both, you may need just the scratch remover. It may improve it without using any thing else.
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