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  1. Would be a change in both regards + and -.. on the plus, it will probably be a bit more resonant as the strings will have more room to move when played. on the minus, it won't play as easily as it does with lower action. As is the case with ALL guitars, getting the action set to what "you" like is a balancing act that is determined by a players preference/touch and the guitars capability to support that setting. (things like high frets, truss rod response, how the slots in the nut are cut/regulated, all key ingredients into how the action can be set.) What works for me, might not work at all for you, proper setups are crucial and it's a bit different for every one. Find a good/reputable setup tech, who would be able to take it beyond what your teacher can do. Trust me when I say, some setup techs are head and shoulders above others. So finding a real good one is always a great thing to have on hand.
  2. Jen, I can't even imagine what a loss like this is like. This forum is a very helpful place with a lot of very well versed experts. It may take a few days for one who has more knowledge of Custom Shop models than I do to see your post. A call to Customer Service would provide you with any details you need. They're usually spot on. Also, you may want to try putting this in the lounge too, that's where it will get the quickest visibility. Here: https://forum.gibson.com/forum/69-the-gibson-lounge/ Take care.. /kb
  3. sheesh why stop now? you're on a roll dude.. and yea.. That is a gorgeous LP..
  4. for Humbuckers, I'd try 500k. I have a bud who is pretty expert on MIK Aria's, I'll shoot him an email got an answer for you. I would assume that it would be a 500k pot. Some folks say that the dime-size ones aren’t as good as the large quarter-size pots, but honestly, I never saw any difference. If the guitar was made by Samick, and most of the better ones were, they would have used Alpha pots, and they’re as good as anything out there. Hope that helps.
  5. First off, my condolences for your loss. That had to be a very difficult time for you. AFAIK custom shop serial numbers don't follow the standard Gibson Serial Number formula. Your best shot, if no one here can help, (and my guess is someone can) is to email or call Customer Service. They will be your best source for answers if nothing comes along here. best wishes, /kb
  6. well now... that is an unusual and quite cool looking SG.. I like it!
  7. There's a good tale right there.... And I can see the Ric Flair resemblance, no, really... I do.. LOL! It isn't something you get used to at all I don't think. Not that I can't get a Starbucks without being recognized or anything. I'm amazed anyone remembers some joker fooling around with a Tele in some crummy bar! Tru dat... then again, maybe some of us don't change much? But then again, you must a made an impression at some point, and it stuck.
  8. I don't know about you, but I get that "deer in the headlights" feeling when someone calls out my name, and I've no clue who the hell they are!... I just cut to the chase and tell them just that... LOL! perhaps they appreciate the honesty...
  9. Not looking to hijack your post (an enjoyable read as expected). I sold one of my Fender amps about 2 years back on Craigslist. Buyer agreed to do a local pickup/cash transaction (hoorah.. my kind-a transaction!) when we finally hook up, he takes one look at me and says "Oh man! I know you..." We start with the 20 questions to find the common ground. As it turns out, our bands both played frequently at the same club in the mid/late 80s. club was not a local one for us, about a 40 minute drive from where we were. He recalled a number of Moe Town remakes we worked out. IIRC no one else did those tunes. 30+ years later, we meet again on a craigslist add.. not as nuts as your story but it reminded me of this.
  10. hey Murph!  sup!

    speakin of Mandos....  I've been using a washburn that the fam gsve my for my 60th bday.

    this one: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/M3EK--washburn-americana-m3e-pack-sunburst

    I find it a bit hard to play, but maybe they all are..  They all seem to have narrow nuts, but a small change makes a big diff.  I'm wondering if I should set my sights on upgrading.   What would Murph do?


  11. yes, I think so, as they look identical to what was in my sheraton.
  12. I would have never thought you'd suggest that,, yep came right out a the blue..
  13. I have a sherry too, great guitars. posting in the performance section is what it's there for.. have at it.
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