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  1. I agree with you, it doesn't sound quite right to me either.
  2. Don't even need to look further than the slots on the bridge posts,, Gibson does that like NEVER...
  3. Sorry to tell you from what I see in your pics (IMHO) this not an authentic USA made Gibson Gibson's do not have slotted posts (your first three pictures show just that) and from what I can see in the 2nd photo the toggle switch looks too long. USA gibson's the toggle switches are shorter than what that appears to be. I hope you didn't pay more than $350 for it, b/c that's about what Counterfeits cost new.
  4. # AsparagusRexLivesMattered....
  5. well I learned something new today, I didn't know that about the T. Rex...
  6. if you want to stay with chome heads, you should be able to find some tulip shaped ones. like these on my ES135
  7. what he said! and while I'm at it "RUSH" !!!
  8. Missed a cymbal and hit a drum rim, that would be how I would get that. I can see that.! I can, really...
  9. that is Sweet . looks like a decent semi soft case too. I like the "tulips" heads too, but IIRC Most Kluson's have two screws to anchor to the back of the headstock, Grover's use one. if you're ok with "drills"... but I'd probably let it ride for a bit see if it "grew" on me as is.
  10. which makes our lives more enriched in so many ways! 🤣
  11. A little bit of Over The Hills and Far Away going on there. From the fingrings I would say it's Open D or possibly DADGAD. hard to say the audio sounds really poor.
  12. it looks like a decent axe but for 2,700 apples.... I'm with Kelly, I'd just buy a J45 and not look back.
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