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  1. ^-- that would be assuming the GC sales dudes would have removed the pick guard to see what's under there. I think the probability of that is like -10% if it sounds good, and plays good, it probably is good.. Granted that is a sloppy job.. but honestly it looks cosmetic to me. If they would do an even swap, then yea, maybe do that. If not then, I would be tempted to keep it since it sounds like it was bought for a good price. filling that gap would be pretty easy. it looks like it's just the surface area.
  2. kidblast


    "I gave them three pickups, and they were good.. I thought they'd just love them forever, then they do this,... " Signed, Leo Fender.. looks like a fun axe Ron!
  3. I think Gibson covers up a multitude of atrocities with their pickguards!! LOL! I remember a forum member (Bad Blues Player) bought an SG and the tenon pocket was a disaster. Put the pick guard back on, and it looked awesome.. I agree with Eracer, just a sloppy job done their.
  4. as mentioned for like the first year or so, it was fine,, then one day, I noticed it, once I heard it, I could never unhear it..
  5. been ages since we've seen a good case porn thread... 👌
  6. not a fan of nostalgia I see..
  7. while I am remiss to start a political rant about this COVID crap... which would most likely get me hit with the ban bat.... ...Letting politicians and the government in general run anything, is a recipe for disaster. Those clowns all live in a world where the sky is an entirely different color than the one us mere mortals see. I'm sorry to hear about your pups,, that's a tuff way to start the new year.
  8. yes, it is.. my band mate had one some years back, I seem to recall they had their own cases.
  9. did not notice that, but yes another red flag. Sgt.. after looking at that a bit, yea..you're right
  10. you can tell that from THAT photo? you've to a better eye for this than I do brutha..
  11. This thread is going right down the tubes.. 😃
  12. Here's to hoping they have a better year in 2021, last season was a bit of a dumpster fire. I'm not a follower of the Sox, or BBALL in general, but a few of my close friends are die hard loyal fans. I'm more into hockey, which restarts Thursday, The Bruins got HOSED last year, they were on fire till the shut down in March.
  13. "T" could be traditional as Rabs says,, but could also be "tribute" Either way the pretty much point to the same idea. years? hard to pick one,.. that all have to be judged one by one individually, you could study 10 and probably find variances in each one that speak to the quality control issues most of this is what you as the consumer are willing to accept, as it's most often times down to cosmetics and "fit & finish" kind of flaws. IMHO, A prs is not a substitute, it's a different animal entirely.
  14. dont be shocked if the anthem control module starts to rattle after a while. That's what happened to my J200 with the anthem. it was great,, for about a year.. then one day, it wasn't.. drove me nucking futz, I replaced the anthem with a Matrix Infinity,.. no mo rattle..
  15. my physic powers have run amok, pictures please.. (hint: need to host them on a 3rd party site, or your facebook account... should you have such a thing)
  16. nah, we will take you for your word...
  17. the pictures are not good enough at all to determine authenticity. if the deal is too good to be true............ People who are selling stuff usually know what they have and what legit prices are. there are many fish in the sea,, move on.
  18. interesting.. never saw this one b4,, I kinda like it..
  19. unless you love retuning, if so, you're in for a real treat!!
  20. 7s? would I even feel them??? I used to use 8s. many years ago. Suckers would never hold tune. Been using 10s for over 20 years Can't see the need for anything lighter.
  21. ^--- I didn't like BBs either, I have two Gibbies with 490R/498T, I find them very versatile. I do really also like Classic 57/Classic57+ My bro-inlaw has a LP with a set of those in there, they sound great to my ears. I think the hotter pickups actually lack the better tone, so there is a fence to walk between output and tone... if it's the choice higher out put, better tone, then I'm in for the lower output all day. Just turn up the amp a bit.
  22. its hard to argue with a word like telecaster..
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