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  1. I've kind of done some on line window shopping.. maybe I'm a luddite by nature, but not sure I find them all that alluring.
  2. I buy 95% of what I use online, from strings, to straps, to bigger ticket items. There is a store down the road, decent place really but I'm "surprised" when I go in there, and find something I was actually went in there looking for.
  3. Sadly, I really have no use for the chain any more. It was nice when it was "new", but it's not any more, and what's evolved from the early days, is largely disappointing..
  4. Yea, same sitch for me. Been working with the same bunch-a-guys for many years now it's all for fun now, no one wants to gig any more,, just not worth the hassle and no one has the energy to put all the logistics together to make it happen. We've done a few gigs over the past few years, and it was fun but.. that was enough for us.. we're just not "There" for the giggage any more Also we are mainly originals but we have a bunch of classic rock covers we've accumulated. At the moment we're recording 4 of our originals with my son who has a real nice studio We've been in disruption mode while we get these tracks done since 3rd week of august.
  5. I think I'm there!!!!!!!!
  6. breedlove is not the only builder making sound ports. the thing is Gibson has now decided to get into the whole thing. the marketing hype is what it is.
  7. yea.. I believe that's the whole idea behind the side ports.
  8. this is the glaring problem with counterfeits and why it's damn shame no one does anything about.. It's one thing to disclose the fact it's not authentic, it's another entirely to goad someone into a deal, knowing full well what they have and what YOU are giving up in trade. Some people are bound to give humanity a bad name,, like this jack a$$ you ran into. I'm sorry this happened all the same.
  9. that's for sure Rob, everyone goes through these times. no one immune.
  10. I am as guilty as sin itself here too. Didn't stop me tho. it's the most dough I've ever dropped on an amp JVM head w/2x2-12 cab setup) It is the sound that's in been my head forever. I've had combos only for many years now, and they are cool, easy to move, can sound really good, but this one,, it's a whole different ball game.
  11. thanks for sharing that. I understand. My brother in-law Jim played bass with me in the same band for well over 10 years. he passed from cancer at 36, leaving two kids behind.
  12. that's a shame, very frustrating I'm sure.. Sorry to hear this happened.
  13. as pohatu771 suggests, Bigsby/Vibramate will do it. Here's my '05 SG Classic with that modifcation. 100% reversable and works great. h
  14. I'm not sure how one would properly splice together to incompatible / discrete pickups. Do it once, do it right and be done with it. I'd be looking for a dual piezo / mic setup Fishman, LR Baggs both have pretty respectable ones. I've had the Anthem in my SJ200 and I liked it, but after a year or so, the pre-amp housing started to rattle on me (volume and blend wheels) that drove me nuts, so I replaced it with an Infinity, and I bought Tonedexter to create run IRs and it sounds about perfect.
  15. something very welcoming in this one. great harmonies with those two, and the band did a great job keeping the vibe. I like!
  16. that goes without saying doesn't it??? 🤪 this tuning gizmo,, BAH,, it's for the boids I tell ya...
  17. setup would be the action (string height) setting the neck relief aka: truss rod adjustments, intonation, .. standard stuff that is a satin finish, you can use gibson pump polish, or any other cleaner made for nitro or satin guitar finishes. just a soft cotton cloth with warm water will do wonders too. The neck could use a decent cleaning. You can 0000 steel wool, and a fret board conditioner. Cover the pickups completely with a low tack tape (like painters tape) Take the steel wool and going WITH the grain, buff out the rose wood. Use a clean paint brush to remove the steel wool dust, or some compressed air. Then rub in some fretboard oil (Nomad F1 oil, Guitar Honey.. etc) with a cloth or some paper towel. let it sit for a few then with dry cloth or paper towel, wipe off any residual fretboard conditioning oil. (Goolge this: clean rosewood fretboard on guitar for more details)
  18. yea.........kind of like Rush, but not even close to that..
  19. I made the plunge last spring bought a, jvm502H and a 1936v cab from them. it's the best amp I've ever had, hands down..
  20. That's pretty much how I feel about just about all of them as well these kind of TV Shows these days. Johnny Carson was the gold standard in my book for late night TV. and these guys don't even come remotely close.
  21. I don't think I'd watch Kimmel if you paid me to....
  22. I saw those on their site a few weeks ago, definitely a unique looking Hummingbird. Sweetwater rarely misses the bullseye..
  23. Ouh,, that's one saaa-weet lookin strat..
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