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  1. I call this Denial,,, LOL!!
  2. I can't believe this company is still opened for bizz,, they've been circling the drain for well over 10 years.
  3. I like this guy a lot, been a huge fan for a long time. Saw him in Boston about 3 years ago. He's a machine and his band is incredible. I don't think there's any one out there right now even close.
  4. I would go after market, but the good ones are expensive. However, they will never be a problem again. Look up Holter Pickgaurds, see what they have for the engraving these days.
  5. Gibson spends about ZERO minutes doing anything with the nuts other than putting in (hopefully) in the right place. You'll need it looked at if you buy it.
  6. this thread goes no where with out pictures...
  7. I think the Vibramate kits all need to be installed on something with a stop bar. The model in question for this tread I don't believe has one.
  8. If I am not mistaking, this model is setup like a stock ES-135. Those had a trapeze tail piece as well.. which in fact looks just like the examples of ES 345 TDSV I see on the net. There is no stop bar. Just the posts for the bridge. FWIW I added a bigsby B7 to my ES-135 and not only did that guitar come to life (removing the trapeze tail piece really helped...) I had no ground issues or electronics problems at all.
  9. I bet that sucker screams... Rock on brutha..
  10. That is a sticky sitch.. BTW IF the guitar has a problem that would comply with the Warranty, I believe it should not matter who owns it now, as long as it got registered for the Warranty service.. Which many people don't do..
  11. With Gibson, and perhaps most of the others... the warranty ends when the original buyer is no longer the owner
  12. I have a few friends out in that general area,, they do say it can get a bit much but not enough to make em relocate. I was in Vancouver for a week in 2009 in August, that was a cool place too.
  13. great news Zig! as bill and ted would say.. "Party time! Excellent!!"
  14. Good Golly Miss Molly!!! That is gorgeous!!!!!!!
  15. weird.. I've got 6 Gibsons, I bought all of them save for one, new. Since 1973, when I got my first Gibson, the smell has never effected my lungs or my breathing.
  16. that was in my inbox too, pretty much what many of us have been doing, but a few tips and things that I think were good. I like the idea of the fine pad of scotchbrite instead of steel wool, it makes a mess.
  17. That's quite the introduction Hewitt. Seattle was a place I always thought I'd like to see. Not sure I feel that way now with the current "climate" if your in those areas, I hope you are safe and sound. Welcome to the forum,, see ya round the hood.
  18. kidblast


    Hi and Welcome. So about that Dove.. if you bought that for 2k and it turns out to be counterfeit it is little wonder the seller is avoiding contact. Most "Fakes" are $300/350 no more than $400/500 usually. I hope that's not fake... you could post your query here: https://forum.gibson.com/forum/40-gibson-acoustic/ Lots of experts there than can pick that apart a bit.. be prepared to offer more photos. the most important acid test is what lies under the truss rod cover... if that uses a 5/16 hex wrench, chances are very good that it's good if it uses an Allen wrench, not good.. you have a counterfeit.
  19. While I like the Band the Scorpions,,, those little critters.. noooooooooooo thank you...
  20. it's $35 here in Tax-a-chusettes
  21. yea,, New Hampster already getting snow... We can wait for that,, really I'm good with waiting...
  22. don't worry Unc, we wont get any snow............ said no one from New England ever..
  23. That's a very nice J200 Larry. Love all the appointments on the headstock.. Beautiful.. Looks like the pickguard wont lift either.. And those tuners are Grover Imperials if my eyes don't fail me.
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