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  1. That does seem unusual for a 4 yr old guitar. I get the sticky thing tho.. they all will do that. And if the stand wasn't safe for nitro, I'd expect the problem to be only where it was resting on the neck support, but not the whole neck like that. Not sure what can be done tho other than bufffing smooth with 00000 steel wool or some sort of rubbing compound and I'm not so sure I'd do that either maybe someone else can offer advice. you could try the acoustic guitar forum too, there's a number of builders and repair types that frequent the pages there.
  2. I have Gibson guitars that are close to 25 years old, and the necks pretty much look like the did as new. I wonder if something was touching the back of the neck for a long duration, or "often" where that interacted with the finish. For example, Like a strap in the case that is lying on the same spot where the neck supports on the case are, so the guitar rests on the strap in the case instead of the case's material? That's kind of what that looks like in the first photo. the second, hard to say, looks like something knocked into the wood there.
  3. get some contact cleaner (namely Deoxit) , follow the directions.. that may solve the issue my sheraton switch was giving me fits, and I had ordered a new one, but a complete pass of using that stuff before we actually swapped it out resolved it.. now it works 100%. I will replace if it acts up again but for now,, t's fine. if that don't fix it, replacing it should be easy in an SG.
  4. Jinder, that was 'ef-ing great!! you should be proud, that is top shelf stuff mate.
  5. yea that's what I figured, just trying to be witty! sometimes it works, other times,, meh...
  6. if the two "90s" gibsons I have are any indication of what you're experience would be,.. 👌
  7. I think you're correct grunt. takes nitro a while to cure. and I use capos like crazy, my SJ200 hasn't had any problems. question: Did you leave the capo on for an extended period? That would likely lead to this kind of finish damage. I never leave a capo on the neck, not ever. And, Gibson would not be liable for finish issues, in fact IIRC it's excluded in their warranty. You're problem is with the maker of the capo IMHO. you may be able to buff it smooth again, look at Eternashine "Players Kit" (google that)... good scratch remover, not sure how it would work for this.
  8. Best wishes in your search, as I understand, good guitars are not always easy to purchase where you are.
  9. Once you get your teeth into an SG, you'll wonder why you waited so long. They are a lot of fun to play, great upper fret access, and very easy on the shoulders.
  10. it's all moot to me.. I rarely use Gibson Strings...
  11. kind of sounds like you're being handed a load of Bull sh*t.. Gibson wouldn't refinish this,, it's, as previously mentioned a "worn" finish as applied at the factory in China. By the way, in case you were wondering.. Guitar dater says: (from this link) https://www.guitardaterproject.org/epiphone.aspx Your guitar was made in China on December, 2010 Production Number: 1017
  12. if we be talking acoustic only,, look at my avatar..... out of my 6 gibsons, well geeze.... I love ALL of them....Equally,, just like a dad with 6 kids... I don't play favorites, it's a nice problem to have if you ask me..
  13. There ya go Sparky! This will make life, and getting places life takes you, a bit easier! Good luck with er'...
  14. here's a solution -- Don't look at it! 🙂 play it,, that's why ya bought it..
  15. That's two in less than 7 days (Eddie Money, and now Ric O.) I saw The Cars at a local club here (Buttercup Club in Lunenburg Mass.) about a year before they hit the charts with their first album. I said to the people I was with at the time, "Man, I think these guys are going places..." and they did... RIP Ric.. thanks for the tunes!
  16. Careful with that bug spray, raises holy hell with the nitro.
  17. Thems some good plans Bill...
  18. yea just saw this too. hopefully he's able to use one of those tickets to paradise.. RIP Eddie.
  19. what BBG said... what doesn't kill ya, makes ya stronger.. Play on!
  20. Don't laugh, you could do it... The wackier the better.. Seriously…
  21. he's certainly MY # 1 guy... Happy B-day to Mr. Pert
  22. Not sure on the 335, I had a trapeze on my ES135, which was nothing more than a rattle trap. I opted instead for a Bigsby B7 and had no issues installing it. I can tell ya one thing, that modification improved the tone of that guitar significantly, and I don't really have a problem with keeping it in tune either. IMHO those Trapeze TPs adversely effect tone..
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