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  1. Hi guys, Thanks everyone for your thoughts. Murph you're correct.. they'd do that ALL the time. I think this is the kind of nightmare we all have, and are so grateful when we wake up to realize it was real. But for us, well, it wasn't a bad dream. Truth be told, that night, I grabbed some axes before the FD got there, there was quite a bit of smoke, but I got my J200, and a few more that I knew would be hard to "replace" out. By then they were there, (we live very close to the firehouse, I just got away from the building so the crew could do their work. Again, those guys were amazing. My wife was not happy with me for dragging out what I did, but I knew that was all I could really do, The rest had to just stay. Things happened so fast.. But that closet really made the difference, not even smoke got in there.
  2. This past Friday morning, sometime around 12:30 / 12:45 our smoke detectors went off, at the same time, my 38 yr old Daughter who lives in our second floor flat, came down stairs screaming "Fire"... I walk out of our bedroom, and into the kitchen. Looking out the window, I can see the flames coming down the exterior wall, where our deck is, and I can tell from seeing the house next door being as well lit from the fire on our house, that this was already very involved. The smoke has already made it down stairs and is starting to fill the house. So, ok.. every one goes out, and I do the only thing I can.. Get out of there and call 911.. Thankfully we live very close to a fire station. They were there quick and had the fire knocked down in about 30 minutes. Those boys and girls were amazing. Just amazing.. Thankfully the FD saved the building but unfortunately much damage was done. The second floor apartment where my daughter and 2 grand kids live, is totaled. Like Ground Zero totaled.. They lost just about everything. Down stairs there is significant smoke and water damage to our entire living area. Miraculously, all of the guitars (17) mando, uke, all survived the disasters with literally no damage at all. I have a closet where I keep them, and that was well away from the location where the fire actually was. Not even smoke damage.. that close was the difference. Even though I have all these on a professional rider for replacement value, some of these things can't be replaced. The house is not habitable, but it's rebuild-able from what we know so far. We have retained a public adjust who is working with us, and I have to say, this guy is a savior. He is working with the insurance company and handling all the immediate details, like clean up, movers, restoration teams. The cause of the fire, unfortunately was due to a cigarette that was not entirely extinguished that somehow lit a blanket on fire that was out on the second floor porch. My daughter smokes, so that's how it all went down. She feels awful, but it was really just a tragic accident. We're staying with family who has room while we find temporary housing. We have good insurance and should have plenty of coverage to deal with renting a house until we can get back in. it was horrific, but we're going to be fine. right now, it's one day at a time. I know that at least on this forum Rev Dave and Tman have had to work thru this.. unfortunately, I now have first hand experience to what you guys went through. /ray
  3. Pianos are different beasts entirely. We had a 1920s Marshall Weston that was in the house when we bought it in 89. Like yours it was just "there". I had a tuner come in and tune it, and he assessed and told me exactly what it was, what it was worth, and what he could do with it. He was honest, and just told me the score. It was not expensive when it was new, and was not collectable, or a "desirable" piece. But a decent piano for learning on. He also found it had a cracked sound board. or what ever that is... We eventually called in a company to move it out, the only option to get it out was to take it apart (how it GOT there was a crane thru a second floor window. - true story).. So these guys came in, and with a few sledge hammers and some sawzalls, took it out in pieces. I have a Yamaha digital console that I bought in 2005 very similar to a Clavinova it sounds amazing. As a side note, we just had a house fire Friday, All are safe and sound, but there is a lot of damage, on our second floor where the fire broke out. I did recover that piano (today) as well as all the rest of my stuff at the house during this past weekend. 17 guitars, 4 amps, another Yamaha P series stage piano in my down stairs studio. I didn't lose a one. A miracle really. I don't play snobbery with people and what they play or can afford. I will advise those who ask how to get the most out of it setup wise, and what to expect out of it in regard to how long they can use it till they out grow it if the are just learning regardless of what it is. I've a very good friend who is a great player, and he typically just plays Korean imports, in particular ones from the periods in time when they were probably better than others, (mid / late 80s, and I'm sure he knows his stuff). in all the years I've gigged with this guy (since 1978) no one ever told him he'd sound would sound better on a more expensive guitar. Even though he can easily afford high end instruments, he chooses to not sink the money into them. He buys them off Ebay, cleans em up, fixes what needs to be fixed makes em play/sound great, then sells them to make way for more and repeats the process. He's retired now, and has plenty of time on his hands. So this works for him, and I think he does just fine with that.
  4. This.. Besides, 12 bucks for PBs? Elixirs, which I personally like better, and last a lot longer, are just a measly few dollars more.
  5. Ah loves me some string posts... can't get enough of em.. HA! My acoustics all ride well with Gibson Masterbuilts PBs, and Gibson J200s (Both still can be found thru Amazon) Elixir Nano PBs (...last long time...) D'Addario J16s. I use 12 gauge on everything 'cept my 12string. I think I have 10s on there,, maybe 11s.. can't recall it's time for a change too,, maybe today..
  6. bout 8 bucks... I just replaced my first tube which lasted quite a long time. (years...)
  7. Well, there is no question for me, as I'm quite sure he did, I feel bad for those who are not. Who a person believes he was is another matter, but after 2000 years, that he's still one of the most important to many and controversial humans to ever walk this earth, has to tell us something. and this... I know..
  8. with out blunt impact happening at any point in time that you are aware of, this sure is mysterious. Some of my guitars date back to the late 70s... I've got gibsons 25+ years old that I stil lplay all the time played hundreds of gigs with them... thankfully I've never had an incident.. Now I may lead a sheltered life but, I've never heard of a neck breaking b/c of string tension. like I said, I don't get out much... This really does suck either way. if this was my guitar, I've no way to explain or understand how.....
  9. ya know, I had started a reply just like that one, but figured, nah....
  10. wait,,... so........... there would be no mankind... Guys, Larry can't play...
  11. A classic shred sled ya got there. Welcome to the forum
  12. call me nuts but,, I think I would go back about about 2000 years, I would like to meet Jesus.
  13. brutha you aint kidding
  14. They do. I have a standard (2012 Aged Cherry) with 490R 498T combo. They are alike guitars but WAY WAY different..... Lots of love for SGs in this house.
  15. for sure.. I've used it many times my self.. it does work!
  16. Well that helps but it's not quite as good as the lube, and quite a bit "messier"..
  17. Almost ALWAYS, it's the nut! look for Big Bends Nut Sauce you can get a tube of that for 8 bucks (The Little Luber)...
  18. I know heck at these prices I will buy 2 more... 🙂
  19. ha! yea like Lars says, we all got that one.. but it sure feels good to vent sometimes! Good luck with the replacement, sounds like a long time to wait, but it will pass fast, and at the end, a new 2020 ES335,, sounds like you'll make out ok afterall.
  20. hahaha! yea,, I KNEW it!
  21. IMHO, Lars has the answer!!
  22. I dunno Bill, I think it's a good move bud, I like it!!!!!!!
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