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  1. # AsparagusRexLivesMattered....
  2. well I learned something new today, I didn't know that about the T. Rex...
  3. if you want to stay with chome heads, you should be able to find some tulip shaped ones. like these on my ES135
  4. what he said! and while I'm at it "RUSH" !!!
  5. Missed a cymbal and hit a drum rim, that would be how I would get that. I can see that.! I can, really...
  6. that is Sweet . looks like a decent semi soft case too. I like the "tulips" heads too, but IIRC Most Kluson's have two screws to anchor to the back of the headstock, Grover's use one. if you're ok with "drills"... but I'd probably let it ride for a bit see if it "grew" on me as is.
  7. which makes our lives more enriched in so many ways! 🤣
  8. A little bit of Over The Hills and Far Away going on there. From the fingrings I would say it's Open D or possibly DADGAD. hard to say the audio sounds really poor.
  9. it looks like a decent axe but for 2,700 apples.... I'm with Kelly, I'd just buy a J45 and not look back.
  10. you can indeed get a little more volume but not enough to substitute for a regular acoustic amp. have to be careful how you set things tho, you can bring it to overdrive (and not the good kind) pretty easily.
  11. yea since that's always worked in the past,, said no one evah!! LOL!
  12. Tuff call there, both Gibson and Duncans are really fine P90 pickups. I'd probably do the same too tho..
  13. is this a new guitar or pre-owned? From those pics, it looks like "someone" may have tried to do some repair work already and, didn't do a great job of it. I wouldn't let GC do any work on this though, they are not reknown for having the best ppl work repairs. I'd probably eat the cost, and have someone I trusted replace the nut with a new one.
  14. well in all fairness to the Sand Guy, IIRC it was the torrential down pour that undid the work,...
  15. nice, duncan p90s are a good choice. Looks killer.
  16. hmmm, I'll play.. a firebird????
  17. I had a pretty good vinyl collection.. Till an air conditioner and the condensation it can create during summer months, unbeknownst to me soaked them, YES.. I stupidly had them on the floor under the A/C... I've never forgiven myself for being this stupid.... I tried to save as many as I could but I lost 70% of the collection. I never recovered it.. There's no substitute for what happens when that needle runs through the album's groves..
  18. Agree, I was not going there until I knew what installation of that was all about. it's easy and harmless. it sounds great on all my steel strings, but when I use it on my Taylor Nylon, something happens there and, dare I say, almost magical.. over all, once you "hook up" it just takes you places you'd never go w/out it..
  19. I've had the tone wood amp for a few weeks now. thought I'd revisit with my over all impression. I love it! As a guy who does enjoy using an acoustic amp while I noodle around at home, the ToneWood Amp is almost like it was made for me. The reverb effects are pretty lush sounding, and these are my favorite effects. (Hall, Room and Plate). There is a Delay effect which includes a reverb setting and that is nice too. I don't find that I have much use for the other effects (trem/delay and over drive/delay) Real is easy to tweak settings , load / save presets. You can have as much or as little of the effect coming through as you want. Each effects allows 10 save settings and you can have 5 different Guitar slots. (each one with it's own master gain and filter settings that work with each guitar. since every pickup system is different, this is really a plus Initially I set up my 1978 Yari DY74, but I've since added an additional XBRACEs to my 2 Taylors (Grand Symphony and 514NY) It takes about 10 minutes to install the XBRACE correctly, and once installed you don't even know it's in there. And the brace stays put once installed. I took it over to show my brother in-law, a few days after I took delivery, like BK said,, the look on his face was priceless. "wait !! ... Whaaaaat !! Holy Crap.. That is awesome" he ordered one the next day. "Gotta have one..." one of the coolest things is if you play while facing a wall, as sound bounces back to you off the wall, it's very much like a surround sound kind of effect. It's crazy. I will definitely add the XBRACE to my J200 When we go away for long weekends vacations, this is a "must pack" item. (I always bring a guitar,, playing every day is not optional for me.)
  20. the relevance is before your time.. it was preceded by pictures of dead horses.. somehow that turned into a pic of Bono, it simply means it's time to stick a fork in a thread and move on. We should have moved on from this one after the first page of replies..
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