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  1. I'd be looking at the same options, all my current tube amps have fx loops. What would he charge for that modification? May be better to off it and just get one that's already there.
  2. I agree with the statement " it's just not the same running reverb or especially the delay into the front of the amp. " A shame they didn't think to add that to the design. Most amps have these now. I do know it can be done. A few of the guitar playin types that I know have done what you're asking. The mod was done by the same guy, (since we all tend to flock together, so the word of mouth reference kicked in). They seemed to be relatively happy with it. I don't know how involved it is, but I know a guy I could ask.
  3. would not the appropriate moniker be counterfeit ??? not that I care... but just sayin...
  4. hey I guess not everyone has good luck right.. I didn't... When my (first) J200 arrived, I noticed pretty quickly (like that day/day after) that the Anthem was not properly grounded. I would get static "pops" as the guitar moved against my body. If I took a polish cloth and rubbed along the side of the guitar, it would sound like some one put a string of firecrackers in the guitar and lit the fuse. Not kidding, it was crazy. Luckily the place I bought from had very good customer support. So they exchanged it right away for another one. The replacement didn't behave like the first one did. I did the swap and I was on my way. However, as time went on, I started to hear rattles and sounds that I should not be hearing. these rattles/unwanted noises got worse, louder, more frequent. Certain notes would bring these rattles out, since the anthem has a mic, they were going right to the sound source as well. At first I was thinking, crap is there a loose brace in this guitar? I found a warranty service center about 45 minutes away. He found it in about 10 minutes. It was the Anthem sound module. after removing it, low and behold... no more rattles. I installed a fishman and that does not make any unwanted noises at all. I did like the way the Anthem sounded, as it very natural sound to it. Aside from the ground issues, and too many moving parts in the sound module, (in short, a rattle trap) the output of that system is about half of what the Fishman's output is. Plus it did really chew up 9volt batteries. about 1/4 of the life span from the fishmans I use in my other guitars. Good luck with yours, I hope you don't encounter the issues I did, but if you do, you'll know where the source is!
  5. Hey Anton the MG Gold Series I think are the new line of what was once the Vavlestate Amps, and I recall those were a bit limited. So is it that you are not able to dial out the harsh / sterile sounds? too much honk (mids)? just not warm sounding?? That would be similar in nature to what I remembered with the Marshall Valvestate amps. They just didn't have a warm inviting sound. I'm sure you've gone thru the "everything at 12 o'clock" as a starting point. So if I may inquire, any refund period still available to you? if you want to stay with Marshall, you might find the DSL series a bit more compatible to what you're looking albeit for a bit more $. DSLs are Marshall tube amps, but not UK made, (AFAIK they are made in China.) If that makes any difference to you, maybe not, b/c the one you have was probably a far east import too. Not sure what your situation is, or if you bought online or not. If you can return it, that may be the way to go forward. Just find something else... These may just not be for you.. any decent stores in your area where you can take your guitar and test drive a few candidates? Hope you can sort it out.. /kb
  6. Big Daddy,, Just a word of caution here... Be mindful of what kind of products you are using for hydrating the wood on the fret-board. You don't want anything with additives or alcohols in it. Your BEST bet for fret-board conditioning is to use products designed specifically for this use here's a few suggestions Gerlitz Guitar Honey Nomad F1 oil I've used both for some time now. Good products for this application. Also be mindful of the frequency this is done. No need to do this more than twice a year. Rosewood, while fairly porous, is also very stable. Too much oil will seep into fret slots and disrupt the glues that secure the frets to the finger board.
  7. that is one serious purchase.. Love to hear more about it and hopefully some cool photos.
  8. Welcome Rore.. My advice: Don't get too hung up on what is "best" and why etc. There's just too many models, with too much overlap. it's confusing and the "best" is going to be subject to personal opinions. Instead; Decide how much of a budget you are able to afford, do some online window shopping, get a few ideas, then come back here (go to the Epiphone Guitar Sub Forum) and post some of your findings there. With out some definitive ideas on what you're interested in and have the money for, it's hard to point one in the right direction. The Standards are probably the more popular choices in the Les Paul line up since they have similar looks and components to the Gibson Counter parts. There are some more elaborate models out there, (some of the signature models and limited runs for example) for the most part have the Standard as the starting point., but with different cosmetics/electronics, etc. If you can avoid the bolt on neck versions, definitely do that. These are the lower end models, while they are real good beginner guitars, you seem well past that point by now. most of all enjoy the hunt, it's half the fun in the journey
  9. nothing comes to mind, (well Yorgle makes a good point!) These are solid guitars, you may want to get it setup but beyond that, all should be well. Let us know how the NGD goes.
  10. I don't gig often so I don't post here. But that changed this weekend, I was offered a gig as a member of a 20 pc orchestra this past fall. They were looking to add a guitarist to the rythm section which previously was Piano, Bass and Drums. I jumped at the offer. It's just so different for me to be doing music like this (Jazz, Swing, Big Band stuff, some broadway tunes here and there). Along with the 20 pc orchestra is a 60+ voice chorale group. This outfit does about 3 shows/concerts a year, profits are donated to charities in the area. (However, the musicians are paid) The annual Christmas concert for this Chorale group was Sunday afternoon at the city hall in my home town. Good crowd showed up, and they were very enthusiastic. The concert went off with out a hitch, I had a total blast. I even got to do a few quick solos during the Rob Sterling arrangement of Vince Guaraldi's Christmas Time Is Here, which corny as it sounds, is one my favorite Christmas songs. Despite the fact that there's close to if not more than 80 ppl in this setup, they are a very welcoming crew. I seemed to hit if off great with the Bass player, great guy and extremely good.. I already know the Pianist very well and he is a monster. Next concert is this spring, I'm really looking forward to more.
  11. Saw the photos, and it looks exactly like a break that my son's Epi les paul had. It cost him $170 to fix, and the repair was a Glue/Clamp fix. BTW. No cosmetics were fixed, you can see it, but you can't feel it. Sometimes the repair techs will drill some holes and put some wood dowels in but I don't believe that is needed here. I would look for someone who can do what was done to my kids LP. It plays just fine, with no issues at all. I'm sure such a solid repair is 100% doable with yours. And it will not be MORE than the cost of the guitar. That was bad advice. I'd do it Saturn...
  12. Sorry to hear that happened. But I'm not sure I understand the estimate with the fix cost. Isn't this a USA gibson LP? who are you having look at this? how is it broken? can you show any photos? A proper neck repair for a snapped headstock without cosmetically hiding the scars would probably be around in the $150/$200 ball park. Maybe twice that for repairing and cosmetics.
  13. Jingle Bells is in that book. The First Noel is nice but it's a bit advanced, some parts do get involved with some finger stretches that can tricky, but you can get it..
  14. btw, any one fool around with Doug Young's DADGAD Christmas? It's a pretty cool CD and it comes with charts. DADGAD Christmas I learned The First Noel t a few years ago. they're fun projects to play with if you like to play in alternate tunings... and DADGAD in general is one that I like a lot.
  15. yep, that may have been the first year Gibson started putting LR Baggs Anthem pickups. Which I had nothing but trouble with, and eventually removed the one in my SJ200 and replaced with the a Fishman Infinity Matrix. Didn't sound quite as good but, have had ZERO problems with it. Besides, I use a tonedexter which pretty much corrects any quack the USTs spews out.
  16. that's actually pretty cool that you could xray it. I would to xray my 1995 Standard, that thing is a beast, it was 10.9lbs before I added the bigsby.
  17. I have an SJ200 with the same. I don't believe they continued doing that following 2016, nor do I recall it ever being done before.
  18. Great story! And those are beautiful les pauls.
  19. sounds like a winner! Do it! I'm part of an orchestra with a chorale group. (20 pc orchestra, and about 60/70 voices.) we did the annual Christmas concert yesterday at the city hall auditorium in my home town. Since I just signed on this fall, for this show I was in about half of the material. But it was a blast. The tunes I played in: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Merry Christmas (a 40s jazz swing tune) Christmas Time Is Here (I even got to do some solo work on this one) We Need A Little Christmas My Christmas Tree (from home alone 2)
  20. I think the P90s w/dog ear mounts offer a bit of a side challenge too, since they can only go "So" low before you're faced with what you're finding on that bridge pickup. Normally the pickup height setting would be quite a bit more flexible but those mounts do make for a different situation. Good luck! I'm sure you'll sort it out,, patience and perseverance wins..
  21. Would be a change in both regards + and -.. on the plus, it will probably be a bit more resonant as the strings will have more room to move when played. on the minus, it won't play as easily as it does with lower action. As is the case with ALL guitars, getting the action set to what "you" like is a balancing act that is determined by a players preference/touch and the guitars capability to support that setting. (things like high frets, truss rod response, how the slots in the nut are cut/regulated, all key ingredients into how the action can be set.) What works for me, might not work at all for you, proper setups are crucial and it's a bit different for every one. Find a good/reputable setup tech, who would be able to take it beyond what your teacher can do. Trust me when I say, some setup techs are head and shoulders above others. So finding a real good one is always a great thing to have on hand.
  22. Jen, I can't even imagine what a loss like this is like. This forum is a very helpful place with a lot of very well versed experts. It may take a few days for one who has more knowledge of Custom Shop models than I do to see your post. A call to Customer Service would provide you with any details you need. They're usually spot on. Also, you may want to try putting this in the lounge too, that's where it will get the quickest visibility. Here: https://forum.gibson.com/forum/69-the-gibson-lounge/ Take care.. /kb
  23. for Humbuckers, I'd try 500k. I have a bud who is pretty expert on MIK Aria's, I'll shoot him an email got an answer for you. I would assume that it would be a 500k pot. Some folks say that the dime-size ones aren’t as good as the large quarter-size pots, but honestly, I never saw any difference. If the guitar was made by Samick, and most of the better ones were, they would have used Alpha pots, and they’re as good as anything out there. Hope that helps.
  24. First off, my condolences for your loss. That had to be a very difficult time for you. AFAIK custom shop serial numbers don't follow the standard Gibson Serial Number formula. Your best shot, if no one here can help, (and my guess is someone can) is to email or call Customer Service. They will be your best source for answers if nothing comes along here. best wishes, /kb
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