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  1. I think I would send it back, you'll feel that all the time. what a shame, that's got a gorgeous top.
  2. This thread probably should have been shut down 5 pages ago.
  3. ...walks like a duck.... with the current trend being that of division based on ones own personal beliefs... it's probably for the best.. most come here to get away from it.
  4. yep! everyone loves what they love. Me? guitars!
  5. hey now... I have a few powder blue leisure suits that resent that remark!! !LOL!
  6. Their sound is in their hands it's not the arrow, it's the indian..
  7. Sure.. there is some of that, there's no magic there I play like me, you play like you, the "magic" happens when two good players get together and it happens. we can spend a bazillion bucks trying to nail some one else rig to a "T".. plug that sh-t in, and you're still going to sound like you... Think of the money that doesn't need to be spent!! I cold buy two Slash signature Les Pauls.. and.. oh wait,,, never mind... yea,, spell check knew how to spell antagonistic. so that was cool!
  8. IMHO it is one of the essential tools of the trade.
  9. well, this here. seemed a bit antagonistic is all.. I got thick skin tho, it's all good.
  10. yea that one is in the top 10 for me too.
  11. they are! Nothing sounds or responds to your touch like a Telecaster.
  12. ya know Doug,, it's really hard to argue with a word like Telecaster! NICE axe! I had a Tele Standard from around 96 looked just like that one.. Like I fool I sold it, but! I bought another one... Still got that one..
  13. Dude.. I just said I'd have fun playing it for 10 minutes, nothing more. Also I am well aware what he played. I wonder where you come up half your material, yea.. That's kinda what I'm getting at..
  14. I dunno, I think it'd be pretty cool to play something like that for a half hour. I'm not sure I can put a $ to what I'd pay, certainly have to be a reasonable ask, $10k, to play Jimi's strat for an hour!!! uhm, no that's ok For $25 to play Jimi's strat for 15 minutes.. yep.. you bet I would. My hunch is it would probably play like pooh, and I'd be glad to get my hands back on my own strats.. Then again, we're blue sky'ng here. in reality, no one who is charged with taking care of those things would ever let any one of us clowns play it.. πŸ™‚
  15. Well, on the other hand... I like history I like guitars History+Guitars for me, what's not to like? so yea,, I'm in, even if I seen it before, Like Stooges shorts with nothing but Curly's... I'm watching it... just be-cuz and I like George Benson, so there is THAT! Thanks for posting Jaxson... (some a youz guys need to take some laxatives..)
  16. I cannot even begin to get my head around what you had to get thru to make it to today. if that requiem helped, then it's a very good thing.
  17. brutha you just said a whole bunch-a truth there.
  18. I've been in an originals band since like 1992, we're still largely together with three of the original members. I've learned that song writing is a gift. Some guys got it, some have to work for it. I've discovered that for me, I'm somewhere in the middle. Except for those times it the ideas words and melody, falls into my lap (or my fingers and brain) and the entire process spills out in a matter of a few minutes. Those are usually the ones that require the least amount of developing. I have no idea where they come from, or when it will happen,, but I know
  19. this forum like any forum, has the potential for folks getting their panties in a bunch.. LOL! But, it's still pretty tame here compared to some other places, so we have that going for us!! (See, there's always a bright side)
  20. sounds like a blast or two of Deoxit is in your future. I have a DSL 40 combo too, I dig it, I'm gassing big time for the 100wat head and a 2x12 marshal cab. Need has nothing to do with it either.. πŸ™‚
  21. people need to shut the TVs off, these clowns are poisoning everyone and everything they touch. (Can I say this with out getting whacked with the ban bat?)
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