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  1. I've been stuck at home every day and not going out seems like a few weeks now. It hit in the 70's yesterday so I was talking to the wife about what she thought if I took our dog for a walk at the lake near us. She commented just don't get close to people so I said, If it's crowded there I'll just come back. I drove over to the lake, Just a few blocks away, and the parking lots were full. People walking and talking together, Bicyclist's on the trails, Dogs running loose everywhere, Lots of kids playing in large groups, Women pushing baby strollers around, No 6 foot rule seemed to apply there. If someone was sick of this virus, there's a ton of people to spread it around! Then on the way there and back, the neighborhoods were the same with everyone out running around. Lots of traffic, People going somewhere? Most places all closed. Yeah, Seems it's not going to take that long to wait before things get back to normal? It's already happening while people are spreading this virus? They had 9 more cases here a few days ago I thought I heard.
  2. Yeah, I didn't believe it at first, Must have been sympathetic pains? But she tried to visit them and they won't let anyone in to visit. I'm getting so board staying home I'm getting temptations to buy a new guitar. My 67th Birthday is in 20 more days. Wonder if the Guitar Shops are even open?
  3. So glad you're back on the healing end now. Good for you. My mom just told me my uncle, (Her youngest brother) went in to the hospital with his wife, both with pneumonia and he also had a stroke and she had 2 strokes. At the same time? How strange is that?
  4. You need 4 more guitars, so you can play a different one each day on a 31 day month. LOL I didn't count the amps.....Same could apply there to?
  5. Thats what I thought to. Seems, later I found out that a new employee hung it in the used section and was later fired for it. but once there, they had to sell it for the price tagged.
  6. I would love to learn how to play piano. My wife has an really old one downstairs and way out of tune. She hasn't played since she was little. My oldest sister plays and taught music in grade school. Yeah, all my guitars are cheap between $300. to $400. Since I was 13 I always wanted a Gibson but could never afford one. At 60, when I retired from the Railroad my son wanted to go to Guitar Center to look and in the used section there was a Gold Top. It looked brand new. They had a sale tag on it for $1,445.00 on it. Checking it out there were no signs that anyone ever played it so I just had to get it. The salesman didn't even know what it was and said another guitar shop couldn't sell it so shipped it to GC. They thought it was a 2012. I wanted a retirement present for self and bought it and as I was loading it in my car, a guy chased me down in the parking lot wanting to buy it back. Told him no and went home to email Gibson service with the serial numbers. They sent me, It was a 2007 Gibson Standard that sold new for that year; $3,450.00, plus the guitar was in mint shape but no warranty. So it took me 66 years to fulfill my dreams. Thanks to Guitar Centers screwup. Again, sorry to hear of the fire the're Kid. Glad you all made it out safe.
  7. My wife was a teacher, Special ed. for the gifted her last half of her career. She told me that teachers here were doing lessons at home from computers. We both will have been retired for 7 years this May 31. I got to meet tons of teachers plus I have relatives that were teachers, Fun people. With this virus going around I'm pretty much stuck here as my immunity system has never built back up like most people with the cancer I had. So my positive has been reading more about things and learning, It has brought me closer to God and praying more. I even tried writing my first song which is actually Blues.
  8. I remember that thread. Most at the time seemed to rescue at least 2 guitars. Just shows how fast things can go and just enough time if any to clear the family out. Anyway, I'm terribly sorry for you Ray. But happy that you all made it out and the guitars were all saved. Insurance will rebuild but some things will have to be bought again. I will remember you in my prayers.
  9. Sounds pretty good, Nice guitar to. I haven't been playing although stuck inside. Other than waiting for 2 more cabinets yet, our Kitchen is done as well as the back porch. We've just been cleaning up and unpacking all the dishes and stuff. There was a lot of dust all through the house.
  10. I really love the Casino Coup I have. I wonder if the guitar shops are shut down or not? I was thinking of getting either a Riviera with 3 P-90's or a Gibson ES 390. I like the Gibson name best but both seem to be good.
  11. Stay safe there. Rob tells me on Tuesday, there will be an all lockdown there.
  12. Kitchen is getting closer to being done, Maybe next week? I cleaned up in there, put a door back on, put new door knobs on and went in the basement throwing old stuff away. Then raked up a bunch of leaves that blew in. Its been pretty windy and cool here. Got some snow yesterday. Pretty boring with this virus going around and I have to stay home.
  13. First I heard of his death. Too bad, but I did get a chuckle over your comment.
  14. March 17th, reported 260 here infected & 14 dead. That's Nebraska. Total in US they said was 4,800 infected & 95 deaths. World wide was 190,000 with 7,500 deaths. But yes, that number changes almost daily. They have maps Jim if you want to follow it daily in all the states.
  15. On a different note, I bought a 12 string acoustic way back and it played fine up to the first 5 frets. I played mostly on the first 3 frets and going up to the 5th on that guitar. Later on I noticed a dead spot from past the 5th on up to 12th fret. Think about a year passed by. I couldn't figure out what was wrong and still under warranty I took it in to Guitar Center. They had their luther look at it and he was eyeballing the neck, tweaked the truss rod here and there. The neck was warped and twisted. They took it back and gave me a brand new 12 string. Guess, Guitars are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna' get? LOl
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