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    Artist since 2nd grade. Chess player since 4 yrs old. Used to drag race NHRA and showed Dobermans. Gun collector and love western movies. Oh, and started playing Guitar again after I retired.

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  1. You are talented Note's. The only instument I can play is a guitar and I would never post a video of me playing with so many here that can play well. Of course, I just play at home for my entertainment. Since I retired at 60, and joined Guitar Tricks and they have songs rated from 1 guitar easiest to 5 guitar most difficult, I'm at 3 to 4 guitar. Doubt I will ever go further?
  2. Yes, the Epiphone Lounge went pretty dead when Rob left. Actually we talk back & forth every day on E-mail. I like it better that way as we can talk about any subject without any warnings or getting kicked off. I found one of Rob's favorite subjects is Guns. He really loves my FN57 semi auto handgun and my collection. We joke back and forth a lot. Yeah, I have been very busy this year. We put a new furnace, air conditioner, water heater in the house, A drain sewage pipe from the basement to the street as the neighbors tree roots grew through our pipe and plugged it up. A new roof on the house and garage, and siding on the garage. Now the downstairs bathroom is striped down to be remodeled and the kitchen is next in January. New floors and walls, everything. I'm repainting every room inside the house now.
  3. Yes, The electric I play most often is the Casino Coupe because I just love those P-90's in it. But it's an Epiphone I paid $390.00 for.
  4. Yes, I thought that too. I've had really cheap acoustics most of my life. Anywhere from one to $400.00 max. I always had a tone in the back of my mind I was after but the expensive guitars had that tone. I was listening to videos of Guild, Taylor, Gibson and Martin. The one I really liked was a Taylor 618 E or the Guild D-55 but those prices are way up there close to and over $3,000.00. That's pushing it I think but I would consider going just acoustic for that Taylor. Well, on second thought, I'll never give up the Gibson Gold Top Standard. HaHa.
  5. Thank you guys. I just got back from Dietz music, picking up some more strings. I have to add this also. My wife was with me and she has told me many times, "How many guitars do you need?" Ned was checking me out whom I know well there and he was telling me about the special on guitars they had. He wanted me to go check them out. I told him my wife was with me and she says I have too many now. I have a total of 8 with the 12 sting & 2 acoustics. We left and Debbie & I were talking in the car about what Ned told me. I told Deb that I would really like to downsize, trade off some of the cheaper ones for 2 or 3 really good electric guitars and one real good acoustic. She smiled and said: "That's not true you know, what you told Ned. I would never tell you you can't have more guitars and if you saw one in there you really wanted, you could get it!" I have the most Wonderful wife guys. She has bought me 4 out of the 8 guitars I have now.
  6. I haven't been on the Forum for several months but I would like to extend my thanks to Pippy, JDGM, Rab's, Notes Norten and Steve Ford and many others that have helped me in the past and from reading your posts. I never would have had the nerve to work on my Gibson GT S with what it cost, fear of screwing it up but it's 7 years old now since I got it used. This morning after all I learned from you guys and what I've read on the Internet I put new strings on it & noticed the neck had a bow in it. First time I adjusted the truss rod ever. Then I noticed the strings were high and lowered the bridge as low as I could go. I re- tuned it and checked the intonation and it was perfect for the first time. Plugged it in and it sounds great. I think I can set my own guitars up from now on as I never was mechanically guitar minded before. Anyway, thanks to all of you for helping me learn what I have over a few years being on here. Espeacialy Rab's.
  7. Rob is doing fine. Still infatuated with getting fire wood. We talk back and fort almost every day. He has some lower back pain and a sore throat that won't go away so I've been praying for him on that. Other than that, His wife Gael, won second place on a painting she did in an Art show so he was very excited about that. I left a while back too because the computer was giving me eye problems. Spending too much time on it. I miss all you guys so maybe I'll have to check in a little more often. The Epiphone Lounge went pretty dead and I don't know as much about guitars as some of you but I can check in.
  8. I got off Gibson Board for several weeks now if anyone is interested. The Epiphone Lounge went pretty much dead after Rob got off,  We do continue to email back & forth every day. If anyone desires to email me you can.  If you know Rob's email, you can get mine from him. Much has happened  since then. I'll check in maybe from time to time and see whats going on and it has been a great pleasure knowing everyone here. One thing is I have to cut back on the computer as it affects my eyes and I get blurry vision so I quit FaceBook and cut off here. I'm trying to restrict the computer to learning new songs. Thanks everyone for being friends and giving me so many likes. 

  9. Retired

    Custom LP

    I remember that one. It had a Fort Knox Pricing on it too with real Gold in the finish.
  10. Retired

    Custom LP

    I hear you on that one. We had tree roots that grew through our pipes and a basement wall corner and it took a year to get enough cash to have it all fixed right. We had to use the spa a lot as well as other places. I love your Gold Top Tman. Congrats.
  11. Retired


    LOL. I heard that one before. Its been out there for for awhile. '
  12. I have to agree with Pip. To me they are plain ugly and I cant get over the capitation of the head. I've seen concerts enough with guys playing them, The're just not for me. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I never touched one and don't plan on it.
  13. It's been a long time since I saw this, What a great video to share again. We got to see both Paul and Ringo perform a few times but never John or George.
  14. Retired


    What a gorgeous guitar Big Bill, Congrats and enjoy playing.
  15. Nothing Haha, It's almost midnight and I'm typing. I just finished playing the guitars, several songs with the last one, "Little Red Riding Hood" If that counts? 🤠
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