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    Artist since 2nd grade. Chess player since 4 yrs old. Used to drag race NHRA and showed Dobermans. Gun collector and love western movies. Oh, and started playing Guitar again after I retired.

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  1. Very nice. You know your way around a guitar much better than I. I get nervous and hope I don't screw it up? She is a beauty though. Thanks for sharing with us all.
  2. I am starting to learn that! So his character in Willie Wonka wasn't an act? Lol
  3. Gosh, it seems like an eternity since I last learned all the chords. Good luck and they will come.
  4. Very nice collection of Epiphone guitars Mic.' You have the same guitar rack I have too. Enjoy playing. Hope you are as good at playing as Gregor Hilden. Lol.
  5. Ahhhhh; My favorite Blues guitarist. Gregor Hilden. I listen to him when I walk around the lake with Sundance. 4 1/5 miles. He can make any guitar sound the same.
  6. Just finished reading the Owners Manual on the Ascent today. Haha. 'Oh, And Psalms.'
  7. It would be fun to have an ejection seat and a parachute, Haha.
  8. Haha, I can believe that. After he did that pirate series, I heard he was walking around on the streets still dressed for the movie thinking he was a real pirate.
  9. I never saw them? Actually I shopped on line & it was between the Forester & the Ascent. The Kia Telluride was also in the contest but she didn't like the Kia name. She kept trying to change my mind. Yeah, I never even heard of the Tribeca. I'll have to take a look but it's all done now. The plates for my Saturn Vue were about $40.00 and Insurance was really cheap. So what are these plates going to run now? If she wasn't so insisting me getting a new car, I'd still have that Saturn.
  10. Lol, Thats what I figured too. Plus she bought me a Ephiphone Riviera for my last Birthday in April, It didn't show up till November. It arrived on a very slow boat from China!
  11. I was surprised as I went out to become familiar with the new car. Tons of buttons and stuff to play with, almost like a cockpit of a fighter jet Haha. I never had a Infotainment system before with all these gadgets on the steering wheel and dash. Anyway, Deb was playing with it in the passenger seat and was trying to figure it out when she accidentally programed it on this Sirius station. Heart and Soul. Has anyone listened to that before? It's my first of hearing it. Normally I can't stand Rap & would never even listen to it but it claims it is and does not sound like rap at all. Heart & Soul sounds more like soft slow easy listening that could relax you. Something between slow Blues & Jazz. Anyway, I really liked it and may leave it programed on there.
  12. Yes, from what I have seen he is a little weird. Figured it was his acting?
  13. I would if I was still single but with 9 guitars, Married for 41 years and her thinking I have enough makes it a tiny bit harder, Lol. Oh yea, And she has been insisting I get rid of my 14 year old SUV and just bought me a 2021 Subaru Ascent Limited in Crimson Red Pearl. So there goes my Birthdays, Fathers Day Anniversary & Christmas for the next 4 years Lol.
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