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    Artist since 2nd grade. Chess player since 4 yrs old. Used to drag race NHRA and showed Dobermans. Gun collector and love western movies. Oh, and started playing Guitar again after I retired.

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  1. I got off Gibson Board for several weeks now if anyone is interested. The Epiphone Lounge went pretty much dead after Rob got off,  We do continue to email back & forth every day. If anyone desires to email me you can.  If you know Rob's email, you can get mine from him. Much has happened  since then. I'll check in maybe from time to time and see whats going on and it has been a great pleasure knowing everyone here. One thing is I have to cut back on the computer as it affects my eyes and I get blurry vision so I quit FaceBook and cut off here. I'm trying to restrict the computer to learning new songs. Thanks everyone for being friends and giving me so many likes. 

  2. Retired

    Custom LP

    I remember that one. It had a Fort Knox Pricing on it too with real Gold in the finish.
  3. Retired

    Custom LP

    I hear you on that one. We had tree roots that grew through our pipes and a basement wall corner and it took a year to get enough cash to have it all fixed right. We had to use the spa a lot as well as other places. I love your Gold Top Tman. Congrats.
  4. Retired


    LOL. I heard that one before. Its been out there for for awhile. '
  5. I have to agree with Pip. To me they are plain ugly and I cant get over the capitation of the head. I've seen concerts enough with guys playing them, The're just not for me. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I never touched one and don't plan on it.
  6. It's been a long time since I saw this, What a great video to share again. We got to see both Paul and Ringo perform a few times but never John or George.
  7. Retired


    What a gorgeous guitar Big Bill, Congrats and enjoy playing.
  8. Nothing Haha, It's almost midnight and I'm typing. I just finished playing the guitars, several songs with the last one, "Little Red Riding Hood" If that counts? 🤠
  9. Retired


    Thanks for your service Kelly. Our son was in the Navy for 6 years. He spent 2 tours over seas in Bahrain. He told me some stories. I thought he told us it hit 140 degrees there. He'd take a shower and come back out and it was instant sweat again.
  10. Not much a fan on bare guitars that look naked. I cant post a photo but I love the Bourgeois Advanced Acoustic guitar thats $8,703.00. Really love its tones.
  11. Retired


    I always thought, Florida was way worse than us on Humidity? 97 here for the top and its already at 94 degrees with 74% humidity. Heat index will get over 106 or so they say. I've been wanting to walk Sundance some when it gets cooler a bit in the evenings but due to all the flooding here of the Missouri River the mosquitos are terrible. I walk around and have to stop at every post, doorway and wall corners to rub my back like a Bear itching here and there. Deb laughs at me and says I remind her of Baloo the Bear on Junge Book. Haha, So now when I stop to itch , I sing..."Look For The Bear Necessities." LOL.
  12. Retired


    Summer isn't my favorite season as its too hot and humid here. I cant walk Sundance most days as he cant take the heat but I do agree with most here that I can get outside in lighter clothing and shorts. Mornings and evenings usually cools down some from 7:00 to 9:00 am and 8:00 to 10:00 pm so I try to get my work done then. Like now the Heat Index is 102 with 61% humidity and it's 3:50pm. My favorite season is Fall with all the pretty colors of the trees, cooler weather in the 70's and still go out with shorts and t-shirts. Haha, I typed T-Shirts and had to take a second look, It said, t-shits. LOL. This computer constantly changes my spellings and words. so if somethings wrong it wasn't intentional.
  13. Really, My moms birthday was June 18, she turned 89. I didn't know they were born on the same day, Only years apart.
  14. Off hand, I can think of 20 total guitars and one banjo. I've had 3, 12 sting acoustics, 3, 6 string acoustics, only 2 weren't electric. One steel guitar. Currently I have 8 with a 12 string Yamaha, a Oscar Schmidt 6 string acoustic a 6 string Ovation Celebrity with a Koa top, A Gibson Standard Gold Top, being the only Gibson I've ever owned. I have 3 Epiphone's, Ones a Standard black with white trim, Ones a Limited Edition Pelham blue Custom Pro, and I recently bought a Casino Coupe with P-90's, The other 2 are a Stream Liner Gretsch and a Squire Vintage Modified Jaguar. 2 amps, a Fender Mustang ll and a Fender Super Champ X2 tube amp and 5 pedals.
  15. Nice story, Thanks. Me ? It was the Ventures that turned me on and I wanted to learn guitar. My cousin played in a great band and taught me to play. He couldn't read music and so taught me to to pick up songs off record players. Later he went to Vietnam and my cousin that lived behind us carried on the guitar lessons and taught me to read music. While I never played in bands, when I graduated High School Fred and Steven wanted to come over and play with me up on top of our garage which was a patio. It was a graduation thing so I said yes. We played many songs up there with my big amp I had then. It could be heard several blocks away. It was a huge concert amp my mom bought me. We had neighbors calling my mom asking us to play songs over again and making requests. That was a great night I'll always remember. Now Steven has been gone for decades. Fred died about 6 or 10 years ago. My son plays Sax. Although it's been so long he's probably forgot how? My oldest sister plays Piano, Flute and acoustic guitar. Debbie plays piano. And our daughter in laws dad plays some mean drums. He plays for church. Lives in Michigan though.
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