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  1. Soda used to do that with me so I gave it up. Now, I'm starting to get heartburn back again once in awhile, not sure what causes it? Maybe caffein? Coffee?
  2. Pricey, not many have $7,000,00. to blow on a guitar but very nice! We saw Peter Frampton twice in concert. He was great both times.
  3. Debbie and I have seen so many great bands its hard to pick just one. We saw The Eagles 3 times and they were suburb all 3 times, FleetWood Mac was much better the 2nd time we saw them. Crosby, Stills, Nash was great, we saw McCartney 3 times. Too many to even mention unless you got all night long to just read this post alone. If I had to narrow it down to just two concerts then: Paul and Linda McCartney in Ames was one of the best concerts I've seen until Deb and I went to see Pink Floyd's The Wall concert. It was amazing with all the graphics and lights they do plus the music, That had
  4. I guess why I don't use pedals often is because the Tube amp has Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Tremolo, Varatone on it & thats all I need. It has a, +DLY on the top setting. I don't know what that means and have tried looking it up. I can't find out but it does sound great. Haha.
  5. I rarely ever use pedals but when I do, I place the Compression Sustainer first, Then the Chorus and Screamin' Blues. But thats rare using them. Same as the B9 Organ Machine. I just use it alone and rarely. With my Zoom G3XN Pedal, It needs nothing else, It has tons of effects on it.
  6. WOW! Gorgeous Gibsons. I happen to love Black Gibsons. Welcome to the Forum Andreas. 🎸
  7. Ok, I completely understand now about these pickups. Sort of like trying to find my cousin Fred's, Gibson from the 60's. Even if I did find it, it would be worth thousands of dollars. They don't make them like that anymore, Right? Lol. Too bad, So the cheaper ones I'm seeing are just that, Junk or you get what you pay for. Thank you so much for explaining that to me Lars. Yes, I am a tone chaser too, Once I get a sound, or Tone in my head I try and find it. Years ago, I did just that. Debbie took me to Dietze Music and told me to shop and find any guitar in the store I wanted, and that was
  8. I have 2, A Fender Mustang 2 which I never use anymore, Just too many heavy metal effects on it. And a : Fender Super champ X2 Tube Amp. I love it. Mostly play on Channel 1, or it says; Volume 1. Once in a great while I'll switch over to 2.
  9. Yep! Welcome aboard first of all. I have Gibson, Epiphone, Fender, Gretsch, Ovation, Yamaha. The're all good here.
  10. I was 16 years old the first time I threw my back out. I was doing squats and as I came up, the bar shifted on my neck and nearly lost the weights. I jerked it back up on my neck which caused the bar to swing and that threw my back out. Terrible pain and that was my beginning of on going back problems. Tobby, my nephew, has had his back fused, pinned, screwed together and in braces at a very young age and is in great pain every day. He hasn't worked since his 20's because of it.
  11. You are lucky there. Actually Deb is pretty understanding. I have never told her what she can do or not and she has a great level head. We've ben married now 42 years, working on 43 next November and she tells me if I really want something , then get it. They have a good Luthier over at Dietze, so maybe I'll go over there and have a talk with them. But if I'm going to spend a grand or a little over, I'm putting them in my Gibson Gold Top. I'd rather it sound better then a cheap Epiphone.
  12. Interesting, When I look them up, they come in all sorts of prices. The most expensive around 7 grand to 1 thousand. Even found a pair at GC for $199.00 so that can't be right? Used ones have had cheaper prices.
  13. It's a beautiful guitar, Congrats and happy [playing!
  14. Yeah, I did read that too, I thought, Deb will have a hissy fit, Lol. Want to hear something funny though? In 8 years now being retired, She has had me take out about 10 to 15 thousand of My 401-K for her to use and I haven't taken out 1 penny of it for me. I truly won't be spending that much to put in a cheap guitar. But I really love the songs and sounds of Gregor Hilden. He also has a couple of pedals made for him too.
  15. Oh, thanks Mac. I'll make a note of that. The reason I want to mode the Epiphone is because it and my Gibson Standard sound so close to one another. I love playing the Gibson more, Well, Because it's a Gibson. LOL. So I want to turn the Epiphone into a Blues Machine. Maybe, I'll play it more?
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