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    Artist since 2nd grade. Chess player since 4 yrs old. Used to drag race NHRA and showed Dobermans. Gun collector and love western movies. Oh, and started playing Guitar again after I retired.

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  1. She gets better each time she goes out. More comfortable with the audience I imagine. The last video I could hardly hear her though, The mic wasn't turned up? She has a great voice. Thanks for sharing. Same gal? Really good. Thanks. Oh, sorry I don't respond back fast. We're remodeling the kitchen with tearing down the plaster walls and ceiling on a 1890 house. So I'm pretty busy. I'll look in when I can. Thanks.
  2. She gets better each time she goes out. More comfortable with the audience I imagine. The last video I could hardly hear her though, The mic wasn't turned up? She has a great voice. Thanks for sharing.
  3. That is so true in my case also. But my guitars will grow old with me and I will love them even more. Very nice Gibson, Enjoy!
  4. Yes, Same here...I have Gibson, Gretsch, Fender, Etc, and my Casino is my guitar to go to now since I bought it last year. I play mostly on my Fender Super Champ X2 but have a Mustang 2 amp also. I love those P-90's and wish I would have bout the Casino way back. I have Rob, or Digger for those that don't know him to thank for talking me into buying my Casino Coupe.
  5. Retired


    Well, I do have a hat collection and have for many decades. It's nothing more than baseball caps and its mostly all of our college football team. Over the years I look for the most unusual or fancy hats that most people don't have. I have gotten comments on them also that people like them. One hat in particular that I never wear has the Head Coaches signature of all but 2 that I missed before I married my wife and became a fan. There are other hats also. I have a nice Cowboy hat with a turquoise hat band I wore when I first got married. But I do wear a Husker football hat every time I go out. My excuse is because I lost most of my hair due to a cancerous brain tumor over 30 years ago. Then my mom gripes if she sees me bald. So I'm just used to wearing hats everyday.
  6. You mean your neighbor stayed home while the fires raged there? It is nice however that you can talk to them. Pretty brave though to have stayed home. Can't imagine all of the wildlife destroyed.
  7. "Cover Of The Rolling Stone." Cannot get over the sustain and tone of the Casino even unplugged. Those P-90's and hollow body are just awesome.
  8. Amen. Deb and I have been praying for rain for quite a while. It saddens us with the great loss there but our prayers have been answered with Rob & Gael's lives saved and their home.
  9. 5,000 people trapped in Mallacoota is terrible. Hope they can find some way of getting them out. I know you have many friends there too. Have you heard from any of them? 34 years as a welder at the Railroad I have been burnt in every part of my body and from torches and arc cutters. It is very painful to be burnt.
  10. Such a shame all the fires there. It does look very bad and even factories burning down. Deb and I are both praying for you Mate. Can't begin to imagine breathing all that smoke either with your asthma. A great idea going to your daughters where she is by lots of water. Hope you're place doest burn down and suffer great loss. Take care of the family and stay safe.
  11. Thats us also. No need for a certain day for gifts, we get things through the year. It was nice just looking at the tree decorated and the grandchildren happy.
  12. We didn't exchange gifts this year. It was the first time. Although my wife told me that I have her blessing to buy any guitar I want. The last one I bought was a Casino Coupe with P-90's early of last year. Haven't decided if I will get another one but I may look around next year.
  13. Wish I could learn the slide, Haha. It looks easier than it is.
  14. I was 20 when it was released What? May 73? On their 72 album. Something like that. Thats when I was playing it anyway.
  15. Yes that's it. Heimlich, I couldn't remember what it was called as my mind went blank so I said cpr. Sorry.
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