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    Artist since 2nd grade. Chess player since 4 yrs old. Used to drag race NHRA and showed Dobermans. Gun collector and love western movies. Oh, and started playing Guitar again after I retired.

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  1. Elvis Presley began his musical career in 1954. Yeah, I was one year old. Believe it or not, My Mother told me many times, her youngest brother, My Uncle Don, taught me how to play chess, at 3 years old. As far as I can remember, I played the game of chess my whole life.
  2. Hmmm, Really? Do we have to Jim? Lol.
  3. What was the subject? Oh, Happy 4th of July. Well, since they shot off fireworks in our neighborhood from blocks around till after 1:00, am, I for one am glad it's over.
  4. Yep, Thats what I saw. I gave you a plus, Good eyes Kidblast.
  5. I had an amusing day. I took my Doberman Pinscher to the lake at 6:00am for a walk around the sidewalk there. The humidity started to set in when we got to the Fishing dock. The bicycles also where getting too many zooming past us. So we turned around to head back to the SUV. I decided to take Sundance on the mowed path along the fence way back, and no one was back there. At the car, I checked him and me out for any ticks and found none. At home, Debbie was sitting by him on the couch petting him. She saw a tick on the couch and you would think she found a RAT! Lol. My gosh, I took it and flushed it away. Then, I grabbed his brush and took him out back brushing him 3 times with both sides of the brush. One side had wires and the other side smith. Nothing, I checked him out really close, and then gave him a bath. He was clean. Sundance comes back inside, and the rest of the day, You would think Debbie had lice? She kept scratching and itching, Asking me 3 times if she had a tick on her back? I checked her out and said NO! Nothings there. She kept itching anyway. All in the mind Deb. It was almost as funny as when she found a mouse at the other house we first started out with. She started screaming bloody murder. I ran to the kitchen to see what was wrong. She was on top of the table screaming, Mouse Mouse, Mouse! I couldn't stop laughing. My Gosh, I said. That mouse is more terrified of you than you him!
  6. April- 22- 1953 Makes me 67. Started playing guitars at 13, so 54 years now.
  7. Thats about what it has sounded like here the last 3 days till 11;00 pm. Happy 4th to you all. Maybe after tonight, it can quiet down again.
  8. Yep, You are right. Haha, I am still learning on what's fake or not. I couldn't figure out what you were saying on the slotted posts. Kept going back to look at his guitar. I had to get out my Gold Top and compare photos, Yep. That is a Fake. Darn good looking though, Not worth the price they probably charged him though.
  9. One Thing, Do not go by the truss rod cover plate. I have a Standard that came with no writing on it. Just plain, I went to Dietz and bought a cover plate with standard on it. So those can be changed out. I thought, it just looked better but still have the original cover plate. Interesting reading everyones comments . Where is Pipp'ys two cents worth?
  10. Thats cool. I used to Drag Race the NHRA. Last car was a 71 Dodge Colt with all chevy powered 350 engine, 12 bolt rear end, Arrow Dynamics 4130 Chrome Moly tubbing & 12 point roll cage. I ran it in Pro Gas in the 70's and early 80's. We had enough sponsorship stickers all over it. So, didn't need any on guitars or cases. I understand band players that travel around playing that pick up stickers. Nothing wrong with it, I just keep mine clean.
  11. If I ever get this Riviera Custom P93 in wine red come in, I'm done getting electric guitars. That would make 6. Nice even number. I have a 7 guitar rack. The 12 strings in its case and the ovation acoustic is on the rack. Stickers, I have never put on any guitar. Good luck renovating your kitchen and bathroom Steve. We just finished both here. Debbie is thrilled with both how they turned out.
  12. Well written John. I noticed a big difference when I learned how to bend strings and do slides and all the things with fingers as you say. Thats a big part with good musical players. However, I did notice a big difference in going with solid guitars with alnico pickups to hollow body guitars with P90's in them. Or at least to me, they sound a whole lot better.
  13. We'll let it go this time Steve. Deb gets on me every time I do it. Love the Firebird. It's a beauty. I have a Riviera still out there somewhere. Should have gotten it a few weeks ago.
  14. Yep. I never took physics or chemistry and even got out of Phys. Ed my last 3 years. I got a scholarship in Art when I graduated though. Besides, painting, drawing and pottery you had to know History in art as well as math. Let's see, 2x2 is 16 right? Lol. Just joking, Actually there's lots of measurements in getting the picture centered just right and so. Even the framing. If I could post photos, I would post some of my paintings here. I've been in art since the 2nd grade.
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