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  1. Really, My moms birthday was June 18, she turned 89. I didn't know they were born on the same day, Only years apart.
  2. Off hand, I can think of 20 total guitars and one banjo. I've had 3, 12 sting acoustics, 3, 6 string acoustics, only 2 weren't electric. One steel guitar. Currently I have 8 with a 12 string Yamaha, a Oscar Schmidt 6 string acoustic a 6 string Ovation Celebrity with a Koa top, A Gibson Standard Gold Top, being the only Gibson I've ever owned. I have 3 Epiphone's, Ones a Standard black with white trim, Ones a Limited Edition Pelham blue Custom Pro, and I recently bought a Casino Coupe with P-90's, The other 2 are a Stream Liner Gretsch and a Squire Vintage Modified Jaguar. 2 amps, a Fender Mustang ll and a Fender Super Champ X2 tube amp and 5 pedals.
  3. Nice story, Thanks. Me ? It was the Ventures that turned me on and I wanted to learn guitar. My cousin played in a great band and taught me to play. He couldn't read music and so taught me to to pick up songs off record players. Later he went to Vietnam and my cousin that lived behind us carried on the guitar lessons and taught me to read music. While I never played in bands, when I graduated High School Fred and Steven wanted to come over and play with me up on top of our garage which was a patio. It was a graduation thing so I said yes. We played many songs up there with my big amp I had then. It could be heard several blocks away. It was a huge concert amp my mom bought me. We had neighbors calling my mom asking us to play songs over again and making requests. That was a great night I'll always remember. Now Steven has been gone for decades. Fred died about 6 or 10 years ago. My son plays Sax. Although it's been so long he's probably forgot how? My oldest sister plays Piano, Flute and acoustic guitar. Debbie plays piano. And our daughter in laws dad plays some mean drums. He plays for church. Lives in Michigan though.
  4. Yes, Welcome back Matt. I used to work with a Matt at the RailRoad. Nice name.
  5. Welcome to the forum. Well I'm sure you know way more about Acoustic Guitars than I do. Playing that long. I started playing at 13 and am 66 now but I have more electric guitar experience. I'm sure you know about all the string gauges and pros and cons with lights and heavy gauges. The guitar body size and playing styles so no need to talk about those things. Lights would be a step down with .012-.016-.025-.032-.042-.054 Or Custom lights, .011-.015-.023-.032-.042-.052. Or if you desire a certain gauge light and medium you could buy 2 sets and use the gauges you want. Thats what I was about to do before I found a set on the Internet with all the gauges I wanted. I could still bend strings and have the medium tones of the upper 3. Good luck.
  6. Sounds like your one heck of a good musician Bob, being able to play all those instruments. I took music in High School but only to sing. I did Madrigal, Glee club, Barbershop and Choir. My oldest sister was a music teacher and played piano. I taught her to play the guitar. And No, That red one posted here isn't mine. Someone else posted there's. Mine is posted in the Epiphone Lounge showing both the front and backside. It's in the What's On You're Mind Thread. It has a Vintage Sunburst finish which looks sort of like the tobacco burst. Yes, everyday I grab it to play now, it's right on tune. The buzz went away and I did intonation which was off and now its fine, right on. Only complaint I have with it is that awful white pick guard. Needs a black one. That white just classes with the rest. And Yes it was made in China. My son gave me his Limited Edition Epiphone Custom Pro with Pro Buckers 2 & 3 and I'd put the Casino Coupe up against it any time.
  7. Thanks pippy. Guitar Center does not work with me on prices nor discounts but Dietze does. The guy promised to knock off another $50.00 if I bought it before the end of May. Figured that wasn't a bad deal.
  8. Thats one gorgeous Gibson I wouldn't mind adding to the collection. By the way Pip, I Tod Rob I would tell you that he sent you a PM in your box with his E-mail. In case you didn't know.
  9. Very nice line up. Saw one in G.C. I fell in love with but I'm already married so I figured I best walk away and dream some more!!🤣
  10. Hi Philip. Actually one could thank Rob talking me into the Casino. I had my mind set on the Riviera that had 3 P-90's in it. Loved those Bell tones and all it put out. Neither guitar shop had one I went to, plus Rob was pumping how nice he loved his Casino. The prices on those I was finding were around $700.00 and the Riviera sounded a bit better to me. Thats when I played a lot of videos comparing the two and accidentally stumbled onto the Casino Coupe. Long story cut short, I could tell little to no difference at all between the Casino and the Casino Coupe. That's when I started hearing those bell like tones like the Riviera. One thing I loved about the Coupe was it had a smaller body, a bit lighter, and can it Play!! Got home and plugged it in like I said before somewhere and the amp came on with the guitar screaming so loud I jumped a foot in the air with pictures on the wall shaking. Couldn't find the off switch fast enough. My God, I couldn't believe Debbie never heard that sleeping in bed that night. The guy that polished it up while I was paying for it must have accidentally turned all the knobs full blast and I never checked as I just thought they were all the same as I had them in the store. All I can say is one could have heard that over a block away. Debbie was dead tired and I mean DEAD that night, LOL.
  11. Thought I was the only slow one on the block? Twas, 47 years for me to get my first Gibson since I wanted one bad. Very nice Strat Ian. Now there's another one I should break down and get someday. Never owned or played a Strat or a Tel. I have a Surf Green Jag, about as close as I got.
  12. You're very welcome. My goal is to find some D'Addario NYXL Nickel Wounds to try. Just here in the guitar shop I go to unless I have to order on line. I read some great stuff about them and they hold tune gig after gig. Bend farther & sound great. 6 years playing again, I've played around with lots of strings and dumped many for good. These D'Addario's are supposed to cost $12.99 a set. Also thinking of going heavier. I've been playing 9-42's and while I love the playability and able to bend like crazy plus they don't hurt the tips of the fingers, I have noticed fret buzz at the 12th fret. Which I read is common. It's been driving me nuts and is why I went back to 10-46. Also want to try .011-.049's once. Maybe on the Gretsch where I play chords mostly and don't bend. I've never tried Parkers before. Now I completely forgot what the heck I stuck on the 12 string Acoustic Guitar, But it rings out great, and I never have to retune it. Guess I need a log book what I do.? HaHa.
  13. Well, Thank You for that. I gave you a plus. I changed strings and did a setup on the Casino and surprisingly it now stays in tune. Have no idea what they had on it but I put Boomers round wound 10-46's on it. Now, next morning I had to retune a couple or so strings but now they all stay pretty much right on tune.
  14. In the time I've joined here I made friends and learned a lot and I thank those for helping me learn and reading my posts. Also for all the pluses & likes. I've enjoyed the Epiphone Lounge greatly as many know but lately with Rob being gone, that Lounge has become dead. I've thought about it and decided if I took a long leave here too it would give me more time to spend on Guitar Tricks and learn songs and improve my playing. so with that I am saying goodby to anyone who happens to read this. It just seems several have left here because of this new format and I don't think its so bad honestly  so maybe rarely I may check in but for now I'm going to spend more time playing.  I've done the same with Face Book too.  Also cuts the computer time down.  Thanks to all and goodby for now. 

  15. Thanks Notes, for the reply. Yeah, since I don't gig, before each song I play, I experiment on the guitar and tube amp for the sound I want to achieve. Make sure the guitar is in tune and then play. Next song might be a whole different setting and at times I play along with a DVD. When I get into Surf, which I love, I get the Jaguar out. For American Woman, which I start on the acoustical introduction, then play the electric parts on the Gretsch or Gibson. Now the Casino covers that song so much better. Playing with the amp I can get more fuzz tones than the Gibson with the Casino. I tried the Fender Mustang ll amp and it was great too. I do like some Willie Nelson songs and get the Acoustic out for them. So there's about 5 guitars I play mostly. I have never added or changed a pickup yet, and am a little scared of trying as I don't want to screw the guitar up. But what I have so far covers about any rock & roll song I'll ever play. I've been slowly working on Blues and may switch over to Blues if I ever master it. And yes, some or several songs I play are really Blues.
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