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  1. Hmmm? All I can see is the $9,500.00 price tag? Haha, Too rich for my blood! I'll keep playing the ones I got. 🤪🎸
  2. I haven't heard the Chantay's version much since I was a kid, I had to go back and listen to it. That E string run down isn't pronounced as much in the Ventures version is it? Yeah, I agree with you. It is difficult double picking that fast going down consistently to the 1st fret without screwing up some time. As a teen, I was much faster than I am now. Still a great song and I play it a lot.
  3. Thats got to be the problem! I put 10- 46's on it. Rob couldn't believe I busted the D string so easy. Guess I better watch more videos on guys pulling strings Huh? The D snapped 2nd pull, It stayed in tune the next day, Haha.
  4. I will add, Stretching the strings is something I have never done before in my life! Since I have always had issues with all my guitars going out of tune, I thought I'd give it a go. So I watched a few videos on it and gave it a go. First time, I busted the D string, It snapped and about hit me in the face. So I replaced it and tried it again. This time the high E string snapped. Thought Right, This must be an art to stretch them? I wasn't pulling them that hard?
  5. Gee, I thought everyone on here played better than me? Haha. I can play good, I just keep making mistakes a lot. Anyone else do that? For instance, playing Pipeline from the Ventures, I start off with the double picking real fast going from the 12 fret to the first on the low E string, and sometimes it great and other times I miss a pick.
  6. Thanks Sparky, We still have Sundance. I was for sure we would have to put him down. He's been to the vet twice and I was praying for him with all my heart, and the meds he had at first never worked. Now he's been running around like a pup lately so what a difference so far. Deb and I are just happy for him and planning on a trip to the Black Hills with Sundance and the 2 grandkids in May. Think I mentioned we purchased a Subaru Ascent and will be taking it. We bought it last November and I only have 300 miles on it, sits in the garage mostly so it won't get dirty, Lol.
  7. Deb and I are going in at 1:20 to get our Covid shots. They are at the above 65's here. Other than that, I bought a kit and now can do much of my own Luthier work. My Gretsch was sounding pretty bad, I was thinking of getting rid of it. This luthier kit is from Music Nomad and has directions with it with all the measurements inside and made easy to follow along. Ive been studying it and gave a go on the Gretsch and what a difference! I think it's now a keeper again, Haha.
  8. Congrats Sgt. Maybe in the future you can have your own album?
  9. All of the above, Lol. Actually, I'd love to see the 6o's classic Gibsons back at the 60's prices. Maybe the Ebony fretboard also.
  10. I gave you & Karloff both pluses. I couldn't agree more. I might be losing my best buddy this year as he has been getting bad. He can still walk by having meds and has arthritis and fatty tumors all over.
  11. My apology then Jim, I was joking around too but thought you were calling me a liar.
  12. Yep! Actually I could if I wanted to bad enough, But I just got a new SUV recently in Dec. so I'll hold off awhile. See how this year goes for awhile first. I just sent a hearing aid back for a new one. I think when I fell in the basement hitting the back of my head & the right one popped out, it did something. It goes on and off a lot.
  13. I just got 2 emails today on Mesa / Boogie. I listened to a couple of different guys playing the amps. One I liked.
  14. I never even heard of 7's until now. I use 9's & 10's on my guitars. 9's on the ones I bend alot. It's easier for me to put 9's on just 2 guitars that I love to bend and 10's on the rest. I can't see going any lighter than 9"s.
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