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  1. I just saw this post. Damn. the Rev was a good guy. Sorry to hear about this. RIP Dave
  2. Played my 3rd gig in a row tonight. It was with the acoustic duo. There's a local chain of bar/restaurants called Ram's Head. We've played regularly at a few of the other locations, but tonight was the first time at this particular one right outside of Annapolis in a town called Crownsville. Interesting thing tonight, was the county fair grounds are just down the road and the annual Renaissance Festival is going on there. The place was packed with people coming from that in their full period attire. It was a great night and we met some really cool people and they loved our music. Got some tips and drinks bought for us. On the drive home my buddy and I talked on our phones the whole way. Reflecting how lucky we are to do this. With a very few exceptions, all the people we meet and connections we make are great. The management and staff where we play, the patrons at the venues and even other bands and musicians who play the same places. And we make a few Dollars doing it. What more could we ask for? 🙂
  3. Well I've tried this pedal out at a full band gig on Thursday and acoustic duo gigs on Friday and Saturday (tonight). It's certainly a higher Gain pedal than the MojoMojo I've been using. Much more saturated, sustainy type of distortion. But the high end is really kind of piercing. I think I need to turn the Treble down some. Plus the Volume is very sensitive. It's tricky to find the sweet spot. I couldn't imagine ever turning the Volume all the way up.
  4. I've been jonesing for a new Overdrive/Distortion pedal for awhile. After weeks of browsing the online sites I somehow missed this VOX Valvenergy Series pedals until a few days ago. I was intrigued with them. Especially the CAB Mode that seems like it will be good for when I run straight into the PA. The Copperhead supposedly gives that British Stack (PLEXI) sound. When I saw a brand new one on eBay for less than the other online retailers and it also included a 10' guitar cable and 2 jumper cables I couldn't resist. Hooked it up today and it works and sounds as advertised. Can't wait to try it at a gig. I'll use it in Standard Mode with the full band and CAB Mode for acoustic gigs.
  5. saturn


    Congratz. It's a beauty. And I prefer Name 4.
  6. Yes. Many times with my bands we've rehearsed a lot before a gig, then we play and either make a bunch of screw ups or we're just flat. Then we play some gig where we haven't practiced in weeks and we play great. I'm not sure what causes this phenomenon but it is a real thing.
  7. Wow. I know I'm a little late to the party, but congratz on that beauty.
  8. Wow. I know I'm a little late to the party, but congratz on that beauty.
  9. Yeah. We did get a hellavu storm and some damaging winds with that one.
  10. I can't claim credit for this photo. It was taken a street over from our house by one of our neighbors and posted on FB. I just screen shotted it and cropped the FB stuff out.
  11. Went to Outlaw Festival last night. Kathleen Edwards, Sturgil Simpson, Tyler Childers, Nathaniel Rateliff and the Nightsweats, Gov't Mule and Willie Nelson. Me and my buds should all be at Del Fest all this week but it was canceled again! So we settled for this show last night at the classic venue Merriweather Post Pavilion. Among other shows, Jackson Browne's Running On Empty was recorded there. I haven't been there in like 10 or more years and the place has really been updated. Sound was amazing. Of course Warren Haynes killed it but all the acts sounded fantastic. Now I can say I saw the legendary Willie Nelson. His voice is timeless and he sounds as good at age 80 something as he ever did. A friend of a friend caught his hat that was thrown into the crowd. 😎 Overall a great show even though I'd have much preferred a long weekend in Western Maryland at Delfest. Hopefully it won't cancel a 4th time next Memorial Day Weekend.
  12. Yeah. I rarely have luck taking a photo of the moon. Whether on my DSLR camera or phone.
  13. One of the many weird things I like to do is take pictures of cloud formations, pretty sunsets, full moons etc. Most are taken with my phone. I don't have any real knowledge or talent in photography. I just point and click. I figured I'd post a few here and maybe some others will want to post their own.
  14. Cooked up some rockfish caught on a fishing charter on the Chesapeake Bay yesterday.
  15. I remember the McDLT. They came with the two halves separated so the lettuce didn't get soggy or some such gimmick.
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