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  1. I feel like I'm the only one around here who's getting real gigs. I'm not trying to rub it in. Actually had three gigs in a row this week. Played the golf course Thursday, acoustic gig Friday and then tonight at Baltimore Yacht Club. As you probably can guess, it was on the water. It was windy and already the temperature is dropping. We were a little chilly. But it was an awesome night. There's a long time local newscaster who is a friend of the band, and he has been trying to get us to play the club for awhile now. We had a gig booked for July 3rd but that got canceled due to Corona virus. So we played a private party tonight and it went great. They booked us for some more dates on the spot. Some of the members wanted me to hang out and party some more on their boat after the gig, but I thought that wasn't the best idea. Tempting as it was. Here is a view of the scenery and stage.
  2. I was working as a Supervisor for US Airways at the time. I was also what was known as a Ground Security Coordinator (GSC). All that summer my email was inundated with Information Circulars and Security Directives. They were well aware that something was being plotted. I worked late the night before and got home about 2AM. My two oldest kids were in school and my wife went with her mom and my youngest to Ikea early in the morning. I got up around 9AM and noticed it was eerily quiet. Normally I would hear planes flying over my house. Then I noticed the sound of a jet but could tell it wasn't an airliner. I looked out the window to see two A-10s flying just above the treetops. Went downstairs to let the dog out and turned on TV to see total chaos. I knew immediately it was Bin Laden.I was scheduled to come in at 3PM but when I finally got hold of my manager he said don't bother, BWI had been evacuated and I wouldn't even be able to get close. Eventually I would hear all kinds of wild stories from the people who were at work that morning. Needless to say my airline career was never the same. I somehow kept my job for awhile even after massive cutbacks and layoffs. Eventually I got a position in Corporate Security handing Homeland Security and TSA Regulations but even that didn't last. Finally left in 2006 when my airline merged with America West and I would have had to move to Tempe AZ to keep my position. By that time I was fed up with airlines and dealing with TSA, LOIs and Watchlist issues etc. Took my severance package and walked away. I often wonder how my life would be different if I had remained.
  3. I live in the suburbs but my part of the county is pretty close the the Baltimore city line. It's getting more congested by the month around here. Just about every bit of woods or open field has been cleared and within days houses are up.
  4. My first concert was BOC on the Fire Of Unknown Origin tour. Good to see they are still going with a few original members. This song is actually good IMO. There's even a cowbell reference in the video.
  5. Why did I listen to that? 😱
  6. Played another gig tonight at the golf course. We have one Thursday a month booked there. Crowd was great tonight. Cars were parking out by the road cause all the spaces were taken. That's a good sign. Lots of nice dancers which is nice. As far as music. Well we played pretty much same set as always with addition of Tin Man and Motown style of Proud Mary. Big difference for me was I borrowed my friends Strat tonight. I haven't played a Strat with a band in years. It took some getting used to. It's about a 1981 natural blonde with a maple neck. The neck is blade thin and has a serious radius. Man I forgot how much I missed that quack! Plus those single coils really cut through the mix. I did play a set with my Les Paul too, and the difference was very noticeable. I love the feel of the LP and for some songs the sound is great, but on other songs it seems to get lost in the mix. Many of the songs this band plays are more suited for a Strat sound. Hmmm. Well, it;s appropriate, Our band name is Sagamore Band, so I'll have some Sagamore Rye before I go to bed. 🥃
  7. I wish I had some method to achieve a unique sound. I just run my guitar into whatever pedals I have at the moment into whatever amp I have and hope for the best.
  8. I thought I read years ago that it was Clapton playing that strangled-cat sounding slide at the end of Layla.
  9. I've always liked In Through The Out Door. I'm Gonna Crawl is one of my favorite solos by Jimmy. But as far as Scales comment, yeah In The Evening verses are totally obscured. I read that they did that intentionally, but I don't know why.
  10. There's some faint talking going on in the background of Steely Dan "Peg". I wouldn't say it was purposely hidden, but if you listen through headphones to Since I've Been Loving You, you can hear Bonham's bass pedal squeaking. Must have been a really close mic.
  11. Nice. So it was actually sitting there unsold for 8 years? Does that make it NOS?
  12. So we played another local winery last night. We've played Basignani before but this was our first time playing at DeJon. Other than being hot as hell it was a beautiful night. They had brick over pizza and wine by the bottle or glass for sale. They allowed other non-alcohol drinks to be brought in. Had a great crowd. They are happy for some place to get out and have fun while still keep some distance from each other. Big area in from of the band for people to spread out and dance. With the exception of a few technical glitches our sound was about perfect. The set was pretty much same as last time but we did add the Earth Wind and Fire version of Got To Get You In To My Life. I'm still getting used to my new PRS amp. Generally very happy with it but the Lead channel is very noisy. I'm gonna try switching the pre amp tube and hope that's it. I've mostly been relying on the OD pedal for distorted tones but I like to use the amp for high gain if I can.
  13. Damn that sucks. You aren't that far from me and it's not as bad where I am. We lost a lot of good gigs for sure, but at least a few stuck. We even booked some new ones. Like MP above, we are playing a winery this weekend. Are there any of those in your area to check out? It's outdoors and plenty of room to spread out. Golf courses are another idea. Sometimes it actually more fun to just get together and jam with no real purpose. No pressure to get this or that part down. Just keep it loose Good luck.
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