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  1. saturn


    Awesome guitar Doug. Congratz. I like how you caught your own reflection in the photo. 🙂
  2. I have Ken Follett's new book "The Evening and the Morning" but haven't actually started it yet. Have to finish his "Edge Of Eternity" first.
  3. saturn


    Great score. What cabinet are you running it through?
  4. Is it only my perception, or where there really no Earth shattering deals this season? I was naively thinking that with the state of the economy, and the Guitar Center situation and such that there would be all kinds of competition on deals. I just didn't see much. Of course I got loads of emails from all the retail places boasting "up to 70% off" and crap like that, but I didn't see any deals better than any other day of the week. And they really didn't seem eager to sell. Even Sweetwater, my sales guy emailed me saying contact him he had some good unpublished deals blah blah blah. So I contacted him regarding acoustic guitars. He just linked to a an advertised deal on Breedlove and nothing else. Went into the local GC and they didn't even have any door buster type stuff like in the past. Thought maybe I'd get some string packs or something, but not even anything like that. Looked at acoustics there too, and only one or two guitars had Black Friday tags and they were nothing to get excited over. A young dude did briefly came in to see if I needed help and non committedly said he might be able to take 15% off anything without a BF tag. Then I never saw him again. There was one guitar, an Alverez on clearance that I was actually considering, and he might have talked me into it if he ever came back to check, but no one there seemed too concerned so I walked out. It was similar recently when my Jeep was totaled, and I needed to purchase a new vehicle. Again, I was naïve and expected the dealers would be eager to deal. Nope. Pretty much this is the sticker, here are the incentives take it or leave it. Several dealers never even called me back after I went in to test drive a vehicle. We finally settled on a Honda and it's nice but I would have much preferred to still have my 2017 Cherokee. I even went back to that dealer, who we purchased 2 jeeps from already and they barely tried to make a sale. Never even contacted me back after I went in to inquire. So is it just me?
  5. 4 electric guitars and 3 amps. Although at the moment only 2 guitars are in working condition. One amp is a little Yamaha THR10 practice amp.
  6. I can't say I know or have even met Dennis. But I do know some people who are friends of his, and they have nothing but great things to say about him as a drummer and person.
  7. Just played what will likely be my last gig of 2020. An acoustic gig at our favorite local spot Crabtowne. Our state and counties are starting to impose more restrictions and lockdowns again, so we were lucky to squeeze this one in. I have 2 more gigs booked with my full band and acoustic duo, but both look like they won't happen. Tonight went well, even though the place was restricted to 50% capacity. We had some friends there and the normal crowd was fun. However by the end f the night we were playing to only the staff. But we got paid and the bar tender set us up good ( we tipped him well). Here's hoping we can all play some more 2021.
  8. I've never tried Yellowstone. So it's good stuff? I just got some 1792 for my neighbor who helped me with some painting. Of course he shared some with me. 😎
  9. I haven't paid much attention to NFL this year, but feel like it's almost mandatory to watch Raven vs Steelers today.
  10. WOW! I know you posted this awhile ago, but I just saw it. Congratz to say the least. I just got a new Honda after my Jeep was totaled, but I'm not gonna post here after yours.
  11. I loved this guy. I remember watching him debunk frauds like Yuri Geller way back in the 1970s on Johnny Carson. https://www.npr.org/2020/10/22/926717787/amazing-escape-artist-magician-and-skeptic-james-randi-dead-at-92
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