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  1. Had our first full band gig tonight since October. We did very well, especially considering we only had 2 quick rehearsals beforehand. Amazing how quick you can forget how to play a song. Here's our setlist that we mostly stuck to. Edit: Oh well. I guess I forgot how to post images from Imgur
  2. I don't see myself getting one, but it's cool to see Marcus get a signature model. I've seen him live and he's really good. The guitar does look incredible, just very expensive.
  3. Dude sleeping in the bar. He's been drinkin' 😎
  4. Just before the Corona virus thing, I got rid of my Carvin Legacy and replaced it with a 112 PRS Sonzera. It's a decent sounding tube amp, maybe a little generic. But it's much easier to haul to gigs than the 212 Carvin and not nearly as loud, Also have a BOSS Katana. Great for rehearsals and small gigs. Mainly only use the Clean channel though and pedals for effects even though it has Gain and built in effects. Then a Yamaha THR10 for practicing at home. I can set it right on the kitchen table and use headphones while my wife watches TV in the next room and it doesn't even bother
  5. saturn


    Very nice. Are all V headstocks that big?
  6. Cool story bro. And I don't mean that in a smartass way. 😎
  7. Jeez. I was just gonna say a nice acoustic guitar. But that seems blasΓ© after these other responses.
  8. I'm not sure if I would rather have some advance notice or just be blindsided. We all know it's coming eventually, but if you get some kind of terminal diagnosis at least you can take care of some things first. But really I'd prefer something like an explosion or obliterated by a meteor or something. It's quick and no one will be able to stare at my dead ***. this reminded me of a funny song they used to play on 98Rock back in the day. Wouldn't you know the magic of Youtube has it 😎
  9. The kid is very impressive. A little creepy and morose looking though. πŸ™‚ think they are active pickups?
  10. Dude. You, more than about anyone else here should have some stuff booked. Aren't you in Florida? I can't imagine you have no jobs lined up?
  11. Yeah. Things are starting to pick up. I have another acoustic coming up this Saturday night and many more booked though the summer. Plus the full band already has about 20 booked between April and November. Looking forward to a better summer than last,
  12. I've changed my avatar a few times over the years. My current avatar is a picture from a band gig a few years ago. I liked the filter effect that was used. I cropped the rest of the band out and uploaded it here. It's still too small and I'll probably change to another avatar at some point.
  13. Yeah I remember you. And I'm sorta like you. If I'm not playing in a band or jamming with people, I lose interest in playing guitar real fast.
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