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  1. My wife works for county schools too as a tech. Last weekend I helped her with the webcam and setting up Zoom for her job. They had one session and it came down from top that Zoom was not an option. So we started over again with Google Classroom or whatever it's called. Now the Chrome browser on the laptop has been hijacked by that app. Even when her account is signed out. I can't even post or view comments on YouTube even if I'm signed in because Chrome is locked in Restricted Mode. I'm forced to now get on the web using Microsoft Edge.
  2. A bottle of Ripple would be more appropriate. 😀
  3. I hear the murky waters of Venice have cleared up quite a bit because of the lack of tourists.
  4. Man sorry to hear about that. But like everyone else has already said, glad no one was hurt. Good about the guitars too.
  5. They might have had guilds. The Masons go back a long way.
  6. So far Maryland has between 600-700 confirmed cases and climbing.
  7. I've still been working. Put in my 8 hours and went straight home. Just like every other day past two weeks. Did stop by drive-thru liquor store to re-up once this week.
  8. Very cool. I'll check out Four By Fate. BTW. I saw that KISS tour in 2000 but probably not the night they broadcast on PPV. Unless it was live from Bristow VA 😎
  9. Plus Imgur has a pretty cool user community. I don't post my images as Public but I enjoy browsing the site. Have the app on my phone for entertainment during free time at work.
  10. I just watched the ZZ Top one the other night. I commented that those silly cartoons looked a lot like Doonesbury. Or Doonsberry not sure how it's spelled.
  11. Or settle the question of if he even existed.
  12. There's a good chance a similar post has been done before. IDK But anyway.. Let's play a little game to get our minds off the depressing events. Overlooking any paradox or other obvious problems. If you could go back in time and either witness or interact, what time and place would it be? I think it would be cool to go back and expose Mozart or Beethoven etc. to 20th and 21st Century music and see their horrified reactions. 😎
  13. Lots of Steely Dan. And also, since more than likely my annual music festival Delfest will be canceled this year due to Corona, watching lots of Billy Strings videos.
  14. saturn


    Very nice. I had one just like it, but was compelled to sell it a few years ago. Hope you keep yours longer. Congratz.
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