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  1. I haven't gone through all the comments, so maybe I'm repeating, but it was my understanding that Dave made that comment as a joke. BTW, Love DOA and anything off VHII. That's easily my favorite VH album .
  2. This old thread reminded me that there were a few actual females around here at one time. Edit: Whoops. It seems I've gone an assumed someones gender. Please accept my apology.
  3. I've wrecked that train many times. 🙂
  4. Today, other than going to work like any other day, my buddy Steve and I had our first lunch outing since this Corona thing started. We played an acoustic gig Saturday night and when we packed up and went home he actually forgot his Martin was still in the bar! Since I live 2 minutes from the place I went and got it for him and he came by my work today to get it. So we had to make a lunch date out of it. 😎 We visited two of our local spots where we play to see what the deal is moving forward. The one place, Rams Head is under new management and not looking promising at least through the summer. Then we hit our original and favorite Crabtowne and secured a gig for July. It's still not quite the same having to wear masks in and out and keeping a distance from everyone. But we did manage to have some fun with the other patrons and staff. It was nice to get the Steve and Jay show going again, even if only a watered down version.
  5. It almost felt like a pre-pandemic weekend. Played a band gig Thursday night, acoustic Friday and another full band gig tonight. Tonight was almost rained out because it was outdoors at a winery. Luckily weather cleared up and it turned out to be a beautiful night and a big crowd. We're a little rusty, even after a few rehearsals, but we still did pretty good and everyone had a great time. Best thing is that on all these gigs people were just there to have some fun. No divisive crap.
  6. I remember Zebra. They had several hits in the MTV years. "Who's Behind The Door" I think was another song of theirs? For some reason I thought they were from Australia.
  7. With a little practice I think you can get it.
  8. Oh yeah. I could list 10 great CTS songs off the top of my head. They technically weren't originally from Baltimore, but kind of relocated to the area and became huge.
  9. It was brought to my attention that someone recently uploaded a song from an old Baltimore band named Trigger Happy. They were one of the biggest local bands in the 80s. The track is off a 98 Rock compilation album from back in the day. It's hard to find any good old footage of TH so this was cool to find. The singer/guitarist/writer was a guy name Gary Scharbough. He unfortunately passed away a few years ago after a fight with cancer. I didn't know him well but met him at least a dozen times, as he was next door neighbors with one of my band mates. By the time we met him he had long since "retired" from music and actually became a minister. He was still cool as sh!t, and would tell stories of the good old 80s scene and how his band was supposed to be signed to a major label. Don't remember exact details but something about the NY office closing and everything shifted to LA and the two East Coast bands got lost in the shuffle. The two West Coast bands that ended up being signed I think he said were The Knack and Billy Squire? Don't quote me n that. 🙂 He sat in with us at acoustic gigs sometimes or at rehearsals in Steve's basement. Again, he was an all around great dude and before he died there was a huge benefit for him. Most of the big local guys from bands like Crack The Sky, The Ravyns and others were there and they all had a huge jam. I missed it cause my other band had a gig that night. Anyway, here's the track. It is very 80s sounding but that's what it was at the time. To me his voice sounds like a cross between Bon Scott and Biff Byford of Saxon.
  10. Nice description, as always Ron. Things can only go up from here (famous last words) My "big" band started rehearsals 2 weeks ago also. First one was going pretty good until I F'd it up by over indulging in the spirits and became useless. Will never do that again. Totally abstained from alcohol the second time and it went much better. We have an outdoor gig on June 18 still scheduled that we are preparing for. Our drummer too is the most worried about rehearsals and gigs,for good reasons. He has some underlying health issues so no one can blame him for being cautious. I've been playing through some POS Peavy digita ampl that was left in the basement. I hate the thing, but just deal with it for practice rather than drag my PRS or even BOSS Katana out. Can't wait to see your first gig comment. 😎
  11. Yeah we played until 1am that gig. Then Bar Louie filed bankruptcy the next day and our check bounced. 🤬
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