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  1. Intro to Billy Idol "Rebel Yell". Not because I want to play the song, but the intro is a good little dexterity exercise.
  2. I'm with Brad above. I don't mean to try and hijack this thread, but some things are too funny to not share. Last week my buddy and I did an acoustic gig at a local bar. We ended the night with Simple Man. As the song ended Steve went into the outro from Free Bird and I just jammed on it. Well, that earned us a t*tty shot, cause a girl (woman) at the bar stood in front of us and pulled her shirt (no bra) up for us to see . 😍 Also, it's hard to believe that over 10 years have gone by since I crudely edited a video of us jamming Simple Man and getting rained on at a cookout. I don't think we had ever played this before that time. The other thing I remember about this was that the guy who was originally playing drums that day got up for the 10th time to go piss after slamming a bunch of Natty Lights, so I told my buddy Ed to hop on the drums. When the other dude came back and saw Ed on the drums he got an attitude and then I got pissed at him and it went downhill from there. Good time.
  3. Has anyone else heard this story? Apparently the fire happened back in 2008 at Universal Music Group, but it was managed to be kept quiet until recently. I originally heard about it on a Rick Beato Youtube rant. NYT did an updated article yesterday listing hundreds of more artists whose master recordings were lost forever. I'm just curious who else may have heard about this. I'm sure there are some others here who can articulate the details and give commentary much better than I can.
  4. Yeah the Black Strat and a Martin which I believe was used on"Wish You Were Here" was purchased by Colts (Booo) owner Jim Irsay.
  5. My favorite ever is my R7 Goldtop. Both for sentimental reasons and because it is just so nice. The one I regret letting go was my SG Classic with P90s.
  6. Currently own 3 guitars. Two Les Pauls, a Studio and R7 Goldtop. And a GRB Kokocaster, which is a copy of a Charvel/Jackson Surfcaster. List of past guitars: No-name Les Paul copy, Epiphone acoustic, Ibanez Super Strat, weird pointy shaped Kramer , Fender Mexi Strat, another LP copy, Gibson SG Classic, Ibanez acoustic, Think that's everything
  7. Great video. Thanks for posting. My buddy is going to see Mark Knopfler in a few weeks. I'll make sure he sees this.
  8. Congratz Blues. I don't follow Hockey too much, but did watch that final game.
  9. Some talented Russians covering Chicago
  10. Just figuring out posting pics in new Forum format
  11. Man how time flies! Seems like yesterday I was just back from Nashville and getting ready for my weekend at Delfest. It's already been almost a week since I've been back from there. I can't even begin to describe all the amazing guitar, banjo, mandolin and fiddle playing I saw. Including Keller Williams, who did a who set of Pettygrass. Tom Petty songs in the style of bluegrass. The location and scenery is incredible. Plus, in addition to the amazing music, the sound of the birds and the train whistle echoing from mountain to mountain is surreal. I was going to try out some of the features of the new site, and post some photos, but I see even one photo is too large a file. Can we still link from Imgur or other hosting sites?
  12. Heading to Delfest for the third year. Looking forward to seeing String Cheese Incident, Yonder Mountain, Billy Strings, Marcus King, Ricky Skaggs, Trampled By Turtles, Railroad Earth and many more great players. The festival is in some of the most beautiful mountains in Cumberland Maryland. See you all some time next week. 😎
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