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  1. Yeah I almost brought the Goldtop, but Studio had fresher strings. I like to have 2 guitars at gigs, just in case. But my Kokocaster has messed up electronics and I haven't got that fix yet. Didn't see any sense have 2 LPs there. Gonna play the PRS Friday night though. 😎
  2. Thanks for the advice everyone. You'll probably be seeing my " Les Paul headstock repair" thread sometime in 2020 😎
  3. I posted some pics of the broken headstock in the "just got in from a gig" thread. They aren't real good. Gene (bass) talked to someone he knows and I talked to a friend who, although not a luthier, is a really high-end cabinet maker who has also built some guitars on the side. I will look around for some other opinions. Do you know, do they just glue it or is there screws/rods put in? Thanks
  4. Now I still have to figure out what to do about my Les Paul. So far, the people we've spoken to aren't very interested in trying to fix it. Saying it will cost almost as much as guitar is worth. I'm not worried about cosmetics, as long as it can play and can play and function properly again.
  5. Well after all these years I finally ended up with a PRS. It's a 2005 Santana SE made in Korea, but still a PRS. I'm not really celebrating the way I acquired it. Maybe you saw in the "gig" thread that my Les Paul got a broken headstock the night before Thanksgiving. Somehow the bass player apparently knocked it over while it was on the stand. I only saw it after it was on the floor. We were very cramped and he was setting up PA when it happened. I did not blame him and told him it wasn't his fault but he felt really bad anyway. Well last night at rehearsal he brought this PRS in and handed it to me saying it's mine. I protested but he insisted I take it. Said he hasn't played it in years anyway. He's a personal friend of Paul Smith and runs sound for his band. I'm sure he can get another PRS for a good price if he really wants. 😎 So I played it at practice and took it home afterward. It actually plays really nice and I love the neck. I was a little surprised that there's no push/pull pots for the pickups. Oh well, the humbuckers sound great. I put new strings on tonight. Have to get used to a floating bridge again. Anyway here it is:
  6. I was never in bands in high school. Just jammed with friends sometimes but never more than that. Until my mid 20's. I worked for an airline at BWI and started jamming with some co-workers at a drummers basement. All kinds of people would drop in to jam as word got around.I brought in a buddy who I grew up with ( who I now work for) and we settled in to an actual band lineup with a pretty good repertoire of classic rock songs. One of the wives named us Spanker and made us a poster where the S looked like a butt. We threw a Christmas party and set up in the basement where we jammed. Must have been at least 100 people there, mostly airline workers and it was a huge success. That was either 1995 or 96......? Almost every band I've been in since then has some connection back to that first band. Some of my most memorable gigs aren't fit to talk about here. I'll have to do some thinking and come back to that.
  7. Hope you had a Happy Birthday Jax. Lately my Sundays are spent mostly watching NFL. It's an exciting time to be a Ravens fan. 😎
  8. saturn


    Beauty! I'm sure it plays and sounds as good as it looks.
  9. The other mishap that night..... I threw the whole band off by skipping a song on the set list. Was supposed to start Pride and Joy, but jumped ahead to Already Gone. That was a rough start.
  10. Well, just getting in from a pre Thanksgiving gig. Awesome night and great crowd. Place called Liquid Libs and it's a pretty upscale restaurant/bar. Only downer of the night.....5 minutes before our start time, my Desert Burst Les Paul Studio+ got knocked over and the dreaded headstock crack occurred. I had to use the other guitar players Music Man guitar and I was the sole guitar player tonight while he played sax and percussion all night Hopefully it can be fixed. No use getting mad. It was a freak accident. Nothing to do now but pour a little Woodford Reserve and get to bed.
  11. Been working on some "new" songs for a pre-Thanksgiving gig Diamond Girl Only You Know That I Know Dancing In The Moonlight
  12. saturn


    I didn't even know they were still around. I used to see them advertised back in the 80s, but never even saw one in person.
  13. I played real golf ( not putt-putt or just hitting at driving range) one time. That was about in 1987. Now my band recently played at a golf course in Maryland called Mountain Branch. Very nice place.
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