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  1. bigtim


    no tv for us. We unplugged a few years back. We watch what we want to online....no more "programming" for me and mine!!
  2. Yes I agree, there is plenty top be had out there....unless you want to go full blown and have Gibson just make you one to your specs.
  3. Thank you very much....and everyone else for the kind words. I have taken and have it almost set up to my liking. About 98% there already. Due to work, the weather and everything else here the past few days, I have not had as much time as I thought to have to play with it........but that is gonna change real soon!!
  4. I believe they all have to be drilled to be mounted. I have never saw one that just mounts.
  5. i saw that and you know....I was a little surprised at the price but your right, someone will have to have that puppy just because. I liked the green sg that was there on the end too. It looked real good in person.
  6. Thanks, I like the noticeable flame going on too. It really adds a nice touch. They had about 5 of the custom shop relic job Journeyman builds from Fender in stock too. I mean, yeah they are cool and all but for 4 grand, I think this color combo blew them away as far as looks go. I am very happy with the way this one plays so far too. SO far from all of the artist models I have played as well, I believe the regular production models have a lot going on for them. I like the neck tilt option and the quieter pick ups too. The newer finishes too are tougher than the older ones. So it will look better for a longer period of time.
  7. Yes it is very stunning in its own way. A workhorse kind of......well it is going to turn out that way anyway, I believe I will be keeping the custom put away still like I have been doing already. Just to keep it pristine you know.
  8. interesting color that is. Looks nice. I have never saw a gold hardware strat in person. Go for it!!
  9. Got to missing the strat sound. Have had several in the past however, I have let them go. One I regret doing so but we all know how that goes. I had my eye on one of the new Daphne blue strats with the all rosewood necks and also the new Eric Johnson thinline strat. However after playing the new Eric thinline model with the humongous neck profile it just did not feel like a strat at all and more like a real fat 58 les paul neck. So I passed. The all rosewood neck strat just did not feel right due the fret ends were kind if rough. So I got this olympic white one off of the wall and fell in love and pulled the trigger. Also their new Les Paul display looked real stunning. So here she is along side of my custom side by side. I think it is a great combo.
  10. The same company that makes big bends nut sauce has a scratch remover in a paste form. It is really delicate too. I have used it on a tone of my guitars. It is a buffing compound of sorts. You could try that on a damp cloth and see how it does. But on another note, I had a white SG at one time that the previous owner took and left it in a guitar stand and the black foam rubber on the stand was absorbed into the lacquer on the guitar and guess what.......it never came out. SO I hope you will be able to do something with yours. Sorry to see this.
  11. Just picking out melodies at first then applying that to fills and little riffs for my music. It is not going to happen over night by any means!! I have been playing guitar for 40 years now and still do not know anything really. I just play and make things up and sometimes it comes out kind of neat........I think so anyway.
  12. Yeah your right. the ones I was looking at were kind of limited as to the sound manipulation being only preset. That is why I stepped up in price. I think it would seem to work out similar due to the fact that chords all kind of work together through out all of the instruments. I am looking forward to it very much!!
  13. Thanks yeah i understand. I understand completely what you mean. Even if I get to a point where I am kind of making some sort of melody or arrangement that is not out of key I think I will be happy. At least to get the idea across to my friend who will be able to put the parts in i am looking for. I play the bass as well although I am not a bass player by any means. I do good to keep up a decent groove but sometimes I get to where I want to over play the part and screw things up. When I have to put a bass part down I have to tell myself to keep with the beat and not over play it. That is how I try to keep things from going haywire. But at the end of the day, I think I truly love to make music only because of the love of music. It keeps me going and I do learn or develope better skills with this mind set.
  14. I do not know what I am doing on the guitar at all. Other than the key I am in and the major and minor chords and such. Just the basics is all I know and a few scales. I do things on the guitar but I have no idea what the correct term for whatever I am playing is other than lead and rhythm. My mother used to play the piano and her twin sister does still currently at the age of 90. I think it is awesome that my aunt still plays at her age. My mom died in 1987. I am sure she would still be playing as well. Anyways long story short, when I was a kid I used to mess around some on moms piano. I never asked my mom how to play, I would just sit at it and fart around and trying to make some kind of melody. Later on as an adult I had access to a piano and kind of picked up it up again and really impressed myself and a few others for a short while. So now I am getting into recording more here at home and I have some ideas in my head for fills and such for a strings or different sounds. My friend who I record with can play the keyboards and does all of the fancy stuff. However I cannot just run over to his house every time an idea pops into my head. So today I bought a Roland Juno DS Synthesizer DS 61. It is a little more than I originally had in mind to spend but after everything I was looking for, I believe it is something I will kind of grow in to once i learn my way around it. I looked at some work station type or arrangers if you will by Korg too but I already have protools and although I know the one I bought has some ways to lay tracks down internally, I will be recording most of the music on protools itself. I do not know anything about midi and all so i will probably not fool around with that much. however, loading a drum pattern into the protools and syncing the time clocks with the clock internally with protools and this new Roland may be a challenge since I am more of a plug and play kind of guy. But I am up for a challenge! I like the effect that keyboard pads do for a song too and that is another reason i wanted to get into this more. I have all of these sounds bouncing around in my heads like string parts and fills or whatever but never had anyway to get it from my head and onto a track. Anyways, any others out there playing the keyboard too?? Also bought picture chord chart for the piano and also a picture scale book for the piano as well today because, I do not know how to read music and it will be a way easier learning platform for me. Here is a link to the one I purchased. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/JunoDS61--roland-juno-ds61-61-key-synthesizer
  15. That is some cool shots of your gig. Yes I imagine the set up and take down was a drag. The crowds you guys played in front on are nice sized. Keep on trucking. I used to play out a lot but have not done it in a long time and only record and stuff now. But I miss it somewhat too. keep on jamming!!
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