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  1. The only thing so called "endangered wood" does is allows the crooked dirty ba$tards to fine guitar companies and fill their filthy a$$ pockets with more money.
  2. I like metal detecting quiet a bit. Look for old coins mostly but also civil war relics. I also like reading true weird paranormal and cryptozoology stuff.
  3. bigtim


    It looks to have been well taken care of too!! Enjoy and congrats on the new baby!!
  4. bigtim


    Also the Tennessee State Museum is free if you like history and all. They once had one of the best collection of militia swords I had ever saw before. Plus a lot of civil war and other things like the Indian relics and stuff. The country music hall of fame is nice too. You will not have to worry about any places to eat as the downtown area has a ton of dives to check out. The guitar stores like Carters and Gruhns too. Have fun!!
  5. I like Marcus King. The kid can flat out get down and has a decent voice. Enjoy!
  6. I like mesa myself. I had a studio 22 once but my current and only amp is a dc2. It cranks for only 22 watts. It is all I need since I do not gig anymore. It is easy to drag around if you have to as well. I just rehauled all of the tubes in it. Has a couple of scratchy pots though. My only beef is the reverb is not very strong but I have a reverb pedal to make up for the thin reverb on the amp. Congrats on yours and I bet it sounds nice too!!
  7. He is an awesome guitar player. I like his stuff too. I like this performance. Some people do not get it but I do.
  8. Happy Birthday!! I hope your healthy and well too. I also hope I see 66 one day myself! We do not have a promise of tomorrow. Enjoy!!!
  9. bigtim


    Dang that's a nice one too!!!! Enjoy i am looking for a new one as well and that one looks like it will do the trick
  10. bigtim


    Awesome and it is a nice white one too!!
  11. Oh do not worry no offense taking and I really like reasonable advice because I had no idea where to even start. But believe me I will upgrade one day. Also will be farting ariund with mic placement. It is a new thing and kind of like starting over kind of on guitar. Because I cannot play anything on this acoustic like I am able to on an electric. Not saying I am all that great of a player by any means.
  12. I know they sound good. Like I said later depending on how deep I get into the microphone stuff and all I may invest in a ribbon style later on. I am not hearing much buzzing at all on my end in the track. But again I am not picking it apart. My goal is getting a good overall sound to build up a track.
  13. Thank you I am trying to improve my playing skills and instead of listening to Hendrix and ZZ Top like I have done most of my life....I am digging deeper into artist like Ricky Skaggs and Gordon Lightfoot and Glenn Campbell plus a few others. I never really paid much attention to that kind of stuff because when I was a kid learning how to play it did not sound fancy enough. The other artist who mainly play acoustic I never gave much credit to and let me tell you.....it is way tougher than it seems as I am sure many of you know already.
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